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I bought Cereplast (CERP) a couple days ago and it doubled yesterday, I didn’t take my profit and today it’s down 25%. Anyone familair with it? Also I love silver, I am heavy in it but it needs to break $26 for me to get well. may take awhile eh? Print this

The million dollar Question?

There seems to be a penny stock, (under $1.) that has to do with NG fracking. at least with natural gas in the so called ”ring of fire”. Christian Dehaemer will till us what it is for his membership ($999.00) I can’t hack that but I sure would like to know what he is talking […]

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Crow's Nest, The

I signed up for the Crowsnest letter earlier this month and have heard nothing from them. Hello, goodbye or get lost. what's happening? Ole Berentson,[...]

Microblog: anybody want to talk about Graphite?

Thanks Larry, I'm looking more strong on AGIN right now. I do like FCSMF out of Michigan but sure enough Private, Can't touch it YET.[...]