Chris Mayer’s “$4 LED Trend You Don’t Want to Miss”

I always like reading Chris Mayer’s stuff — he often presents at the Value Investing Congress, he seems to be an interesting and low-key guy in person, and the ideas that are pitched by his various newsletters at Agora often catch my eye. They don’t always work out, of course, but every once in a […]

“Trade Alert — Biopharma Firm Poised for an Upsurge” from Ben Benoy

I hadn’t ever heard of Ben Benoy or the new Biotech Intel Trader that’s being published by Harry Dent’s company, but a few folks asked about it yesterday so I thought you might like a quick little answer to their teaser pitch. And actually, it’ll be even quicker than usual… more on that in a […]

Biotech Intel Trader

Weekly trading alert service that recommends biotech stocks based, at least in part, on social medial sentiment and their analysis of those signals. Print this

“The Easiest Investment to Make in the Oil Patch For The Next Twenty Years”

“Buy and Hold for 20 years” sounds like a dream come true for me — I don’t like trading in and out of stocks very often, I prefer to own good companies and watch them nicely compound for a long period of time (not that I don’t speculate on stuff from time to time for […]

“The Black Plague… the $100 Billion+ Coffee Industry Is in Mortal Danger”

This latest ad is really disturbing. I drink a lot of coffee. Not a moderate amount, but a lot. Hot, black, strong. I gleefully read all the articles about how coffee is a wonder food, and particularly liked the recent commentary from some folks that coffee now has such a positive impact on health for […]

Jimmy Mengel’s “Delta-9″ — is it “One Drug to End All Pain — Naturally?”

“The Greatest Medical Breakthrough in 72 Years… “One Drug to End All Pain — Naturally “A new revolutionary drug called ‘Delta-9′ will send a small group of companies skyrocketing for life-altering gains… starting December 31, 2014. “The last time something like this happened 72 years ago… investors had the opportunity to turn every $1,000 into […]

What is “The President’s Private Stock Market” … really?

[This article was originally published on May 29, 2014, we're bumping it back to the top because a lot of readers have asked about it this week. The article below has not been updated or revised since first publication on 5/29/14] Gumshoe readers have been asking about the “President’s Private Stock Market” for quite a […]

Roadrunner Stocks: “Massive Profits from the Best Stock Under $6″

There are a lot lot lot of advisers throwing out “buy this one-time opportunity” in oil and energy stocks these days, since we all love to be contrarian and buy cheap, but after such a dramatic price drop in oil I’m taking a break from that topic for the day… I just don’t have a […]

What’s “Stansberry Venture #1?”

We’ve got a good teaser to solve today, but first — a quick plea: This will be our final week of “Gumshoe Gives Back” this year — we will be donating at least half of all the membership contributions received through the rest of this week (until the end of the day on Friday, 12/12) […]

Stansberry Venture

Monthly small cap investing newsletter that aims to have a “venture capital” investing mindset, looking for high-risk opportunities for dramatic gains. Print this

“How a Company You’ve Never Heard of Could End Alzheimer’s Disease and Save America’s Financial Future”

That’s a subtle headline, right? I already issued a bit of a “brain dump” for the Irregulars this week, on Wednesday instead of Friday, but I couldn’t resist taking a little look at this latest teaser pitch from Patrick Cox for his Transformational Technology Alert. Quite a few readers have been asking about it, and […]

What are the Bulls Eye Investor “Black Friday Deal” Stocks?

I’m pretty sure I haven’t ever written about Jared Dillian and his Bull’s Eye Investor newsletter before, so when I was sifting through the pile of ads forwarded by readers last week this one caught my eye — it’s a pitch based on Black Friday, which has come and gone, but that was just a […]

Bull’s Eye Investor

Stock-picking newsletter by the creator of the Dirt Nap daily email for professional traders — aims to pick stocks using contrarian ideas based on investor and consumer trends and “behavioral economics” Print this

What is Lombardi’s “New Swiss Bank Account” teaser all about?

Some people don’t realize that marketing for financial newsletters is at least as much about finding successful pitches that will catch your interest as it is about touting the latest and greatest stocks picked by a particular newsletter pundit. They often come up with a new ad to sell their newsletter when they’ve discovered an […]

Data and “Supertech” Stocks pitched by Technology Porfits Confidenti

I was looking at the photonics chip teaser from Agora Financial again recently, since it’s being heavily teased again to advertise for subscribers to Technology Profits Confidential and the questions are rolling in (you can see that here, I just re-posted it to help answer some of those questions)… …and since that teaser pick, Infinera […]

“The Future of our Next Internet Depends on this Tiny Breakthrough”

This article was originally published on August 6, 2014 and the ad is circulating again and sending a lot of questions our way. The same stock is being touted and teased, and the original article below has not been updated or revised… the stock teased is up by about 50% since it was first teased, […]

Could Leeb’s “Sinclair Oil” Help You Pocket $150,000?

This article originally ran just over a year ago, when the stock being teased was around $18 — it rose to about $22 over the Summer, then collapsed with almost every other energy stock over the last couple of months and is now trading around $11, with an indicated yield of about 18%. The stock […]