“Buyout Imminent” for $3 Tech Stock?

Newsletter marketers love to be able to tout a buyout and promise a double in the stock they’re recommending — they know it almost can’t help but catch your attention… and heck, if the stock’s small enough they might even be able to cause it to double just by pouring a few hundred enthused new […]

Cutting Edge, The

Jason Stutman’s tech-focused trading advisory that tries to find breakthrough technology opportunities when stocks are oversold and, he thinks, ready to surge. Print this

Double-Digit Monthly Dividend Payers for 2015.

Bryan Perry is pitching his Cash Machine newsletter, which has been recommending high-yield investments for many years, by using the tempting prospect of monthly dividends. If you haven’t caught the “monthly” bug, these are stocks (or funds) that simply pay their dividend twelve times a year instead of the traditional four. Some income-hungry investors really […]

What’s the “iCells” Company that Stephen Petranek says “could hand you an extraordinary 1,782% gain?”

Ridiculously huge gains are nothing new in biotech — they may not come easy, but they are sorely tempting… and, unlike with most “boring” companies that have ongoing businesses and have to build and compound to create lasting wealth, they can create fantastical gains almost overnight on the strength of a breakthrough clinical trial result […]

“I’ve Found a Small Tech Stock That Will Triple Your Money in the Next 24 Months”

We’ve covered quite a few teaser pitches from Jim Fink at Roadrunner Stocks over the past few years, including a few weak performers and a few very good ones (not so different from most folks), and this one caught our eye this week with the specific prediction that the “secret stock” will triple your money […]

“3 stocks I believe have the absolute best chance of making you rich before the end of 2015.”

Criminy, I definitely couldn’t pick three stocks that I think have the absolute best chance of making you rich over the next six months — but that’s the promise from Louis Navellier in the latest ad for his Emerging Growth newsletter. And naturally, he says we have “only 48 hours!” So I guess I’d better […]

Skousen’s “The Most Important Event in 2015″

Mark Skousen has caught our attention with his big promises and teases several times over the years, and this latest pitch of his looks like a doozy — he’s saying that he has identified the “most important event in 2015,” and that this accomplishment has been completed in “secret” … so what’s the story? Well, […]

Motley Fool Supernova

Growth-focused portfolio service from David Gardner, with search for long-term high-growth “rule breaker” companies, but with more specific and precise buy and sell guidance and portfolio allocation recommendations. Print this

“Biotech Scientists Discover ‘Magic’ Keys to Immortality” (“Dr. Allen’s … RNA Interference Revolution: Your Ticket to Centuries of Health and Wealth”)

[Ed note: This article was originally published in June, 2013 when the shares of the stock teased, Alnylam (ALNY) were around $30 and the Oxford Club was saying that the first person to live to 1,000 is already alive … now they’re touting it as the holder of the “Magic” Keys to Immortality, but the […]

“How to Buck America’s $23.5 Billion Biometrics Mega Trend for 850% Gains”

This teaser pitch is from Manny Backus, who is promoting a new(ish) service called Triple Digit Returns — which looks like it’s a weekly advisory that recommends a different stock each week for 100%+ potential gains. This ad has been circulating since early in the year, and continues to drive questions to our inbox today […]

“This New Apple Innovation Will Be Bigger Than The iPod, iPhone, And iPad” (StreetAuthority)

This article was originally published in late January — Andy Obermueller is teasing Apple suppliers again, hinting that the Apple “Growth Window” will close up on September 30 (presumably when we start freaking out about their next wave of iPhones and iPads, usually introduced around then), and the descriptions of the teased stocks that he […]

“My No. 1 China stock for 2015″

China stocks are back, but China newsletters not so much. That’s a little bit unusual, actually — typically, newsletter publishers are quick to produce new “niche” letters or repurpose faltering letters to take advantage of big swings in the market, and just as quick to shut those newsletters down if that “niche” loses the interest […]

More of those “Bulletproof Stocks to Buy Now”

Yesterday we looked at Louis Navellier’s pitch about his “bulletproof” stocks to buy — mostly pretty reasonable growth stocks that are priced like growth stocks, but not the crazy hyper-momentum valuations that scare people. Today I thought we’d take a quick moment to ID a couple of the other ideas in his ad. The big […]

Three “Bulletproof Blue Chip Stocks to Buy Now”

We continue to see worrisome commentary about market valuations, with hand-wringing about whether the stock market is overvalued or might be in a bubble… and it can get a bit draining, frankly. Caution is important, diversification is important, but worrying does us little good. Yes, investors are paying a steep price for anticipated growth in […]