Can anybody share their thoughts on Select Sands Corp (SLSDF)?

I invested earlier in the year in a frack sand company, Select Sands Corp (SLSDF), after a favorable Gumshoe column by Myron Martin based on a Keith Schafer bulletin. Subsequently it has dropped significantly. Things happen, I know; the oil industry remains in the doldrums overall despite Mr. Trump, but, alas, I have held onto […]

GeneH says:
Many insider sales and lack of revenue growth are all I need to know to avoid this stock.…

90smoney says:
I hold this stock, I think its lower price is due to the depressed oil prices. I know that is…

Friday File: Gold, Shop and China

So… what’s going on this week? The world watched Congress actually pass something last night, on the 30th anniversary of the 1987 stock market crash (they passed their spending framework bill for 2018, which is importantly mostly because it sets the stage for tax reform legislation to proceed in the coming months), so that made […]

Not right now. I can’t make any rational assessment of what the valuation “should” be, so I took my…

manhattanmadman says:
Travis, What are your current feelings on bitcoin? Would you enter back into the crypto markets? BTC hitting all time…

What’s “The H.E.I.S.T. Moneybomb” from Extreme Alpha?

This ad has popped up several times over the course of the year, and it’s now running again with a slight variation — mostly to change the “urgent” trade date from April 15 to November 9… so I thought we should take a quick look. The basic idea is that Robert Williams has a team […]

witlingweary says:
Travis: thanks again for an informative essay..er "blatheration"! I always learn something new from your posts. I really appreciate that…

bosack61 says:
Does anyone know anything about TRUE ALPHA CRYPO CURRENCIES and biotin penny stocks that are suppose to explode before…

Pain Management Versus Opioid Abuse: Glimmers of Light

[ed. note: Michael Jorrin, who I dubbed “Doc Gumshoe” years ago, is a longtime medical writer (not a doctor) who writes for us a couple times a month about health issues and trends.  He does not typically focus on specific investment opportunities, but has agreed to our trading restrictions… as with all of our authors, he […]

How does the Cannabis Drug Cara is coming out with Compare to NKTR drug for pain. They have high hopes…

wmikemarshall says:
I just ordered KRATOM via an old friend's wife who is a cancer researcher++ and recommended trying Kratom for weaning…

Massengill’s Two Picks for the “BIGGEST defense boom in American history”

Kevin Massengill has recently been pushing his Defense Technology Alert by dropping some hints about his two favorite investments… including what he says is “My Top Defense Play of All Time.” So what’s the story? Well, you could subscribe to find out, I suppose, if you feel like ponying up $2,000 a year and trust […]

labtrader11 says:
Larry, I have not seen any of the currently open and profitable positions that have allowed any "reentry" using limit…

Art says:
I wonder which if any of these services give trade histories, Ticker/Date bot/date sold/P&L. One might expect this in…

Fool’s “Could This $4.05 Small Cap Be the Next Netflix?”

This latest ad for Motley Fool Hidden Gems caught my eye over the weekend, partly because, yes, I am bitter about not investing in Netflix (NFLX) when the Motley Fool folks were teasing it as the “next Dell” back in 2007… but I also like a challenge sometimes, and this one’s a little short on […]

Doesn’t match the few clues very well, and I can’t see a Fool newsletter putting a formal recommendation on an…

retiree42 says:
Thank you, Gene, for recommending Seeking Alpha. I am now consulting it and finding its articles valuable. Helen

Friday File: Fairfaxes, Blackbirds, Nodaks and more

When the market is doing well, holding hedges like cash and gold is going to hurt your portfolio performance when you measure against the S&P 500 or other common benchmarks. That’s the case for me right now, and has been for the recent past — though it hasn’t been enough to bring me below the […]

youronlyhope says:
$FFXDF Been in it almost 2 years. By far the best foreign investment I have ever made. Been waiting…
SoGiAm says:
$FFXDF np - 100Bagger, Welcome to the Gummunity! Check out interactivebrokers.com #SatisfiedCustomer :-) Long…

Paul Mampilly True Momentum – landmark cybersecurity recommendation ticker info?

Paul Mampilly True Momentum landmark cybersecurity recommendation ticker or company information. Could anyone share the cybersecurity ticker info? This is a legitimate sector that is primed for expansion as virtually all aspects of the global economy move into the digital realm, let alone block-chain technologies that are being adopted beyond just crypto-currencies. James Altucher is […]

Kelly says:
Ok any other thoughts
SoGiAm says:
$CYBR np https://www.stockgumshoe.com/reviews/profits-unlimited/greatest-medical-breakthrough-in-history-and-mampillys-1-stock-for-2018/ Search cybr Long Gummunity sharing and caring Best2ALL

THC Breathalyzer (Cannabix Technologies inc. ticker CNSX)

Hi Everybody, i think this is worth a review and can use peoples opinion and research skills! With all the legalization and taxation happening and about to happen, its only a matter of time before the tickets for impaired driving are going to hit the streets. Let me know your imput and any ideas you […]

jjamms6 says:
$BLO fp Government releases legal limits for drugged driving but can't say how much pot is too much…

23Scadoo says:
The stock symbol listed above: CNBX is for the company called Cannabics Pharmaceuticals, NOT Cannabix Technologies, Inc.…

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