Cannabis and Energy

I was reading a little about Cannabis and energy being similar to the gold and pick/shovel scenario. If you had sold picks, shovels, pans etc. you would have made a fortune but most gold miners ended up broke. The premise I read with energy was due to the fact that energy is half the cost […]

Pretium (PVG) first gold pour. Thoughts?

I know there are many of our Irregular’s who have owned (PVG) for a long time and finally got some news about their first pour being completed. I have some Sept. $11 calls hoping some good news come by then. I noticed on Scottrade and (PVG) website they don’t have a date for 2Q earnings […]

SoGiAm says:
Hi JB- $PVG np - You maybe interested in this thread by HendrixNuzzles: https://www.stockgumshoe.com/2017/01/microblog-gold-and-silver-and-hard-assets-after-trumps-inauguration-2017/ Comment…

$AKS AK Steel Holding Corp

Hey Travis and fellow traders, i’d like to know everyone opinion on $AKS, is it a good buy, i need to diversify.

SoGiAm says:
$AKS Possible trend reversal ahead https://twitter.com/ACInvestorBlog/status/878570314048954369 http://blog.stockal.com/aks-possible-trend-reversal-ahead/ Thanks Antonio :-) Have a nice weekend and…

Advanced GaAs/AlGaAs pHEMT-based Ka-band Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuit high power amplifier product. $ixyx? Is this the next big thing?

I was looking around for different things and came across this company. It says that it announced the release of its advanced GaAs/AlGaAs pHEMT-based Ka-band Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuit high power amplifier product. From the article it sounds awesome but I have zero knowledge about what any of it means. Can anyone help??

SoGiAm says:
$IXYS Announces an Advanced GaAs/AlGaAs pHEMT MMIC High Power Amplifier for Wireless 4G/5G Infrastructure Applications http://www.rfdtv.com/story/35671128/ixys-announces-an-advanced-gaasalgaas-phemt-mmic-high-power-amplifier-for-wireless-4g5g-infrastructure-applications…

Okay I misplaced what I was looking for so I’ll pick your brain

It was a sales pitch where if you bought a stock at the sign of an X and held it until the second X appeared on the beginning of the downturn you would profit if you followed this system. Sorry I don’t have any more specifics but when I find it I’ll fill in the […]

cocobolo says:
Was this an "X" or a "K"? If it's the "K", then I posed a similar question a few…

benjay says:
As I recall, it was in reference to a "Death Cross". That's all I remember. Anyone else able…

K sign miracle from Agora.

Good morning Travis: I just received another email from Agora regarding the K sign fortune maker. I haven’t seen this one before, yet when I got down to the end of it, the date was May 2017, so I must assume that it has been out there for awhile. For $2,000 they claim to give […]

summerpd says:
BTW, this was not Ray Blanco, but Greg Guenthner.

summerpd says:
Yes, this might be something to investigate. I got an e-mail today on the K-sign and its amazing ability…

Any information on Dr. Kent Moors, Energy Inner Circle and the plays in the Oil

Industry . He states that we are looking at an opportunity to make massive gains not seen since the 70’s when oil prices went crazy. Right now there are plenty of companies headed for bankruptcy due to the Saudi’s jihad on the oil industry, but the ones who survive will see tremendous gains. He uses […]

westerht says:
Don't do it! Dr Kent Moors will lead you down the road to perdition. Your best bet is…

Friday File: Venture Gold from Curzio, plus A Few Buys and a Sell in the Real Money Portfolio

I know quite a few folks got to chatting about Bellicum (BLCM) following Ernie Tremblay’s overly heated pitch for the stock last week, covered in the Friday File a week ago… and, well, things so far are going as they often do: Overhype the ad, overpromise some dramatic results from a presentation that’s really much […]

Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe says:
Good point. Their biggest portfolio concentration right now is in hotels.

Marco Polo says:
While it's always good to have some of a portfolio in land (not what's on it), even with SAFE my…

What’s being teased in “The Rick Rule Interview?”

This teaser solution originally appeared as part of the Friday File for the Irregulars on June 2, 2017. This excerpt has not been updated or revised, but readers continue to ask about this one so we’re opening up to all readers now. I’ve been inundated with questions about the latest Rick Rule “Interview” from the […]

vonmajor says:
Doug's perpetually bearish. One day he will be right. I was with one of Doug's…

gumjax says:
I'd don't trust Rick Rule or Doug Casey even as far as I could throw them so the conflicts of…

Navellier’s “Magnetic Marvel Tech Stock: A Stealth Buy for Less Than $14”

I’m running out of time today, so you get a quickie: Louis Navellier’s latest “stealth buy” promo, solved for your pleasure… but without any real analysis from me. The ad is for Navellier’s Emerging Growth ($995/yr), and it pushes the possibilities of small caps and the particular appeal of one small “secret” $14 stock that […]

freddy74 says:
So.... just another pumper and dumper.

enuhfer says:
The stock is at a P/E of nearly 600 after doubling from abuot $6 to $12 this year. Too many…

What’s Jeff Brown’s “Vaccine” for “cell phone disease?”

Jeff Brown over at Bonner and Partners is launching a new newsletter called The Near Future Report, which sounds like it’s the “entry level” letter (currently offered at $75) to go with his pricier Exponential Tech Investor, and the first bait they’re dangling for new subscribers is a fat, juicy promise of a stock that […]

thinairmony says:
All the car makers have to be on the same frequency. I see total autonomous driving cars working a worthless…

rdrewelow says:
Delphi has co-developed a complete self-driving system which will likely be used by BMW and may be used by other…

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