Skousen’s “The Best Company Money Can Buy Right Now”

For our Friday File today, before I head out the door to take a week of respite with the family for Thanksgiving (no Friday File next week, by the way, though we will have our annual “Turkey of the Year” piece next week), I thought I’d take a look at a teaser pitch going around […]

“Rare Move by FDA to Ignite Tiny $4 Stock” with a “35-to-1 Bang”

Heads up: I made a mistake on this one when it first went up on the site. We strive for at least a 99% accuracy rate in identifying teaser targets, and this is apparently my mistake for 2014. Thanks to several readers for alerting me to the fact that I moved too quickly in posting […]

“Breathe Free and Be Rich” — the “Breathalyzer” that Can Identify Deadly Disease

Medical technology is always a prime area for investor excitement — we love the idea of a company that can make things bigger, cheaper, stronger, faster in any field of human endeavor, but somehow the idea of a company doing it in medicine, where we can feel both wealthy and virtuous after investing, is even […]

What’s the “Ideal Retirement Booster” (IRB) from Oxford Club?

This latest pitch from Julia Guth is an ad for the Oxford Club Communique, their “entry level” newsletter, and she’s selling us on the idea that there’s an “Ideal Retirement Booster (IRB)” that can help you reduce risk and extend your standard of living during retirement by 27 years. Which sounds almost magical, right? That’s […]

Can You Actually Earn “Royalties” From Amazon, Netflix and the Internet’s Top Retailers?

We have had a long line of questions about the misleading “Internet Royalties” teaser from The Wealth Advisory, so I’m going to re-share that one. My initial solution for this teaser pitch appeared at the tail end of a Friday File for the Irregulars (our paid members) on September 12, so some of you will […]

“Saddam’s Lost Oil”: Christian DeHaemer’s “Retire Now” Oil Stock

A couple things to check in on before I get to the “meat” of today’s note for you. First… it turns out that Medical Properties Trust (MPW) is not a dividend grower. I thought they were signaling dividend growth with their increased guidance a couple weeks ago, and thought that they would hike the dividend […]

“Solar’s Quantum Leap” Pick from Nick Hodge

I very nearly didn’t write about this one for you today, even though I know the solution and the Thinkolator was able to make a 100% certain match to the clues. Why? Because Nick Hodge shouldn’t be teasing individual stocks with no trading volume and $7 million market capitalizations to his email lists… and I […]

Mankind’s “Magic Bullet” teased by Safe Money Report

“WHY DIE? “This virtually unknown company is trying to “turn off” heart attacks and cancer before they happen! “It possesses the secret that could END crippling and chronic diseases like arthritis, diabetes, hepatitis, AIDS and more — AT WILL! “Buy this stock NOW to go for truly explosive profits in medicine’s all new ‘golden age!’” […]

“One of the Greatest Businesses We’ve Ever Found”, plus a look at Facebook for the Friday File

We’re closing up shop early today for Veteran’s Day, and in the spirit of the holiday we’re running a membership special today. Stock Gumshoe will donate 50% of all membership revenue today and tomorrow to Homes for our Troops, an excellent charitable organization that builds specially adapted homes for severely disabled veterans — so for […]

Answered: “How to Profit from Cell Towers Without the Hassle… ” (Dr. David Eifrig)

Dr. David Eifrig is touting something that sound interesting today — he’s got a pitch out now for his Retirement Millionaire newsletter over at Stansberry and Associates, and the headline tease is all about profiting from cell phone towers. The basic spiel is a familiar one for anyone who’s had to dance with these copywriters […]

“One of the best biotech companies that I’ve ever looked at…” Plus some updates for the Friday File

I’ve got a big ol’ pile of updates and thoughts about a dozen or so companies to get to, but we’re going to start with a teaser solution today. Paul Mampilly of Agora Financial’s FDA Trader apparently sent around a teaser note to his own subscribers (I say “apparently” because I’ve only seen the cut-and-paste […]

“A Tiny Biotech Firm is Bringing One of the Oldest And Most Crucial Procedures Known to Medical Science Into the 21st Century”

There’s another new penny stock-focused newsletter now, this one’s called Penny Stock Millionaire and it’s being run by Alex Koyfman, who is apparently the new guy at Angel Investing. And it appears they’re using the same copywriters on his stuff as they do for Nick Hodge’s blue sky speculations from his newsletter, so this one […]

Penny Stock Millionaire

Newsletter that looks for very tiny stocks to make huge moves, doesn’t seem to have sector focus. Appears to have been launched late in 2014. Print this

“This EXACT SAME Crisis Has Happened Twice in the History of Energy…” (Dr. Kent Moors)

This article is a partial repeat (we’ve added some more commentary to the end) of a solution to a teaser pitch that Dr. Kent Moors was marketing very aggressively back in the Spring. Why? Because he and his publishers at Money Map are marketing it very heavily again, and we’re getting questions… and there have […]

Jetsons “Home of the Future” Opportunities (Part Two)

People can’t get enough of the “Internet of Things” and the role that plays in the “smart home” of the future (or perhaps the present), so we’ve gotten a few questions about David Dittman’s Jetsons spiel in recent weeks — particularly since we covered the first stock he was teasing but didn’t get to the […]

“The End of Rust” — What’s Nick Hodge’s “Oscar of Innovation” corrosion-fighting stock?

This teaser pitch started running, and we covered it, in mid-September — this article originally ran on September 18. It has not been updated or revised in the six weeks since then, but the ad is still in heavy enough rotation that many people are asking about it again, so we’re re-posting it for you. […]

“The Money Machine:” Keith Schaefer’s “Premiere Growth+Dividend Investment”

I haven’t written about Keith Schaefer in a while, so with oil prices dropping and scaring all the oil investors I thought we’d take a gander at the stock he’s teasing as “one of the safest, long-term growth investments I have ever come across in my investing career.” The pitch is that this company is […]

“It’s going to be the ‘Apple’ of cancer therapy in the next 20 years.”

Immunotherapy for cancer has been in the news quite a bit in recent years, with several drugs making an impact on the worst cancers and giving some real hope for future advancement — not a small thing for a basic medical strategy that’s been tested and tweaked for 125 years now by folks following in […]

“Triple-Digit Profits from the Diabetic ‘Patch’ Company Going to $1 Billion.”

Today the pitch that’s been catching my eye is from Mitchell Clark for his Biotech Breakthrough Stock Report — we haven’t covered this newsletter before, but we have certainly covered teaser spiels from Mitchell Clark’s wide variety of Lombardi-published newsletters in the past (before he was a biotech expert this week, he was a bible […]