“Profit from a Unique $3.35 Billion FDA Backdoor Opportunity”

Bret Jensen last regaled us with the stock we “wouldn’t admit to knowing” about six months ago, but he’s got something very different to pitch today in his latest teaser ads for Small Cap Gems. Back in September, the stock he teased was RCI Hospitality Holdings (RICK), the operator of strip clubs and “breastaurants” around […]

“One Device to End All Disease … And It Costs Less Than $50″

This article was originally published on August 13, 2013, around the time this teaser ad pitch was first circulated. The ad is still largely the same today and is circulating heavily again, and it is clearly still teasing the same company, so we’re just re-posting this article for all our newer readers who have questions… […]

“The #1 Way to Own Gold — Even if the Dollar Rises” (Mega Trends)

Earlier this week, when I was looking into Teeka Tiwari’s pitch about stealing from Vladimir Putin, I promised that I’d follow up and look at the gold investment he was also teasing in that letter… so let’s get to it! His overall spiel is selling something he calls the “New Cold War Playbook” as a […]

Quickie: Cabot’s “unstoppable wave of growth” in Big Data stock

Last week I started looking into Cabot Market Letter’s pitch about their latest portfolio moves, including a buy of Harman (HAR) that has already jumped almost five percent since we looked at it back on Thursday (not that we or Cabot probably had anything to do with that jump) … … and I told you […]

“Rob the Kremlin” with Teeka Tiwari

I love these kinds of ads. It’s the perfect mix of intrigue, drama, patriotism, greed and fun — it makes you feel like you’re in a Tom Clancy novel instead of pecking away at your keyboard, looking for a half decent investing idea. Teeka Tiwari moved to the Palm Beach Research Group last year (I […]

“This EXACT SAME Crisis Has Happened Twice in the History of Energy…” (Dr. Kent Moors)

This article is a repeat of a solution to a teaser pitch that Dr. Kent Moors has been marketing very aggressively for almost a year. Why? Because he and his publishers at Money Map are pushing it very heavily again, as they’ve done every few months, and we’re getting questions… and there have been some […]

“Two Important Portfolio Changes” from Cabot

A reader sent in a question about a recent low-key teaser letter from Cabot Market Letter, so we’re going to look into that today. There’s some substance to the letter before they get to hinting and teasing about their current recommendations, including the note that they increased their cash position to 46% back in January […]

Navellier says “I’ve Broken All My Rules and Fallen in Love with This Stock”

This one has investors everywhere frothing at the mouth — or at least, that’s how it seems from this end of the email queries your friendly neighborhood Gumshoe is receiving about Louis Navellier’s favorite stock. So at the very least, the copywriters at Investorplace (Navellier’s publisher) are awfully good at catching your eye — they […]

Dittman’s “How to Bank Massive Gains from an $11 Afterthought Stock.”

Canadian Edge is a newsletter that generally has given a lot of attention to energy and utility stocks and other companies with decent dividend yields, so my first thought when I saw they were teasing an “afterthought stock” was that it must be some misunderstood energy company that’s just beaten down because oil and gas […]

Lichtenfeld: “I See a 4,150% Earnings Setup in This $6 Biotech”

This article originally ran on January 12… the teaser pitch was still being circulated heavily last week, and the stock released earnings on February 3 that disappointed investors, bringing shares down about 15% (it was teased as a “$7 biotech,” and briefly $8, before then). The original Jan. 14 “special event” catalyst teased by Lichtenfeld, […]

Should you “Own This Sleeper Stock Before April 30, 2015?”

I’ll be on the road today, dear friends and Irregulars, so I’ll send this Friday File out in the morning since it’s (uncharacteristically) ready before the market open. Enjoy! Well, there’s no question about what Irregulars want covered in the Friday File this week… the latest pitch from Louis James at Casey Research about a […]

Revealing “Greenland’s Gift” as teased by Penny Stock Millionaire

Alex Koyfman: “Hidden away in the coldest regions of the North Atlantic, about 700 miles northeast of Newfoundland, lies a desolate, forbidding tundra. “It’s more than three times the size of Texas, and yet only 56,000 people dare to live there — giving it the lowest population density of any nation. “From the surface, this […]

Lombardi’s Penny Stocks to Make you a Millionaire, Part Two

Yesterday I started out with a look at George Leong’s “Hidden Stock #1″ from the teaser ad for his Pennies to Millions newsletter — today, as promised, I’m following up with the other two stocks he pitched. These are being hinted at for us as “home run” and “triple digit” opportunities — with the intro […]

Lombardi’s “3 Penny Stocks That Could Make You a MILLIONAIRE!” (Part One)

George Leong edits the Pennies to Millions newsletter for Lombardi, and he’s got an ad out now touting three different “penny stocks” that could make you buckets of cash … … the basic pitch is for “unknown” or “hidden” stocks with “home run” potential, and generally at fairly low prices (using “penny stocks” in the […]

“Bigger Than the Internet: Profit From This Red-Hot ‘Time Machine’ Stock”

Nothing beats a time machine for getting rich — if we learned nothing else from Back to the Future 2, we at least know that. So what is this “Time Machine” stock the Motley Fool folks have been touting? It’s not about going back in time and betting on football games with the benefit of […]

What’s “Your Private IPO Slice” Touted by Michael Robinson?

This article was originally published as the Friday File for the Irregulars on April 3. Following the huge number of requests for info on this teaser, we’ve opened it up to free readers as of April 22 — it has not been updated or revised. Michael Robinson has a lot of enthusiasm for startups and […]

“America’s #1 Cryptocurrency”: The “Secret Currency” Pitched by Steve Sjuggerud and the Stansberry Folks

A sudden avalanche of folks have been asking about this pitch again, so I thought I’d re-share and update my thoughts on something I wrote in the Friday File for the Irregulars back in October of 2013 … so yes, this is getting a little old. Much of this is from that original note, or […]

“Franklin IRA” — what’s the “Secret LIFETIME Income Stream Found INSIDE Benjamin Franklin’s Will?”

I thought this was going to be another pitch for what’s lately been teased very aggressively as invisible “770 Account” participating whole life insurance by the Palm Beach Folks… so I almost tossed the email (there are only so many times you can run through that story). But this is a little bit different — […]