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"Heads you live, Tails you die" Diagnostics Stock Pitched by Alex Daley

NSPH might be bottoming, and the tout has been recently updated. Hard to say whether the potential outweighs some of the risks still evident in the recent (07May) financials and MD&A. Associated conference call did name a competitor, BioFire Diagnostics. W[...]

Will FT-900 Bring about the "next 9/11" in April, 2014? What is Jeff Opdyke talking about?

'Twill be interesting to see what they eventually settle on. Methanol was tossed into the mix (under Efficient Chemical Storage Option) in a Dec 2013 release from PNNL:[...]

Microblog: Sprotts Platinum and Palladium ETF-SPPP

No direct knowledge of SPPP. Of possible interest is some commentary on a recent tout by Peter Krauth for a Palladium miner:[...]

$20 Trillion of Oil in Coober Pedy?

A map that includes Coober Peddy is at (click on the map): I'm wondering how they intend to frack (shale, that is). That webpage includes a deepwater re[...]

$20 Trillion of Oil in Coober Pedy?

Is StatOil a guess because they are working in the Georgina Basin, w/ PetroFrontier and Baraka? Long ago (in investor, not geological terms), Baraka had a story about a geologist and an inland basin in Africa, that was thought to be similar to one in the v[...]

"The $10 billion jackpot awaiting whoever can stamp out the flu... and one small player that has the inside track"

The following looks at INO and 2 others with (presumably) similar tech. The 2 comments are less than glowingly positive:[...]

What is the "Ten Hills Technique" and a "patented reverse-mining technology"

Hmmm, a post-grad at SEAS, Columbia did an analysis that suggests capital costs for plasma are about 1/3 higher than using grate-combustion tech.[...]

What is the "Ten Hills Technique" and a "patented reverse-mining technology"

I recall some firm pitching plasma to Hawaii decades ago. Not sure whatever became of that effort. I do see Plasco mentioned in a recent letter to the editor in Hawaii Tribune:[...]

What is the "Ten Hills Technique" and a "patented reverse-mining technology"

I recall the phrase, from about 40 years ago, but inflation seems to have taken the ratio to 1:1000 these days.[...]

March Idea of the Month: Rich, Plain, and Profitable

Looks interesting. Zacks, however, issued a Strong Sell on it, 12Mar.[...]

Macro Trader

Taipan had quite a revolving stable of writers over the years. Some, such as Justice Litle, and Sara Nunnaly have passed on some gems in their various writings. For example, a fragment of Ian Gordon's "Lifetime Economic, Financial and Investment Map" is i[...]

Microblog: “The often overlooked or ignored details surrounding Rare Earths.”

Given what seems to be mounting interesting in thorium for reactors, it might become worth more than whatever extra it costs to handle and process.[...]