Ebola play

I got this in an email, the stock looks strong, what do you think? Please ask Dr. KSS. See the first link. After an exhaustive search I found the ultimate Ebola play and one that will actually make a difference in containing this dreaded disease. When the head of the FDA comes down to your […]

“How Has This ‘Buffett Clone’ Beaten Berkshire’s Returns by 70% Since 1998?”

I haven’t written about a teaser pitch from Nicholas Vardy in a while, and I’ve been keeping an eye out for stocks I’d like to have on my “watch list” to maybe buy if we continue to see prices fall across the market… so this one about a “Buffett Clone” caught my eye. Who wouldn’t […]

Robot Warrior

Got in on a penny stock a while back just on thinking of the way the future is changing in the Dept of Defense and looking at some Hi Tech. Magazines and picked up EKSO for a .70 limit that got filled and just bought 5,000 shares and last week it ran up to $1.50 […]

What’s in a Name?

Cielo (CIOXY for the US ADR) is the biggest Brazilian credit card processor, they make their money primarily by adding merchants to their transaction network (leasing them the card swipe machine and processing the payments through whatever credit or bank card they use), and by getting a tiny slice of each payment. They came into […]

Seeking advice

I have about $9600 cash sitting in an IRA at ETRADE and was thinking of cashing it out and buying gold. My next choice would be dividend stocks perhaps natural gas pipeline companies. I obviously need good advice as I have been listening to these newsletters on line and thankfully I found your site to […]

Valhalla Vaults – The first Subscription based long term cold storage Bitcoin Investment tool

Dear Travis, I represent Valhalla Vaults and would like to share this new investment tool with you and your community : http://www.valhalla-vaults.com/ If you have any questions then please respond and I will answer as soon as possible. Best Regards Adam Bennett – Co Founder Valhalla Vaults About Valhalla Vaults Located in The Hague, NL., […]

“One of the Greatest Businesses We’ve Ever Found”, plus a look at Facebook for the Friday File

I’m on the road with my family this holiday weekend, so I’ll get this Friday File mishmosh of thoughts out to you a bit early. There are two things I want to do… chatter a bit about online advertising and Facebook, partly because I’ve been looking into the sector and partly because folks have been […]