STeve Sjuggerud‘s melt-up event

Stansberry’s Steve Sjuggerud along with Porter Stansberry are out campaigning for a event they are calling the meltupinar. They promise to share a recommendation with 1000% potential gains for free. I’m not tuning in, afraid to get lured by their bait to sign up for $1000s when I’m sure that Travis along with the community […]

NEXTime says:
My guess is the recommendation will be IBB, iShares NASDAQ Biotechnology Index.

Dr. Kent Moors pitches Uranium Shortage will produce profits of 29,000% plus

His video pitch highlights two mining stocks, one cost fifty cents and the other a buck fifty. He reviews the industry and recalls how a 10% shortage drove up prices in 2006. This time the shortage will be 20% just as demand has been rising and supply diminishing. Many of the mines of the past […]

gdoggcrunch says:
Lol, I hit the D's on my list and didn't even look down to the F's for Fission, but you're…

JackInTheBox says:
Maybe UR ENERGY INC (URG) trading at .73. Crisis Investing (from Casey Research) suggested it.

Teaser by Dr. Ken More

It creates 12,096x more energy than oil… produces 16,000x more electricity than coal… And 20% of the world’s supply of this critical resource is about to vanish into thin air. ”Every major country will soon pay whatever it takes to get this stuff… otherwise, their economies will collapse”; Dr. Ken More

Has Gold lost its safe haven status?

Hi Travis and my Irregular Friends, I was just wondering your thoughts on how the price of gold is acting during this downturn. I understand interest rates affect on gold but inflation should help especially if the dollar looses its luster a bit. I just don’t see gold being seen as a safe haven this […]

Chad says:
I currently have 10% of my portfolio allocated to sprott physical silver and gold etf’s right now. I…

JAMES ALTUCHER “Turn Ordinary Coal into Gold”

Experimental process makes coal 34 times more valuable than gold. This process should re-elect Trump and provide us with Rare earth metals required for electronics. What three stocks is James babbling about?

gdoggcrunch says:
One stock on my REE list that seems to fit the babble could be Ucore if you dig, UURAF, but…

Ritam108 says:
Turn coal into Rare Earth Elements? Any other info?

High Times and lxxgf

Hi Travis,ran across an add or a site where you can buy a position in High Times,think it’s a pot magazine, for as little as $99.00 before the go public at $11.00 a share.Have you ever heard of something like that and what do you think?Also the news from lxxgf is commercialization of their product […]

mmatfess says:
I read the information (the first time I saw it advertised on FB). The offer looks sketchy, it appears…

Kinesis money

Travis, Have you seen Kinesis.money? They claim to be the future of money and offer gold with a yield? Any thoughts? Thanks for all your great work.

Chad says:
I have read Kinesis’s Blueprint at Kinesis.money. The advantage I see is that while there are a lot of…

The Fool’s Marijuana Masters

If only they paid me a quarter for each email they sent me! In reality though, The Motley Fool Is one newsletter company that i think deserves respect, and i really have an urge to sign up. But its hard to dish out $2.500 for a marijuana newsletter. Does anyone have an inside scoop on […]

kmaier says:
Some of the marijuana infused beverage companies have been extremely volatile lately...NBEV, IGC, ACBFF, the last one is suppose to…

steveflick says:
Stock Gumshoe just released an article "What’s “Tom Gardner’s favorite marijuana stock?” on your exact question - very worthwhile the…

Energy, oil and speculation 2018/2019

I notice in Travis real money portfolio there is not much weight on energy related stocks, and corresponding speculation (ie. call). I wonder – if my statement is correct or just an impression, and what are readers thoughts. – what is the main reason of that, if there is any. – and last, if Travis […]

The Trumps seem to be pretty closely connected to the Saudi ruling family, not so different than the Bushes in…

dbc320 says:
Hi, I’m a very new irregular but thought I’d join the discussion. I read recently, Trump wants the Saudi’s…

Friday File: Panic! … or maybe Don’t Panic!

If you’re wondering whether it’s interest rates or just “worry about overvaluation or growth” that’s making the stock market go crazy this week, or whether it’s the trade war or political upheaval or something else, well, join the club. There’s some indication that traders are in fear of the “slowdown” that could be caused by […]

Thanks daniel!

daniel says:
wow man your articles, esp the friday files, are awesome, like im downloading friendly advice on how to think and…

Altuchers ad on Trumps “OPERATION BLACK HANDS” miracle coal up to 34.7 times more valuable than PURE GOLD

Do any of you have an idea of what firm he is spinning in this ad? pro.chooseyourselffinancial.com/p/TOP_OperationBlackHands_2000_0818/ETOPU910/?a=13&o=86895&s=103790&u=8428033&l=1534270&r=MC2&vid=4L51uf&g=0&h=true

Ritam108 says:
According to his new promotion for his over-priced, over-hyped newsletter, this is going to Make America Great Again...... Travis, any…

Solving the “Forget SpaceX, Buy This” teaser pitch about the “Billionaires Space Race”

And now for something completely different… since it’s been a nutty week in the markets, I’m going to cover a teaser pitch that doesn’t have much to do with Chinese growth fears, interest rates, gold prices, or momentum stock valuations: This one’s all about space. Which itself is in the news today, thanks to the […]

charlie1030 says:
Thanks. I was trying to figure out how to get the summary after trying to log in to the…

Tom M says:
Interesting, since I do like everything not of this planet. It will be interesting to see which occurs first...a…

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