ETF Question

I would appreciate your insights and specific on ETF…I am a subscriber senior citizen WW11 Vet and confused. Which ETF are good….safe…best dividends…Good Growth…Value Your expertise would be appreciated Thank you for your fine work

Bill Poulos options trades involving Apple

Travis, have you seen the the video by Bill Poulos that has to do with playing options close to earnings announcements. He claims to be able to make returns on this way of trading far more often than losing on the trades. He buys what’s called a straddle which is an option and a put […]

Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe says:
I haven't seen that specific ad, but this is exactly what thousands of professional options traders do all the time…


The purpose of this thread is to develop an energetic discussion of options trading that is particularly applicable to small biotech stocks as well as other similar small developing companies that have explosive potential. Concurrently I will provide a series of option trading instructional posts, commencing with the basics of options and proceeding through more […]

donois says:
Hi OT Today I sold my $AUPH Oct 17 2.50 calls as a slight loss for $4.40 and put most…

levbrans says:
I am looking into this today, they are projecting to start the phase 2 in 2h 2017 and its 12…

Checking out Churchouse’s “could easily double” Japanese teaser pick

This is the request I got yesterday: “Hi Travis “How about a HK stock for a change? Stansberry has just merged or taken over Churchouse – I think the advertising has picked up Stansberry techniques…” Sounds like a good idea. If those names don’t sound familiar, Peter Churchouse has been a pretty well-known investing pundit […]

grandpa of 35 says:
i wonder if i would have had the guts to buy, amazon, google, apple, or even microsoft if i had…

Andrew says:
Fantastic Travis, i follow the region closely and had not heard of it, will expand, plenty of cheap gems in…

Blanco’s marijuana millionaires

Here comes Ray Blanco of Agora’s group to pitch his Marijuana millionaire stocks . . . again !! He started in October last year and stated he has done tons of research to find the best companies who will profit the most from the legalization of cannabis when elections take place in 2 weeks. Now […]

casey says:
You save me cash and valuable time Thanks Shoe

Can you really earn “Cash from Gold?”

I’ve gotten quite a few questions about the “Cash from Gold” pitch out of Agora Financial that hints at how easy it is to get “instant income.” So that’s today’s focus for you, dear readers. The big push at the end of the ad is “Yes, I want to collect at least $1,500 per month […]

lozmel413 says:
No i am a retired firefighter that was looking to add income to my pension.

thinairmony says:
Your a GUMIE (IR)

True Wealth’s “Tiny Device That’s Eating the World”

Brett Eversole has a new ad letter out promoting subscriptions to True Wealth, Steve Sjuggerud’s “entry level” newsletter service over at Stansberry, and it sounds awfully exciting — how do we make 500% returns, and what’s the “tiny device that’s eating the world?” Well, the ad is all about mobile payments — using your cell […]

thinairmony says:
Amazon's fire smartphone has a app called firefly. You scan any barcode on about any item sold in stores. I…

TIM says:

Friday File — Buying Growth, the iPhone Supercycle, and more…

First, let’s get the week’s changes to my Real Money Portfolio out of the way… and after that, I’ve got a few other updates on stocks that I follow for you, dear Irregulars. We’ve got a new stock in the portfolio…. As of tomorrow, I will have a position in NVIDIA (NVDA). This is a […]

wal.schwager says:
The US counterpart to SHOP seems to SQ - put it on my watch list. Bought some ETFs on emerging…

Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe says:
I hear a lot of good things about FIVE, and the stock has obviously been fantastic lately -- that price/sales…

Bulletins from the Cardiac Front

[Ed note: Here is our latest piece from “Doc Gumshoe”, who is a medical writer (not a doctor) who shares his wisdom with us at Stock Gumshoe a couple times a month. ¬†He does not typically write specifically about investments, but does write about¬†publicly traded companies and their drugs, and has agreed to our trading […]

D. McCullam says:
Great article given I'm in the midst of both LDL and BP evaluation and possible reduction. 60…

chas162 says:
Dear Doc G -- Thank you for the thoughtful response. I did not mean to imply that you have…

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