“This EXACT SAME Crisis Has Happened Twice in the History of Energy…” (Dr. Kent Moors)

This article is a repeat of a solution to a teaser pitch that Dr. Kent Moors has been marketing very aggressively since May of last year. Why? Because he and his publishers at Money Map are pushing it very heavily again, for the first time since November, and we’re getting questions… and there have been […]

“Zero Line Crisis” and “The Defense Contractor with the Graphene Breakthrough that Will Prevent a Nuclear War”

This article first ran on October 8, 2014. The ad is running heavily again as of early March, and remains more or less unchanged… the article below is unchanged as well. The stock teased has returned about 14% since the article first ran, roughly twice the gain of the S&P 500. Our headline today is […]

Explaining “Payroll Certificates” as pitched by Oxford Bond Advantage

Steve McDonald made some friends in the world of Gumshoe a few years ago, when his income-focused advisory The Bond Trader was doing pretty well. He moved on from that to a service with a similar strategy for the Oxford Club folks called Oxford Bond Advantage, and he’s now pitching that newsletter by tantalizing readers […]

Revealed: “Top 3 Stocks For the Small Cap Surge!”

For those who find themselves feeling a little nauseous about an imminent financial collapse, inevitable hyperinflation, the death of money, the end of America, the zombie apocalypse, or whatever other kind of armageddon is being used to pitch newsletters I offer a simple antidote: read a teaser ad from Louis Navellier. I assume it’s Navellier’s […]

“The Play That Will Beat Buffett” plus some updates

I’ve got a half dozen notes and comments on companies I own and follow for your Friday File pleasure today, but first I want to toss out a teaser solution for you to chew on… it’s a fun one. The pitch is from Keith Kohl for his new High Yield Energy Report, a newsletter that […]

High Yield Energy Report

Income-focused advisory that recommends MLPs, Trusts and other high-yielding investments related to the energy sector, started by Keith Kohl and Christian DeHaemer in the Fall of 2014. Print this

“Collect this Guaranteed 30% Payout” by March 25

Income investors are a little desperate these days — the traditional CD ladders and government bonds and savings accounts just don’t do much for you, and rare is the person whose portfolio is so large that they can retire on a portfolio that yields only 2%. That creates a great market for folks who are […]

“One Device to End All Disease … And It Costs Less Than $50″

This article was originally published on August 13, 2013, around the time this teaser ad pitch was first circulated. The ad is still largely the same today and is circulating heavily again, and it is clearly still teasing the same company, so we’re just re-posting this article for all our newer readers who have questions… […]

What is the 12% “Phi Account” teased by Unconventional Wealth?

This article was originally published more than two years ago, but the details haven’t really changed and the ad is running heavily again and generating questions — so we’re republishing it, with no changes (it’s not a stock, so it hasn’t had the regular quarterly updates or news flow). What follows has not been updated […]

Wireless Electricity and the “Midas Supergroup”

“America’s Most Elite Investment Collective Just Netted 67,350% Gains… “And it’s about to do it again! “Thanks to a proprietary investment ranking tool, this group has its hands on a game-changing technology… “And it’s about to take early investors for another ridiculous profit ride “They’re called the Midas Supergroup… “And they DO NOT miss. “When […]

“North Dakota’s NEW Millionaire-Maker” teased by Keith Kohl

“If you thought mountains of wealth were made in the Bakken, then check this out… “A strange side effect of this oil boom is set to pay out even MORE regardless of how oil prices move…And there’s one company I’m particularly excited about.” That’s the intro to the latest ad from Keith Kohl for his […]

Lichtenfeld: “I See a 4,150% Earnings Setup in This $7 Biotech”

This article originally ran on January 12… the teaser pitch was still being circulated heavily last week, and the stock released earnings on February 3 that disappointed investors, bringing shares down about 15%. The original Jan. 14 “special event” catalyst teased by Lichtenfeld, their presentation at the JP Morgan healthcare conference, had no real impact […]

$1 Gold Stock and “The Greatest Gold Opportunity in the Last Decade”

Just returning from vacation, and I don’t have anything new for you just yet… but I see that the questions have been piling up about Frank Curzio’s new newsletter and the $1 gold stock he’s been touting as they drum up new subscribers. And, thankfully, that’s one I already took a quick look at — […]

“Secret Loophole into Silicon Valley’s ‘Most Valuable Private Company’”

That headline comes to us from Wall Street Daily, soliciting subscribers for Robert Williams’ True Alpha, and it’s one of the more attention-getting strategies that newsletter use to pitch ideas: Getting in early. Sometimes “early” means buying a stock before a catalyst is widely known, sometimes it means just buying before your investing friends have […]