Motley Fool…40x better than Iphone


upham77 says:
Okay, I can see now you have already looked this up and it is OLED stock! Thanks!

Marin Katusa’s Independence Day Royalty company

Does anyone know what this Royalty company is which he says will be his biggest ever (!) investment and the price will take off on 4th July? He says it trades on the North American markets and it may be something related to Toll road operators? If so please let us know (preferably before 4th […]

forsterjunk6 says:
Also, just looking through the presentation: https://www.lucaradiamond.com/assets/docs/presentations/20180605_LucaraDiamondCorp_London.pdf Look at p.22--> technology hasn't changed in 100 years (mentioned…

forsterjunk6 says:
Hmm, just checked a few things. The yearly retail market for diamonds is ~ 72 billion (very close to Katusa's…

Amazon launches own cryptocurrency.

The text below comes from the pitching by ”Bonner& Partners” newsletter ”Amazon Coin: Two Ways to Profit from the Next Blockchain Revolution.When Amazon makes its coin announcement, the two stocks I tell you about in this report will drive the new wave of the crypto craze. You better have them in your portfolio when that […]

Friday File: An “Independence Day Royalties” Guess, plus Real Money Portfolio updates

Today we’re going to start you out with a quickie teaser solution, and I’m going to keep it quick mostly because this one is largely a connect-the-dots guess, given the limited number of clues that were dropped in the ad. The ad is from Marin Katusa, who went off on his own after leaving Casey […]

John says:
You are right about Lucara Diamonds. Katusa has been pushing it for a while. However, I don't think Katusa…

laa0709 says:
Buying into LUCRF is speculative at best. The allure of the dividend and a trailing P/E of 9.5 may seem…

What’s the consensus on Seadrill? The company was supposed to have the latest equipment and a

big bankroll to weather any difficulties in the foreseeable future. Unfortunately they didn’t have enough, cut their dividend and ultimately filed for bankruptcy. The stock has bounced back slightly but what are the chances they see a turnaround? Thanks.

Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe
Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe says:
Seadrill was a stock I wrote about a lot back in 2006-2008, but they certainly did fall on hard times,…

The Clock Is Ticking For “America’s Most Hated Company”

Everyone hates their cable company and their wireless company. When we used to have home phones, we hated Ma Bell, too… everyone who has a monopoly or near-monopoly and uses that to keep prices and profits high and customer service low gets ranked pretty far up the “hate” list, whether its the airlines or the […]

revalidate says:
Shouldn't the list of companies that will benefit from 5G implementation include NOKIA? They switched focus from making…

pair says:
Right! I found IQ early on and jumped on it immediately - buying as much as I could afford. It's…

“Why Would One of the World’s Smartest Investors Sink $522 Million Dollars Into a ‘Busted’ Tech Stock?”

What’s on the docket today? An ad for Jim Woods’ Successful Investing, which seems to be a newly revamped version of that longtime “entry level” investment newsletter (founded by Dick Fabian — Jim took over the Successful line of letters when Dick’s son, Doug Fabian, left the newsletter business in 2017). The letter is being […]

jimbo says:
My charts show an all time high, (BB) $148.13 on 6/19/08...….

Paul says:
I bought a lot less BB than Watsa, on the strength of QNX and the future of their other software…

Quantum Computing

Quantum Computing looks like an up and coming sector, but I never see any recommendations about investing it it. The companies I’ve found in the sector are all private, e.g. D-Wave Systems, Rigetti Computing, Sparrow Quantum, IonQ, Quantum Circuits, Cambridge Quantum Computing, QxBranch, QC Ware, 1Qbit, and Montana Instruments. Does anyone have any suggestions?

jorge121971 says:
I am also very interested since I have been trying to invest in quantum computing for a while. Thanks

Smallcap Discoveries says “Big Pharma NEEDS this company to cure cancer” and asks, “What if you could live to 200?”

I’ve only written once about the Smallcap Discoveries service, so when several readers sent in questions about its “what if you could live to 200?” pitch, I decided to dig in a little. Longevity is a frequent focus of the alternative health crowd, promising life extension to those most obviously interested in the topic (who […]

jcropper says:
Try zinc finger company ticker smgo there 2 more companys i own all 3 sgmo already has cured kidney cancerour…

Rhea says:
Our bodies need numerous nutrients to be healthy. If those nutrients are supplied, I would feel that a long…

What’s “The Banker’s Coin?” Will it Help You “Make a Fortune in the New Era of Crypto?”

I haven’t written about a blockchain, bitcoin or cryptocurrency teaser pitch for a while, so when the questions started piling up about the “Banker’s Coin” being teased by Barry Cohen in ads for his new Crypto Intelligence newsletter with Curzio Research, well, I thought I should at least try to get some answers for you. […]

jcropper says:
Take over and try to explain to the others i completed college before there was the first computer

jcropper says:
Blockchain is now being used in big banks and multi layered blockchain is used by our milltary

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