Gold and Silver and Hard Assets after Trump’s Inauguration…2017

MAKE YOUR PORTFOLIO GREAT AGAIN ! This thread is a continuation of several threads posted previously by the author on gold and silver and hard asset investments. I am still a believer in hard assets. I also believe we are entering a period of inflation with continued dollar devaluation, higher interest rates, and a sluggish […]

hendrixnuzzles says:
Ironically I am thinking of lightening up a little around the edges on gold because I am ridiculously overweight there.…

hendrixnuzzles says:
I like the fact that Hot Maden is also a copper play. It's a very rich deposit, and the Turkish…

Your portfolio

I am a new regular member and just received your portfolio holdings, showing that you favor insurance companies, largely. Are you holding Berkshire Hathaway and Markel, etc. primarily for capital appreciation? I see that neither one of these stocks pays a dividend.

Bill Bonner’s consistant rampage. Real AGORAphobia or just another level of fear mongering?

Hi, I subscribe to Casey Research and this service seems to be closely connected to Bill Bonner of Agora. I have recently been absolutely flooded with his and Doug’s ”research” of doom and gloom in light of Trump now assuming command. I am an educated person and do not wish to be taken by such […]

geneh says:
I haven't heard from Bill in awhile. I followed his nonstop travels between Nicaragua and Paris and Argentina and…

investor101 says:
The marketing is enough to drive anyone crazy!!!!

Which is the best drone company stock to invest in now?

Hi I am very interested in the drone market and would like thoughts on the top 3 companies I could invest in? Mobileye is my top choice so far? Thank You

thinairmony says:
Here is a link on a company flying under radar- https://www.vuzix.com/drones
SoGiAm says:
You may find this thread interesting: CASEY’S “WHAT’S FACEBOOK HIDING IN BUILDING #17…?” PITCH Looking into the pitch…

“Pure Carbon” and small mine in Sweden

Does anyone have a take on Gerardo del Real’s tease in a pitch for the Resource Stock Digest Premium and a small company in Sweden which provides ”the only way to obtain pure carbon without going through China? The claim is that ”pure carbon” is 80% of lithium batteries, lithium 2%, and is only available […]

mrceez says:
Well until the cats out of the bag..you might as well invest in the chinese stock..chgi...

How do you intend to take advantage of this opportunity?


  I follow SG by subscribing to the emailed comment notifications and use them to collect KSS’ comments for maintaining the Love KSS spreadsheet (more about that later, see the current KSS thread for its URL). I go to a thread online only (usually) when I need to clarify something about a KSS statement. Since […]

Thanks for the suggestions and ideas, HiP -- the longer I run this site (we'll hit our tenth anniversary in…

hendrixnuzzles says:
Question: What do SoGiAms thread rules, the U.S. Constitution, and Christianity all have in common ?…

Motley Fool’s “Like Buying Apple Before the iPhone” Pitch

This ad caught my eye over the weekend, and it had enough clues that the Thinkolator started chugging along almost before I turned the switch this morning — so let’s dig in, and maybe we can even make it a little quicker than usual. The spiel is for the Motley Fool’s flagship Stock Advisor newsletter, […]

hansvvz says:
im a NVDA shareholder since 2009 and took profits at 30, 50 and 60.. Still hold large position (20%…

hupitate says:
Thanks' Travis another great piece of work as usual. I have used "easying-in" tactics when not having a clear view…

Annual Review: Insurance and Conglomerates

Throughout January these Friday Files are taking on the form of my “Annual Review” of my holdings, which will culminate in a clearer listing of what I own and focus on, including portfolio allocations that I have personally, and a clearer delineation between the stuff I write about because it’s interesting, and the stuff I […]

The vast majority is going to the Gates Foundation on Buffett's death, and some of it has already been transferred.…

thinairmony says:
One issue I have about Berkshire Hathaway. Maybe nothing to most. But to me CEO Warren Buffets age of 87…

“Trump’s Gold” from Stansberry’s Investment Advisory

This is getting a little ridiculous. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a single mining stock as aggressively endorsed by investment newsletters as Northern Dynasty has been over the past few months. So this is just a short note to let you know that, yes, you can add another one to the pile — it’s […]

SoGiAm says:
Rainsonme, believe this article shall interest you - link: http://www.stockgumshoe.com/2016/11/microblog-gold-and-silver-and-hard-asset-investmentsfall-2016/ Welcome and best2you.

david says:
I see very low grades so I think that there are other much better options with other miners

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