VidAngel “mini-IPO”

Hello Fellow Gumsters Our family has recently enjoyed the services of a company called VidAngel (vidangel.com), a movie streaming service with content filtering options that allow each viewer to decide which content they prefer to skip. If you’re not familiar, take a look at their website or just google it: there is plenty of discussion […]

Joseph Landgraf says:
Yes there is risk so I wouldn't put too much in. But if this becomes the next Netflix,…

A New “Dumb and Tiny” Personal Speculation

Getting a bit of your usual Friday File commentary out on the early side this week, since I made a personal purchase that I thought might interest my favorite Irregulars. And by purchase I mean “dumb speculation,” really — I picked up some shares of a junior miner that’s way too small to take seriously, […]

Griffin says:
I took Elons' statement as having to do with the political situation in the Philippines. There doesn't…

Griffin says:
I looked at Nano One website and saw no mention of elimination. There mission seems to be making nano material…

Medical Error: How Serious Is the Threat, and What Can We Do About It?

[ed note: Michael Jorrin is longtime medical writer who has been sharing his thoughts with our readers as “Doc Gumshoe” for several years (he’s not a doctor, I gave him the name). He generally covers medical and health news and sometimes health promotions and hype, but he rarely opines about investments or specific stocks. All […]

backoffice says:
Unfortunately most mistakes are covered up and unreported. I had an older sister that didn't smoke or drink, ate the…

Trevor Alan says:
The wise physician should always listen to the nursing staff as they usually have far more actual contact with the…

Marijuana stocks

Does anybody have information on any Marijuana stocks? I recently invested in MCOA (Marijuana Company of America) as having read some of the wonderful teasers from Money Map Press on the government’s applying for patents in the marijuana field (they expect the federal laws on marijuana to change as states are making statements on medical […]

SoGiAm says:
Welcome Hones720! :-) You are welcome read and to join the 420 discussion: http://www.stockgumshoe.com/2016/03/microblog-420-investors/ Best2All ~ Ben

OilPrice say “This $10 Stock Will Unleash the Greatest Leap in the History of Energy…”

James Stafford at OilPrice.com is getting into the “crazy hyperbole” business as he promotes their new subscription service, Energy and Resources Insider ($49 “on sale” for charter signups), and several readers have asked me what he’s hinting at. And I can see why, the promised “Unlimited FREE Energy Transformation” the ad talks about sounds awfully […]

Carbon Bigfoot says:
http://www.bloomenergy.com/ Travis- Bloom sells modular solid oxide fuel cells which is quietly taking over the co-generation market. This process…
arch1 says:
The problem with what would be vertical solar collectors is that they receive far less energy density on the surface…

Friday File: A Few Grant’s Ideas, Including one “Nibble” Buy

There are a couple interesting equity-oriented presentations at the Grant’s conference that I wanted to think through a little bit more today… … the first one was from Mark Cohodes, a legendary short seller who is semi-retired now but still takes on a few targets from time to time. And gives a great, profanity-laced presentation. […]

flashg63 says:
Orion Version 8 , what's this all about?

Tiny Biotech with true breakthrough treatment for COPD..?

Hello, I’m pasting a teaser ad for Ernie Tremblay’s Biotech Insider Alert regarding this biotech firm. If anyone knows who it is, please share. Thanks! Hello, I’m pasting a teaser ad from Ernie Tremblay’s Biotech Insider Alert for a tiny biotech, $9m in sales, ”with a true breakthrough in the treatment of COPD”. I would […]

SoGiAm says:
$PULM - 8K slides: http://app.quotemedia.com/data/downloadFiling?webmasterId=101533&ref=11191927&type=HTML&symbol=PULM&companyName=Pulmatrix+Inc.&formType=8-K&dateFiled=2016-10-25

mmccrum says:
I see Astra Zeneca and Pfizer are working on COPD. The only small company is PULM

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