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Travis has asked me to write a monthly column with comments on the markets and stock picks from my broad database that now approaches 400 stocks with investment tips I have learned as a well-seasoned investor in a broad range of markets. I have 15 sector-specific personal portfolios such as base and precious metals, energy, (from oil/gas to uranium, wind/solar and more), agricultural/fertilizer, coal/iron ore, lithium, graphite, rare earths, and critical and specialty metals (a very lucrative but neglected sector), in short, mostly commodities, but I also have a keen interest in new technologies and emerging markets. Another thing you might want to know about me is that I have been an avid organic gardener for over 50 years. Myron Martin is a paid contributor to Stock Gumshoe, he has agreed to our trading restrictions but he chooses his own topics and his words and opinions are his own.

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  • Thoughts from Myron—Drill Baby Drill

    In my life-long studies of the Federal Reserve I have been collecting historical quotes that only become more relevant as each year passes. Certainly this one should be on every investor’s list of quotes that are foundational to understanding how our economic and financial system actually operates. Observed Reginald McKenna, President of the Midlands Bank […]

  • Thoughts from Myron—Focus on Silver

    Ed. note: Today we have another piece from Myron Martin, who writes for us primarily about junior miners. He has agreed to our trading restrictions, and, as usual, we have not reviewed, approved or screened his stocks or ideas, and the opinions he expresses are solely his own.  Myron’s past commentaries can be seen here. There […]

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    On Can you really earn "Cash from Gold?"
    As usual an in-depth no nonsense expose by Travis of how deceptive most newsletter writers are because they invariably hype the best case scenario while downplaying or even ignoring the many things that can go wrong. Options are certainly not for the novic[...]
    On Kent Moors teases his "'Infinite Energy' Nano-Grid" Stock for 38,901% Gains
    I would have to agree with the majority of Moors detractors, he stands out as the biggest blowhard on the Internet. If he is an expert at anything it is on how to bamboozle investors with his bombastic pushing of his supposed credentials and hyped up profi[...]
    On Schaefer's "This Company Has Everything You Want As An Investor..."
    I guess I am not as patient as Travis. I sold my Sandstorm even though I have a high regard for Nolan Watson. Recent information made me question whether SAND is likely to advance in the near term, I like the business model of Ian Ball even better, si boug[...]
    On Friday File -- Real Money Update, Watchlist, and more
    I was an early investor in Orocobre years ago and made some nice returns before selling, now I again have it on my buy list and plan on putting in a "stink bid" below market hoping to pick up dome shares at a bargain from somebody desperate to sell for wha[...]
    On "Three Tiny Pot Stocks to Surge on Imminent April 20 Announcement"
    To me the ethical issues outweigh the financial ones Travis mentioned. Have been watching this space for a long time and indeed Canopy Growth ticker WEED has been a fairly consistent stock performer. I just can't convince myself that I want to profit by su[...]
    On Tom Dyson's "Bit Shares" that turned every $100 into $1,400
    I have strong reservations about all crypto-currencies for all the reasons Travis has outlined and his caution is well founded IMHO, but there is another alternative that I am investigating. Gold & Silver have a 5000 year history of being used as money[...]
    On Quickster: Update on Corbus
    I don't normally invest in Bio-techs at all but in my research I receive dozens of promotions on stocks outside of my field of expertise, most of which I pass on to Travis for solution. This one however would seem to justify the expertise of Dr. KSS, and [...]
    On Grant's Conference - Notes and Ideas (and one related buy, so far)
    As Gumshoe readers know I am pretty well focused on resource stocks, but I do read widely and do look for some diversification opportunities and since Travis mentioned missing 1000% gains by selling TenCent too early I would note that in years past I made [...]
    On Mampilly's "Untapped Ocean of Energy Found Under All 50 States"
    Assuming you are a subscriber and KNOW what the pick is, you should not hesitate to post the REAL recommendation if in fact Travis got this pick wrong, which he rarely does,. I am sure he would welcome any clarification for the sake of accuracy for his dev[...]
    On Mampilly's "Untapped Ocean of Energy Found Under All 50 States"
    Just proves once again that there are more than 2 sides to every story. Never ceases to amaze me at the different reactions people have to the same information, whether newsletters or individual analysts. For example, I have a strongly positive perception [...]
    On Casey's "Why Are Trump Insiders Pouring Millions Into This Mysterious Energy?" Pitch
    Very astute observation, it is easy to let ones emotions dominate critical thinking and plenty of investors do not do enough due diligence to separate out FACT from hype and a compelling story spun by promoters. As usual Travis has done a good job at posti[...]
    On Friday File: Debt Ceiling, Gold, Fairfax and Ligand
    Interesting read in one sense, not applicable to my investing style in another, but too each his own. I am sure it has not escaped most Gumshoe readers that Travis and I have very different investing styles which reminds me of the Proverb that says "in a m[...]
    On Friday File: "The $13 Billion Gold Anomaly"
    Travis: I guess you saved me $39. by NOT subscribing to Bill Pantalon's Private briefing even though that is a pretty reasonable price if his picks are generally good. For the record, when I found out that Sibanye priced at half that of Stillwater itself, [...]
    On Marc Lichtenfeld "Bets His Paycheck" -- "GMS" Stock revealed
    Patience, I am running behind on my E-mail reading, sorry I must have missed yours, but yes the program is still a go.[...]
    On Marc Lichtenfeld "Bets His Paycheck" -- "GMS" Stock revealed
    Dave, with respect, you accuse me of being un-scientific and then come back with a statement that" genetics have a lot more to do with Alxheimers than 'nutritional deficiencies" with no evidence to back it up. You are certainly entitled to your opinion, bu[...]
    On Marc Lichtenfeld "Bets His Paycheck" -- "GMS" Stock revealed
    Nice to see a medically trained professional willing to candidly admit their are problems with certain drugs and their side effects. My doctors never warned me about potential side effects of any drugs they prescribed so I could make an informed decision w[...]
    On Marc Lichtenfeld "Bets His Paycheck" -- "GMS" Stock revealed
    This is just another "lifestyle disease" that wouldn't even exist without a lousy diet, which the pharmaceutical industry hopes to cash in on, but safe, natural cures have already been identified and restored people to full mental health.[...]
    On Marc Lichtenfeld "Bets His Paycheck" -- "GMS" Stock revealed
    GOOD ADVICE: certainly needs to be taken into consideration in mining stocks as well which is WHY I am very selective in what mining stocks I invest in. When you stick with Mgmt. teams with previous success and track records, promising initial drill resul[...]
    On Marc Lichtenfeld "Bets His Paycheck" -- "GMS" Stock revealed
    Unfortunately TRUE, the pharmaceutical industry is focused on PROFIT, not health and since medical doctors are steeped in traditional so called medical science they are not for the most part open to safer, cheaper natural cures. As an earlier poster admitt[...]
    On "This EXACT SAME Crisis Has Happened Twice in the History of Energy..." (Dr. Kent Moors)
    STEVE: Not sure who you are addressing in looking for an answer but I am sure you could get a wide range of answers depending on what perspective people have. There are those who advocate BIG BETS on stocks they feel strongly about on the theory that if th[...]

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