heads up on Michael Levitts “Zenith Trading Circle”

Michael Levitts’s ”contrarian trading” is presented very well but I am a novice and need direction on this one

SoGiAm says:
Michael Levitt's trading here with currently 15 comments: http://www.stockgumshoe.com/2016/09/microblog-micheal-lewitt/ Best2You ~ Ben

psoel says:
I'm reading his offering now: Four of the five samples that he quotes - KTHUF, LDIG, RCPI, RUDN, CRDM…

Club house for the discussion of religion, politics and other unmentionables-volume-VI

Arch1 is our wise and dear moderator. Welcome to the GummUniversity student center. 🙂 Enjoy! Best2All ~ Ben

SoGiAm says:
NYC skyline peeks up over the lush green of Central Park. #NewYork #NewYorkCity #CentralPark https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CtKILiaWcAAbXXy.jpg:large https://twitter.com/isardasorensen/status/779835660635107328
SoGiAm says:
Forbes: Innovative Companies: http://www.forbes.com/innovative-companies/#79707158f172

The Doomsday Switch: Three Stocks that Will Profit from the Cybersecurity Explosion?

Does anyone know which three stocks are being teased by the new ad for Weiss Research’s Adventurist Capital newsletter?

Manny says:
Also looking to find out what the 3 stocks are. I believe the this is a Martin Weiss publication so…

mdouglas11 says:
Here is a link to the ad: http://www.uncommonwisdomdaily.com/reports/ace/cybersecurity/v2/?ccode=09222016UWD2267PUWD&em=mdouglas11@gmail.com&sc=G446&ec=7187149

Q Biomed Inc

Has anyone done any or have there own research on this Company. I have been reading about it, doing what research i can and all shows positive. Anyone else have thoughts on this Company? Thanks

SoGiAm says:
Welcome JohnColts54. You are doing fine chief. Hope you got in somewhere around July 15th-19th. :-)…

johncolts54 says:
i know i am new here and maybe not fit in being new, posting my own comment and all. Curious…

Fintech startup ICONOMI raised $5 million in ongoing digital IPO (open to public).

Hi guys, I am reader and irregular here at stockgumshoe, and few days ago, I quit my job to join fintech startup called Iconomi, where I ran corporate communications. As I put much faith in Travis’s analytical powers, yesterday I kindly asked him to look at our whitepapers, business model and plans (all at https://ico.iconomi.net). […]

SoGiAm says:
Jaka, do you have a DRIP plan set up? and is there a discount on additions if this plan is…
SoGiAm says:
Jaka - Shall do much research this weekend on the subject as time allows. But the 15% bonus is…

Newsletter Information

Why weren’t any of the genius that are trying to sell us a tip to get us to buy their newsletter pushing Tobira(TBRA) ? It was purchased by Allergan yesterday and went from 4$ to 38$ a share! Newsletter buyers beware.

johncolts54 says:
Think there was a few of them last week that really hit, know what your saying.....

Jim Rickards one stock to own and 50 to avoid.. for the coming collapse on 9/30/2016.

I’m really interested in the one stock to own.His other gold recommendation on owning physical gold in a depository in Texas to avoid the government possibly confiscating it, concerns me some. He says it’s a short one or 2 day trip to get the physical gold yet the scenario he gives , banks closing, food […]

jameshmwebb says:
The "one stock to own" is Sandstorm Gold.

What’s Jim Rickards’ pitch for “Electrum” really about?

Regular investors are getting interested in gold again, after the big run it had in the first half of this year… and many of us also remember the ludicrous returns that many folks got from buying bitcoin early on… so it’s only natural that this ad puts our greed receptors into overdrive: “The time to […]

jeff5680 says:
Thank goodness you are here to counter Agora's increasingly irritating wall of 'offers' that clog up my inbox. A quick…

hendrixnuzzles says:
Novagold ?

Can you Really “Collect a 35% Dividend in October 2016?”

Ian Wyatt has been a fan of “special dividends” for some time, and has hinted at the huge potential payouts for his various investment newsletters over the years… this ad from him is in much the same vein, though he’s now selling a newsletter that is specifically focused on just these “special dividends.” And, as […]

Pushpa Amin says:
Thank you so much butitom. Your comment is very helpful to me. I missed the ex-div date…
There's not one right answer -- but in general, stocks don't tend to get "full credit" for big cash balances…

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