Matthew McCall of NexGen Investor is teasing “The Obamacare Killer”. I think he’s teasing Florida-based HIIQ….Who has any experience with them? Or has bought their insurance?

NexGen Investor’s Matthew McCall says in this piece ( https://order.investorplace.com/?sid=A0K447&en=5272605 ) that a publicly-traded company is offering health insurance at prices as low as $36 per month, which he says is 9X less than Obamacare insurance. Not sure about that last assertion…if ”affordable” insurance was only $360 a month, a lot of people would buy […]

Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe says:
Excellent arguments, thanks -- haven't looked at that ad yet, but Navellier similarly pitched HIIQ a few months ago and…


It seems as though lately there is much talk out there about Cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is at the top of the list but recently many have spoke about POTCOIN. Any insight on getting into this form of investment would be helpful.

motion says:
see your advertisement envv graph and read articles about there bank I think, ha ha…

motion says:
ENVV looks to b very promosing not that I am up on this technology but its up…

“501(k)” Plan from Palm Beach Research Group

Hi – not sure this “501(k)” plan, ”How to Fully Fund Your Own Worry-Free Retirement” has been covered here at Stock Gumshoe. It’s new to me, so if anyone knows about it, I’d appreciate any information.

Back in the trenches now, but the vacation was wonderful -- thanks!

hashema ip says:
Thanks Travis! Trust you're enjoying your vacation!

Fracking 2.0 – Nick Hodge

Anyone seen this teaser? Seems it involves a company in Texas..

Refers to in-situ recovery of uranium -- we covered that one here this week: https://www.stockgumshoe.com/reviews/underground-profits/whats-fracking-2-0-nick-hodge-teases-that-one-texas-company-is-sitting-on-4-1-billion-barrels-of-emission-free-oil/

johnnyparrish says:
No but I was wondering myself what it is

Anybody know anything about Zynex (ZYXI)

I did a search and didn’t see anything here about them. I bought some based purely on the recent price action and wondered if anyone here has the inside skinny.

ufo22 says:
Hi Travis, nice to meet you on SG. I've been one of the freeloaders for years who come to…
That's a tiny stock and I've never looked at them before, but it looks like they have a history of…

What’s Stansberry’s “Dirty 30” All About?

Several folks have been writing in with questions about Stansberry’s “Dirty Thirty” promotion for his Big Trade newsletter ($3,000 for three years, no refunds), so that’s where we’re pointing the Thinkolator today. The pitch is not a new one — Porter Stansberry preannounced his “Dirty Thirty” idea last Fall and started selling subscriptions around November, […]

leofreeman says:
Agreed. I've been profitably selling naked calls on ford for a while now

Penny Pincher says:
In one of the more informative blurbs I get courtesy of Agora the author speculates that Apple may be seriously…

The Second of the “Hidden Millionaire” Stocks from the Motley Fool

Yesterday I dug into an ad for the new Dividend Investor Canada newsletter from the Motley Fool, and today comes part two — in which I toss the clues for their second hinted-at pick into the Thinkolator and see what comes out. If you want to start at the beginning, yesterday’s article is here — […]

Ron Greenfield says:
I once invested in a Canadian Nat Gas stock that paid great dividends. But one day the Canadian govmnt decided…

Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe says:
A glitch, sorry -- it's back now.

Motley Fool’s “Next Generation of ‘Hidden Millionaires’ Pitch

Motley Fool Canada launched a new dividend-focused newsletter service called Dividend Investor Canada earlier this year, and they’re now promoting it using a promise that they’re finding retail’s “next generation of ‘hidden millionaires.” And, of course, the bait that they dangle to entice you to subscribe is a report with some “secret” stocks that they […]

tanglesome says:
Hey Travis, Thanks for taking this one on, I always perk up when you're talking about REITs, especially those related…

Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe says:
I've owned plenty of these kinds of investments in the past, both directly in Canada and using the OTC ticker…

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