Travis’ Personal Portfolio

Following are the stocks that I currently hold in my personal portfolio, for your information only (these are definitely not recommendations). This list will be updated when I close a position or open a new one, and if I have written in this space about any of these stocks the company name will link to those notes. Mutual funds and option/derivative positions are not included in this list, though I do disclose some of my more significant positions of that type at the bottom and relevant investments of any kind that represent direct conflicts of interest with any investment mentioned in any article will be disclosed at the time of writing. You can also review the list of recent commentary I’ve posted about personal portfolio positions (including buy and sell notes) here. This list is in alphabetical order — you can see the rough listing by position size at the bottom of the page, though that is not updated every day.

Africa Oil (AOIFF)

Altius Minerals (ATUSF)

Apple (AAPL)

Berkshire Hathaway (BRK.B)

Coresite (COR)

Criteo (CRTO)

Facebook (FB)

Fairfax Financial (FRFHF)

First Mining Finance (FF.V, FFMGF)

Feronia (FRNFF)

Fosun International (656.HK, FOSUF, FOSUY)

Alphabet/Google (GOOG)

Ligand Pharmaceuticals (LGND)

Markel (MKL)

Medical Properties Trust (MPW)

NXP Semiconductors (NXPI)

Omega Healthcare (OHI)

Physicians Realty Trust (DOC)

Retail Opportunity Investment Corp (ROIC)

Sandstorm Gold (SAND)

Ventas (VTR)

Verizon (VZ)

Walt Disney (DIS)

I do not generally write as much about funds or other diversified investment vehicles in which I’m also invested, but for those who are interested these are some of the non-indexed funds I currently have money in — Closed-end Funds, ETFs, and mutual funds:

Tekla Healthcare Opportunity (THQ)
Doubleline Shiller Enhanced CAPE (DSEEX)
PrimeCap Odyssey Growth (POGRX)

I also do not often write about derivatives positions I own (warrants, options, etc.) except when I cover those companies for other reasons (in which case, of course, I disclose the fact that I have exposure due to conflict of interest/bias)… but there are some warrants and longer-term options I have that folks have asked about that I can mention here, I do have effective long exposure of what I consider to be a meaningful size in the following companies using options (long call options or short put options):

Disney (DIS)
General Electric (GE)
Whole Foods Markets (WFM)
AIG 2021 Warrants (AIG-WT)

I do not currently have any short exposure. I occasionally do covered call selling on some of the positions in my portfolio. Short positions of any meaningful size or with long-term intent will be disclosed here if I open them, and any long or short exposure to a stock is, of course, disclosed in any article if a position in a mentioned stock is held at the time the article is published.

I occasionally trade in very small stocks and warrants that I usually refer to as “dumb ideas” — highly speculative stocks like junior miners where my capital investment is small and I can’t cover the stocks with any regularity without impacting the price. Some that I recently held are Coral Gold, West Kirkland Mining, and Kiska Metals, but most of those were sold in my portfolio shakeup (for personal reasons, not fundamental reasons specific to those stocks) on 9/6/16. Those were discussed here. The “dumb and tiny” stocks and warrants currently in my personal portfolio are:

LiCo Energy Metals (WCTXF)
eCobalt Solutions (ECSIF)
Blackbird Energy Warrants (BKBIF)
Northern Dynasty Warrants (NDM.WT.B)

Largest personal equity holdings listed in order of position size (not updated frequently and may not be precisely accurate as of this moment, not including funds):

Berkshire Hathaway
Altius Minerals
Medical Properties Trust
NXP Semiconductor
Fairfax Financial
Sandstorm Gold
Retail Opportunity Investments Corp
First Mining Finance
Omega Healthcare Investors
Ligand Pharmaceuticals
AIG Warrants
Coresite Realty
Physicians Realty Trust
Walt Disney

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