What is the new claim by Jim Rickards about Trump’s Dollar Re-Boot?

He’s now claiming this maneuver by Trump could kill Cryptocurrencies and provide opportunities to make a killing on this new deal. What is it that Rickards is pushing now? Thanks.

gristinvest5 says:
Usually when I hear Rickards it has to do with Gold or precious metals but it's stated it is not…

barcelonaloca says:
trump will seize power in the federal reserve and convince the world to go back to gold standard. Gold will…


Anyone familiar with any of the blockchain based MLM’s that are up and running? There is one called BitConnect and it is absolutely insane. Haven’t put money on it yet but I am going to have to. Basically they created a token and an exchange to trade it to bitcoin. They claim they have a […]

bryantnewbill says:
I think this is a scam see https://steemit.com/scam/@thegrinder/the-bitconnect-scam-exposed

Zach Scheidt’s Option Income Strategy from Agora

Has anyone seen the latest service teaser from Agora that promises $2-$10K a month by folloiwng Zach Scheidt’s proprietary options strategy? They are even throwing in a free HP Crome Book to help ”an 8 year old” do the trading (retail value less than $200, by the way). This does not pass the smell test […]

Velocity Options Trader program?

Has anyone heard of Velocity Options Trader program from Roger Scott at Market Geeks / Options Geeks? Is a ”high velocity pullback zone” a real thing? Or just something he made up? https://www.optionsgeeks.com/velocity/

Keith Kohl’s “Blue Gold” Pitch to turn $1 into $10 or more

The latest Keith Kohl ad caught my eye, since I’ve been interested in cobalt for a while now and figured that “blue gold” probably means he’s teasing that metal … so what’s the story, is it cobalt he’s talking about, and what’s the cobalt-related investment that he thinks will make us 1,000%-type gains? Well, he […]

Gene Schulze says:
I appreciate this information on cobalt and ECSIF, which I bought at .46 and sold at .96. Still holding…

Pete says:

What’s the “Jupiter Engine” Being Teased by the Oxford Club?

This latest pitch from the Oxford Club has really caught the attention of Gumshoe readers — lots of questions about this “Jupiter Engine” that will “end global warming” and make all other power plants obsolete… mostly, of course, because it’s also supposed to give you “the retirement of your dreams” as revenue “surges by 4,130%” […]

Joseph Blecker says:
The competition to the Jupiter Engine is zero emission coal fired power plants wherever coal is burned. Before the end…

John says:
Scientifically speaking, CO2 is a very important greenhouse gas, accounting for about 1/3 of the warming.…

“Sig-1” and the Reversal of “79-Year-Old Grandma’s Alzheimer’s” pitched by Casey

We are always, always tempted by anything that promises hope to sufferers of Alzheimer’s Disease and their families… not just because we’re humanitarians and love people, and have seen the pain of this disease, but because Alzheimer’s treatment is by far the largest (mostly) unmet medical need in the US, both because the population of […]

Michael Jorrin,
Michael Jorrin, "Doc Gumshoe" says:
I have looked at it & will do some more checking, but not right away - just about to leave…
Myron Martin
Myron Martin says:
Count me a skeptic, since all drugs have undesirable side effects I doubt that there will ever be a laboratory…

Friday File: Mampilly’s “Greatest Medical Breakthrough in History” pitch, plus some updates

Fridays are the day I write for you, my dear Irregular friend, so this time you’re getting a teaser solution that I’ve been inspired to write about today, plus a few updates on my Real Money Portfolio stocks. First, those (pretty minor) updates… One of the worst-performing stocks I own over the past year or […]

Fred says:
Thanks. The situation with patents is a concern
Well put, thanks.

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