Wyatt’s Two “Forbidden Stocks” Wall Street Can’t Touch… Plus one more that I’m watching (plus a stop-loss sell)

Ian Wyatt is out with some ads touting “Forbidden Stocks” — stocks that are abandoned by Wall Street, sold off by mutual funds, and can only really be appreciated by discerning investors who subscribe to his Million Dollar Portfolio (currently $295/year). Shall we figure out what they are? The spiel starts like this: “Wall Street […]

“Real Gasoline Created Without Using Oil — Three Times Cheaper, $0.58 a Gallon”

The article below originally appeared on July 17, 2014 around the time the teaser pitch from the Oxford Club folks started circulating. The ad is being seen by lots of our readers again now, and we’re getting a lot of questions about it, so we re-post it here for your information… the ad seems unchanged […]

“Hyper-Fi” — Oxford Club “Guarantees” Stock will Rise at least $3

Several readers are asking about this one today, so we’re republishing this article from February 2 below. The ad in question is mostly unchanged, mostly what they’ve done is update the numbers slightly (first they teased a $10 stock, then a $12 stock, then $10 again, now $12 again… it’s been a volatile six months)… […]

“Obama’s Secret Pipeline” and the “$1 Stock to go vertical” per Nick Hodge

I’ve been getting lots of questions about this recent email ad touting a “$1 Stock that’s about to go vertical,” so I took a quick look — and it turns out that the pitch is really the ad they’re sending is just a lightly updated version of the “Obama’s Secret Pipeline” ad that they started […]

“Tap Into the Market’s Fear” with FUTR Stocks?

I always try to take at least a quick look when one of the major publishers pushes a new newsletter — this time, it’s Matthew McCall, who has written some tradng books and is apparently a money manager and a bit of a Fox Business News personality, with what he’s calling the FUTR Stocks letter […]

FUTR Stocks

FUTR Stands for “Flying Under The Radar” — Matt McCall says he uses screening to identify fundamentally attractive stocks, and technical analysis to find stocks ready to “break out” with a specific catalyst for growth. Two issues a month, two stock recommendations in each issue. Print this

“For Less than $8 a Share, You Can Buy the Best Tech Stock”

This ad for Jim Fink’s Roadrunner Stocks isn’t brand new, a very similar ad was circulating last year… but the company teased then doesn’t exist anymore, and the spiel has changed a little bit, so we’re going to take a fresh look at it. The ad starts, as so many do, with a promise that […]

Solved: ’29-Cent Stock just finds $4.12 billion of gold, Forward P/E of 1′ (Chuck de Castro tease)

We write about Chuck de Castro teasers every now and again, and this one caught the eye of quite a few Gumshoe readers — as you can guess from the headline, it’s about a junior mining stock, not exactly the headline favorite for today’s markets… though you never know when the “currency wars” might help […]

What are the “Three Best Secret Perpetual Retirement Income Plans?”

Mitchell Clark edits Passive Monthly Income for Lombardi, and an ad of theirs this week promises great gains from “PRIP” investments… … so, naturally, we want to know what those are. Right? I don’t know if we want to subscribe to Passive Monthly Income or not, that’s one of dozens of newsletters published by Lombardi, […]

“Apple’s ‘Ultimate Mobile Device’ Needs THIS Canadian Company” (Motley Fool Canada)

There’s been quite a bit of buzz about the rumored “Apple Car” over the last year or so — with some folks getting ahead of themselves and anticipating an Apple buyout of Tesla, or a new Apple car on the road within this decade… but even if we aren’t going to see an iCar on […]

“An Investment Unlike Any Other Seen Since 1957″

This article originally appeared on October 30, 2013. The ad promising that “Next Berkshire” is circulating again and generating more questions from our readers, so we’ve republished it here for your information. The ad is largely unchanged, and this teaser-answer article is completely unchanged. The company’s share price since the article first ran has been […]

“Black Sky Days: Capture Quick, Explosive Gains From the $3.6 Trillion Push to ‘Save the Grid'”

The relatively new “Black Sky Days” spiel from David Fessler for the Oxford Club’s Oxford Resource Explorer is getting a fair amount of attention,and it’s a very long and involved pitch that is mostly about the fact that our electric grid is old, rickety and not well-protected… and that sells us on some ways to […]

“This Tiny Company Has the $100 Billion Cancer Cure” sez Penny Stock Millionaire

There is little that makes investors (and human beings, frankly) perk up their ears more quickly than talk of a “cancer cure” … each of us has either been touched personally by cancer, or seen friends or loved ones hurt or killed by one of the many forms of this ugly disease, and we know […]

Navellier’s “Rare Opportunity to Turn $1,000 into $200,000″ in Wireless Power

Lots of questions about this one, so as I run out to a meeting today I’m re-releasing it for you — Navellier’s pitch is in heavy circulation again, and the ad is still touting the same stock as his similar ads of a month ago. The article below first ran on July 16, when the […]