Jesus Battery

Matt McCall is touting a tiny company that has created a miracle battery that is safe, inexpensive, more powerful, charges super fast, can charge millions of times without degrading, etc. What’s the symbol?

RandyE says:
I agree it is Ionic Materials. Lots of mention of investors in Ionic Materials in articles that come up…

Noel says:
Tiny company with a breakthrough technology labeled as Quantum Battery which is 1/1000th size of General Motors. Technology that can…

Trade Stop service

Does anyone have experience with Trade Stop by trade Smith . I see Stock gumshoe uses it. Particularly wondering about the premium and life time offerings. Also the other services they offer Trade Ideas and crypto. Thanks

2019 CANNABIS IPO’s to offer investors biggest opportunity in our lifetime.

Mike Ward of the National Institute of Cannabis Investors is offering a new service ( $1950 annual fee ) featuring the new Cannabis IPO’s that will launch in 2019. Starting with four in January that should generate 1000 to 10,000 % returns. Would love to see Travis look into these offerings.

styles1 says:

wfriesen53 says:
Great to join gumshoe earlier this week. I watched Mike Ward's presentation. Not interested in considering the annual fee, but…


Anyone have any idea what Bill Owens is talking about when he hypes his ”Dividend Conversion Machines” that can boost (for example) JNJ’s 2.77% dividend to 8%. I suspect this may be some sort of options play but if anyone out there knows what it is I’d appreciate a head’s up.

wryter says:
It's Brett Owens not Bill Owens. My bad. He's with The Contrarian Income Report

I don’t know how you feel about politics and I don’t wish to get into it with anyone but purely on an

analytical view do you think that Twitter’s bottom line is affected by all the President’s tweets he does? He has to be one of the top users of the service and must have an effect on how many people follow it and how many respond. Do you think this is a possible investment? Thanks Travis.

Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe
Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe says:
Yes. Twitter is the social media stock that I thought had the most upside early this year... that may…

Thinkolating on the “Breakthrough ‘Quantum Glass’ Battery”

“Forever battery,” “Jesus battery,” the “holy grail” of energy storage… those are all terms we’ve heard thrown around before, and in this instance they’re used by Matt McCall in service of his new pitch for his Investment Opportunities newsletter ($49/year for the “basic” version). And like other advances in batteries, of course, he thinks there’s […]

Could be. They seem to me to be more focused on producing cobalt-free cathode materials for batteries, not so…

willie says:
the "everlasting gobstopper" of battery tech.....and one is enough for anybody

The return of Lee Lowell’s Instant Income pitch

I have been getting inundated with emails from Dent Research featuring someone new to Harry Dent’s pantheon, namely Lee Lowell. Thanks to this most wonderful website, I can see that he has been around a while. I allowed myself to see what he was pitching; ”Want to grab an easy $680 in two minutes or […]

steveflick says:
Suggest go to microblog https://www.stockgumshoe.com/2012/01/microblog-lee-lowells-instant-money-trader/ there is some good critical comments. I too got pitch from Charles…
I'm surprised he's touting $680. Lee's trades in his own Smart Option Seller are almost exclusively selling extreme OTM puts…

What’s Skousen’s “2019 Trade of the Year?”

We seem to be on a bit of a dividend kick this week, with the “Extreme Dividends” of Monday leading to the “Secret 6.1% Stock” yesterday, so it seems natural to stock with it… plus, readers have been asking about Mark Skousen’s latest teaser pitch, and we haven’t covered him in a while. So that’s […]

Student says:
Skousen's "Best Stock of 2019" Summit was scheduled for Jan. 10, so reporting on the 16th was a bit late.…

fngwave says:
Schwab has a hold rating, one year ago it was at $50, nice swing.

Cabot’s “Secret Stock” — 6.1% Dividend, Anyone?

Quick and dirty today, dear friends — I’m running short on time, so we’re jumping right into a simple teaser solution for a stock that a lot of people hate, and a lot of people have made a lot of money from. The ad I saw was from Tom Hutchinson, who is chief analyst of […]

Normally Dubious says:
Lest anyone thinking only Navellier has a Dividends newsletter

hedy1234 says:
No not really. The definition does not include addiction.

Solving an “Extreme Dividends” Teaser — Can you get a 100% yield on your savings?

This teaser solution was originally published in a Friday File for the Irregulars on November 30. The same ad is still circulating and several new folks have asked about it, so I’m releasing it for all to read today. What follows has not been updated since the end of November, and the ad is also […]

goblue16 says:
WPG on 1/15 was downgraded from a hold to a sell by Suntrust and it’s equity summary score on Fidelity…

D Stone says:
In 2015, Navios Maritime Partners L.P. did not require a K-1 form: http://navios-mlp.irwebpage.com/tax_treatment.html "Navios Maritime Partners…

Friday File: Annual Review, pt. 1

Time, once again, for the Annual Review of all of the stocks I hold in the Real Money Portfolio. Many of my positions are built up over many years, and sometimes they’re stocks that don’t generate a lot of news or attention for months at a time, so I promise each January to cover every […]

Thanks for the kind words, the basic truth is that selling is a lot harder than buying for most people,…

Bill says:
Bought into LGND on Christmas Eve, and if it wasn't for occasionally reading about your strategies including stop losses, I…

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