“Minting Millions from the Magic Molecule” (Nick Hodge)

Checking out a recent teaser for Hodge's Early Advantage and the Outside Club

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“How to get this $35,000/gram miracle cure for just $0.65” — that’s the subject line of the latest teaser ad we’re reviewing … how can you resist?

The folks at Angel Publishing appear to be spinning off some of their newsletters, with Nick Hodge headlining, into a new little entity called the Outsider Club — which, as far as I can tell, is just another of the dozens of interrelated newsletter brands that have been built by Agora-affiliated publishers over the years. Some of them catch on and build big mailing lists, some of them quietly disappear.

But this pitch is not really just from this “Outsider Club”, it’s from Nick Hodge’s pricey newsletter called Early Advantage, which has been around for many years at Angel Publishing — it used to be called Alternative Energy Speculator until they realized that particular subsector was losing investor interest a couple years back, and it has called some interesting stocks to our attention, including Westport Innovations about five years ago before they were listed in NY.

So I tend to pay attention to their new picks even though some of the tiny ones end up being crash-and-burn disasters — my readers keep asking about them, and they pick so many tiny stocks that their attentions have a tendency to drive big spikes in the share price. I expect we’ll see the same thing once again here, since this latest teaser pick (which I mentioned a couple weeks ago, but haven’t gotten to looking at closely until now) is even smaller than most.

Of course, such spikes up in price are usually followed by a collapse if the story doesn’t play out as cleanly or as quickly as the ads always seem to imply, but they can at least be fun to watch.

So what’s Hodge’s latest darling stock?

Here’s the teaser pitch:

“… for 5+ years, a team of America’s foremost scientists has been hard at work in a laboratory… working on a Nobel Prize-worthy discovery.

“And it ALL revolves around the giant keyhole limpet… or more simply, the sea snail.

“It’s something you’d ordinarily see in a sci-fi film. But this is very real.

“And if you understand why this sea snail is so crucial — and what these scientists discovered while burning the midnight oil — you’ll be on the fast track to 300x your money profits….

“What was unearthed in a Ventura County lab is something that will alter the way the medical world operates forever…

“Few discoveries in history have had the kind of impact this one will have. It’s simply so game-changing, examples of past scientific developments may be completely pointless.

“We’re treading on truly unheard-of profit territory here.”

Well, we can at least rest assured that the fertile fields of hyperbole are growing nicely in Baltimore, MD — how can you not want to know about “unheard-of profit?”

Even if we know that the reality never matches the hype, there’s still that little part of our brain that says, “what if he’s even just halfway right?”

He compares this advancement to the big antiviral discoveries made by Gilead Sciences (GILD) back in 1992, and shows the dramatic stock move from 50 cents or so up to the low $20s — he doesn’t mention that it took 15+ years of patience and fortitude to enjoy those gains, or how many other companies seemed to have similarly exciting discoveries in 1992 and are now bankrupt, but you get the idea — biotech is one of those areas of the market where huge gains are possible. And even though the fact isn’t hammered into your head everyday the way those potential gains are, you probably area also quite aware that with 1,000%+ return potential you almost always get a heightened risk of 100% losses.

So what is this “Magic Molecule” that’s supposed to make us rich?

Here’s some more from the teaser ad:

“The world-shaking discovery… REVEALED

“For decades now, medical companies around the globe have heavily relied on a compound known as Keyhole Limpet Hemocyanin (referred to as KLH — or what I call the “magic molecule”).

“That’s a fancy name for what essentially amounts to sea snail blood…

“KLH only comes from one place: the giant keyhole limpet, aka the sea snail I showed you a picture of earlier. And this sea snail lives in one very specific part of the world, off the coast of Central California….

“Here’s the key: There are only 100,000 of these creatures left in the wild. Once the KLH has been extracted from them, they die.

“In other words, the hundreds of drugs that rely on KLH — the drugs that assist patients who suffer from cancer to Alzheimer’s to drug addiction — are in grave danger of extinction… along with this specific species of sea snail.

“None of this may seem very exciting, but get this: Because it’s so scarce, the KLH extracted from these sea snails sells for between $35,000 and $900,000 per gram.”

OK, so that’s our little “Magic Molecule” — Keyhole Limpet Hemocyanin. I confess that I had never heard of it before taking a quick look at this story about two weeks ago.

And yes, the Keyhole Limpet was featured in Popular Science as an enabler of a cure for cancer about 18 months ago — an article that is worth a quick read, and that mentions the company that’s farming these mollusks in California to extract their blood.

So is that the same company being teased by Nick Hodge? Let’s quickly check a few more clues:

“Once single company — whose shares currently trade around a mere $0.60 as you read this — is the ONLY company that knows how to extract KLH without killing the sea snail. And they have a patent on it.

“So, not only does no one else know how to do this…

“But this tiny company also has a patent pending for a process in which they raise the sea snails on land.

“That’s what happens when you have the likes of these guys working in your Ventura County laboratory:

  • The board-certified immunologist who, together with his team at UCLA, was the first to discover AIDS in 1980; and
  • the Professor of Molecular Genetics and Biochemistry at UC-Santa Barbara — named one of the 50 leading technology pioneers of 2006 by Scientific American.”

So … yep, this is Stellar Biotechnologies, which is listed on the Venture exchange in Canada at KLH and also trades over the counter in the US at ticker SBOTF (with low volume in both places, this is a sub-$40 million stock and $100,000 in money flowing in or out could dramatically impact the stock price).

And yes, Stellar is the leading (and practically the only, they say) company that’s sustainably cultivating Keyhole Limpets on land, in a controlled environment aquaculture farm/lab, and extracting their blood for use in vaccines. Their current capacity is about one kilogram of blood per year, which doesn’t sound like a lot — but apparently the amount required for each dosage of a vaccine must be infinitesimally small.

KLH is really a vaccine conduit, not a curative compound in its own right (there are other mollusks that have been touted as miracule cures, like the anti-bacterial and cancer-fighting properties of some sea snails that have been in the press in recent years) — it’s a large molecule that’s safe for humans but has a strong immune response, here’s how they describe it:

“KLH is an important immune-stimulating protein used in wide-ranging therapeutic and diagnostic markets. Potent, yet proven safe in humans, KLH operates as both a vital component for conjugate vaccines (targeting cancer, autoimmune, and infectious diseases) as well as an antigen for measuring immune status. Stellar Biotechnologies was founded to address the growing demand for renewable, commercial-scale supplies of high-quality, GMP-grade KLH. Stellar has developed leading practices, facilities and proprietary capabilities to address this need.”

So apparently this KLH stuff is a great base for vaccines — it’s part of a tested compound for dozens of clinical trials right now, including at least a few active trials where they have supply agreements with pharmaceutical companies. You can see several presentations here about their business and technology. The Wikipedia page explaining this protein gives a pretty good broad overview here.

And the stock has climbed nicely this year, following their listing on the OTCQB and rising awareness among US speculators and plenty of news releases from the company about their aquaculture achievements and the progress of potential vaccines for cancer and other diseases, along with, of course, this recent attention from Nick Hodge. This isn’t the first time the company has been a stock market darling, that Popular Science article came a year after the surge of excitement that drove the shaers from 20-30 cents to well over a dollar for a few weeks in late 2010-early 2011, but we’re broaching new highs for the year again here in the 70 cent range.

That means Stellar Biotechnologies now has a market cap approaching $40 million — laughable for the kind of potential market they’re talking about, with hoped for royalties and other revenue bringing in hundreds of millions of dollars a year perhaps as soon as 3-5 years from now (that’s from one of their investor presentations), but very large for a company that has negligible revenue and posts losses in most quarters of roughly a million dollars. They’ll also have to raise money by selling stock, I expect, if they haven’t made any big deals with pharmaceutical companies by late this year.

But that’s probably the immediate upside potential, beyond the possibility that they might get exciting news from one of the current KLH vaccine trials that leads to a rapid increase in demand for the molecule — they say they are “actively exploring multiple, current avenues of co-involvement with 7 of the 15 largest biopharma companies.”

And for a $40 million company, a joint venture deal with a larger pharma company can easily provide enough cash to keep them going for quite a while — and spur some increased investor love.

I have no real sense for what the market for this KLH will be in the end — certainly demand could be very high if there are effective vaccines for Lupus, Breast Cancer or Rheumatoid Arthritis that use this molecule, but it’s not clear to me what the physical capacity is or what the pricing would be in that world if higher demand… or whether the mass market demand for this compound would lead to new ways of synthesizing it and therefore sidestepping the limited capacity of Stellar’s mollusk farm. They have managed to get these creatures to reproduce in captivity, so they’re managing multiple generations of them and can increase capacity over time, but I can’t imagine that they can increase capacity all that quickly.

The only folks I saw actively selling and quoting prices for KLH for labs were selling it for about $10/mg, I have absolutely no idea whether their variety is as good as Stellar’s (or maybe it is Stellar’s, I dunno), but at that rate a kilogram, Stellar’s annual capacity, would be worth $10 million. If Hodge is right and this stuff is good enough that it sells for $35,000-900,000/gram, then that means their annual kilogram of KLH production could pull in somewhere between $35 million and $900 million a year in revenue.

So that’s a pretty wide range, potential revenue somewhere between $10 million and $900 million … which doesn’t count any royalties they might get for their proprietary products or from joint ventures if they really proceed with developing their own compounds for clinical study, as they indicate they might.

So far, though, revenue is more like $250,000 over the last four quarters … which means the low end of that estimate would be hugely dramatic growth for Stellar. Of course, whether or not they can ever reach that low-end guess is an open question — it looks really interesting, I can see that they’ve invested a lot (including government grants) to build this sustainable aquaculture and processing capacity, but with science still proceeding and the vaccine trials still pretty early, I can’t even halfway guess what the company should be worth or whether their product will stand out as a crucial component and see increased demand even if prices rise.

But that’s the long-term imagining about Stellar’s future — most likely, the stock will bounce around like a cork as news flows regarding any of their clinical trials or joint venture deals with pharmaceutical companies, so I wouldn’t expect to see the shares trade on some fundamental valuation based on revenue or earnings anytime soon. File this under “speculation” and be prepared for a bumpy ride if you decide to get on board, I expect that Nick Hodge’s attention (and the attention of our merry band here at Gumshoe Nation) will make the stock bouncy even without any fundamental news (average trading volume combined in Canada and the US is not often much more than $100,000, which is very, very light — don’t count on getting out of a position at a reasonable price if you want to sell in a hurry).

If you’d like to hazard a guess as to what the stock is worth, or whether it’s worth a nibble, feel free to use the friendly little comment box below.

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    1. David Brown
      Aug 26 2013, 11:47:42 am

      Thanks for all the useful information Jim–while we don’t always see eye to eye, I appreciate the time and energy you put into all of this. I still don’t appreciate the private offering by the company as I still see it as a sweet deal designed to benefit a small group (jperhaps the reclusive billionaire and a few others?) at the expense of the small investors. However, it looks like I overestimated it’s effect on the dilution of the market price as we are back to all time highs today. While the Big Dogs have an unfair advantage, we little pups can still get some crumbs. How many market shares are out there right now anyway?

      Well, it’s a good day when my portfolio is beating the S and P by nearly 10 fold. While Stellar is leading the pack, DDD (3-D printing) is not far behind in my more speculative plays and QiWi (a Russian company with excellent positioning in the lucrative Russian cash machine business), CTRIP (China’s dominant E Travel company) and NENE (my smallest holding–solar spray of technology) are all up nicely. It’s been a strange couple weeks when my speculatives have all been up and my biggest blue chip holding: JNJ has been consistently down!

      • 78 |
        Jana Brandao
        Sep 3 2013, 09:16:15 pm

        What would you consider a low enough dip right now to add to your position? What do you think SBOTF will do after the presentations on Sept. 9th and mid-October? I’ve done quite a bit of reading and feel somewhere in my gut that, if the stars get into alignment :), this could be big. I’ve worked in healthcare 25 years, and the thought of a vaccine for C-diff. makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up…(not to mention the many other uses). I think KLH is the real deal, and anyone who can provide pharma-grade product consistently could hit the jackpot. I’m late to the party and have not purchased yet.

        • David Brown
          Sep 4 2013, 12:11:57 pm

          Now is a great time to buy Jana. Stellar is already over 10% of my holdings so I can’t risk more but if I had on the sideline I’d add it now-around $1.25 is an excellent price.

        • Jim Skelton, The Blind Squirrel
          Sep 4 2013, 08:53:58 pm

          Welcome to Gumshoetown! You’ve found a great site that offers some specialized investment thoughts. The head honcho, Travis, unravels the mysteries of all these “Teaser” ads put out by newsletter publishers whose main aim is to get you to subscribe to their service and THEN tell you what they are talking about – sometimes useful, sometimes not. Travis does the unravelling for us and saves the bucks. Then there is Myron Martin, an absolute wizard at finding, following, and sometimes picking companies you’d probably NEVER discovefr on your own. In particular foreign-based mining companies, many trading under $1.00. His stuff is GOLD, literaly and figuratively speaking. NOTE: to see Myrons work you have to step up and become what is called an “Irregular”member of the site. Travis charges only $49.00 per year for this – Yep, only $49.00! A deal if there ever was one. Don’t think about it, don’t delay – just sign up fot that membership and get ALL the site has to offer. Last, there are the comment from Doc Gumshoe, who is not an actual M.D. but instead a medical writer of some 30 years experience. No unwarranted bias in his work – just his best judgement about the going-ons in the medical and pharma world. Few stock picks, though – not his thing. Just some thought-provoking articles on how to take better care of yourself.
          Now, about Stellar Biotechnologies.
          I bought my first shares – some 7,250 – on July 18 of this year. I’d been watching it at around $0.63 and then it POPPED with no warning to $0.92 on the 18th! I cursed myself for not acting when I got that first Gut Feeling at $0.63. But I dove in anyway. And it’s paid off nicely.
          I rode it up to about $1.55, then watched it start to decline. I sold it at $1.40 and waited. When the financing agreement was announced and the stock was halted for trading, it re-opened two days later around $1.05. If you have read all these posts, people got a little beserk and opinions flew as to what was going on. I bought back in at $1.17 and waited. Last Friday I got antsy for no particular reason and decided to sell all. I got out at $1.35. At the same time I put in a GTC order to buy 3000 shares at $1.25. Today that order went off as the price took a pretty serious hit intraday. It baunced back from the day low of about $1.15 or so and closed at $1,22. Tomorrow, if the two-day retreat continues, I plan to buy another lot of 3000 shares at $1.10. If it turns around and heads up, I’ll buy that lot at $1.30.
          There is no magic in my thinking or the price levels I have set. Just sudying the daily chart and volume stats and trying to find the middle ground for what seems to be forming up as a trading range. Forget hitting the absolute tops and bottoms – that is always a matter of pure luck – but don’t tell the boys in the techcnical analysis dept. that. They need to think they can predict that kind of thing :0).
          Are you “too late to the party?” In a word, no, I don’t think so. You pointed out a few reason why the future for SOBTF looks bright. But as a new, untested company, the road to that destination will be rocky and bumpy. And we all must admit that no matter what the outlook is, in a situation like this, that road can at any time send us careening off the side of the mountain to crash and burn. Live with that and don’t risk more than you can aford to lose.
          The easy money in SOBTF has been made. That was done when it traded from $0.125 to about $1.10 a share. The paat 52 weeks has seen a total growth of some 300%. Results of that magnitude cannot EVER be continued indefenately. A slowdown is to be expected and I think we’ve hit that point now. Oh, it’ll still provide way above average returns. But thngs lke I got in 5 weeks as outlined above where my net total return was 42%? I’ be a fool to think that would continue.
          So, for now, I trade it as I also mentioned. Looking for dimes, not dollars. Done consistently (and that’s the trick), those dimes can lead to dollars. Just maybe a little slower.
          No matter what, I’ll be in this stock long-term. I believe in it, in the products and processes and patents they already have. And I like thier business model that will pay off down the road when enough contracts with Pharma have been sealed that givve us royalities on the drugs the pharmas develop using our KLH. Annuitization of assets and capital – that’s how big money is always made.
          The upcoming presentations will be interesting, but don’t sit with breath held looking for some big news announcement. What we will get from them is increased awareness of what Stella Bio does and what we are planning on doing. This awareness can lead to increased investor interest which leads to buying which affects supply/demand factors which drives price. All good. Just wait until the day comes that a few independant research firms pick up on the idea and issure reports favorable (hopefully) for the company. Then mutual funds may began to nibble, the larger buyers come in, and BAM-MAM, the real results start to appear.
          Just get in there now and don’t fret about “good time – bad time” metrics. Any time could be either one.
          Be advised: the thoughts and opinions expressed here are those of myself alone and are NOT to be construed as a recommentation that you or anyone else buy shares of the company. That determination can ONLY be made by yourself based on your personal financial situation. No guarantee of profit is to be implied or guaranteed.
          Hope this helps you a bit ..
          Jim Skelton, The Blind Squirrel
          “Even a blind squirrel finds an acorn every now and then.”

    2. Rick Robbins
      Sep 15 2013, 01:23:43 pm

      You are what you put into yourself. Doesn’t take rocket science to figure out why so many people are sick. Get back to the basics of organic fruits and vegetables, buy a juicer and start juicing. A healthy liver is a healthy body. I don’t need a doctor and I don’t need medicine. End of story.

    3. 191 |
      Myron Martin, Special to Stock Gumshoe
      Myron Martin, Special to Stock Gumshoe
      Sep 15 2013, 09:28:43 pm

      Short and to the point Rick, but most people simply “will not :get it” because they are too addicted to their junk foods. Everything you put into your mouth, whether drink or solid food, either builds health or it builds dis-ease, it really is that simple.

      Good health comes from good habits, it does NOT come from bottles or packaged pills filled with chemicals that interfere with the bodies natural defences against disease. If you can find a copy in a used book store, probably the single most valuable book to come out of the medical profession, (unfortunately out of print) was CONFESSIONS of a MEDICAL HERETIC by Dr. Mendelsohn who I had the pleasure of meeting personally. He was a pioneer in exposing the many skeletons in the medical closet.

    4. David Brown
      Oct 25 2013, 01:41:11 pm

      Stellar Biotech has a great future because it has patented the harvest of a natural/organic substance which when used in vaccines for difficult to treat diseases, helps stimulate one’s own immune system. This approach is the future for medical prevention/treatment–helping one’s own immune system fight off the bacteria, viruses or out of control cell growth (cancers etc…), rather than depending mostly upon chemicals, antibiotics or radiation which destroy part of one’s own immune defenses in the effort to attack the undesired invaders.
      While I agree with many of the points that Myron, Rick and others have raised on this thread–you all are oversimplifying and using hyperbole to make your points. A good diet, good excercise habits, safe sex and lack of substance abuse, all go a very long way in helping anyone reduce her/his odds of contracting disease and/or succefully fighting off such diseases when they are contracted. Genetics, environmental factors and unknown factors also play a huge role. As a walker/jogger/hiker, I’m reminded of the following story from about 25 years ago: “A guy rolls down the window of his car as he passes a jogger and yells out: ‘Jim Fixx is dead; Fats Domino lives!’ “

    5. 191 |
      Myron Martin, Special to Stock Gumshoe
      Myron Martin, Special to Stock Gumshoe
      Oct 26 2013, 03:27:05 pm

      David: your point about genetics is well taken, but it reminds me of the scripture that says;
      “I will visit the sins of the fathers to the 3rd and 4th generation” meaning that it may take 3 or 4 generations to REVERSE what the past generation has brought upon itself by “riotous living” ignoring the rules of good health. It is true that some people manage to defy the odds, but eventually, even if it takes generations, poor lifestyle habits will augment disease and GOOD lifestyle habits will can reverse pathology as the immune system is strengthened with good nutrition and general cleanliness of lifestyle.

    6. Tom Boroughs
      Nov 4 2013, 04:39:10 am

      I received the tease from Nick Hodge as an advertisement and was very easily able to solve what it was before I found this (stockgumshoe.com) site. I had recently retired, as a pharmacist, and was looking for something to do. I was intrigued by what they were supposedly doing so I bought 2000+ shares when it was at $0.73 after I had seen it move for the past couple of days. I sold some of that to buy another company on 10/30/2013, at $1.88 per share. it has gone but to $2 and above, that seems to be where it has meet with price resistance. I did get a little nervous when the sold additional shares at $1.05 with the promise of buying 1/2 of another share for $1.35 to raise additional revenue.
      I feel that this stock has now run most of its rapid rise, but I left some money in it because I like what they are doing.
      I did not purchace Nick’s book, and so far as I have seen most of his other picks have gone nowhere (that is a personal not legal opinion).
      Now for a tip that has gone up 50% since early this week, and should go up another 100% in the next few weeks, check stocktips.com they will give it to you for nothing. I am not paid by them so check it out if you wish.

    7. Leo
      Nov 4 2013, 07:39:23 pm

      Wow! I again got more out of the medical discussions than the investment advice. Caution: We need to listen to everyone and just do the math to see that is true. Both sides to this issue have demonstrated abject failures. The alipaths failures are pretty much on the record, and although there are many testimonials for the alternatives some of these apolygists (sp) have never really been exposed to serious disease. I am 80 and have dreams of living to the age of my mothers sister who will be a healthy 105 in March. I have eaten healthily and excercised all my life. Unfortunately I have something wrong with me that prevents me from sleeping longer than four hours. Alipaths can only match the symptoms with a pill and the only homeopath I have used seems to be a charlatan (lots of dollars with no results). I just want a diagnosis. Thank you again Travis for this site, your sincerity and your honesty.

    8. who noze
      Nov 16 2013, 09:21:34 pm

      hi travis just as an aside there was a 2000to one on voisd now 500,000sh outstanding w// a name change mind solutioons [ reverse split

    9. Jim Skelton, The Blind Squirrel
      Jim Skelton, The Blind Squirrel
      Nov 19 2013, 11:34:39 am

      Dennis: I’m thinking you’ve had one too many tokes of that medical weed you suggest Leo began. Don’t get me wrong – I am a proponent of legalization of MJ and know it does help relieve pain plus other benefits. One might say it’s God’s own contribution to our human frailty. Just don’t get stoned, get stupid, and drive! Or try to explain the theory or relativity.
      As for wiping out the Giant Keyhole Limpet via an oil spill, tell me this: How will that oil make it’s way into the aquaculture tanks that Stellar has up and running? And what are the odds a spill will occur dead in the middle of that very small patch of ocean where the colony exists?
      There is room for both approaches here. And you’e far more likely to make money farming Limpets for the KLH than farming weed for their chemical compounds (THC?). And far less likely to be arrested as well.
      When your head clears, think about that, would you? :0)
      JIm Skelton
      The Blind Squirrel

    10. Fred Di Francesco
      Jan 21 2014, 09:55:58 pm

      Stellar has partnered with Amaran Biotechnology to evaluate methods of manufacturing of Amaran’s drug OBI-822 active immunotherapy, using Stellar’s GMP grade KLH, for the treatment of metastatic breast cancer, in Phase II/III trials in the United States, South Korea, Taiwan, India, and Hong Kong, and Phase I/II trials for the treatment of ovarian cancer, in Taiwan.

      Amaran has built the factory, and Stellar will be responsible for the production of GMP Grade KLH, for evaluation as the carrier molecule in OBI-822 immunothera;y, and for methodology, formulation, and qualification of KLH reference standards, for which Amaran will pay Stellar. Additionally, Amaran might seek a future commercial supply agreement for KLH, with Stellar.

      More info:

    11. 99 |
      Jim Skelton,
      Jim Skelton, "The Blind Squirrel"
      Mar 9 2014, 07:45:37 pm

      Someone recently commented on this bblog abot the “risk / reward” equation when it comes to new technology. He used GE as his example of a company bringing a new technology to the market (in this case it was electricity to the Nation) and by so doing being the cause of some 300,000 house fires each year that kead to 3,000 deaths and and around 8 billion dollars in damages each year. His question was is that “acceptable risk / return?”
      Are you kidding me? It most certainly was and is!
      Does the writer think there were no fires and deaths and property damage before homes and business were electrified? Maybe like the fires that nearly burned both the entire cities of Chicago and San Francisco to the ground in the late 1800’s? And how, without electricity, would be be getting on as a Nation and a people today? Still cooking on open fires and freezing to death in the winters. Etc., etc., etc.
      Honestly .. what are you thinking, sir? Technology almost ALWAYS presents some new risk that will cost us. But the benefits? The benefits so much outweigh those new risks as to be immeasurable.

    12. Fred Di Francesco
      Apr 30 2014, 11:46:32 am

      Stellar has been taking a beating for the past few days. Other than a general malaise in the market, as a whole, I can’t see the reason why.

    13. Fred Di Francesco
      Apr 30 2014, 11:51:49 am

      I’ve got some dry powder…might pick up a few more shares at these prices…like to see a bottom form, though…looks like it wants to go down some more, short term.

    14. google.com
      May 13 2014, 11:09:44 am

      Spot on with this write-up, I actually feel this web site needs much more attention.

      I’ll probably be returning to see more, thanks for the information!

    15. Fred Di Francesco
      Jun 17 2014, 12:33:31 am

      I read somewhere, that Frank Oakes’ wife sold her 500,000 shares at $1.50. I HAVE wondered where the heck all the selling–started in April–is coming from; somebody’s sure selling a ton, and cheap. Given the size of the orders, I’m thinking: “Insiders”. Today’s Time & Sales indicate that there are over a million shares at the $1.01 Ask. As usual, Stellar is keeping mum on this and pretty much everything else. And with the missus dumping her shares, it’s hard to believe there’s any good news on the horizon. It frankly appears that the stock wants to go down some more.

    16. Fred
      Jul 22 2014, 01:34:43 am

      This, undoubtedly, was one of Mexican businessman and CPA Ernesto Echavarria’s buys; I’ve been reading up on him and his dozens of what are described only as “Buys or Dispositions” of shares of Stellar. Unfortunately, they don’t give clear information on whether each transaction is a Buy or a Sell. Elsewhere, I did read that he holds over 20% of the float. He is also an insider (i.e., holder of at least 10% of shares) of several other companies–he seems to have a sweet tooth for Canadian Juniors–and has a controlling interest in Frank’s fruits and vegetables in Mexico. Several of the companies in which he is an insider have earned the attention of the SEC. I ran into a blogsite entitled “Neer do well Hall of Infamey” Here’s a link:


      You’ll read, here also of many companies in which shareholders lost millions, such as:


      Rye Patch Gold (RPMGF), Redhill Resources (ATWGF), Animas Resources (Sold to GoGo Gold, Copper Fox Metals. And there’s Solotro, Blackheath Resources. The list goes on and on, and the same people keep showing up.

      Is Mr. Echvarria complicit in these deals? I’m not aware that he’s been charged, but I find it very suspicious that he seems to be an insider in a lot of these companies, where shareholders lost their shirts.

      And I have to say that the massive selloff in Stellar, since early April smells of burnt investors.

    17. Fred
      Jul 28 2014, 11:10:21 pm

      The last few days have certainly been nice…lots of heavy buying in Stellar, and double digit percentage gains…just about recouped from the recent drop. Haven’t seen any news, however. It’s hard telling what’s caused all the sudden interest.

    18. Fred
      Aug 14 2014, 03:11:13 am

      Well, well, well, the last three days have seen a 41% jump, from $0.92 to $1.40, and on huge…35X average daily volume. I suspect this huge jump has something to do with Michael Robinson releasing a promotion to sell his Money Morning Prospectus, with a reference to “Living Metal”, which calls KLH something else and calls the Keyhole Limpet something else. Travis has that covered. here:


      But there is also other news: Stellar to be listed on the major exchanges, several Big Pharma companies lining up to ink a deal with Stellar. A lot of this may be hype, or it may be true; I’ve been hearing it for quite some time. But what is an absolute fact is that our volume was 1.75 million shares traded today, 1.25 million shares traded yesterday, and another 0.5 million shares sold Monday. Let’s see how it goes tomorrow.

      • Bill Powell
        Oct 5 2015, 01:08:23 pm

        Stellar did a 1;10 stock split? on sept. 2 2015 – so prices mentioned need to be x10 to compare to current prices.

        • Fred
          Oct 5 2015, 02:32:52 pm

          Yep, they give you one of the new shares for ten of your (pre-split) shares. The new shares are worth 10 X;. They’ve submitted an application for listing on the NASDAQ; this split is done so that Stellar’s shares’ value will conform with NASDAQ guidelines, and are otherwise value-neutral.

          Since the rumor of a pending NASDAQ listing is part of what caused the nice move in Aug. 2014, I thought an actual application, with an “act in furtherance”, the reverse split, might kick off another rally. But at this point, it doesn’t appear to have worked out that way. We initially jumped to $11.00, but that rally has failed, and we’re trading in the $7 range. I’d like to see some actual news/progress, beyond them doing another presentation or hiring someone.

    19. moremoney2
      Feb 15 2016, 11:13:20 am

      I see that Nick Hodges is promoting this again. Got a teaser today by e-mail. Anyone know any progress with this/new news that would make it a viable consideration?

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