“Five Times More Profitable Than Apple with Zero Competition”

Does that headline sound familiar? If you’ve been treading the boards here at the Gumshoe Theater for a couple months or more, then it might well — the folks at the Cabot Stock of the Month Report used almost the same headline to tout their last idea. Which isn’t to say that they’re still pushing […]

Friday File: VIC Impressions, Altius, Seadrill and “How to make Netflix pay YOU ‘Internet Royalties’ for EVERY movie it rents”

I always get a lot of food for thought when I go to the Value Investing Congress, so I’ve got a teaser solution and some updates for your Friday File enjoyment but I thought I’d start with some musing about the Congress ideas that percolated to the top for me on the train ride home… […]

What are Sid Riggs’ “Mega Spark” Energy Stocks?

During the last few days when I was traveling to and reporting from the Value Investing Congress for the Irregulars (some great presentations, by the way, my notes from day one and day two are up now and I’m hoping to get some more thinking time in regarding these ideas soon), the most-requested teaser for […]

“Stocks with the Power to Multiply Your Money AND ALSO Pay You 9% Dividend Yields”

Mike Larson runs an investment advisory called Energy Stock Alert for Weiss Research, and he’s lately been swamping our email box with promises that his “Major energy recos” are imminent — with the promise that he’s looking for stocks with large yields that also have the potential to double or more in value. So that […]

“The Future of our Next Internet Depends on this Tiny Breakthrough”

This article was originally published on August 6, 2014 and the ad is circulating again as a play on Apple’s early-September announcement but otherwise remains unchanged. The same stock is being touted and teased, and the original article below has not been updated or revised. —–from 8/6/14——- I was reading the latest pitch for the […]

What are the “‘Ebola Tech Plays’ Set to Skyrocket” from Teeka Tiwari?

Teeka Tiwari teasers wash up on the shores of Gumshoe island every few months, though we don’t cover them all that often because he hasn’t done a lot of teasing of individual stock ideas (he has more frequently, if memory serves, pitched his trading “systems”). It looks like Tiwari’s Mega Trends is now being published […]

What is Nick Hodge’s “Montel’s Miracle” Stock?

Nick Hodge has been focusing a lot on biotech-ish companies for his Early Advantage newsletter lately, and they usually end up being pretty early-stage stocks with good stories about some kind of breakthrough or unique compound or device and no real financials yet (meaning, little to no revenue or earnings) — just the kind of […]

“Exploit This American Oil Giant for a Fast Double-Digit Gain!”

I’m officially on vacation, but had a lot of questions recently about Louis Navelier’s “next surge for my top oil stock is about to begin” stock, so I thought I’d throw out a quick answer for you. The story is that this company is growing, with more growth to come, but has seen its stock […]

“A new opportunity is taking shape right now that’s like buying Disney in 1971…”

I’ve looked at the teasers ads for Jim Fink’s Roadrunner Stocks a few times over the couple years it’s been around, with middling results — he’s had one great pick, one that has gone down substantially, and a few “middling” picks that were in those teaser pitches. So is it worth trying out his latest […]

iBeacons and the Motley Fool’s “Inside the iStore: The One Stock to Own When Apple Takes Over Ecommerce.”

I think I saw this ad a few months ago and didn’t write about it for one reason or another, but it just started a heavy rotation again — so let’s have a gander. David Gardner is a growth stock dynamo — he and his brother Tom founded the Motley Fool as an AOL chat […]

“Seven Times More Profitable Than Apple with Zero Competition”

Now that Apple is a few weeks from the release of their next i-device, lots of teasers will come floating out about “better than Apple” or “buy this before Apple’s new iPhone” or the like. That’s a pattern we’ve seen ever since the original iPhone sent shares of suppliers soaring — or, indeed, even before […]

“Big Oil Wants a Piece of His Pie”

The Casey Energy Report is pretty pricey these days ($995/year), and so it gets quite a bit of reader attention when they hint around about a hot new idea of theirs. And so it was that your friendly neighborhood Gumshoe got a nice, full mailbox this morning with folks forwarding a story that the Casey […]

Explaining “How to Collect Your Government-Backed Real Estate Tax Rebate Checks”

This pitch has been around for more than a year now, but apparently it’s in heavy rotation again so I took another look today. And yes, you guessed it, the ad is almost completely unchanged from what ran in the Spring of 2013… the same pitch for REIT dividends being “Real Estate Tax Rebates,” the […]

“A Gold Royalty with a 10% Yield On Deck” (Dan Ferris)

I hate to continue to write about this small company with great frequency, since it smacks of “talking my book” (it’s a major personal holding), but we have received a lot of questions from readers today about Dan Ferris’ latest pitch, so we’re re-running our previous free article about this one. Last time around, it […]

Energy Harvesting, Thermal Fracking, and the “15 Stocks that Double Each Day”

First, I should tell you that this is bad for you. This searching for stocks that double in a day. Seeking such instant gratification in investing is like drinking three beers for breakfast every day because you’re thinking you might run into a friendly Brazilian model on the subway and you want to be “loose” […]

Alex Green’s “Next Golden Cross” to hit August 29?

Alexander Green has a new “special report” out to lure subscribers to a letter I haven’t seen before called The True Value Alert — Green has been the head honcho at The Oxford Club for a long time and has put out a bunch of interesting ideas (and has some refreshingly stable and non-hypey stuff […]