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Let’s talk about stocks we love here. Other thread is old w too many comments. I’ll go first. What you think of $auph here now? Why do some Think co is a scam and worry Bc it’s a Canadian co w no major USA sites in trial all random countries. Thanks

Bioamber (BIOA)

can you please have someone review BIOA, on the New York exchange. I bought it at $3.50 and it tanked as the staff did not give us news they were withholding at the OGIB conference. I also would like your opinion on the comeback for this company since it is planning a huge expansion with […]

Market Correction?

It’s hard to argue that the ’market’ won’t have a correction at some point in the future. And, we can certainly speculate about the timing and depth of the correction. I would be interested in ideas about what a prudent investor should be doing now to protect, prepare and potentially benefit from the upcoming correction.

Kingfish says:
I think you need to focus on the long side of the market until July or August Sandy. If you…


Has anyone in the Gumshoe World heard or dealt any with NexOptic (NXOPF) ? Manufacturing and engineering flat lenses as opposed to curved……will theoretically cut down on size and weight of everything from telescopes to microscopes to cell phones and digital cameras?

asnpub says:
Companies unveiling of technology on April 4th will cause stock which has been rising for the past month to either…


While there are still voices claiming that global warming is a myth and that the burning of fossil fuels has no effect on the ozone layer, no one disputes the contaminating effect that the discharge of exhaust fuels from ships has on both our oceans and inland waterways. The seriousness of man-made water pollution, especially […]

Roland says:

Smart Dust – The new 19 Trillion Industry.

Pitched by Agora – Robert Burke and Louis Basenese – is this real or a stand up comedy routine. Smart Dust. An invisible network of data collection sensors …typically deployed in large swarms. They say CNN reports no one’s privacy will be secure anymore. A trillion of them by 2020. Smart Dust will transform our […]

Bill says:
Another article says the developer and manufacturer is Hitachi. we need more info.

Starting to Track 2017 Teaser Picks

Today I’ve gotten bogged down in a couple articles that haven’t yet reached fruition, but I also have some good news — the redoubtable Lynn, who keeps so many things running smoothly here at Stock Gumshoe despite my best efforts to gum up the works, has gotten our initial 2017 Spreadsheet up for your consideration. […]

Love that book!

capesurvivor says:
Where are the customers' yachts?

“Warren Buffett’s Next Target” teased by Wealth Daily

I’ve gotten a few questions about Jason Williams’ free Wealth Daily article on Friday that hinted at “Warren Buffett’s Next Target,” so I thought we’d take a moment to throw those clues into the ol’ Thinkolator for you. There is a cottage industry on Wall Street right now that really demonstrates the short-termism of the […]

Carbon Bigfoot says:
http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0273230012000943 As indicated there is no link to cancer by the use of glycophosphate as reported by reputable…
Hey Travis, Do you think your thinkolator will work trying to discover people as well as stocks? If so, maybe…

Which way is the wind blowing

Well Travis I have a conundrum for you as I look at the landscape of newsletters and what is being hawked today. So I am not asking advice on my portfolio, but your take on which way the wind is blowing. Here’s what I see: Jim Rickards (Agora) is promoting gold in discriminate amounts according […]

The simple answer is, those predicting extremes have a very low likelihood of being right... but the rewards for those…

Friday File: IPO’s, Conversions, and the Watchlist (and one sale)

For those who were interested in the spiel about Chris Mayer’s special “Skype Call” that I wrote about earlier in the week, I thought I’d loop around on that — yes, he was talking up the potential of mutual conversions (he usually calls them “thrift conversions”), and I actually listened to most of the presentation […]

Mwána Comète says:
Hi Travis, Where do you find out about mutuals’ registrations, so you can know to look out for their…

oceanview101 says:
Thank you Travis. Just quick question...when you recommend a position ( ie PVG option ) when PVG start first pour…

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