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Scott Fife
All Star Fund Trader. Their advice is for Fidelity Select funds, Rydex, ETFs, and they recently added a stock strategy. It’s a sector rotation strategy and I used it from about mid 2006 thru December 2008. I think I was paying $300 per year. I made money with it in 06 and 07 but so did index funds. I canceled it because the equity recommendations were losing money and I don’t need them to tell me how to manage cash. They say they are # 1 w/ Hulbert Financial Digest and I tend to believe it. They would be in… Read more »

All Star and Trading with an Edge. I ran some checks of their choices of funds in the active groups that they had and on ETFs choices and found them to be very good choices to park “idle money” for intermediate and long term trading. I used IBD and charting software
to check ’em and All Star is a time saver. They were always in the Ball Park.