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Travis has asked me to write a monthly column with comments on the markets and stock picks from my broad database that now approaches 400 stocks with investment tips I have learned as a well-seasoned investor in a broad range of markets. I have 15 sector-specific personal portfolios such as base and precious metals, energy, (from oil/gas to uranium, wind/solar and more), agricultural/fertilizer, coal/iron ore, lithium, graphite, rare earths, and critical and specialty metals (a very lucrative but neglected sector), in short, mostly commodities, but I also have a keen interest in new technologies and emerging markets. Another thing you might want to know about me is that I have been an avid organic gardener for over 50 years. Myron Martin is a paid contributor to Stock Gumshoe, he has agreed to our trading restrictions but he chooses his own topics and his words and opinions are his own.

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  • Thoughts from Myron—Drill Baby Drill

    In my life-long studies of the Federal Reserve I have been collecting historical quotes that only become more relevant as each year passes. Certainly this one should be on every investor’s list of quotes that are foundational to understanding how our economic and financial system actually operates. Observed Reginald McKenna, President of the Midlands Bank […]

  • Thoughts from Myron—Focus on Silver

    Ed. note: Today we have another piece from Myron Martin, who writes for us primarily about junior miners. He has agreed to our trading restrictions, and, as usual, we have not reviewed, approved or screened his stocks or ideas, and the opinions he expresses are solely his own.  Myron’s past commentaries can be seen here. There […]

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    On "This EXACT SAME Crisis Has Happened Twice in the History of Energy..." (Dr. Kent Moors)
    STEVE: Not sure who you are addressing in looking for an answer but I am sure you could get a wide range of answers depending on what perspective people have. There are those who advocate BIG BETS on stocks they feel strongly about on the theory that if th[...]
    On May Idea of the Month: Automotive Electronics
    You will never get rich sitting on the sidelines, you have to get into the game.[...]
    On What's the "Pure Carbon" teased by Resource Stock Digest Premium?
    Thank you for your response, you are exactly the type of person I am looking for as my initial 200 "beta testers" people who appreciate the hard work involved in doing thorough and in depth research to find the gems among all the hyped rubbish put out by s[...]
    On Which Other Retailers are Headed for Bankruptcy?
    I just talked to my youngest son last night who had key responsibilities at Blackberry running their worldwide service network, (he spent a few months in Taiwan supervising building their national network_ and while he got recruited by a "head hunter" for [...]
    On 2017 No Brainer TRUMP Presidency Pick
    I har thia a lot, dosen't that just prove that you should be looking for a better more accomodative broker? I pay $6.95 per trade here in Canada and can buy on any of the American Exchanges.[...]
    On 2017 No Brainer TRUMP Presidency Pick
    Given Keith Schafer's track record on profitable oil & Gas investments and my own in precious metald and other juniors, recent price increases still convince me this a no0brainer pick.[...]
    On 2017 No Brainer TRUMP Presidency Pick
    It was about time for an update on Select Sands. Given all the negative initial reactions I neglected to follow through with all the good news in a timely fashion. There was an article covered by SIMMONS @ Company about the frac sand industry and they had[...]
    On Small Arbitrage Transaction in some Mining Stocks
    Sounds like you are not familiar with the junior mining space where most of your money is made on new discoveries and then as resources are developed, on buyouts by larger companies with the capital to actually finance the mine construction, that is just h[...]
    On Small Arbitrage Transaction in some Mining Stocks
    Haven't seen that promo yet so I am only guessing but it could be the RED Mtn. project in the Golden Triangle of B.C. on which I have a column almost ready to submit to Gumshoe.[...]
    On Small Arbitrage Transaction in some Mining Stocks
    Was looking at Luna Gold last few days because it popped up on my ALERTS as in play, and I understand WHY Travis decided to take a small flyer on it given the connections with people and stocks he is familiar with, I frequently do the same when I have conf[...]
    On What's the "Pure Carbon" teased by Resource Stock Digest Premium?
    Thanks for making my case on the merits of being early to the party. BUYING RIGHT is the first priority, having patience is probably the second. It takes time and money to develop any resource to its full potential and in the mining business the most money[...]
    On What's the "Pure Carbon" teased by Resource Stock Digest Premium?
    Not necessarily so, Europe needs rare earths just as badly as other advanced economies and a local source could certainly have preference over depending on China.[...]
    On What's the "Pure Carbon" teased by Resource Stock Digest Premium?
    You can never go wrong taking a decent profit, but you do limit your upside if you always cash out at any market dip. When you have the courage of your convictions based on thorough analysis of previous management history, the quality and potential of reso[...]
    On What's the "Pure Carbon" teased by Resource Stock Digest Premium?
    THANKS: I always do my homework, very little goes on in the junior mining space I don't know about, I just don't write about many of the stocks I buy until they mature because of the antipathy many investors have towards start-ups. For those interested I a[...]
    On "God's Gold" at less than $9 a share teased by Jim Rickards
    As Travis has repeatedly pointed out, it pays to be somewhat skeptical of newsletter writers claims because they are often exaggerated, but on the other end of that spectrum is excessive cynicism where people fail to do due diligence to sort fact from fict[...]
    On Friday File -- Last of the year
    I owned Northern Dynasty many years ago in its early exploration stage but after earning some decent profits on it I sold it because of the permitting and financing delays. While it is true that a Trump presidency has a strong potential to change the dyna[...]
    On Friday File: "The Third-Most Important Base Metal Is About to Rally"
    Speaking of ZINC, long time readers should be aware that one of the recommendations in one of my columns (check Gumshoe aechives) was Trevali Mining TV-v with their Santander mine in S. America and then a second zinc focused mine in the Bathurst mining dis[...]
    On Examining Retirement Revival's "Is This Junior Mining Company Your Next 10-Bagger?"
    I invested in Nevsun years ago and eventually sold at a good profit and being an early investor in Reservoir Minerals which has given me a nice return as well, as soon as I heard that Nevsun was making an offer for Reservoir I bought back in to Nevsun. Mgm[...]
    On Friday File: "The $13 Billion Gold Anomaly"
    Sometimes plays that seem obvious take longer to play out than first expected, sorry now that I didn't hang on to my Stillwater position but I do have a position in PLG plus WELLGREEN, another Toronto listed stock with proven platinum resources and am als[...]
    On What's the "Huge Flaw in the U.S. Government and Financial Markets" that pinpoints the "Magic Date" of January 29, 2017?
    As a senior citizen who ended up in hospital with pneumonia 2 years ago the article by Ernie Tremblay about no new antibotics having come on the market in the last 30 years; his "fear mongering" about bacteria becoming resistant to current antibiotics beca[...]

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