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Checking in on the Teasers

I noticed that 5 of the 10 in the bottom 10 had an F on the end of the symbol. Does that tell you anything?[...]

Miscellaneous Thoughts and Updates for the Friday File

Not sure what the overall feelings on SAND is, but I'm thinking short term it maybe a good time to buy.[...]

Microblog: LNGLF

That's a good question, wish I had an answer. Have your heard anything about selling on a US market. I know the broker fees will be cheaper.[...]

Microblog: Why Regado May be Oversold

Seeking Alpha is a pump and dump web site. I put zero value in their info.[...]

Microblog: LNGLF

Thanks for the info. I've read that there are several large investors buying into this company and their techknowledge. I agree with you, not sure how safe it is to buy LNGLF. The shares have really slowed down. I'm anticipating that people will start to w[...]

Microblog: LNGLF

Just days after receiving a 6.7% investment from Seth Klarman’s Baupost Group, Liquefied Natural Gas Ltd (ASX: LNG) is set to add three more powerful US investors to its share register. According to the Australian Financial Review (AFR), Third Point L[...]

Microblog: LNGLF

Thanks for the analyst report. I hope it pulls back, I would like to buy in. I hate to jump on a fast moving train.[...]

Microblog: LNGLF

I've watched LNGLF go from .90 to 1.85 in a very short period.[...]

Microblog: LNGLF

Thanks for posting, very good info. The Lake Charles project is not going to be complete till 2018. The problem I have is my brokerage firm doesn't trade LNGLF just LNGLY.[...]

Microblog: LNGLF

Travis, thanks for your quick response. Are the ADR's bought straight from the OTC market. I think I understand that the LNGLF shares are bought from an investment bank that has purchased the shares on the ASX. Plus are the profit and loss taxes handled th[...]

Microblog: LNGLF

Thanks. Why is there such a large difference in price. LNGLY is 63.10 a share and LNGLF is 1.58 a share. Which is better to own.[...]

Microblog: Thoughts from Myron — Anniversary Musings, Celebrating Winners

If your looking for a good LNG play. Google LNGLF.[...]

Microblog: Thoughts from Myron — A Contrast in Gold Miners

Sir, you could be very well correct about the sources. The one thing we don't know is the actual intentions of the individual writing the info. I always try to keep an open mind and do my own research. Short sellers posting negative info about a stock have[...]

Microblog: Thoughts from Myron — A Contrast in Gold Miners

Everything I've read the last several days has said stay away from gold miners.[...]

Michael Kao, Akanthos Capital "The TAO of Asymmetric Investing"

Not sure why all the talk about investing outside of the good old USA. Once I see it's a foreign investment, I'm done reading the article.[...]

Eric Sprott, "Investment Opportunity of your Lifetime"

Can I safely assume it's ok to purchase more SAND. I've been a seller so far. I'm not sure "safe" is good word to use when buying gold or silver.[...]

Microblog: Market Acrophobia - The Fear of Falling

I like HPQ a lot. I've been reading that they are going to invest in 3D printing. I can see them buying one of the major players in 3D. Here's one to add to the list, TCK they are paying 3.94% dividend and the price of the stock is right to buy now. Take a[...]

Microblog: Market Acrophobia - The Fear of Falling

Dr Kss. I've read several articles that the bio-tech bubble is getting close to end. Were do you stand on bio-techs?[...]

"Is the Pope Cornering a $55 Billion Market?"

Seeking Alpha is a pump and dump web site that is loaded with scam artist and short sellers.[...]

"This Tiny, Unknown Biotech is About to Unleash Its ‘Holy Grail’ Drug"

I think GERN is a good example of how quick the small Bio-tech stocks can drop. The news that came out wasn't that bad but the stocked dropped 15-16 percent.[...]