portfolio reporting

travis, i am not sure that reporting your portfolio returns on an absolute basis is the best representation for irregulars members. often have to look at your purchase date to determine if an equity has a decent return.

The Next Amazon – Shopify

The Motley Fool is promising that this company is the next Amazon. Both David and Tom Gardner have recommended it. I think the name of the stock is Shopify. Tom has just recommended it. David, the one with the best record, recommended it years ago.

From Motley Fool Singapore: This emerging technology could break 
the business model of one of Singapore’s most important industries

”Something BIG may be about to happen to Singapore’s finance sector” hinting at blockchain’s related stocks https://www.fool.sg/order/nm01180320nic/?source=s89mceml0000208&utm_source=SG+Take+Stock&utm_campaign=8092923b81-SG_AI_+21042018_M_TS_Prediction+of+doom&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_12f6a8f750-8092923b81-165988993&mc_cid=8092923b81&mc_eid=25b20ccca2

Looking Out for Your Own Wellbeing

[ed. note: Michael Jorrin, who I call Doc Gumshoe, is a longtime medical writer (not a doctor) who writes for us about medicine and health a couple times a month. He has agreed to our trading and disclosure restrictions, but does not generally write directly about investment ideas. His ideas, thoughts and words are his […]

Art Papale says:
Be prepared to be admitted to the hospital for a complete irrigation/ cleansing. This is serious. Very…

glomerulus says:
I'm an optometrist, sort of the PCP of eye care. In my practice, I take care of everything my patients…

Results-Mamphilly Newsletters, real numbers.

Hello: The last Mamphilly thread got a lot of attention, I thought I would begin a new one and review my results in 2 of his newsletters. Methodology: Whenever I get an investment advice from either newsletter, I buy into the stock for a pre-determined amount, and track it along side if I had invested […]

Just Say'n says:
EF doesn't deliver on it's promises. Haven't done the type analysis you have. Not necessary since the vast majority are…

This Altucher really has my attention with his Pittsburgh play for this 9 Trillion dollar industry

that leaves the small guy swinging in the wind. He seems to be hinting at something revolutionary where the patents may hold the answers. It sounds like AI and possibly Uber driven cars, He claims that big investments have been made pre-IPO and private shares being really unavailable, their also sounds that he made information […]

ibm364495 says:
What is this secret “Nucleur Code”

ABF: the unknown underdog.

Down 24.93% In the period from the 3rd of November up to including the 28th of March the stock went down 24.93% despite the 12% dividend growth and the 6% group revenue growth in 2017. Was the company really at its top performance in 2017 and is the price now thrown back to the real […]

timkester says:
Thanks! Would you mind to take a look at my Bitcoin article as well, and give your…

Anonymous Questions says:
well done

What are “Trump Bonus Checks?”

You know, I expect, that there’s no secret trove of “programs” where you can “sign up” and get a free check in the mail every month. But still, the notion that there’s “hidden income” out there is tempting… the newsletter promoters know that many of us are worried about income, or about not getting enough […]

lzaut123 says:
Love the comments below but I think Agora is the strongest with the most similar, repetitive offers. They have…

saint stephen says:
I heard another similar scam pitched on the Southern California AM radio yesterday. Everybody wants to make an easy…


Any investment in this NanoCrystal Electricity leader will INCREASE AT LEAST 450% in your first year… BESIDES WATT does anyone else know of a company capable of this?

flowergem616 says:
You say, "the first year", starting from when? the IPO?

flowergem616 says:
On what do you base your prediction about Watt? I've been thinking about picking up a few shares, just…

Friday File, Part Two: Grant’s Conference Notes

I watched the Grant’s Interest Rate Observer Conference this week via webcast, and it continues to be one of my favorite events — though I’d rather be there in person. These are some of my notes about the presentations I found most interesting… no “quick take” here, sorry, these are mostly notes and my responses. […]

aarhus says:
Do you think the dominated cryptocurrency is a better way to store value and transfer wealth across countries than gold?…

portland6 says:
RE: blockchain comments above - seems most are making outdated references - if you want a better idea of where…

Friday File, Part One: Fairfax, Columbia, IIPR and some Random Thoughts

A few thoughts to share with you today, and I’m breaking it up into two different pieces — this first one includes a few updates on companies and a couple articles that caught my eye this week… and the second piece is my notes and reactions following the Grant’s Interest Rate Observer Conference, which I […]

RampageKy says:
Individual investors only need enough volume to support our own trades. Fund managers don't have this luxury ;)

venkataramani says:
I want to buy Fairfax, but the volume is stopping me. Why the volume is so low (

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