Prohost Biotech

Monthly newsletter on biotech stocks with weekly updates.

Breakthrough Technology Alert

Focuses on companies with hot new technologies, including biotech and technology stocks. Formerly run by Patrick Cox, who moved on to launch Transformational Technology Alert, a similar letter for Mauldin Economics.

Access Group

Healthcare-focused newsletter, recommends stocks primarily of emerging device and biotech companies.

Casey Extraordinary Technology

Monthly newsletter highlighting technology and biotech stocks.

Phase 1 Investor

Focuses on small, potentially explosive growth companies, mostly in mining, tech and biotech.  Formerly run by Rob Fannon.

S&A FDA Report

Recommends trades (long and short) based on clinical trials, particularly for smaller pharmaceutical and biotech companies.

Revolutionary Tech Investor

Australia-based “moon shot” tech stock newsletter, recommends stocks globally.

Biotech Supertrader

Limited-circulation biotech-focused newsletter.

Transformational Technology Alert

Biotech/Emerging Tech Newsletter launched by Patrick Cox in second half of 2013, similar to the early-stage-tech newsletter Breakthrough Technology Alert that he ran for Agora for many years. Often recommends extremely small and speculative stocks.

FirstLine Investor Alert

Biotech-focused newsletter from Lichtenfeld, who previously edited the similar-sounding Access Group letters for White Cap Research.

Rising Tide Letter

Biotech-focused newsletter.

Dr. Mike Tubbs’ Research Investments

Biotech-focused newsletter from the UK.

First Access

Recommends 6-8 small and microcap stocks annually, mostly in biotech, with weekly updates and conference calls with management of the companies they pick.

Biotech Breakthrough Stock Report

Biotech stock picking service.