By robinsteel, June 25, 2014

What is the story behind the claims made by Agora Publishing which point to the FED as the primary culprit and what are they calling ”Kennedy Dollars”….supposedly a way to avoid catastrophic inflation?

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All I know about ” Kennedy Dollars” are 1/2 dollars that are unlikely to ever be worth more than their melt value. 1964s are 90% silver and are far more abundent than other years due to everyone wanting at least 5. 1965-1970 plus 1976 are 40 % silver. All other years are a copper/nickle alloy.

Nothing to do with the silver dollars. These were silver certificates rather than reserve notes which The President had printed backed by silver in that you could walk into a bank and trade them for real silver. This was done after treasury actuaries determined about 4 billion dollars was necessary to run the US economy in 1963. Constitutionally, the treasury is the only entity allowed to print US currency at the discretion of the congress. The income tax law established in the early 1900’s gave this power-illegally-to the Fed,so named to sound like it is part of the government but… Read more »
Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe

The move to authorize silver certificates was a move of authority from the President to the Treasury Secretary, designed to keep it simple during the transition away from silver certificates.

Silver certificates were a new reborn phenomena brought about by Kennedy eo 11110 to put money back on an actual asset basis. Constitutionally, congress discretion by the Treasury. No Fed. Kennedy’s action same affect unless the congress could have pulled itself together and interdicted as delineated by the constitution. Have researched extensively. Start with Google of 11110. Many links and data that can/has been verified. Millions upon millions at stake in so many ways with Cuba/communism(any -ism just another name for high level massive theft of assets when blatant as with Stalin, Hitler, Mao, etc. or “funneling” when less so)… Read more »

The powerful parties involved do not have to do the deed but have knowledge of target’s life style, dangerous or not dangerous routines, enemies, or conjured enemies, weaknesses, strengths, associations, health, medications, habits, etc. which allow for “natural” events or”accidents.” Some of these with operatives that are “dead”, no longer exist , or never existed.