Cash Machine

Author/Editor: Bryan Perry

Publisher: InvestorPlace Media

Income-focused advisory that looks for high yielding stocks and funds.

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    1. Edward
      May 26 2009, 10:54:24 am

      I have most likely lost money using his picks over the last 2+ years. I will use the example in your letter AOD. If you look at the cost when added your principal is down more than the dividends paid, net loss. If you try to add more at these lower prices to average down, you are paying a premium since it has been trading at a premium to NAV for some time now. He has been slow to change to a sell on many holdings. As with most letters, they are good reading, good source of things to research, but you best rely on your own buy and sell signals.
      He does offer in the letter some research information that the normal investor would not have access to which is a plus.

    2. Mark
      Jun 11 2009, 01:10:52 pm

      From : Cash Machine June 9, 2009

      “One of the country’s highest-rated and little-known income funds is about to go ex-dividend on June 12th.”
      Wrong: ex. June 22, if they’re talking about AOD
      “You Have 2 Days”
      (Received June 9)

      “That’s when shareholders of record have to lock in their payouts. By simply adding it to your holdings now, you’ll grab SIX MONTHS’ worth of dividends for owning this fund just one day!”
      Wrong: pays monthly, not semi-annually ! Six months of WHOSE dividends
      Couldn’t even find the fund in their literature. A Google search came up with the Stock Gumshoe’s comments on AOD, Cash Machine.

      They agreed to refund the full subscription, thankfully, six hours after the application was submitted. Had to wait for the office to open. How long it takes to process ? You know how that goes.

    3. Marjean
      Jun 26 2009, 12:24:03 am

      I can’t give it any stars. I subscribed in early 2008 and within months, everything I chose had tanked. Perhaps I made bad choices but all were highly touted and presented as conservative. Perhaps just unfortunate timing. But I felt he kept his own counsel and didn’t see what some other newsletter writers were predicting.

    4. adagio
      Aug 20 2009, 12:10:04 pm

      I have never subscribed to this service, only bought the one pick teased–AOD–and it’s been great month after month for at least the past four months. Hence, the rather odd number of stars i’ve given the newsletter per category.

      In the first teaser ad of his that i received, he actually gave away for free the name of this company.

    5. John Mills
      Sep 18 2009, 10:59:44 am

      I do not subscribe to the newsletter, but I did buy a little of AOD (200 shares) back in early May, in time for the June dividend. Paid $7.58 per share. Since that time it has paid $24.00 a month, for 3 months so far.Share price today is at $9.08, up 19% over 4 months. Okay, I’ll take that. Did call a local radio stock guru named Paul Winkler, “The Invesing Coach” here in Nashville TN. He said to run far away from AOD, that they were ‘churning’ to come up with the dividend each month. He alluded that that was asking for an SEC violation. Beats me…since I don’t know what churning is! Pleased with AOD so far and very pleased with the Stock Gumshoe. I give Stock Gumshoe a 5 star rating. Haven’t clue about “Cash Machine”! Good job, Travis, keep up the good work.
      John Mills
      Nashville TN

    6. Sue
      Sep 18 2009, 10:15:44 pm

      Hi, I have been a subscriber since June, 2009 2.5 months ago, and so it is not a longvery long time for a few months now, and am favorably impressed with this newsletter.
      I have learned that it’s important for me to do my “due diligence”, as they say, and not blindly follow another person’s advice. Therefore, I do not invest in all Bryan’s picks; but use his picks as a list from which to cull the picks that seem best to me. His suggestions are a jumping off point to do a bit of research on my own, and then decide if an investment is for me. He gives information on the stock and his reasons for choosing them.
      He promised to provide high yielding ideas, and as far as I have seen, he has done so.
      I sure appreciate it that Bryan explains situations to us, and notifies us of what to sell, not just what to buy, thereby saving me from possible grief.

    7. rgb
      Sep 19 2009, 12:58:53 pm

      I have read and heard Bryan speak at San Francisco Money Show
      each year. I am a retired mutual fund manager and what I like
      about him is that he is a money manager and therefore has a lot of street smarts and puts his money where his mouth is.

      Carla Pasternak’s High Yield Income Investor (International
      and Domestic) are more thorough in their analysis. She has 4
      degrees including a PhD in Finance. I feel more comfortable
      as an MBA reading her material.

      The costs are not that bad. Read both.

    8. Maryanne
      Oct 16 2009, 09:20:42 pm

      Joined Cash Machine in June 2009, very timely, just prior to the mid-July correction and a bond got called. All of his picks have been performing great with significent distributions and capital gains. I agree with the others that you must do your due diligence and use the newsletters ONLY as a starting point. And anyone who brought before Sept 2008, of course you’re going have a large loss, this includes AOD which I’m still holding. Looking over his archives, I think he could have done a better job on sell/exit and employ a stop loss strategy which has done well for Stansberry newsletters. http://WWW.TRADESTOPS.COM is great for monitoring.

    9. D Miller
      Nov 14 2009, 11:54:34 pm

      I have been suscribing to 25% Cash Machine since Feb 06 and have had a good run of winners and dividend earnings over time. Brian Perry was giving a warning in Sept and Oct 08 that trouble was going to happen – but as turned out the overseas prediction did not occure and the trouble was on Wall Street etc. I really do not see Mr Perry to be faulted for the “October” surpise we all went through.

      Even with that I still have good returns on the pre Oct investment given the grade of the on going dividends. In the rebuild he gives good hints-but they must be researched from several sources before they become good consideration to be fit into the mix. I like his writing style and depth – not too deep but enough to get your thinking.

      His style of picks is consistant on issue selection as conservative high dividend income but lower in the capital growth-as the name implys. Other services can be acquired to fill in those needs.

      No service is perfect and I do not give 5 stars to anyone but this service has meet my needs and I do enjoy the reading and results that it has provided over time.

    10. Joe
      Feb 17 2010, 12:15:51 pm

      AOD yield looks great but take a look at how much NAV has been lost since the etf started. It came out about $19 per share and now has a NAV of $6 and change…a far larger drop than the over all market over the same time period. So much for diversification and dividend stock safety. The problem is that the yield is a return of capital…i.e dividends of the companies AOD invests in. Stocks fall just after going X dividend to account for the value of the dividend. AOD buys high just before the dividend and sells low just after capturing the dividend. Its a failing strategy.
      Over a rapid market rise it may do ok but over time its a loser when loss of NAV is taken into account. If it was so easy there would be much more dividend recapture going on…made easy with todays computerization, but it is a losing strategy.

    11. conservative investor
      Feb 20 2010, 12:40:45 am

      This advisor creates the illusion that it is possible to enjoy huge dividends, while also achieving significant capital appreciation. It sounded very impressive. I was a charter subscriber and lost my shirt.

      Any investor who stops to use common sense knows that stocks that pay unusually high dividends, do so for a reason. They are typically extremely volatile and risky investments.

      When the market began to get bumpy, these high dividend paying securities dropped like a lead pipe, falling much faster than conservative, blue chip stocks.

      So don’t be fooled. You may very well make some money, but these types of investments are very risky. Based on my money-losing experience, I would certainly not recommend it.

    12. Hal
      Apr 11 2010, 06:57:38 am

      I’ve been following Mr. Perry’s advice since 2006. I started helping elderly family members get a fixed monthly income from the Cash Machine recommendations. We went through the down cycle at the end of 2008 and have yet to recover full invested capital but the dividend stream has continued at almost the same level throughout. That has been our goal and the Cash Machine service has performed. I have just retired and have invested a good portion of my rollover 401K to receive a steady high yield monthly income. It is important to stay diversified and follow strong sectors as Bryan Perry recommends. I can’t see the service working well if you don’t spread at least $50K over a minimum of 25 recommendations.

    13. p woo
      Apr 11 2010, 11:28:05 am

      the capital losses are staggering; we’ve tracked every single dividend paid and since we have ZERO trade costs since we have a Wells Fargo tier that doesn’t have brokerage costs it’s easy to see where we stand.
      the yield claims are true, but, the “total win percentage” is not, unless you entered the trades at the same moment Bryan did. he does have some capital winners and steady stream of dividend payers, but, 36 months into his system if you compare dividends paid+capital gains vs. capital losses; we’re down over 18%

      his “system” is based on some hot tips, trend following and some detailed research; DO NOT just use the formula of following him without some diligence (you do “miss entry points” by not entering orders on weekend when his newsletter comes out) but, he’s much more “Jim Cramer” in that you need to be ready to parachute out of positions very quickly.

      the reason we’re on our 3rd subscription is the “rules of renewals” are a moving target; we won’t continue(unless we get scammed by his customer service group again.

    14. Obie
      May 26 2010, 09:25:50 pm

      I subscribed to Bryan Perry’s newsletter for about two years and it was a complete disaster! I have only myself to blame. Afterall, if it looks or sounds too good to be true, it is…right? So when this guy starting touting investments that pay anywhere from 10 to 20% in dividends, with the opportunity of another 25% capital gain, well, how could you go wrong?

      Everyone knows that dividend paying equities are much less volatile than non-dividend paying investements, right?

      Bryan Perry taught me a valuable lesson: high yield investments may be more risky and subject to dropping through the basement than those high-tech go-go stocks with no earnings in sight!

      The good news is I did not invest lots of money with Perry’s picks. The bad news is, at least half of his picks plunged over 50%, some much more. I lost half of my assets on his picks before I gave up on his advice. It was kind of like playing with the one-armed bandit: You would win with one, lost with two or three; win with one, lose with another two or three.

      I would put his investment newsletter in the same category as one with a very aggressive, extremely risky objective. Perry likes to say his investments are low risk. His track record reveals just the opposite. He has had some big winners but many HUGE losers.

      This is most certainly NOT a conservative newsletter!

    15. joe post
      Jun 23 2010, 09:08:15 am

      The AOD fund’s high yield is a joke. If it seems to good to be true it probably isn’t. That the best advice here. Look at the Madoff returns(much smaller than AOD but proved to be a fraud). If dividend recapture worked why wouldn’t all money managers do it given the computer power available today? There is no brilliance here on the part of AOD management that couldn’t be duplicated by most anyone…if it was valid. One should look at the fact that the fund net asset value has fallen from $20 at inception to $5 and change today. Combined with all dividends to date the over all return is much worse than the over all market over the same time period. Assuming no fraud here (not out of the realm of possibilities when a dividend return is so out of whack) the answer is simple. The dividend has a large return of capital component to it. Dividends by deffinition are a return of capital and when paid is reflected in the stock’s price. If they claim all dividends are earned then the only way NAV could have fallen so much is due to selling soon after capture of the dividend at a loss that reflects the dividend paid. If combined return of dividends and capital loss results in performance much below the over all market…what good is it? The only people making money is management with their outrageous fees and travel expenses all over the world. AOD is not for me.

    16. E. Lester
      Dec 4 2010, 12:07:31 pm

      Despite the 3 star ratings I confess that I have subscribed since well before it donverted from the “25% Cash Machine”. BP seems more willing to set a sell these days as I rode a lot of his recommendations down, down, down in the 25% while he dithered (yeah, I know, I should have pulled the plug on my own) before accepting the failure of his thesis on multiple positions.

    17. Clarence
      Feb 7 2011, 03:56:17 pm

      I subscribed in Dec 09 and took 4 months to rotate 300K into his picks. I used his picks to identify stocks to research and decide for myself if they were worthy of my portfolio.
      I even bought in on few, during a pull back, and got in below his buy price. Eventually went long on 24 of his picks at prices well above his buy price. My 12 month jan thru dec 2010 results in the portfolio built from his picks was 24.8% total return. approx. 12% average gain and 12% yield. This includes a $1800 net loss on AOD. Never held a nickle of BP, and I sold out of several other losing positions b4 dec 31 to take the loss and move that money to where it was gaining again.
      The remainder of my portfolio, not of his picks, returned just 12%. I like his weekly and monthly updates and wait for them, so that I include his evaluations and input in my research and trading decisions. Also I’m up 4.32% and yielding 11.4% (annualized) for 2011 a/o today. Bryan is doing OK by me.

    18. my1cin
      Feb 27 2011, 03:15:48 pm

      Had some good picks and some bad picks. Bailed out at 89 days. I thought I could do better. Used ETF Connect and did just that. Better. Safer. Found nice 7-11% yields on ETF baskets with more diversification than single stock ideas.

    19. J. H. Deitch
      Nov 7 2011, 11:32:31 pm

      I have subscribed to Brian Perry for about three years in order to maximize dividend income while maintaining or growing capital. His recommendations have been generally timely and effective, with only a few losing selections among the 40 or so. He concentrates on certain sectors and stays away from others. He communicates weekly and provides alerts to sell or buy when a special situation arises. I believe he does a good job of managing his selections and newsletters. I’ve been pleased with the results.

    20. Jim
      Aug 21 2012, 02:26:41 pm

      Subscribed for a year after meeting Brian at The Money Show in San Francisco. Good speaker but don’t think he’s really qualified to research and make high yield recs. Lot’s of bad advice mixed with a few good. The Greek dry bulk shippers were a real low point. Avoid.

    21. Frank
      Aug 22 2012, 12:59:24 am

      Got out of his newsletter a few years ago. He seemed to be over-reaching with his 25% Cash Machine. I did not lose with him because I had tight stops and I bailed out fast. I do own ARCC at this time. Dividends pay.

    22. Tampabob
      Aug 23 2012, 10:51:07 am

      I’m in my third year of getting Bryan Perry’s newsletter. Overall, very satisfied. What I like most is that he follows up his selections with continuous tracking and tells you when to get out of a stock with email alerts. Don’t pay full price for the newsletter, look for discounts.

    23. Robert Louty
      Feb 26 2013, 02:29:21 pm

      I like Bryan’s advice because he tells you when to get and when to get out and monitors all the recommendations. You will get an email alert to either buy or sell a particular stock. Also diversifies among many companies, not just a few. If you’re retired and need income (like me) give this service a try.

    24. Michael Sullivan
      Feb 27 2013, 09:23:16 am

      This is the only newsletter I’ve dropped and decided it was worth the money and came back to. I like the high yields for the aggressive section of my portfolio. However, I do not buy all his recommendations, just the few that fit my needs. Also, wait for 2 for 1 offers as this makes it a very good value for the money.

    25. Paul Naseef
      Dec 29 2014, 07:58:46 pm

      I subscribed about 4 months ago looking to get better yields – Bryan’s portfolio had a heavy weighting in MLPs that got crushed when oil tanked – as well as other stocks exposed to the oil sector. A very expensive lesson, and a far riskier portfolio than the author even seems to understand. He does follow up his recommendations as others have stated – he recently closed out 3 positions with average losses of 40%.

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