“How Has This ‘Buffett Clone’ Beaten Berkshire’s Returns by 70% Since 1998?”

I haven’t written about a teaser pitch from Nicholas Vardy in a while, and I’ve been keeping an eye out for stocks I’d like to have on my “watch list” to maybe buy if we continue to see prices fall across the market… so this one about a “Buffett Clone” caught my eye. Who wouldn’t […]

What’s the Motley Fool’s “Holy Grail investment into ‘Oil Boom 2.0?’”

The carnage in energy and oil services stocks over the last six months or so is causing a lot of contrarian investors to sit up and take notice — the combination of lower perceived demand (because of efficiency, slower growth in China, and the recession in Europe) and increased supply (because of the huge shale […]

“One of the Greatest Businesses We’ve Ever Found”, plus a look at Facebook for the Friday File

I’m on the road with my family this holiday weekend, so I’ll get this Friday File mishmosh of thoughts out to you a bit early. There are two things I want to do… chatter a bit about online advertising and Facebook, partly because I’ve been looking into the sector and partly because folks have been […]

What about ‘dem Robots? (DeHaemer’s “Ride the Robot Revolution” Stocks revealed)

This article was originally published on November 13, 2013. The ad is circulating again and generating questions from readers, so we’re re-running it for you — the ad is still largely unchanged, and the three “secret” companies are still the same. The largest, FANUY, has matched the S&P with a 9% gain since the article […]

“The Defense Contractor with the Graphene Breakthrough that Will Prevent a Nuclear War”

Our headline today is from Dr. Kent Moors, who is pitching his series of special reports/recommendations that he calls the “Great Game”, essentially a series of ideas based on the big “chess game” going on around the world between China, Russia, the U.S. and others for “global supremacy,” largely in control of resources. They’re bundling […]

“Master Plan for America’s Recovery on page 638 of the Holy Bible?” (Mitchell Clark)

I should probably confess, before I get into today’s teaser sleuthification, that I don’t like organized religion. Disorganized religions are fine, because they don’t get together and try to figure out how to enroll other people (like me) in their belief system, or grow so big that they lose sight of their beliefs entirely, but […]

America’s Redemption

Subscription service launched by Lombardi sometime in 2014? Unclear — seems to be focused entirely on the shale energy revolution. Print this

Building Wealth

General newsletter that picks stocks and talks about “building wealth from scratch”, Copeland was formerly an editor for some Stansberry newsletters. Print this

What’s the “Financial App” That Lets you “skim money from millions of banking transactions?”

Braden Copeland used to work for Porter Stansberry, co-editing his Stansberry’s Investment Advisory and working on Inside Strategist (since shuttered) that picked stocks based on insider buying. Earlier this year, he moved down the street to a different Agora-affiliated office to work for Bill Bonner’s son, Will, at Bonner & Partners and launch a newsletter […]

The “God Complex” and Jimmy Mengel’s promise of a “$107,000 windfall”

The ad I’m looking at today is from Jimmy Mengel, who we last covered when he was touting the “IRM(72) Retirement Plan” a few months ago — his The Crow’s Nest newsletter has been around for a year or so, touting a wide variety of things from the “next Warren Buffett” (Loews, which hasn’t worked […]

Weiss’ “My #1 Top-Ranked Stock in the World”

A good headline, right? That caught the attention of a LOT of Gumshoe readers over the last several days, following the flurry of ads that Martin Weiss began running for his Martin’s Ultimate Portfolio service in the middle of last week. So let’s try to figure out what his “#1 Top-Ranked Stock” is, shall we? […]

Martin’s Ultimate Portfolio

Uses Weiss’ stock safety ratings and performance ratings to try to maintain a risk-averse portfolio of safer stocks and ETFs. Applied to a real portfolio with some of Martin Weiss’ own money, which is put to work the day after trade alerts are issued. Print this

Can You Actually Earn “Royalties” From Amazon, Netflix and the Internet’s Top Retailers?

I’m wearing my “fix some technical screwups” hat today, so haven’t gotten a full new article written — but we have had a long line of questions about the misleading “Internet Royalties” teaser from The Wealth Advisory, so I’m going to re-share that one. My initial solution for this teaser pitch appeared at the tail […]

“One Device to End All Disease … And It Costs Less Than $50″

This article was originally published on August 13, 2013, around the time this teaser ad pitch was first circulated. The ad is still largely the same today and is circulating heavily again, and it is clearly still teasing the same company, so we’re just re-posting this article for all our newer readers who have questions… […]

What’ the “Triple Play Red Bulletin” Tattoo Removal Stock from WSD Insider?

“As Ebola dominates the news, another epidemic quietly runs amok on U.S. soil. “It’s the proliferation of tattoos. “45 million Americans are ‘tatted,’ but nine million of them wish they weren’t. “Yet while they’d like nothing better than to remove their hated tattoos, they’re afraid of the pain and cost of conventional treatment. “That’s all […]

“Real Gasoline Without Oil” for 90% Returns?

This article originally appeared on July 17, 2014 around the time the teaser pitch from the Oxford Club folks started circulating. The ad is circulating heavily again and we’re getting a lot of questions about it, so we re-post it here for your information… the ad seems unchanged since we first saw it, and the […]