Boring Fridays

An options trading service that sells weekly index option credit spreads.

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Just looked at their performance for the last 2 years. Mostly 3-4% per month looks good until you see the loss of 20%! What’s the point? gain, gain, gain, loss of all gains and some principle. Trademavens & 10ppm are similar, bunch of gains then one big loss. There has to be a better way.

I’ve actually used for 2 years now and they use a very conservative play that has a high probability of success. What the last reviewer failed to mention is that there may be a loss but all of the gains far outweigh it. In 2012, there were only 2 losing trades out of 25. The total annual return for 2012 was still over 40%! So far in 2013, they’ve had just a single loss out of the 16 trades they opened. With a 29% return YTD, I’m not sure what Tony is complaining about. It also sounded like he… Read more »