Dr. Landlord and “Obama’s Secret Pipeline”

Maybe the scariest thing I can tell you is, “I’m not selling everything.” The drumbeat in my head continues to be one of worry, I continue to be a little bit surprised at how high stocks are going, and how resilient stocks are. But thankfully, I haven’t been acting on those macro worries — because […]

Insider Monkey

Site publishes both free frequent editorial commentary on hedge funds and their portfolios, and some premium newsletters which delve into strategies and stock ideas in more detail. ——————-advertisement—————–Free Financial Dashboard with Great Tools I check my net worth and my portfolio (combined from several different brokerage accounts) using Personal Capital at least once a week, […]

Insider Monkey’s “#1 Top-Ranked Activist Stock in the World”

I haven’t ever written about Insider Monkey before, but I’ve used their website and admired their editorial content for a while — they started as a site that tracks big insiders, particularly hedge funds and other high profile investors, using their public filings and news sources, and they’ve evolved to offer an investment strategy (and […]

“These guys have made nearly $14 for every $1 they’ve ever invested”

“You never see investment returns like this. “32,000% on one deal. 900% on another. “All told, these guys have made nearly $14 for every $1 they’ve ever invested. “So who are they? “It’s not Warren Buffett and his team at Berkshire Hathaway… or the exorbitantly paid investment team at any of the big New York […]

“Forget Bitcoin!” What’s Wall Street Daily’s “private currency sweeping America?”

Lots of folks are asking about this one, so we’re pulling it to the top of the page again — the article below has not been updated or revised since it ran on March 10, though in the interim the stock teased bumped from $10 to $13 and is now back down below $12, with […]

Larson’s “Great ENERGY PROFIT BONANZA of 2015 and Beyond!”

We’ve seen a lot of commentary over the last six months about buying the energy downturn — mostly with quotes about “buying when there’s blood in the streets” and “hold your nose and buy” as the only potentially cheap stocks in the market have been beaten-down energy stocks. And maybe it’s a good idea, I […]

“Silent Epidemic Ravages Boomers!”

Golly, most people who might subscribe to investment newsletters are baby boomers. And most of that generation is just a few years past their midlife crisis… so you can be pretty sure that a “silent epidemic” will get them to read your ad, yes? Apparently so, if the questions rolling in to Gumshoe HQ over […]

“This Tiny Device Could End All Unnecessary Pain” says Byron King

Pain management is a huge market in the medical world, as you’re no doubt aware — and buckets of money are pouring down on the many, many little biotech stocks who are trying to develop new pain medications, or to tweak existing medications to make them safer or less likely to be abused. So it’s […]

Military-Tech Alert

Premium priced advisory from Byron King and Agora, largely focused on finding technology investments that started with military funding or have some defense connection, ranging from cybersecurity to biotech. Print this

Are Americans really Legally Piggybacking “Canadian Social Security?”

This ad has driven a lot of questions to the Gumshoe doorstep — the pitch is from Zachary Scheidt for his Lifetime Income Report, and it implies that we can get extra “benefits” by “piggybacking” on the Social Security plan of Canada. Really? Well, no. Not in the way you’re thinking. But if you have […]

Nova-X Report’s “How To Live Forever”

We’ll start off the week with immortality, a common-enough teaser topic in this era of biotech miracles — the pitch is from Michael Robinson for his Nova-X Report, and it’s all about the tremendous advancements that will erase the “expiration date” from our bodies. Sounds appealing, yes? Particularly for those who happen to be in […]

Revealed: “How to Lock In 201% on TV’s Latest Commercial Phenom” (Bill Patalon’s Private Briefing)

I haven’t looked at a teaser pitch from Private Briefing for a while, that’s the “pay as you go” monthly newsletter from Bill Patalon at Money Map Press — in the interim, the it looks like the price has just about tripled to $19.99 a month (that’s $239.88 a year for those who are math […]

The “Guardian Angel” Delivering Disruptive Technology

This ad caught my eye as readers were forwarding it in because it looks like a biotech pitch at first, but quickly morphs into a technology story. The spiel is all about stopping deaths, and about how it’s about time someone put a stop to the unnecessary level of pain and suffering we’re all suffering… […]

Revealed: “In the Race to Graphene Domination, Here’s The Company That’s Going to Win” (Oxford Club)

I couldn’t resist pulling this one out of the bin in the basement — the teaser ad came across my screen several times this week, which probably means that the Oxford Club folks are mailing it pretty heavily again…. and the ad they’re sending out is pretty much exactly, as far as I’ve been able […]