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    1. Nvestgrrl
      Jul 21 2010, 02:08:42 pm

      Any penny stock investor will tell you – it’s tough to analyze and choose penny stocks. There’s not much public data, and penny stock prices can be awfully volatile. That being said, The Cheap Investor does better job than most at finding winners. Quite a few picks go over 300% returns. Only problem is that they don’t give you sell signals. Still, since most of their picks go up, you can do okay as long as you don’t get greedy. This newsletter seems to be best of the penny stock bunch, according to my experience (InvestorPlace’s MicroCap Investor) and other penny stock reviews on this site.

    2. Joe
      Aug 27 2011, 03:08:53 pm

      I have been a subscriber for 7 months and the stocks recommended have been consistent with the volatility of the market,especially being penny stocks. The letter focuses on valuable companies that are undervalued and not recognized by Wall Street. This allows for the investor with a small amount of capital to purchase a greater quantity of stock which can result in a larger percentage of gain. I have taken profits from several stock picks that have reached 30% to 70% gains. In most scenarios the selling decision is left to the investor’s discretion. So far I am presently satisfied with the performance of most of the stocks, considering the market’s volatility.

    3. Dennis Chambers
      Jun 13 2013, 04:41:37 pm

      Subscribed to Mathews cheap investor a few months ago. I feel like i’m already making less mistakes. Most stock picks are made after a small stock is down 80% or more. Buying them is not easy after you been buying Apple and GE and stocks like that for decades. But they pay off. About 80% winners so far. 4 stars now. 5 stars if he can keep this up for rest of year.

    4. Rodger Ehlert
      Apr 29 2014, 12:00:31 am

      If you are considering the Cheap Investor, don’t do it. It’s true that a few of his recommendations go up but very few and there is NO prorated refund after the 60 day free trial. I felt 60 days wasn’t enough time to give it a fair test. After losing on five of his recommendations, I found that I had missed his refund period. He gives no sell recommendations and only follows up on the winners. Not worth it.

    5. Kelan Karim
      Aug 6 2015, 08:10:53 am

      I have neither big money to spend nor experience in the investvestment’s into shares. Do you think that investing in penny stocks which Cheap Investor is recommending is a good idea ? Any thoughts would be appreciated . Thanks. Kelan

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