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    1. TonyM
      Dec 20 2010, 09:32:34 pm

      Bottarelli Research Options

      I was a subscriber for four months – a 3 month trial and a re-subscribe for 3 more months.I got out after a total of 4 months with a pro-rated refund and about $6,000 of losses on about 20 trades of the more than 150 he proposed during that time frame.

      Bottarelli is day trading options for the most part and this is not disclosed up front. He tries to make money based on quick price movement of stocks. For example, “XYZ has moved down to resistance. The stock is strong, so buy the XYZ ABC Call for a quick move back up”. That move might occur before you can type the option symbol ( or even blink!) and Bottarelli will record a win; or the stock might continue down stopping you out. He provides entry and exit points. The options are usually at the nearest expiration date or maybe the next month’s expiration date and most of the time in the money. You won’t find cheap longer term options here. You won’t have time to wait out a wrong move in the hopes of a reversal. He claims great numbers of wins. He might get out of the position within a few minutes or hours, occasionally days, so you have to be logged on to his website to get the recommendations in real time. He also tries to play upcoming earnings reports, placing strangles very near the reporting date. He is also not afraid to buy options up to expiration day based on any number of reasons he finds attractive. He may make 1-5 recommendations in a day. He might open and close calls and puts on the same stock in the same day as it moves up and down in price. He doesn’t sell puts or write calls. He appears to track 10 or 20 highly volatile stocks doing multiple trades on each.

      If you have deep pockets and can pull the trigger instantaneously on a recommendation, execute all of the recommendations, and are not made ill by anxiety, you might make money. This is a fast paced service, not for the light-hearted or those who have other day jobs and can’t pay close attention. There are a lot of losers and you have to get in and out when he says so or you will lose even more. It is almost impossible to get in at his recommended prices. I lost a good chunk of money trading 5 to 10 options at a time and trying to cherry pick his recommendations. I found his claims of xxx% profit on a trade were probably at the prices he got and do not take into consideration trading costs and are nowhere near the reality I experienced. Some of the ones I didn’t play were the ones that made the most money (of course!). Others I am glad I stayed out. Since Bottarelli is looking for quick moves, there is no way to do technical analysis on a chart to help verify the recommendation. Forget about fundamentals. You have to put emotions and rationality on hold, take his word and plunge in.

      Like most of these services, you need the capital to sustain a lot of losses in the hopes of hitting the big winners that will inevitably happen – hopefully before you are broke and discouraged!

    2. Virginia Commonwealther
      Jun 26 2011, 03:33:19 pm

      I accepted a free three-month trial subscription in March. I purchased three of their recommendations. I lost 72%,90% and 92% on the recommendations. Monday of the week the subscription was to expire on FRIDAY, I unclecked auto-new on their web site. On The next day their email read to email “” with “Cancel Free Trial” in the subject line which I sent. On Thursday their email to me was that I had been charge $700 on auto-renew. My credit card was charge on that Thursday. I have sent FOUR emails to about their error and have received NO response. They have no phone number or address listed which the Naperville, IL Better Business Bureau needs when a complaint is filed. My credit card company is working on the problem. My advice: stay away from Bottarelli Research

    3. VC
      Jul 18 2011, 08:50:16 pm

      Used this service for over a year and was never able to duplicate the returns he reported achieving. Tried all sorts of order methods and trade notice means to minimize as much lag as possible. At the time he was limiting his gains to around the 20% range, but he let his losses run to a point where one loss wipped out 5 profitable trades.Didn’t make sense to me but even with my expression of concerns to him via e-mail this trading pattern continued.

    4. Les
      Sep 7 2012, 01:37:15 pm

      Bottarelli research does not display the losses correctly. Recently they had a DIA put and it was a 100% loss yet never showed it on their history page. In 1 month had a 10k loss this is a very poor service lock n loose

    5. PL
      Oct 18 2012, 04:07:38 pm

      Tried this and other Bottarelli services, which all failed to produce. May be an interesting read, but due to consistently losing trades, the overall rating and value are not worth it.

    6. 21 |
      Carl Brady
      Feb 26 2013, 12:47:31 pm

      I gotta agree with the other reviewers. I subscribed for three months since I am retired and can follow the quick in and out recommendations. The prices were never as good as recommended and losses are ignored. I lost an average of about 30% in five or six trades over two weeks and decided it’s like hitting your finger with a hammer; sure feels good to stop.

    7. 21 |
      Carl Brady
      Feb 26 2013, 02:36:17 pm

      Just for grins, I decided to see what Bottarelli was suggesting today. The suggestion was to buy FOSL March 16 100 puts @ 3.60. I thought, what-the-heck give it another shot. Bought 2 @ 3.70. So far I’ve lost $100 and FOSL is up $1.22. Looks like FOSL is going to do just the opposite of what Bottarelli thinks. I’ll give it one more day, but my advice RE this letter is do just the opposite of whatever recommendations are made.

    8. 21 |
      Carl Brady
      Feb 27 2013, 12:51:31 pm

      New report: I got “stopped” out of FOSL (thank goodness) at the recommended stop price. Lost $170 per contract in one day. If you want to make money with this (I hesitate to call it a) service, do the opposite of what is recommended

    9. forddriver
      Aug 12 2013, 11:02:08 am

      I subscribed to both Botarelli Options and their Professional services. I lost money on both. More importantly, there was one recommendation that fell until it hit the stop loss they recommended, a couple of days later at 9:32 am, they send email saying it was time to “sell this stock now.” The stock the started up and 15 minutes later they changed recommendation to hold onto the stock. Eventually they said to sell. They posted the results as a profit in their history of trades in spite of the fact that, according to their recommendations, one should have sold the stock on two separate occasions at a loss. The data of their trading history is obviously wrong. I did ask for a refund, initially they gave me less that I was due, but when I pointed their error out to them, they made the correct refund and, as a measure of good will, extended one of my subscriptions for 2 months. Overall, I made a profit because one of the stocks they recommended was not one I was following. After they brought it to my attention, and I took a position on my own criteria, it made a nice profit. So, I came out ahead in spite of their recommendations. Overall, I can not recommend any Bottarelli services.

    10. mobupin3
      Jan 30 2016, 03:40:37 pm

      Unbelievably bad picks . Do yourself a favor and stay away. Lesson learned. Wish I would have found Stock Gumshoe before I wasted my money with Bottarrelli.

    11. prose
      Apr 26 2016, 01:46:09 am

      I have been using Bottarelli for about a year and a half and they are the best service that i have subscribed to and i have tried probably more than 20. I tracked them carefully for about the first 4 months that I used them and for a $2000 investment I was up about $40,000. usually trading 10 contracts – my guess is that they are right about 80% of the time and have a uncanny ability to pick a stock that is just about to go up or down. They have so many followers that one needs to act quickly when they send a text to buy or sell because it immediately spikes the option price. Some of their trades last only a few minutes and some a few days. I trade all day so i am able to respond quickly.

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