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Market Correction?

It’s hard to argue that the ’market’ won’t have a correction at some point in the future. And, we can certainly speculate about the timing and depth of the correction. I would be interested in ideas about what a prudent investor should be doing now to protect, prepare and potentially benefit from the upcoming correction.

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On Rickards and Trump's "Dollar Reboot"
Best for buying physical bullion: Best for third party purchase and storage of bullion: and I use them both and give them high marks.[...]
On Friday File: Stephen Leeb's "$20,000 Gold" Pick, plus Three Sells and a Buy in my Real Money Portfolio
SWKS seems like a good play...nice metrics for a tech stock[...]
On True Wealth's "Tiny Device That's Eating the World"
Thanks, Travis. PAYS (NVAFF) looks interesting![...]
On True Wealth's "Tiny Device That's Eating the World"
Regarding PAYS...I can't seem to find the 2016 earnings drop that Travis mentions. Net income was up bigtime in 2016. What am I missing?[...]
On End of Winter Miscellany
The Miller study fails to mention tannin (another polyphenol) contained in tea has long been known to be a calcium 'modifier'. I get my tannins from red wine. Cheers.[...]
On Mampilly's "Untapped Ocean of Energy Found Under All 50 States"
Happy Birthday! Treat yourself to the 8th Wonder of the World...visit Australia and see the Golden Gumboot...[...]
On 2017 No Brainer TRUMP Presidency Pick
Good info on proppants (frac sand)[...]
On Microblog: Fairfax/Watsa changing Strategy to Less Bearish?
I'm still thinking the bubble will burst sooner or later. What other bearish/defensive choices are out there?[...]
On Microblog: Fairfax Financial FRFHF
FRFHR price was headed in the wrong direction. Watsa is becoming less bearish...interesting.[...]
On Such A Pleasant Stay
G'Day Doc, great discussion. You mention a "95% mark-up" suggesting this is substantial. Maybe you meant 95% gross a 95% mark-up of its cost is less than a 50% GM. I spent the last part of my business career manipulating 'the numbers' and I [...]
On OilPrice say "This $10 Stock Will Unleash the Greatest Leap in the History of Energy..."
I like Dyesol, too. PSC is a game changer. They seem to be betting on BIPV and not panels. Maybe they'll commercialise something soon.[...]
On OilPrice say "This $10 Stock Will Unleash the Greatest Leap in the History of Energy..."
I like Dyesol, too. PSC is a game changer. They seem to be betting on BIPV and not panels. Maybe they'll commercialise something soon.[...]
On OilPrice say "This $10 Stock Will Unleash the Greatest Leap in the History of Energy..." is the website[...]
On Medical Error: How Serious Is the Threat, and What Can We Do About It?
Professional pilots that have competed a successful landing 10,000 times still use a landing checklist...carried out in conjunction with another professional pilot (the First Officer). Maybe it's because they share the same risk as everyone else on the pl[...]
On Dave Lashmet's "Stake in America's Secret Resource Monopoly"
As a straight precious metals play, consider this quote: "Gold tends to outperform platinum when the confidence in the government, economy and fiat money is deteriorating, while it underperforms platinum during periods of monetary stability, economic gr[...]
On Examining Sjuggerud's "Limited Time 2nd Chance to Get Rich with '292-C' Shares" Pitch
I've done business in China and there's almost nothing you can trust about it other than you'll get drunk at a business meal.[...]
On "This No-Name Company Is Set to Expose the #1 'Deadly Flaw' in Every Single Smartphone and Tablet on the Planet"
Wires and keyboards are so 19th century![...]
On Navellier's "Tech Doubler: breakthrough technology that turns 50-year old coaxial cable into a 1-gigabit home networking solution" their target market is people that live in homes built in the 90's that had every room wired with coax? Then, they expect users to connect to the wall outlet with a wire to enjoy blazing speed. Yeah...good luck with that![...]
On "New Texas Oil" from Nick Hodge
electricity storage...batteries[...]
On "New Texas Oil" from Nick Hodge
Telsa is launching its' residential batteries here in Australia due to the large installed, and heavily subsidized, solar industry. If this is an 'investment' site, then it should be pointed out that electricity prices would need to increase significantly[...]

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