LPG Gas shipping stocks

Any thoughts on a LPG transportation play considering the troubles with Russia and the European market for gas ? NVGS is one such stock. http://seekingalpha.com/article/1082621-8-shipping-companies-profiting-from-the-lng-boom here is an old seeking alpha article that lists a few of the major firms involved in this. I thought of this listening to NPR on the way to work […]

“Hillary Clinton — Best President Ever?” (Deciphering Matt Badiali’s oil stock teaser pitch)

Matt Badiali and the folks at Stansberry Research are very skilled at using the names of politicians to inspire visceral reactions in readers and get them to read their ads or listen to their sales pitch presentations. Which is, of course, the point — and it doesn’t even really matter which politician’s name they use, […]

“Three ‘raging-bulls’ to protect and grow your portfolio” from Louis Navellier

Louis Navellier has been around for far longer than most of the newsletter pundits, and his quantitative system has proven itself to be pretty good on average for long periods of time (though it also has taken big hits during rapid market collapses, of course) — we write about his teaser picks from time to […]


EKSO got penny order filled at .60 cents , sounds like a big deal just joking but they got some Govt. action as well as Google getting on board, sold half already and now on there dime. Couple target prices from ? Guru’s is a 2 yr. low 20 Dollars. Just a penny for your […]

Friday File: Should You Get Expert Help?

Most of us are self-directed investors, for good or ill — you’re probably here because you like researching or trading stocks, and I obviously feel the same. But should we be trusting ourselves to manage our money? I know that sounds like a fatuous question — obviously, we should trust ourselves much more than we […]

coal stocks

are any irregulars as stupid as this one and buying any coal stocks on fire sale now?  the market seems to believe that this world will never ever use anymore coal ever again in a gazillion years…anyone buying? Print this

Ebola play

I got this in an email, the stock looks strong, what do you think? Please ask Dr. KSS. See the first link. After an exhaustive search I found the ultimate Ebola play and one that will actually make a difference in containing this dreaded disease. When the head of the FDA comes down to your […]

“How Has This ‘Buffett Clone’ Beaten Berkshire’s Returns by 70% Since 1998?”

I haven’t written about a teaser pitch from Nicholas Vardy in a while, and I’ve been keeping an eye out for stocks I’d like to have on my “watch list” to maybe buy if we continue to see prices fall across the market… so this one about a “Buffett Clone” caught my eye. Who wouldn’t […]