Jimmy Mengel Project IVXX, Apple of Pot

What is Jimmy Mengel’s new tease for a Northern California company that is making custom strains of pot ? Project IVXX, the ’Apple of Pot’. ”Like Apple, the company I found is working on a hush-hush project called Project IVXX. It is a program for creating and producing proprietary blends of marijuana.”

briandmoon says:
Same. I got it 1 day before Sessions dumped on the market

hd123sftail says:
I bought into TRTC before Jan 1 hoping for a legislation bump. Never happened. Almost 1B shares outstanding…

Kent Moor teases “OBL”

What is Kent Moor teasing? More research I did seems it is some sort of lithium stock but he doesn’t say. It will make your car achieve 42,000 mpg though so its ”surprising” we haven’t heard about it from anyone else..

“An entirely new digital currency will hit the net”, and that currency will “rapidly replace all current” cryptocurrencies

Crypto Alert is an email newsletter created by Agora Financial. The creator of the newsletter claims that on August 28, an “an entirely new digital currency will hit the net”, and that currency will “rapidly replace all current” cryptocurrencies. The writer of Crypto Alert claims the price will go up 1,000 times, and that it’s […]

RattleR says:
I joined the Altucher Report with Altucher also, although not his Crypto --Same thing as far as EXTREMELY repetitive with…

briandmoon says:
Whats the attraction to TRON and ETN? I'm in the big 3 plus Ripple & Lumen


This thread was initiated in order to provide a dedicated page for the members interested in following developing events at Aptose Biosciences. All posts made here should be about it. Other comments about biotech should be posted to the latest general purpose biotech thread, which on the date this is being written is https://www.stockgumshoe.com/2018/02/biotech-discussion-continued/ , […]

Option Trader says:
Cleveland - I am trying to negotiate Twitter and would like to follow you if you are on there -…

dunnydame says:
hipockets - {hugs} - my heart broke for you when I read about your daughter's death. You join a…

Motley Fool’s teaser ” Last Piece of the Puzzle”

What stock is being teased by David Gardner relating to the last piece of the puzzle relating to what all the big companies have to have for future technology ? Thanks, jbinsc

jbinsc says:
Thank you, Travis. You are probably correct. Even though it is well below it's 52 week high of $209.00…

tanglewood says:

What’s Rickard’s latest hook. All the dates he has spoke of earlier have passed without

the doomsday scenario he always points out. Now he’s come out with the Project Prophesy with a blinking light system that looks like he put a March date on it. What are your thoughts here Travis?

Gr8Full! says:
Hi Backoffice, Travis answered your Project Prophesy question: https://www.stockgumshoe.com/2018/01/microblog-project-prophesy-at-least-jim-rickards-stopped-calling-for-the-death-of-the-dollar-but-i-just-listened-to-a-long-winded/comment-page-1/#comment-4966939 #Best2You

saint stephen says:
I wouldn't bank on Richard's predictions. He's too full of himself. He has a history of being wrong.…

The 2017 – 2018 Flu Outbreak: How Bad Is It Really, and What to Do?

[ed. note: Michael Jorrin, who I dubbed “Doc Gumshoe” years ago, is a longtime medical writer (not a doctor) who writes for us a couple times a month about health issues, marketing, and trends. He does not typically focus on specific investment opportunities, but has agreed to our trading restrictions… as with all of our […]

Rusty Brown in Canada says:
Important, but not mentioned in the comprehensive article above, is the importance of keeping one's immune system in top shape…

JayBee says:
I'm with you Yukon. People are so willing to overlook the little drawbacks like those you mentioned. It…

Friday File: The Big List, plus a buy on great earnings and a few speculations

The ides of February are dismal and dreary here in the wet and grey Pioneer Valley of Massachusetts, but we remain hopeful of the sunshine to come. What do I have to share with you, dear Irregulars, as we seek a little brightness to end the week? Well, I do have a few buys to […]

daviddream says:
I am astounded by the number of emails I have received in the last five years about the crash to…

mykie76 says:
Thanks Doc, You're candor, perspective and logic are refreshing. I am a happy camper…

Crypto Asset Strategies

Anyone know what cryptocurrency is being recommended by Crypto Asset Strategies ….. that will be” a moonshot of an investment”?

Darian Shingu says:
I'm suing them based on false advertising and consumer fraud, they may or may not provide reasonable advice as to…

Cabot’s “Next Amazon” and “why it could jump 50% on earnings”

Time for another look at a growth stock being teased by Cabot — this time, it’s a pitch for Cabot Growth Investor ($99/yr) from Mike Cintolo, and he’s following in the footsteps of a great many folks in predicting “The Next Amazon.” And who could blame you for being interested in that, right? Amazon has […]

jillsami says:
I am an 84 year old that spends much of his time trading, studying the newsletters that I subscribe…

orphan brigade says:
Would be great see...

Oxford Club’s “‘The Greatest Investment of All Time’: Collect 212% Instantly, Plus 25.7% Yields.”

The latest pitch from the Oxford Club is all about another change from Trump’s Washington that they think will make you rich — and they’re not at all shy about throwing some hyperbole on the fire, saying that Trump will “unleash the greatest investment of all time.” So what is this investment they’re hinting at, […]

jbinsc says:
I agree that " MORE INFORMATION" is better, especially when it comes from Travis Johnson !!! jbinsc

yelpik says:
I bought a bunch of freddie and fannie commons in 2009 cheap. Sold half when they hit $5.00 range. Now…

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