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Karim Rahemtulla ATM

I read your article and readers’ comments for 2008 about Karim Strategic Certificate. I believe Karim’s offer has morphed to what they now call ATM. Guranteed money coming out the hole (hopefully not from our pockets!). In his current push about ATM and auto/guaranteed payments he never mention what capital the investor would need. He […]

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On Microblog: The Insider Alert, Edited by Alexander Green.
what about this from Alexander Green, Wall Street 100% success club? Any feedback from members?[...]
On OilPrice say "This $10 Stock Will Unleash the Greatest Leap in the History of Energy..."
I am looking forward for the day when we have Travis of this world to give us (consumer/customer) their intelligent take on the gloss and spin that are constantly generated by the likes of Big Pharma, Superannuation conglomerate, Insurance companies and [...]
On Supplements and Drugs: the Feud Redux
I had triple bypass because of angina but had no heart attacks before or after. Has been prescribed 80mg of Vytorin (statin) one per day. Has kidney test every 6 months or so, so far so good. Just wondering if the kidney plays up what would the option be. [...]
On Kent Moors teases his "'Infinite Energy' Nano-Grid" Stock for 38,901% Gains
Hi Travis You have a way of humbling the humbug and as a new member i find that very educational and entertaining. I am not sure how your assessment of good and not so good stock stacks up but at least when i decide it will not be just dependent on the h[...]
On Microblog: Jason Mcintosh Quant Trading
Thank you for the reference. Still undecided about paying for Quant trading.[...]
On Microblog: Jason Mcintosh Quant Trading
Correction I am talking about Quant Trading by Jason McIntosh in Port Phillip Publishing?[...]

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