“Big Oil Wants a Piece of His Pie”

The Casey Energy Report is pretty pricey these days ($995/year), and so it gets quite a bit of reader attention when they hint around about a hot new idea of theirs. And so it was that your friendly neighborhood Gumshoe got a nice, full mailbox this morning with folks forwarding a story that the Casey […]


August 15, 2014 Dear Reader, Right now, a unique life-saving effort is underway in a sub-niche of the financial markets. If you choose to invest in this ”campaign” – as I’ll outline in a moment – your reward will be twofold… First, you’ll get the deep satisfaction of knowing your investment helped save lives – […]


How to bank $86,715 in ”Mailbox Money” EVERY month Thanks to three hidden investments, you can finally join the thousands of Americans who collect huge checks from their mailboxes every single month Dear Reader, Like most Americans, Richard Dockery peers into his mailbox every day… Only he isn’t expecting bills, personal letters, or grocery store […]


Happy birthday Travis! I too just celebrated and turned 50 on August 8th. A square root day (8-8-64) Maybe that explains why I’m a left handed, dyslectic, diagnosed hyperactive, irregular! I just read your article on energy harvesting/ storage mention of GTAT in Mesa AZ. A stock I own for the past 7 mo. I […]

Trulion the Next Netflix ?

Trulion (TLN in Toronto) is a ”TV Everywhere” company billed as the next Netflix by Globe and Mail and they’ve hit their 3rd quarter of positive and growing EBITDA. Already delivering sports content to personal devices; last big deal World Cup for Univision; founder Charle sWang of Computer Associates fame; no technical glitches ever. Does […]


5 Hot Stocks Soaring To New Highs… 5 Huge Overlooked Profit Opportunities… Up To 11 TIMES Return On Your Investment… PROFIT PLAY #1: “The Metals Sector Dominator” — This European-based company is positioned to supply the growing global demand for lighter metal in the automotive industry. Share prices anticipated to spike by 134.54%. PROFIT PLAY […]

Explaining “How to Collect Your Government-Backed Real Estate Tax Rebate Checks”

This pitch has been around for more than a year now, but apparently it’s in heavy rotation again so I took another look today. And yes, you guessed it, the ad is almost completely unchanged from what ran in the Spring of 2013… the same pitch for REIT dividends being “Real Estate Tax Rebates,” the […]

“A Gold Royalty with a 10% Yield On Deck” (Dan Ferris)

I hate to continue to write about this small company with great frequency, since it smacks of “talking my book” (it’s a major personal holding), but we have received a lot of questions from readers today about Dan Ferris’ latest pitch, so we’re re-running our previous free article about this one. Last time around, it […]

Energy Harvesting, Thermal Fracking, and the “15 Stocks that Double Each Day”

First, I should tell you that this is bad for you. This searching for stocks that double in a day. Seeking such instant gratification in investing is like drinking three beers for breakfast every day because you’re thinking you might run into a friendly Brazilian model on the subway and you want to be “loose” […]