Motley Fool’s “The 4 Stocks We Believe Are Poised To Dominate The Virtual Reality Market”

We haven’t seen many big new teaser ad pushes from the Motley Fool Stock Advisor lately. They did pretty aggressively promote David Gardner’s latest IPO recommendation over the past month or so (that was Match, we covered it here), but most of their ads have been reruns of pitches that we’ve seen and written about […]

“This No-Name Company Is Set to Expose the #1 ‘Deadly Flaw’ in Every Single Smartphone and Tablet on the Planet”

You very likely already know the solution to this teaser ad — it comes in from Ray Blanco, and it’s an ad for Agora’s Microcap Millionaires. In case you get confused, that’s not the same as the Microcap Millionaires service at — Agora Financial’s offering is a “small cap” stock newsletter, looks like […]

“Real Gasoline Created Without Using Oil — Three Times Cheaper, $0.58 a Gallon”

The article below originally appeared on July 17, 2014 around the time the teaser pitch from the Oxford Club folks started circulating. The ad is being seen by lots of our readers again now, and we’re getting a lot of questions about it, so we re-post it here for your information… the ad seems unchanged […]

“The World’s Most Valuable Land…. At Almost a 50% Discount” pitch from Dan Ferris

I like Dan Ferris — not personally, I don’t know him personally, but I like his thought process, and have liked some of the ideas he has presented at conferences I’ve attended or that I’ve sniffed out from his teaser ads for the Extreme Value newsletter at Stansberry… he’s generally had a level focus on […]

“How to get 7% from one of the nation’s best run, least known, specialty banks”

“1,416 miles from the hucksters on Wall Street, one unheard-of “specialty bank” is breaking every rule of modern banking and actually paying its members a fair yield of 7% annually… “And despite the fact that this has been kept quiet for years now, some of the biggest banks and mutual funds are reaping huge profits […]

Dividend Hunter, the

High-yield and dividend-growth focused newsletter, offering the “monthly dividend paycheck calendar” and attempting to pick stocks from companies who can sustain a high and growing dividend.

Friday File: “Cognitive Sight” examined, plus some updates

Happy Friday! I have a couple updates and notes for you today, but I thought I’d start with a look at a new teaser many of you have been asking about from Michael Robinson, it’s headlined “Cognitive Sight” and it’s really about artificial intelligence and it’s ability to make the blind see again (among many […]

Can you really “Collect a ‘Cash Rebate’ on Nearly EVERY Single Purchase Made in 2015?”

Ed note: this article was published in mid-March, but readers continue to ask about it so we’re re-posting this teaser solution for you today. The tax filing deadline for those who didn’t apply for extensions is obviously past, though folks often submit amended returns if mistakes were made or deductions missed. What follows has not […]

Solved: “Extraterrestrial Gold” pitch from Oil & Gas Trader

We can open this up with the easy solution: “Extraterrestrial Gold” is lithium. Kohl says as much if you sit through the first 2/3 of the lengthy presentation, but there you have it — two seconds in, and you know that today we’re talking about another lithium stock. Now you’ve got your freedom — wanna […]

Is “Einstein’s Extinction Prophecy” Solved by Penny Stock Millionaire’s favorite Bee stock?

Alex Koyfman, who edits Angel Publishing’s Penny Stock Millionaire, has an ad out that caught my eye mostly because it’s headlined “Einstein’s Extinction Prophecy” … because, and I don’t know if you know this about me, I like not being extinct. So I thought I’d dig into it for you — it’s a pretty typical […]

What’s the “Free Fi” Wireless Internet Access breakthrough coming on July 17?

The ad we’re looking at today came in from the Oxford Club, and at first it didn’t catch my eye because I assumed it was yet another re-marketing of their old “Hyper Fi” idea from last year… but, it turns out, today they’re hinting at something different. Which is probably good, since that old Hyper-Fi […]

Basenese says: “Grab your VC Preferred shares before it’s too late…”

[ed. note: This article was first published on December 3, 2015. The ad has been running again in similar form, and with similar hints about the “secret” company being teased, so we’re republishing this solution to help answer some reader questions. We have not re-analyzed the stock, and the article has not been updated or […]

Marc Lichtenfeld “Bets His Paycheck” — “GMS” Stock revealed

This article originally appeared on July 22, 2015, and the bulk of it has not been updated or revised since. The meat of the ad is essentially the same, and if Lichtenfeld really “bet his paycheck” on this stock (which was and is Alnylam) on July 22 he’s so far lost about 65% of that […]

“Friday, May 6 at 9:30AM, You Could Have the Chance to DOUBLE Your Money when This Tiny Tech Company Goes Public…”

Today I’ve been asked about another urgent pitch from the Bonner & Partners crowd, and it’s so similar to one of their past ads that I thought I’d throw out the quick answer for you and let you chew on it a bit. The basic spiel is that there’s an IPO scheduled for Friday, and […]

Can You Really Earn 8,840% from the “Internet of Cars?”

We’ve seen quite a few ads from Jim Pearce at Personal Finance about his favorite “self driving cars” idea, so it’s time to feed the Thinkolator and get some answers for you, dear Gumshoe readers. The basic backdrop for this is, of course, pretty well known — cars are becoming smarter and smarter, self-driving cars […]