“Virtual Reality Motion Sensing and Computing Power… These Two Companies are Giants in the Making – You Need to Own Them Today”

I covered the first virtual reality pick hyped by Ray Blanco a few weeks ago, but I forgot to follow up and dig into the second and third picks he was teasing in that ad… so when I saw a new version of the ad circulating over the weekend, with the attention-getting “hook” changed from […]

Agora’s 11-second “not safe for work” video… “How You’ll Have Dinner with Shakespeare… Speak Any Language… Know Everything… And Live Forever!”

ed note: This article was first published on March 31, 2016 — the ad has been changed a little bit and now we’re seeing a version that leads with “Virtual Reality Pornography” and catches your attention that way, though the company being teased and hinted at is still the same. What follows was published on […]

“Apple’s Going Wireless” Pick Teased by Nick Hodge

We’ve seen a few teaser pitches about “wireless charging” over the past couple years, and it is indeed a compelling story — who among us wouldn’t be happy to have their phone, watch, or other electronic doodads being recharged over the air, relieving us of the irritation of having to find the right cord and […]

VentureCap Strategist’s “Safest and Smartest Way” to play the Virtual Reality Revolution

We’ve certainly seen our share of “next breakthrough” promises from Louis Basenese — he has worked for a variety of publishers (mostly under the Agora umbrella, I think) and is now promoting a service that he calls VentureCap Strategist, published by Wall Street Daily, and now he’s dangling his take on virtual reality in front […]

What’s the “Drug Royalty Program” that Sid Riggs says “Averages 180% Per Year?”

This percolated up to the “most asked about” teaser pitch over the weekend, and it’s easy to see why — everyone loves royalties (or as the newsletters like to call it, “getting money for free without doing any hard work”), and Sid Riggs is saying that “you can get super rich in a matter of […]

Stansberry Gold Investor

Porter Stansberry’s 2016 push for gold, which he thinks could hit $10,000 — differently structured newsletter, with a $1,500 up front charge for the full portfolio report and then $49 a month for portfolio updates.

Stansberry’s “Metropolitan Club” plan for the Gold Bull Mania

Porter Stansberry is probably the best marketer out there in the financial newsletter world, and has access to the biggest email lists both within his company and in partnership with all of Agora’s other subsidiaries and affiliates… so when one of his ideas or letters gets a big marketing push, it tends to have a […]

“Warren Buffett’s Secret Marijuana Stash” — what are the picks teased by Jimmy Mengel?

This article was originally published on December 17, it has not been edited or revised. The ad from Jimmy Mengel’s The Crow’s Nest is apparently circulating heavily again, because questions are percolating through to me about these “secret marijuana stocks” again… so we’re moving it to the top of the list today for your edutainment. […]

What’s Nick Hodge’s “Proven Golden ‘Loophole'” that “Magnifies Gold & Silver Gains?”

Nick Hodge is pitching his Early Advantage newsletter (about $800) with a story about a “golden loophole” that he says provides your best path to profits in the precious metals business — and lots of readers have asked me about that “loophole” this morning, so we’re going to put the Thinkolator to work identifying the […]

“How YOU Can Legally ‘Tax-Back’ The U.S. Government”

April 15 is just 11 days away (actually, this year you’ve got until April 18 for your Federal returns — so you’ve got two whole weeks!) That means we’re in the home stretch for advertising copywriters, who only have a brief window remaining when they know you might be anxious about taxes or angry about […]

“This New Fuel Will Kill Big Oil” (Dr. Kent Moors)

I was all ready to get in a few good-humored jabs at Dr. Kent Moors, because the stock he pitched so aggressively starting in mid-November as the “greatest leap of mankind” stock for “free energy” has been immolated… and I kept seeing the same ads for his Energy Advantage, continuing to tease the stock, all […]

What’s the “Salt Fuel” Pitched by JR Crooks?

JR Crooks is fairly new in his role as editor at Global Resource Hunter, but the two teaser pitches he has sent out in the last few months have certainly caught the attention of our readers — the first one was for the silly “Pyramus Compound” and his special “black goo” replacement oil that the […]

What’s “Neural Imprinting,” and will it really “wipe out pain and generate $2.86 trillion in new wealth?”

This article originally appeared in the Friday File for the Stock Gumshoe Irregulars (our paid members) on November 20. It has not been updated or revised, but we’ve had questions about the ad of late (and virtual reality continues to be a hot topic, it was also the focus of another Friday File not long […]

Motley Fool’s Television 2.0 Stocks Revealed — “The $2.2 Trillion War for your Living Room Begins Now”

Today, we take you back to 2012… The Motley Fool is promoting it’s “$2.2 Trillion War for your Living Room” stocks again, and the ad is almost identical to the version that first started circulating in the Fall of 2012. That’s not all that shocking, of course — once a newsletter publisher finds an ad […]

Lithium: What are the “Metal Oil” Stocks Hailed as the Way to Profit from the “Oil of the 21st Century?”

First Published March 8 2016 This is not a brand-new ad, and it has been discussed by Gumshoe readers a few times — but apparently I’ve never written about it or looked closely at it, so we’ll remedy that today. And, of course, we’ll name the “secret” stocks being teased for you. Keith Kohl opens […]

Google Profit Loophole: “Why Google is Contractually Obligated to Pay You Up To $2,058 per month”

Seriously? Google’s obligated to pay you every month? Well, kind of. But no, not really. This teaser pitch came in from Briton Ryle and the Angel Publishing folks a few times over the past week as they’ve been advertising The Wealth Advisory… and you might be thinking that it sounds kinda familiar. I thought so […]

“The Death of Electric Cars” — Oxford Club says you can make a fortune on “The Next Exxon”

I wrote an article about a similar pitch from the Oxford Club folks a couple years ago, back when it was not just the “death of electric cars” that was being promised, but a way to make gasoline “three times cheaper” without using oil. But I figured that this new ad must be talking about […]

“Become one of 250 Partners in a VC Firm”

Originally published August 10, 2015, the article below has not been updated but the ad is now rolling again and I’ve added some comments to the discussion following the article. —from 8/10/15— This latest pitch from Michael Robinson for his Radical Technology Profits (selling a $3,900 lifetime subscription) caught the eye of many of you […]