The death of cash in America

By, April 30, 2014

I have been getting notices regarding the U.S.becoming a Cashless Society or country. According to the Oxford club all of our bills will be called back to exchange for an Electronic bank account. No one will have any transactions with cash. Anyone who does not turn in their cash by the deadline will realize that their cash is now worth nothing because no store, no place will accept U.S. dollars. Supposedly the Fed ill be presenting this fact to Congress this last week of April and the entire thing will be implemented in June of this year 20l4. Has anyone else received this info from Maryland affiliates such as Stansberry and others. This one I believe came from Chris Mathai. It was implicated that trillions are now being deposited in the gigantic computer each month in preparation for the nations conversion to the government’s electronic bank account,. This includes cash, bank accounts, CD’s 401K Ira’s etc. It is mentioned of course, that we will not here about this on the media nor read it in the newspapers until the day the Feds announce it to
Congress We are also told that Congress nor the President can stop this because the Fed does not take orders from the President or anyone.Ple3se comment if anyone else has read or heard about this.

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The Blind DayTrader

I’ve been hearing this stuff since at least 1990. It seems unlikely currently–they (“They”) like to do stuff incrementally–to ease the public into giving up its rights. It’s been working for them so far.


As long as some seek to avoid surveillance of their dealings,,,such as drug dealers,,,working under the table etc. ,,,some form of cash will always survive. No matter what actions govt. takes. If we are talking Oxford investment opps .I might be persuaded to sell my holding in the Geo. Washington bridge.

Maya Libretti

I got a solicitation in the mail for this yesterday. Same story but the NEW doomsday appears to be Oct 28th. There are also reports that despite guarantees of an immediate refund if not satisfied with the “service”, refunds are actually difficult to obtain. I will say the material is compelling, but laced within it are a few technical falsehoods, and the exact predictions, with dates, are rather bizarre.


I also received the Oct 28 “doomsday” info from Oxford. Seems they have a company (stock pick) with the technology that is going to make this all happen. Anyone have the Gumshoe take on which company the Oxford boys are talking about? Allegedly this company is set to “SOAR!”

Mike Lorrey
People are moving their assets into cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and other altcoins, even Peter Schiff has recommended this. Bitcoin was originally a concept called bitGold a decade ago, devised by extropian cypherpunks like myself, Nick Szabo, Hal Finney, Wei Dai, and Ralph Merkle. We had grown concerned about the actions of the federal government to raid companies trying to launch gold backed private currencies or gold or silver backed digital currencies. As long as there was a pile of gold or silver somewhere for government to steal/seize, that was the primary security weakness of these currencies no matter how cryptographically… Read more »

Could the Fed have made a deal with Oxford to scare mattress cash out, and back into banks? Seems like a pretty good ploy to do just that.


has anyone subscribed to this and know what the 5 steps they are proclaiming are?