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I subscribed to this service in January based on an infomercial pitch from NewsMax and their front man John Shubert. The pitch was convincing. John promised a small number of stocks (15) all of which would be vetted by proprietary information that John developed to discover what stocks large institutional investors were betting on (and buying). John claimed that this system historically delivered returns that beat the S&P500 by a factor of at least 5. The annual subscription price was around $200. The portfolio performance to date has been very disappointing. A hypothetical investment of $20,000 in each of the… Read more »

ve you continued on with their investment plan?
Is it doing any better? It sounds good but in real life things don’t always work the way they are supposed to.

I became a “charter” subscriber of Alpha 15 two years ago–came in at something under $100. Last year I received no renewal notice–but after a couple of weeks of silence, I tracked them down and re-upped for something under $100 again. My “subscription” has expired again this past week, with no renewal notice and no weekly newsletter, and I’ve just checked to see what my annual “renewal” would be–and all they have is the extraordinary “lifetime” offer of almost $1,000…PLUS an annual renewal fee of $99.00. Talk about reeling people in! So here I sit with a portfolio of 15… Read more »