Dividend Machine, The

Looks for dividend growth and dividend compounding stocks.

Bond Trader, The

Service that recommends corporate bonds, usually at the low end of investment grade. Not currently publishing as of Fall 2011, succeeded by the similar Oxford Bond Advantage from a different publisher.

Dividend Detective

Contains both free and paid listings of dividend-paying stocks of various stripes, paid service has portfolios and more research.

Utility Forecaster

Edited by Roger Conrad, this newsletter focuses on utilities and related companies.

Palm Beach Letter

Broad investing letter from Michael Masterson, aimed at contrarian/alternative investments and income.

Oxford Bond Advantage

Newsletter focusing on corporate bonds — usually investment grade or nearly, and relatively short term. Follows same strategy as his previous letter from another publisher, The Bond Trader.

Canadian Edge

Monthly newsletter focuses solely on high-yield Canadian income, business and royalty trusts.

Australian Edge

Recommends Australian stocks that they think have strong balance sheets, high dividend yields, extraordinary growth potential.” Plans one aggressive and one conservative pick per month.

12% Letter

Monthly newsletter that focuses on high-dividend stocks and similar investments. (Formerly edited by Tom Dyson)

Personal Finance

This twice-monthly newsletter includes general market commentary and recommends individual stocks for growth and income. Previous editors include Stephen Leeb, Neil George, and Elliott Gue.


Focuses on dividend and dividend growth stocks.

Cash Machine

Income-focused advisory that looks for high yielding stocks and funds.

Investment Quality Trends

Recommends “high quality” dividend paying stocks — buys when dividends rates are historically high, sells when they are low.

Profitable Investing

Go anywhere newsletter that generally focuses on “low risk growth” — recommends portfolios for stocks, mutual funds and ETFs, and dividends, among others.

Income Investor

Focuses on choosing dividend-paying stocks.

Intelligence Report

Monthly newsletter that generally looks for less-risky and dividend-paying investments, including mutual funds and stocks.

Big Yield Hunting

Service that recommends one high-yield investment per month.

Oxford Income Letter, the

Monthly newsletter focusing on income investments.

Motley Fool ONE

Financial Adisory and planning service from the Motley Fool, broad focus and more advisory than typical newsletters, also includes interviews with pundits across and outside the Fool analyst corps.

True Income

Newsletter that recommends bond investments, particularly high yield corporate bonds.