Breakthrough Technology Alert

Focuses on companies with hot new technologies, including biotech and technology stocks. Formerly run by Patrick Cox, who moved on to launch Transformational Technology Alert, a similar letter for Mauldin Economics.

Rule Breakers

Monthly newsletter that looks for rapid growth stocks, usually smaller capitalization companies.

Casey Extraordinary Technology

Monthly newsletter highlighting technology and biotech stocks.

WSD Insider

Monthly investment letter that aims to recommend advanced small and mid cap tech companies, as well as contrarian and value ideas. Replaced the similarly focused White Cap Report newsletter when the publisher changed names.

Technology Profits Confidential

Intro-level technology monthly newsletter, often recommends larger tech companies.

MicroCap Tech Trader

Focuses on trading of tiny technology companies, looking for early investments in disruptive technologies (“gamechangers”).

Revolutionary Tech Investor

Australia-based “moon shot” tech stock newsletter, recommends stocks globally.

Tipping Point Prospector

Service that focuses on what they call “scrappy, aggressive service that targets fast-moving companies… on the verge of crucial transitions,” seems primarily to focus on mining, energy and technology stocks.

Technology & Opportunity

Small-cap technology newsletter aims to “buy advanced, unproven technology stocks on the cheap – and sell when they become proven and are being snatched up by the great unwashed masses.”

Transformational Technology Alert

Biotech/Emerging Tech Newsletter launched by Patrick Cox in second half of 2013, similar to the early-stage-tech newsletter Breakthrough Technology Alert that he ran for Agora for many years. Often recommends extremely small and speculative stocks.

Game-Changing Stocks

Growth and breakout-potential stock picking newsletter.

Radical Technology Profits

Tech-focused newsletter from Michael Robinson, who previously edited American Wealth Underground