Backus’ “One Stock You Need to Buy Today”

Manny Backus has perked up some ears around Gumshoedom this week with his widely-emailed pitch for Triple Digit Returns (his $300 newsletter) that there’s “One stock you need to buy today” … followed up with an ad whose headline is “Buy, Buy, Buy.” As usual, not a lot of subtlety or nuance here. But, well, […]

“The ‘5 Cents to $109 a Share’ Insider Deals You Never Hear About…”

Nick Hodge is out with a teaser pitch for another “upgrade” newsletter he’s selling — this time, the upgrade is only available for folks who already subscribe to his Early Advantage newsletter, which is where he used to pitch his speculative microcaps. Early Advantage is $999/year, and that’s the one that’s still pitching “Obama’s Secret […]

“Ingenious E&P Company Profits When Natural Gas Prices Rise … or Fall!”

This ad caught me eye as I was browsing a bunch of energy-related teaser picks recently — I’ve been starting to get tempted by the MLPs and the other energy infrastructure plays of late, and will probably be writing about some of the teaser picks for those sorts of companies in the near future… but […]

Off-Exchange Opportunity Involving a Tiny Biotech Firm! Can it Treat Parkinson’s?

We’ve got a little teaser stock that has been teased before to briefly share with you, and earlier today I posted an updated look at a Dan Ferris teaser for Altius (again), but I do have a couple other quick notes to get to first. First is that while I was noodling around and looking […]

“The Next Royalty Company: A Low-Risk Shot at a ’10-Bagger'” (Dan Ferris)

Dan Ferris is out with a new ad for his Extreme Value newsletter at Stansberry, and he’s again promising great gains and a realistic shot at a “10-bagger”… in fact, he says it has “more than a dozen” paths to 1,000% gains. So, naturally, Gumshoe readers are curious… what is this “Next Royalty Company” that […]

What are the $25 “RETIREMENT NOTES” teased by Unconventional Wealth?

We’ve had a few questions about this teaser pitch, so although it’s not exactly about a stock I thought we’d dig into it a bit today. And heck, I even decided to offer myself up as a guinea pig to see how it works and what the real-world experience of a small investor is with […]

Curzio’s “This Swab Can Reveal How You’re Going to Die (And How to Stop It)”

Frank Curzio has been around the block a few times, helming mostly small-cap newsletters for three different big publishers over the last decade or so — his current “entry level” newsletter for Uncommon Wisdom/Weiss is called Disruptors and Dominators, and he’s selling it today by touting the possibility of 2,997% gains from the advancing science […]

“Become one of 250 Partners in a VC Firm”

Originally published August 10, article below has not been updated but I’ve added some comments to the discussion following the article. This latest pitch from Michael Robinson for his Radical Technology Profits (selling a $3,900 lifetime subscription) caught the eye of many of you over the past day or two, so I thought I’d comment […]

“Breakthrough Defense Technology — MIT Scientists Hail It As ‘The End of Disability'”

Today we’re releasing an old Friday File for all of our free readers (and as a reminder for any Irregulars who missed it the first time around) — this ad has been running off and on for a long time, but we covered it on July 10 and the article below is not updated. The […]

What’s Palm Beach’s “Canadian Mint” investment that can “Multiply Your Money 10X?”

This teaser wasn’t the core offering of Palm Beach Letter‘s latest pitch for their premium package of services — that was mostly Tom Dyson’s increasingly strident “Income for Life” push — they usually call that the “770 Account,” and they’ve been pushing it for several years now as the only safe way to protect your […]

Can You Actually Earn “Royalties” From Amazon, Netflix and the Internet’s Top Retailers?

We have had a long line of questions about the misleading “Internet Royalties” teaser from The Wealth Advisory, so I’m going to re-share that one. My initial solution for this teaser pitch appeared at the tail end of a Friday File for the Irregulars (our paid members) on September 12, so many of you will […]

“This Tiny Tech Company Will Have More Users Than Apple, Google, and Facebook… … Combined”

Yeah, probably not. But that’s the promise — and there is some mathematical possibility that it could happen, if all the ducks line up in a row and this company becomes dominant. You never know, I suppose, but let’s go into this with somewhat more realistic possibilities… like, “this company could double.” That I could […]

“The Next Blockbuster: Insiders are Grabbing This $6 Biotech – You Should, Too” sez Bill Patalon

This is one of the shorter teaser pitches I’ve ever covered — so, bonus for you, it’s also likelier to be one of my shorter articles! The spiel is an ad for Bill Patalon’s Private Briefing, which is one of those “greatest hits” newsletters … it’s intended to cherry-pick the “best” ideas from all the […]

“Retire on one stock” says Charles Mizrahi — which one?

This article originally appeared on October 30, 2013. The ad promising a “Next Berkshire Hathaway” is circulating again and generating more questions from our readers, so we’ve republished it here for your information. The ad is largely unchanged, and this teaser-answer article is completely unchanged. The company’s share price since the article first ran has […]

“Three Bakken Stocks Below $5 to Buy Right Now” Revealed (Well, two of ’em, at least)

Keith Kohl at Angel’s Energy Investor did a pretty good job of calling attention to Bakken stocks in the first surge that those companies enjoyed a few years ago, when “shale oil” was still a somewhat unfamiliar term for most of us… so when he started pitching his newsletter this week by teasing us that […]

“Some Americans are legally tapping the coffers of the IRS for a steady stream of $1,000s”

Another week, another promotion that makes something real (and maybe even a little boring) sound like an incredible, sneaky way to earn income. Such is the way things go in the dark, dank recesses of the teaser mines here, deep under Gumshoe Mountain. So what’s being teased now? A way to “tap the coffers of […]