Roadrunner Stocks: “Massive Profits from the Best Stock Under $6″

There are a lot lot lot of advisers throwing out “buy this one-time opportunity” in oil and energy stocks these days, since we all love to be contrarian and buy cheap, but after such a dramatic price drop in oil I’m taking a break from that topic for the day… I just don’t have a […]

TransCanada Pipelines (TRP)

I receive a variety of Financial Reports. The Financial Intelligence Report dated December 2014, is suggesting the Keystone XL Pipeline project due to shifting GOP control in the Senate and House, will be resurrected…..The company behind this project is TransCanada Pipelines (TRP)…..What’s your thoughts on jumping on this perceived opportunity? Print this

What’s “Stansberry Venture #1?”

We’ve got a good teaser to solve today, but first — a quick plea: This will be our final week of “Gumshoe Gives Back” this year — we will be donating at least half of all the membership contributions received through the rest of this week (until the end of the day on Friday, 12/12) […]

Dawn of the Planet of the TLOGlodytes!

[Ed. Note: Dr. KSS writes about medicine and biotech stocks for the Irregulars. His words and opinions are his own, and he has agreed to our trading restrictions.] Want to see something really cool? A hot video clip from a steamy biotech thriller? Watch this. Better yet, when you pull up the video viewing frame, […]

Oil exposure

Hi Guys, Following the recent drop in oil prices, I would like to add some oil exposure to my portfolio. Do you guys have some tips/ ideas on good oil exposure? I do not like to buy individual equities, so would welcome ETF/ Index ideas. Your response is much appreciated! Cheers, Peter Print this

“How a Company You’ve Never Heard of Could End Alzheimer’s Disease and Save America’s Financial Future”

That’s a subtle headline, right? I already issued a bit of a “brain dump” for the Irregulars this week, on Wednesday instead of Friday, but I couldn’t resist taking a little look at this latest teaser pitch from Patrick Cox for his Transformational Technology Alert. Quite a few readers have been asking about it, and […]

What are the Bulls Eye Investor “Black Friday Deal” Stocks?

I’m pretty sure I haven’t ever written about Jared Dillian and his Bull’s Eye Investor newsletter before, so when I was sifting through the pile of ads forwarded by readers last week this one caught my eye — it’s a pitch based on Black Friday, which has come and gone, but that was just a […]

What is Lombardi’s “New Swiss Bank Account” teaser all about?

Some people don’t realize that marketing for financial newsletters is at least as much about finding successful pitches that will catch your interest as it is about touting the latest and greatest stocks picked by a particular newsletter pundit. They often come up with a new ad to sell their newsletter when they’ve discovered an […]

Data and “Supertech” Stocks pitched by Technology Porfits Confidenti

I was looking at the photonics chip teaser from Agora Financial again recently, since it’s being heavily teased again to advertise for subscribers to Technology Profits Confidential and the questions are rolling in (you can see that here, I just re-posted it to help answer some of those questions)… …and since that teaser pick, Infinera […]

A Couple “Buys” … and what to do with Seadrill?

I’m getting to some Friday File-type chatter a bit early this week because things have been a little wild, and because some portfolio moves and questions have come up. We had a crazy week while I was gone for Thanksgiving, and I’m catching up with some portfolio moves and answers to some questions that readers […]