Oxford Resource Explorer

I’m new to the group and last week received a brochure from Oxford, pitching a company that is converting Natural Gas into Gasoline. Presently working in a ”small desert nation” but has 650 acres near New Orleans and is building or planning to build a plant there. Has there been any discussion of this here? […]

Mortgage Bridge Loans as an investment?

I recently heard on the radio a discussion of mortgage bridge loans as an investment alternative possibly earning as much as 6% per year. Somewhat guaranteed, minimum risk, and only paying taxes on the interest earned. Somewhat similar to a short-term CD with a much higher interest rate. Curious as to anyone’s experience with MBL’s […]

Snipp Interactive

This is a company I think many of you may find very interesting. I know I did when I first talked to Atul (CEO) back in April (2014) for the first time. But first I would like to say thank you to all our vets today and to Travis for donating some of my membership […]

Sovereign Man

I’m a new Irregular so please pardon me if this has been covered. What is the story on Simon Black and his ”Sovereign Man” newsletter. Reading it makes me as nervous than Stansberry. I tend to turn away from fear mongering but don’t want to be an ostrich to my own detriment. Any insight on […]

Club House for the discussion of Religion, Politics and other Unmentionables Volume 2

Due to the success of http://www.stockgumshoe.com/2014/07/microblog-politics-rights-religion-sex-and-investing-other-unmentionable-subjects/ it’s become a little unwieldy. This thread acts as Volume 2. You can always refer back to that thread, but please dont post there anymore coz likely no one will respond. Ok, so to kick it off…..Does Hilary Clinton enjoy big cigars? (oops!) Print this

“Solar’s Quantum Leap” Pick from Nick Hodge

I very nearly didn’t write about this one for you today, even though I know the solution and the Thinkolator was able to make a 100% certain match to the clues. Why? Because Nick Hodge shouldn’t be teasing individual stocks with no trading volume and $7 million market capitalizations to his email lists… and I […]

Payola from Portola?

In his tearjerker “Sisters of Mercy,” Leonard Cohen sings, I’ve been where you’re hanging and think I can see how you’re pinned. Although I am less inclined to bash the FDA than many, it has recently let modern medical practice place many patients in an undesirable situation. What if there was a very powerful drug, […]

Mankind’s “Magic Bullet” teased by Safe Money Report

“WHY DIE? “This virtually unknown company is trying to “turn off” heart attacks and cancer before they happen! “It possesses the secret that could END crippling and chronic diseases like arthritis, diabetes, hepatitis, AIDS and more — AT WILL! “Buy this stock NOW to go for truly explosive profits in medicine’s all new ‘golden age!’” […]

“One of the Greatest Businesses We’ve Ever Found”, plus a look at Facebook for the Friday File

We’re closing up shop early today for Veteran’s Day, and in the spirit of the holiday we’re running a membership special today. Stock Gumshoe will donate 50% of all membership revenue today and tomorrow to Homes for our Troops, an excellent charitable organization that builds specially adapted homes for severely disabled veterans — so for […]

PNC and BAC TARP Warrants

A friend of mine shares his True Wealth Systems newsletter (Stansberry). Without divulging the entire content (the subject of a previous post from Travis with which I agree), they basically recommend PNC and BAC TARP warrants. I know Travis previously recommended PNC’s. I notice that the newsletter bases its recommendation on a P/B value ranging […]

Answered: “How to Profit from Cell Towers Without the Hassle… ” (Dr. David Eifrig)

Dr. David Eifrig is touting something that sound interesting today — he’s got a pitch out now for his Retirement Millionaire newsletter over at Stansberry and Associates, and the headline tease is all about profiting from cell phone towers. The basic spiel is a familiar one for anyone who’s had to dance with these copywriters […]


This is just a quick note to let you know that I sold my holdings in Rayonier (RYN) after the earnings release this morning. I did so with some reluctance, since their strategic changes are going to make Rayonier a better company going forward… but I also think they will make it a worse investment […]

“One of the best biotech companies that I’ve ever looked at…” Plus some updates for the Friday File

I’ve got a big ol’ pile of updates and thoughts about a dozen or so companies to get to, but we’re going to start with a teaser solution today. Paul Mampilly of Agora Financial’s FDA Trader apparently sent around a teaser note to his own subscribers (I say “apparently” because I’ve only seen the cut-and-paste […]

Bond newsletter?

I’d like to diversify my portfolio with bonds, but know nothing about bonds. Can you recommend a good newsletter? I noted the Oxford Club has one, but costs about $1000/yr. Is that a good one or are there better ones out there, and hopefully, not quite so expensive? Print this