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    1. miltonmoney
      Jun 28 2014, 09:17:42 am

      just purchased this one and author is leaving newsletter,bit of a shock.AMERICAN stock picks no good too me, but i liked the sales pitch.ITS a 50/50 portfolio of picks, up and down..HOWEVER his methodly on showing his chart work is excellent and educational..

    2. 15 |
      Nov 12 2015, 07:50:00 pm

      Buy when he says and lose 50%. He picks the downtrodden ON THE WAY DOWN. He doesn’t pick the bottom, ever. This is absolutely the worst newsletter I have ever had, I think he is here to teach us how to lose money. Wish I had my money back, all of it..the subscription the $$$ wasted on absolute dogs. He is educational, but what he is teaching are money losing strategies so far. The section of my portfolio dedicated to his recs is grossly, and I do mean grossly, underwater. Some examples ECA -57.8% RIG -47.78%, so far 1 has made a profit, every other one I sold at a loss. This is a really nice guy that needs to find another line of work…maybe in the motorcycle business he loves to chat about.

    3. 15 |
      Feb 8 2016, 02:07:50 am

      Should be called Absolute LOSS, geez! Asof FEB 2nd 2016
      RIG -77%
      ECA -74.69%
      TAN -40.19%
      Out of 12 stocks invested, 11 are negative and many significantly so. His one stock on the + side is only up 1.86%. This guy should be used as a contrarian indicator only…do the opposite of what he says and reap the rewards.

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