Crisis Speculator

“Blood in the streets” stock picking newsletter, looking for global hotspots that provide opportunity. Print this

Stock Advisor Canada

Modeled on the Gardner brothers’ Motley Fool Stock Advisor, this is the first premium newsletter coming from Motley Fool Canada. Focuses on Canadian and US stocks for an intended audience of Canadian investors. Print this

Asian Century, the

Trading service focusing on multinational US companies with leverage to Chinese growth, as well as ADRs of Chinese companies, ETFs, and options (both short-term options and LEAP options). Sagami formerly edited the similar Asia Stock Alert for the same publisher. Print this

China Stock Insider

Monthly newsletter that recommends Chinese stocks, with buy and sell trade alerts. Appears to be defunct as of late 2013. Print this

Alpha Investor Letter

Monthly newsletter with a recommended portfolio focusing on global stocks, including US multinationals. Print this

Australian Edge

Recommends Australian stocks that they think have strong balance sheets, high dividend yields, extraordinary growth potential.” Plans one aggressive and one conservative pick per month. Co-edited by Roger Conrad when he was with Investing Daily. Print this

Red Hot Penny Shares

UK share-tipping service with monthly newsletter recommending small caps that are ” undiscovered, unloved and underpriced.” Print this

Merchant Banker Alert

Looks for stocks in the (mostly overseas) “Rich Man’s Market”, targeting “hidden” fastest growing companies. Print this