Secret Calendar to make 18.79% per year.

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Shawn Hyman is claiming he has discovered the calendar that tells which 19 investments to buy and sell to make 18.79% profits every year. Anybody watched the entire pitch?

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8 Responses to Secret Calendar to make 18.79% per year.

  1. I just got a similar pitch from Mark Skousen, called “Fast Money WIndows” where certain stocks pop every year at a certain time of the year. Promises 91%+ reliability and 5% – 120% gains on each move.

    My question on all of these is if you really know something that good, why are you hawking subscriptions at $995 instead of just getting rich yourself?


  2. You get all sorts of pitches and I have to question that if an information is so good, why would would they share it? In the video, they say hedge fund managers tell their clients
    to do the opposite while, doing it! I know CEOs and executives will mislead you and tell
    you to buy when they are dumping stock! It happened in the 1999/2000 dot com bubble.
    If something is too good to be true, it probably is! Besides, most hedge fund managers are
    trend followers which means they do not try to guess the direction of the market which is pretty hard to do!


  3. Just watched the whole infomercial. Wondering how old is this ad? (today’s date: 3/6/14. Ad was a popup and was answering a fear tag of total market crash expected soon. Todays’ offer 147. for their top product; has anyone bought, used and succeed with? Any opinions?


  4. It doesn ‘t take a genius to pick a period of time and look at stocks that have risen during that period. Then, go back in history and learn if it is related to a cyclical event or just a fluke.


  5. I did end up getting this document, there was a deal to get only it at a relatively low cost. In it they list several ETFs and buy/sell dates, win % and gain %, making it very easy to validate the claims. I’ve checked 3 so far, and the results are horrible. I checked the strategy they claimed, buy and hold, and opposite of the strategy. To keep things simple, I tested buying 100 shares on the date they claimed to buy, and selling 100 on the date they claimed to sell. Buy and hold 100 shares over the entire test period (1999-2014), and buying 100 shares when they claimed to buy, and buying 100 when they claim to sell. Here are the results:

    Position 1: Claim 75% win, 16% return
    Buy and Hold, Profit: $6,071
    Buy/sell with plan, Profit: $1,935
    Sell/buy against plan, Profit: $3,619

    Position 2: Claim 100% win, 7% return
    Buy and Hold, Loss: $-105
    Buy/sell with plan, Loss: $-769
    Sell/buy against plan, Profit: $261

    Position 3: Claim 83% win, 11% return
    Buy and Hold, Gain $2,790
    Buy/sell with plan, Gain: $2,020
    Sell/buy against plan, Gain: $492

    Based on these numbers, I’m calling this report complete BS, and not investigating it further.


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