Asia Edge

Author/Editor: Robert Hsu

Edited by Robert Hsu, this newsletter recommends “pan-Asian” stocks that should profit from the rise of China and its neighbors.

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    1. Marco
      Jan 27 2009, 03:17:57 pm

      This is Robert Hsu’s premier service, covering all of Asia, not just China. It’s also pretty expensive, considering most of the trade recommendations can be found on this very site for free. If you follow any of the “Asia” related publications you will find most of the Asia Edge companies, that is to say no real undiscovered gems with this service.
      They are mostly medium or large cap companies and he’s fairly diversified with his coverage, covering Russia, China, India and several smaller countries. He is very good with his analysis but not terrific with his timing, so you need to use your own judgment on when to enter and exit his recommendations. This is a bit of a sleepy service, coming once a month and the company list is fairly stagnant, with few new companies added or taken away.
      I found it over-priced. Most of the recommendations have been hit pretty hard, so getting in now should prove to be quite profitable in a year or two, when the market recovers. Many of the companies have lost 50% or more during the past year.

    2. trader
      May 9 2009, 06:10:02 pm

      Stocks are high momentum for those who like the volatility.
      Research is good and compelling.

      Many picks coming monthly. Far too many to watch and follow.

      If you make up your own list and watch closely and frequently, you can eliminate them as they start to fall.

      You must also devise your own asset allocation program, as its impossible to select all the recommendations without your own mutual fund staff. These stocks are far too volatile to buy and hold, in my opinion.

      In short, although there are the occasional alerts to sell stocks, this would need to be a separate timing service.
      I think the style is to provide many choices, hold them, and sell off postions as you go. You need very ample assests to play this strategy.

    3. drj
      Feb 17 2010, 07:47:05 pm

      I consider Robert Hsu to be one of the worst con men in the Newsletter racket today.
      I have subscribed to China Strategy for a couple years and must admit that I have done well on several of his picks but
      when you subscribe, for several hundred bucks a year to a China stock reports, you don’t expect him to withold “premium picks” for his $3300/year service that includes all of Asia.

      Also, since subscribing to China Strategy, he has touted pretty much the same dozen or so stocks, reserving new picks for the expensive letter, thereby rendering China Strategy
      essentially to the status of elaborate teaser for the more big bucks letter.

      I consider him to be pretty accurate, but fundamentally, a pretty greedy pig.


    4. Dave
      Feb 18 2010, 09:06:10 am

      On one of his webpages a month or 2 ago (I don’t recall which page, but I think it may have been one of his non-subscriber public pages), the over-all returns of his two services (China Strategy and Asia Edge) were listed. China Strategy was doing rather better than Asia Edge at that time. So you may not be missing much with his “premium picks”, where most of the “premium” may be in the near-manic newsletter hype rather than the performance. I did the short-term ($199) intro to Asia Edge a couple of times to see what miracle stocks he was touting, and was generally not that impressed–seemed rather similar to China Strategy.

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