“Here’s the Most Likely Tech Stock to Earn You Windfall Profits in 2015…”

So far this year, one pundit’s pitch for the “top technology stock of 2015″ has worked out well (that was Navellier’s tout of MEI back in January) — so perhaps that inspired a few readers to send a different pundit’s take on the same prognostication my way. Jim Pearce is pitching Investing Daily’s newish Smart […]

Smart Tech Investor

Investment advisory focusing on technology trends, they say they’re looking for “growth and income from the utility stocks of the future.” Print this

“Bill Gates’ Next Big Bet” Robotics Stocks teased by Technology and Opportunity

Christian DeHaemer launched a newsletter called Technology & Opportunity about a year and a half ago, piquing investors’ interest with the idea that you can “Ride the Robot Revolution” and make massive gains, just like getting in early on the computer revolution by buying Apple, Microsoft or Dell 30 years ago. And now it looks […]

Crisis Speculator

“Blood in the streets” stock picking newsletter, looking for global hotspots that provide opportunity. Print this

“Never Let a Good Crisis go to Waste” (Casey’s Russian Speculation)

Here comes the dividend! OK, it’s not that exciting — but, as we’ve talked about quite a bit in the past year, Altius Minerals (ALS.TO, ATUSF) yesterday announced that they will now start paying a dividend. It’s what I would call a “token” dividend, really just a signal of their interest in repaying shareholders for […]

What’s “Ruby-A?” Explaining: “FDA Approves Miracle Powder, Cancer’s Kryptonite” teased by Robert Williams

This article originally appeared on January 28, 2015, when the ad was newly released — the same ad, without any major revisions that we noticed, is being distributed widely again and generating questions, so we make this piece available again. The stock teased is at roughly the same price now as it was on January […]

Stansberry Venture and their next “Biotech Buyout Watch” for a New Antibiotic

Antibiotic resistance is a big deal, as you undoubtedly already know — and resistant strains of various cooties are becoming more and more of a problem, particularly in hospital settings where they seem to spread like wildfire among the sick, infirm and open-wounded, but elsewhere as well. And the new wave of antibiotics is certainly […]

Can You Actually Earn “Royalties” From Amazon, Netflix and the Internet’s Top Retailers?

We have had a long line of questions about the misleading “Internet Royalties” teaser from The Wealth Advisory, so I’m going to re-share that one. My initial solution for this teaser pitch appeared at the tail end of a Friday File for the Irregulars (our paid members) on September 12, so many of you will […]

“The 11% Income Stream from ‘Hidden High-Yielders’”

Of the many things that investors lust after, foremost are the idea of being in a “secret” deal that not everyone else knows about, and receiving high cash dividends from their investments. Which is understandable — it’s fun to be “in the know,” and historical stock market returns show the importance of dividends. By many […]

“The Five Stocks to Buy and Hold Forever”

I’ve heard Chris Mayer talk about his “Coffee Can” strategy before, but this new way that Agora is marketing it caught my eye: “Investing tips for the couch potato “This has got to be the laziest investment strategy out there today. “Imagine investing in stocks and coming back 10 years later to discover your money […]

Casey’s “7 Top Gold Stocks with Vertical Potential”

This one comes in to us from Louis James at Casey International Speculator, and it’s all about gold exploration and mining stocks — mostly small ones, it appears (it is called Speculator, after all), so perhaps we can consider this as a potential shopping list for contrarian and mostly hated small gold stocks. Which is […]

“How Has This ‘Buffett Clone’ Beaten Berkshire’s Returns by 70% Since 1998?”

This teaser ad from Nicholas Vardy’s Alpha Investor has been circulating at least since last October, but it appears to be getting more “life” in it these days — or, at least, we’re getting more readers asking about it. The ad hasn’t changed, though the stock has moved up a bit over the last six […]

How to “Earn an Oil Income Fortune from Environmentalists” (Keith Kohl)

I was waiting to see what happened to this teased stock when their annual results are released, but the questions have been piling up from readers and the company still has two weeks left before they have to report, so I thought I’d at least try to get some of the answers out for you […]

Will Keith Fitz-Gerald’s “X-Pattern” Drive this Stock Up?

“I’m going to make a $1.95 million bet. “You see, over the next few minutes, I’m going to show you a simple pattern I believe will allow you to achieve two incredible feats… “You could capture a series of 164.68% windfalls, and… “You will, with 100% certainty, only buy stocks that are going up. “At […]

High Velocity Profits

Technical trading advisory that follows Keith Fitz-Gerald’s “X-Pattern” for buying and selling stocks based on trends (uses the AROON Indicator, probably along with other indicators and chart patterns). Print this