Paul Mampilly’s new medical breakthrough Teaser

Anyone know the Mid Western Company stock that Paul Mampilly is teasing with respect to a new medical breakthrough that will transform the Healthcare Industry to treat and or end all cronic disease.

april39 says:
BUT YOU DIDN,'T coulda,shoulda,woulda is a lousy answer-All of us would be rich if hindsight was worth anything

jon says:
Could have also just bought the SPY ETF as it is up 28% in 2 years. Or better yet the…

Performance of Mampilly’s “True Momentum” and “Extreme Fortunes” Premium Newsletters

I would like to hear from some of the brave souls out there that invested in these two newsletters by Paul Mampilly. I subscribe to his flagship newsletter ”Profits Unlimited”, which I highly recommend to everyone, but have held out on the other two that are much pricier. Specifically, I would like to know his […]

michale says:
I transferred the subscription money from Earnings Drift Alerts to Extreme Fortunes. Chad had some good picks…

Short term trader says:
How about also including the subscription called Earnings Drift Alerts (EDA). The phenomenon of post-earnings drift (PED) has been…

Bill C-45 Oxford Marijuana video teaser

I’m listening to a long, aren’t they always long, presentation via the Oxford Club, on the legalization of marijuana and the multi, multi possible returns if you get into the right stocks and avoid the losers. Some preliminary research shows that this is a bill in Canada, though the presentation implies it’s the US. My […]

wileycoyote2013 says:
the pitch (12 winning stocks, he says)

Paul Mampilly’s Latest Tease Solved (?)

Hi Gummies, I’ve had such a lovely time reading the many teases Travis has de-coded for us that I decided to give it a try myself. I received the following tease from Paul Mampilly today, with an invite to join his True Momentum program. I’m pretty sure that the company he plans to reveal on […]

thinairmony says:
Zack's #2 buy, Nutanix Inc. (NTNX)(Delayed Data from NSDQ) $21.56 USD September 15,2017 4:00 PM -0.05 (-0.23%) Look…

Jeff says:
STM was one of his first big recommendations for IoT ... it is up 227% since he recommended in June…

What is the story on Wall Streets Secret ATM by Jeff Yastine and other promotions that claim to allow one to collect secret dividends from companies that you never worked for and had nothing to do with

I’VE SEEN AT LEAST 6 SUCH PROMOTIONS RECENTLY. THEY ALL PROMISE MONEY THAT WILL SUPPLEMENT OR EXCEED MY SOCIAL SECURITY. Jeff Yastine claims that it originated by law in 1904 to insure that pensioners would get their money no matter what happened to the company. Thank you John l. arguimbau [april39-I,m that old ]

Cisco, Chang & Charlie Part 3

Sometimes literary gimmicks backfire. In May 2015, we premiered “Cisco, Chang & Charlie” (sans Oxford comma) as a James Joycean brooding on the letter C, third letter of the alphabet, in three iterations. At the time, three stocks whose names begin with C were vying for attention and prompting questions from readers. The original plan […]

sam222 says:
$VBLT/ NP . sold to early on this one up $2.00 since Yesterday morning. 8x normal trading with no…
SoGiAm says:
$TTOO - T2 Biosystems Files 8K - Entry Into Definitive Agreement >TTOO 4:05 pm ET September 19, 2017 (Dow…

Motley Fool’s “Our CEO is betting $280,240.56 this stock could 5X”

The Motley Fool has for most of this year been teasing their Shopify (SHOP) recommendation with headlines that tout the fact that SHOP’s CEO is “betting” $560 million (or now $780 million) on the stock, but today we’ve got a slightly different spiel… this time it’s Tom Gardner, Motley Fool CEO and half of the […]

roert barnwell says:
i like forecasts before they go up close to 100%. any stumble will be a huge loss

John Saputo says:
Great article....I taking a risky ride on NVDA too and love it so far.

My Notes from Delivering Alpha

I spent the day on Tuesday at the Delivering Alpha conference, which is hosted by CNBC and Institutional Investor — it’s not the kind of confab that includes “secret” or special ideas that you can’t hear about elsewhere (it’s hosted by CNBC, after all, and they broadcast from the conference all day), but it’s an […]

pineapple3 says:
This is the first time I'm giving my opinion, as I am a novice to investing(9 months), but I totally…

zimmyzee says:
Great article, Travis. It takes a great force to pry me away from the biotech threads, but this did…

Friday File: Social SPAC, Criteo, Bitcoin and Data Centers

I’ve already shared the major portfolio change I made this week, adding that IPO to my Real Money Portfolio yesterday, and I have also separately posted my notes and thoughts from the CNBC Delivering Alpha conference for my favorite people (yes, that’s you!)…. but I have a couple other things to note as well, so […]

Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe says:
FYI, on the data center issue -- not surprisingly, all the data center REITs got questions from their big institutional…

gristinvest5 says:
I keep awaiting on a company to implement their own blockchain. I keep hearing rumors amongst newsletters but nobody…

Digging into Personal Finance’s “Does the Government Owe You An Extra $1,003 a Month in Benefits” pitch

These newsletter ads that promise “government payouts” or “extra Social Security” or other “free” money probably generate more questions (and complaints) than even the “get rich quick” spiels about the next hot gold miner or biotech breakthrough. And you can see why — the target audience for investment newsletters is “folks in their 60s and […]

I own a few and write about them from time to time -- mostly medical REITs in my portfolio, along…

Investing123 says:
Travis, Thank you so much for your great articles. Do you cover REITs in your paid subscription?? Regards,

Buying an IPO. Again.

This is the third time I’ve bought an IPO on its first day of trading, and the second time I’ve bought exposure to a SPAC over the past year — hopefully it will work out as well as the others. I saw Chamath Palihapitiya speak at the Delivering Alpha conference on Tuesday, along with Starwood’s […]

chasingscott says:
E-trade it is IPOA.U
RampageKy says:
Ah... make sense. Probably the latter :) Sophia = wisdom and Hedo = pleasure

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