This company was featured in a teaser in 2011. I picked up some info that makes it sound pretty good at this time including the purchase of some technology and settlement of some lawsuits. If anyone is interested in hearing more let me know. Would also be interested in why this info from True Alpha […]

Doug Casey’s “Secret Gold Trade” and Coming Islamic “New Gold Law” by March 31

Doug Casey has been commenting on the ”exploding” effect of a new ”Islamic law” coming by March 31 that will allow Muslims to invest in gold, which has been prohibited by Islamic law until now: https://www.caseyresearch.com/cm/virtually-unknown-gold-trade-to-make-now. (Travis commented on the teaser but only dealt with a push for NAK, the mining company in Alaska put […]

Gold and Silver Government Rebate: Rule 214(a)(5)

Start collecting up to $294 for every ounce of gold you own today! I’m thinking that this pitch by Uncommon Wisdom Daily, a Division of Weiss Research Inc. is a self storage precious metals IRA. Any thoughts about what this might be? https://www.uncommonwisdomdaily.com/reports/grh/loophole/sq2/?ccode=&em=&sc=DARON&ec=7422101

Steve says:
I receive their newsletters, most of which are marketing ploys to get you to subscribe, buy, invest whatever. For me…

Sharon says:
You could always say that you sold it, right?

Harry Dent and Armageddon rising…

With too many words and graphs reliving his past glories, Harry Dent is at it again. Specifically he says: “The gold price could be weeks away from a major bust that will see it sink to as low as $700 an ounce. My advice: get out of your speculative gold investments now.” Doom and gloom […]

“Project 10-X” from Revolutionary Tech Investor

Nick O’Connor, Associate Publisher at S0uth bank investments is pushing a new £1200 a year investment service called Revolutionary Tech Investor with the heading ” Project 10 X” thats saying you will make 10 times your money following his advice! Has anybody looked at this yet, and what are the stocks they are pushing?

D.R.O.N.E( Jim Rickards) – One of Its Recommendations

Hi, One of the recommendations of JR in his new product ”D.R.O.N.E” is the following stock : – D.R.O.N.E. OPPORTUNITY #9: The chance to turn $1 into $100. This company has a simple yet important technology called “precision magnetic components” that they supply to the aerospace and defense industry. It’s so small, even a modest […]

zach’s research wizard

Has anyone had success using this that paid for the subscription of 2 grand a year and beyond. that? I had a 2 week trial and found it pretty cryptic since I didnt know what i wanted to look for. i figured it out from a newsletter they sent on almost my last day, also […]

rangerrust says:
I wanted to bump this up to see if anyone else has tested out this product. I just…

jim Rickards BIG AUstralian Short–whats he doing?

Hello all. I have been bombarded by Jim Rickards promos now especially heavily over the last 3 months–courtesy of some of my subs to Port Philip Publishing eg Daily Reckoning (same end-of -days articles for last 30 years) and a few other stock specific things eg Small Cap Investigator etc. Here are some excerpts from […]

Ben says:
Hello John, I agree he is shorting a bank. I thought they hinted some where it was one of the…

John in OZ says:
Hey Paul, John in Oz, Jim's latest appears to involve shorting an Aussie Bank, quote "New developments…

Porter’s 10X “Venture Value” Ad Spurs Some Friday Guessing…

Lots of readers have been sending questions our way about Porter Stansberry’s new high-cost Stansberry Venture Value newsletter, which is his attempt to build a service that essentially recommends small cap value stocks for long-term compounding value. An admirable goal, and I guess we’ll start to learn in the coming year or two how it’s […]

curiousjoe says:
As someone who joined Stansberry's Alliance many years ago, I can tell you that this isn't something new. The…

Bridutt says:
If one did not want to ante up for Porter's newsletter, do any of the Irregulars have a small cap…

Friday File: Portfolio Updates, Positioning and more

I’ve got a hodgepodge of ideas and small news items for you this week, plus a few transactions in my Real Money Portfolio that I’ve mostly noted for the Irregulars in quick notes earlier in the week. The market is expensive, but there’s no reason for a long-term investor to sell just because it’s expensive […]

Yep, here you go: http://www.stockgumshoe.com/reviews/fda-trader/whats-the-gold-cured-my-cancer-ad-all-about/

Nikki Odegaard says:
Hi Travis, Do you have any ideas on Agora's pitch on a "gold nanotechnology oncology protocol?" It sounds…

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