Stock Gumshoe

Um, that’s the site you’re on right now — sleuthing out and tracking teaser picks, and discussing it all, that’s us.  Clearly, reviews of this site on this site are probably biased. We also have a paid membership option (the Stock Gumshoe Irregulars — you can review that separately if you like).

Stock Gumshoe Irregulars

The Irregulars are the paid members of Stock Gumshoe (which owns this site), and in return they receive additional content — a weekly newsletter, which consists of the Friday File most weeks that has additional commentary and, once a month, the “Idea of the Month” article highlighting some specific investment idea that we like.

InvesTech Market Analyst

Technical and monetary analysis newsletter focuses on “risk allocation,” includes coverage and analysis of the Federal Reserve.

Investor’s Edge

“Contrarian” investment advisory newsletter for Stanford Wealth Mgmt clients, also available for a subscription fee for non-clients.

Dividend Machine, The

Looks for dividend growth and dividend compounding stocks.

Gold Stock Bull

Monthly gold-focused newsletter with buy/sell alerts and a model portfolio.

Bond Trader, The

Service that recommends corporate bonds, usually at the low end of investment grade. Not currently publishing as of Fall 2011, succeeded by the similar Oxford Bond Advantage from a different publisher.

Dividend Detective

Contains both free and paid listings of dividend-paying stocks of various stripes, paid service has portfolios and more research.

Decision Moose

Market timing asset allocation/trading model using ETFs. Moves entire investment between a few major asset classes upon model’s signal.


Free website with mining and precious metals commentary.

Aden Forecast, The

Monthly newsletter that aims to address all global markets, special emphasis on the precious metals, currencies, and natural resource markets.

Utility Forecaster

Edited by Roger Conrad, this newsletter focuses on utilities and related companies.

Palm Beach Letter

Broad investing letter from Michael Masterson, aimed at contrarian/alternative investments and income.

Weber Global Opportunities Report, The

Go anywhere newsletter, follows Chris Weber’s portfolio and typically includes advice on gold, foreign stocks, bonds, etc.   

No-Load Mutual Fund/ETF Tracker

Free weekly fund tracking email newsletter run by the “Wall Street Bully.”

Gold Stock Analyst Top Ten

Monthly newsletter on small gold stocks, basic sub has the “top ten” list, “professional” version includes more detailed data on projects, reserves, and analysis of prospects. “Top ten” list of favorite mining stocks each month represents Doody’s model portfolio (usually gold miners, some silver).

Stock of the Month

Monthly newsletter identifying one pick per issue, along with irregular email alerts.

Market Oracle

Free e-newsletter focused on the UK markets.

Bowser Report, The

Monthly print-only newsletter recommends “blue chip penny stocks.”

Global Investing

Daily blog-form newsletter for US investors interested in diversifying internationally, primarily through ADRs.