Casey’s Energy Report

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pagan macgarrity
pagan macgarrity

I subscribe to several of the casey newsletters. I can not give an accurat accounting of the stock picks but I find the overall big picture of the state of the world, economies, markets, companies, political directions, risk, etc are well worth the price paid.

I first signed up to the CER at in October 2010 and I left the service in november 2012. At first I enjoyed the service a lot for its (IMO)highly educational big picture writeups but found the number of stock picks a bit lacking and also frustrating when generally few were set as having a ‘Buy’ rating. Also there were few actual company updates or alerts on the Casey website member’s page. Particularly frustrating was the big push for geothermal stocks that all collapsed in price eventually. The publication seemed to be constantly behind the curve on the deteriorating stories… Read more »