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    1. Marco
      Jan 27 2009, 02:45:18 pm

      Robert Hsu knows China. He spends a lot of time on the ground investigating his recommendations and he gives you a very good synopsis of the company with his recommendations.

      During 2007 he was on fire, with virtually all of his recommendations making money, many of them over 50% during the year. 2008 saw all of his recommendations lose big money, some down over 90% and most down at least 50%. He did not give any sell signals, so anyone following blindly lost big time.

      He does not give new recommendations every month but he does offer up the company news, if the subscriber doesn’t watch that sort of thing himself. As I said, he’s very thorough and you will not be disappointing in his company analysis.

      Most of his recommendations are currently under water a fair depth, so buying any of them now should prove to be very profitable within a year or two. I should also add that the portfolio is quite lively (volatile), with many of the stocks going up (or down) 10% in a day. This can be fun for thrill seekers but nauseating for others.

      I dropped his subscription a year ago but I am still holding several of the recommendations and I watch them all for signs of life, as I believe them all to be good candidates for a double or triple. I think China has been hit particularly hard during this down-turn and if you wanted a ‘Rip Van Winkle’ portfolio I think his would be a good one. Just make sure you sleep for at least a year and probably two to give these companies time to recover from the blood-bath.

      You will find most of his recommendations in other “Asia” related publications and most are mid to large cap companies with earnings, not start-up wanna-be’s.

    2. A. Nony Mouse
      Feb 1 2009, 05:50:22 pm

      My advice to anyone who is thinking about subscribing to this newsletter is wait until there is evidence of a turn-around in the Chinese economy/market, Secondly have your own exit strategy, DO NOT DEPEND ON HSU to give you a sell signal in time to prevent you from losing a lot money. That’s probably good advice for potential subscribers to ANY newsletter, but especially Robert Hsu. I have been a subscriber to “China Strategy” for over 18 months. I also took advantage of his offer to subscribe to his “Asia/Pacific Edge” for a 3 month trial period. My initial reaction as a China Strategy subscriber was, “WOW THIS GUY’S A GENIUS!” But as 2007 melted into 2008, my opinion began to change and change drastically, Hsu appeared to fall in love with some of stocks he recommended. Three examples are Focus Media , E-House China Holdings, and Rio. Even as these stocks fell out of bed he issued a “hold” on them! He still has a hold on E-House. He convinced himself that Focus Media would reap big rewards in the run-up to the Olympics, even while Tony Sagami (of all people) was saying to avoid that stock because of credible info that they were having trouble collecting money from clients who bought ad space. Hsu is a momentum kinda guy who seems to buy into a position after the easy money has been made and hold on to it for too long after it begins it’s trip down. Like Agent Muldar, of the X-Files TV series, Hsu (and I suspect Jim Rogers) WANTS TO BELIEVE. Muldar wanted to believe in UFO’s, Hsu and Rogers want to believe in the “China Miracle”. It’s begining to look like Muldar may be the most rational of the three. There is no evidence from objective sources that the Chinese government is moving away from an export driven model for it’s economy. Nor is there any evidence that capitalism can exist for a long in a political dictatorship.

    3. Garry
      Feb 7 2009, 09:47:30 am

      Writing a review for a crashed and crushed market is not easy as one hs to disassociate oneself from the carnage. It is a well written and researched service and in normal times one that would do very well but of course at the moment hanging on to stocks that are basically controlled by government. Robert HSU should say that one should sell everything and go to cash and wait out the storm. Yes, selling at the bottom is not recommended but I lived in China for ten years and if I was writing China Strategy I would have advised readers to get out long before Robert recommended some sales. Most services need readers so they are inbetween the rock and the hardplace where they are tied to basically one country. When the good times roll again in probably five years buy CAR and sit back with a smile.

    4. Bennie
      Feb 7 2009, 10:56:14 am

      I will keep this short. This happened to be my first paid subscription newsletter, to say the least I was very excited with anticipation. My timing was such that my subscription ran just prior to the Olympics- some things were just starting to peter out a bit. However I read his reviews and his stories. I really started to believe Hsu knew the deal. I invested in several of his recommeded stocks, to say the least after several months I figured I could best use the subscription money in a more beneficial manner.
      His stories were entertaining and I do believe he understood the history ant the culture however in a poor market I believe he had difficulty translating it into profits.

    5. Phil
      Feb 7 2009, 02:50:38 pm

      Robert Hsu comes across as an intelligent, hard working guy, who knows China better than just about any service out there.
      I was an early subscriber to his service and did quite well with his recommendations. Most were stocks I never would have heard of or stumbled across. He gives you all the details on the company and his resoning for his selections. He rode the bull market up to some doubles and more and to give him credit he did recommend taking partial profits on many positions when the bear raised its ugly head.
      His service is basically a long term hold approach, but does maintain buy under prices on all positions that work reasonably well if you are a long term hold type.
      Personallly I trade the stocks and take profits, sometimes way too soon, and have recently re-subscribed because China is in better shape than any other country. Things aren’t rosy but they are not encumbered with the toxic waste held by US and European banks.
      I believe Robert is slow to exit a postion. His record takes a hit because of it. He will move a stock to hold and by then I get out. It is just my opinion, but I think he is mainly building LONG TERM positions in the stocks he recommends for subscribers. He is willing to wait out the ups and downs in both bull and bear markets. In the long run he has some stocks we could all profit from if we have a multi year horizon.
      I think he genuinely tries to make money for his subscribers.

    6. ICM
      Feb 7 2009, 06:09:41 pm

      I subscribed to HSU for a year. I am not a current subscriber as I am primarily in Gold Bullion at the moment.
      HSU does have a clear strategy. He states the risks of investing in China due to potential lack of discosure and government interference. He directs the reader to stocks that can be traded on regulated external markets and therefore come under the reporting and control of western markets – for what good that might be. He gives background. His recommendations are I believe primarily for the long term. No one apart from those in the know such as Nourial Robini or Jim Rogers could know what was going to happen as a result of the American housng collapse. For investing at current depressed prices HSU’s recommendations are probably the best of the best Chinese stocks and will prove to be big winners in the long term. When the worlds economy recovers, which other country will be in a position to meet the demands of the worlds consumers apart from China?

    7. Alan
      Feb 11 2009, 08:43:40 pm

      Subscribed in February 2008…I realized in a hot China market everything is hot but in a neutral /downmarket it is best to stay away. Mr Hsu does not really follow Chinese marekt indicators like Cabot and that hurts him and in down market he does not cut losses early. He does know the companies well though. Has made recent bad calls on the oil market and sector ETFs. His buy below price do not make sense since stock could be trading well below this price. He got out way too early on LVS when it was hot and made bad pick on a chinese power company and Chinese coal and airline co. Though well written..I will not renew. Suggest Cabot’s China letter instead because he uses market indicators.

    8. Bernie
      Feb 12 2009, 12:03:03 am

      I have tried it twice, and cancelled twice. He just does not have good stops in place. He is interesting to read but not worth the money. He appears to know his subject but does not offer a good exit strategy. Some times his entrance strategy is too early which he acknowledges but in the mean time you have lost money. Maybe in time when the world economy recovers somewhat and China is producing goods again, then his letter would be fine.

    9. sponger
      Feb 14 2009, 10:43:48 am

      Having subscribed and cancelled twice I can attest to any and all of the more negative ratings and comments from other reviewers. Hsu had one huge hit from 2006 or so from many of his recommendations, for which I commend him. His greatest strength was in steering investors away from corrupted, government-run enterprise and to the more independent start-ups. That’s where the disappointment comes in. He found a dozen or so winners and, with only a few exceptions, seems to have stopped looking for the better part of two years now. His recommendations are essentially the same, tired, worked over companies that he began with. Yet hundreds of new opportunities have come and gone with nary a mention from Hsu. Lately, he states that some of the former government influenced companies are not so bad, after all.
      It appears to me that all his stocks are “story stocks” —
      that is, all about product and marketing potential, and nothing in the way of number crunching, fundamental research.
      He appears to be a promoter who loves to conduct tours, and to wine and dine company officers, but beyond that I don’t see much. I regard China Profit Strategy and Asia Edge as
      “passive” newsletters, sort like a closed end fund of recommendations which sometimes thrive and much of the time sleep.

    10. dharma
      Feb 20 2009, 10:02:26 am

      I like that Hsu travels to China frequently and understands the culture. I like the newsletter as much for insight into China as the actual stock picks. It’s an inexpensive report at $99/yr and you can cancel for a full refund within 3 months. After 3 months, you can cancel for a partial refund.

      In 2007, I did very well with his recommendations. I always chose my own exit points and do my own research anyway. I took a year off in 2008 and just re-subscribed figuring that China is doing better than most other countries.

      Like any newsletter, it is good for ideas but still requires you to do your own due diligence.

    11. truk
      Feb 23 2009, 04:28:46 pm

      I quit reading China Strategy about a year ago,(3-08) as my other letters were saying sell China (Elliott Wave, Safe Money Report, Wall St. Digest) so I never noticed Hsu never said sell. Shame. I saved some bucks. He does know his market, but he may not have been aware of the enormous corruption in China, which WSD alerted me to. When the music stopped, many company owners just drained the bank account and high-tailed it to Taiwan, Singapore, and then Los Angeles, leaving their employees with no paychecks. A decent letter, for when China will be up-and-coming again. Like maybe 2050.

    12. Maria K
      Feb 24 2009, 03:35:15 pm

      (Gumshoe rates top stars in my books – best value on the planet and extra gold star for honesty) re China Strategy – my motive for subscribing was educational only – I found the newsletter informative, and the service reliable. However, I found that trading was not so simple because of time differences, exchange rates – a couple of attempts at placing OS trades via broker were not successful (which in retrospect was a good thing. Unless I was Chinese or spoke the language fluently, I would not feel confident trading in that country in the foreseeable future. I concur with the other reviewers’ comments regarding CS.

    13. Brian
      Mar 4 2009, 12:54:38 pm

      I have been with him since Issue One. True, 2007 was on fire, with my portfolio more than doubling. This year has been the exact opposite with a 50% reduction. I did take his advice in 2008 to sell a lot winners though. I still subscribe because I find the articles highly interesting. I feel sorry for people who bought in this year, but wait until the turn around in China–and there will be one–and then Mr. Hsu will be on the front lines doubling your money again. That’s why I am still paying him. Once a year he sells it for $99 a year. That’s the best deal going.

    14. Jim Leonard
      May 8 2009, 09:35:45 am

      I subscribed to Robert Hsu’s newsletters for the last 2 years. I have to say I was very disappointed. He thinks hes the next Warren Buffett where you can just buy China stocks and sit on them. Well, I lost a lot of money with that thinking. My complaint is that he would not react quick enough for us to sell.

    15. LOU
      May 8 2009, 11:00:24 am


    16. Mort T.
      May 9 2009, 06:58:56 pm

      I’ve subscribed to China Strategies since 2006, with about a year to go, and Asia Edge from 2006 to some time last year. Hsu was great in 06 and 07, with huge gains in EDU, solar stocks, China Aluminum, etc. His problem was that he never really got out of a number of issues as they tanked. I think his frequent trips to China did help him.
      I also subscribed to Cabot’s China and Emerging Mkts newsletter. Tho they often were later to pick hot issues, they did close down their Chinese recommendations (I believe) before disaster struck.

    17. jda
      May 18 2009, 09:34:10 pm

      I’ve subscribed for 2 years to Hsu’s “China Strategy”, and had for 1 year to his “Asia Edge” (but cancelled as there was too much overlap and I didn’t have enough money to invest in his many recommendations.

      I enjoy reading the former more than any other investment newsletter (of a good half dozen) because it is so informative, in this instance about China, and his stock analyses appear well reasoned with lots of info,and little hype or teasers.

      Regretably, overall, I haven’t done that well with a good dozen or so in which I invested, but those that remain in my portfolio are coming back, though (all but one) still under water since I hung on to them during the severe downturn.

      Of those newsletter writers who focus on China, in my judgment none are better or more knowledgable than Hsu.

    18. J. M.
      May 31 2009, 07:10:30 pm

      I’ve subscribed to both China Strategy and Asia Edge. At first I thought Robert was doing well, since ACH made quite a run over a year ago and the other recommendations were fair. Then a couple of them completely tanked on me and the whole market went south, while Rbert kept predicting things were going to turn around and go up toward the end of the year (’08). Naturally I hung in there like the rest of the lemmings while my portfolios did a nosedive where it remains today, under a lot of water. Of course this was an extraordinary market downturn, but it did reveal to me that Hsu is no brighter than any other bulb in the chandelier of investment advisers. Since he was an ex-Goldman-Sachs analyst, I would have expected he might have seen the collapse coming, but apparently not.
      My feeling now is that while he is trying hard to pick the Chinese companies that will do well in the future, he may be traveling a lot and relying too much on the back-office research team for new ideas that may or may not pan out. China remains a growth opportunity, but the issue of corruption in both public and private enterprise makes it a bit dicey.

    19. JTF
      Jul 26 2009, 12:37:47 pm

      I have been a subscriber for 2+ yrs on a multi yr subscription. Most likely will not renew. You need to evaluate your own goals with this and just about all other newsletters. If you want these letter writers to give you perfect buy & sell decisions – forget it. His picks are ok in UP markets but he lags badly in down markets. Most of these writers base their decisions on fundamentals. Almost none (exceptions Cabot newsletters like CEMR) use technical analysis. In a down mkt, unless you have an enforced stop loss system, you’ll get killed. I’ve given up on these letters. I’m and active trader, using technical analysis and I find I do much better with TA directed trades from fundamental stocks screens from IBD like their custom screen wizard and e-Tables lists, which BTW have a lot of lesser known Chinese stocks on them now. But I’ve invested heavily in tuition payments at the “college of learning trading” to get to this position in investing. If you are going to follow ANY of these newsletters, learn some basic charting and how to do stop loss setups. Don’t worry about “missing” a rally. Worry more about getting killed in a down market!

    20. Lucylou
      Sep 29 2009, 10:26:29 am

      It’s funny that you mention that he is recommending XIN as in his China Strategy portfolio it has a “hold” status, it is not one of the three stocks he is recommending to buy during the month of October..I have a subscription with China Strategy until the end of the year but I currently dont own any of his stocks…I stopped buying his recommendations because I never knew when to sell, its more a buy and hold long term strategy…

    21. Robert
      Sep 29 2009, 01:37:33 pm

      Sept 29/2009

      This ‘teaser’ is Robert Hsu’s latest, for his kind of pricey “Asia Edge” although this
      character seems to put some real effort into what he does!

      I have subscribed to “China Strategy for about 2 years with some success like ACH, CMED, CEO, LFC & MR Yes! There were also some losses. Although, with Alex Green’s trailing stop philosophy (Oxford Club) in 2007- 2008 I managed to save my butt.

      Robert Hsu. didn’t exactly advise his readers on how to get out when the getting was good, and to be honest Green had most of the China winners when they were hot in any case.

      Anyway! I like Robert Hsu’s his no BS style suits me fine. He seems to write his
      stuff from the ground up. Personally I think the man knows China and the Chinese from
      the inside out. I get the impression that he is smart enough and Chinese enough to
      take them on at their own game and to come away with the goodies.

      That’s why I have subscribed to China Strategy for another year. Now! If I could only
      justify the cost of Asia Edge.

      I would be interested in your comments on the the notes (teaser)
      following. Thanks, Robert H Robson

      Beijing, China
      September 28, 2009

      Fellow Investor,

      I’m writing you directly from Beijing, China, where I just got out of a meeting at the Ministry of Transportation and I simply can’t stop shaking.

      Not because they tried to brainwash me, my friend; those days are long gone.

      I’m shaking like a leaf because of the virtual MONOPOLY the Chinese government is giving one company in the transportation sector and the GREAT PROFITS that are at hand.

      To be sure, the ministry officials didn’t come out and say this.

      They can’t.

      But trust me when I tell you this: There were so many “winks and nods” going around the table that the message they were sending me was crystal clear:

      The 87% gains we’ve made to date in this government-blessed transportation technology company we have been touring are just a sneak preview of the profits that are headed our way.

      Once you see my full write-up on this, I guarantee you’ll agree the next wave of profits is going to knock your socks off.

      If you can grab this one now, before it declares second-quarter earnings on November 11, you could easily grab a double in the next 90 days.

      My full write-up explains why and will go as a free bonus to all Asia Edge clients in good standing TONIGHT.

      Don’t miss this.

      * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
      Here are a few exciting details
      to whet your appetite.
      * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

      This is your chance to get in on the ground floor of the of the most locked-in profit opportunities I’ve seen in all my trips to China over the years.

      As you’ll see in tonight’s issue, only one—I repeat, only ONE—analyst is covering this company and its virtual monopoly on a monster growth opportunity.

      That’s a huge claim, I know.

      But not when you understand that the Chinese transportation market is one of the most overlooked—and profitable—opportunities in China.

      You need only travel to China on our next investment tour to understand why.

      There you’ll see with your own eyes, like we have, not only how jammed the downtown areas are with millions of bicyclists but also how jammed the freeways are with millions of shiny brand new cars!

      Since I’m from Los Angeles, you can trust me when I tell you this: The traffic jams we’ve seen in China make an L.A. rush-hour traffic jam look like five cars stuck behind a truck on a two-lane rural road.

      And it’s only going to get worse before it gets better, as China is on track to sell another 11 million vehicles this year. That’s a 17% increase from 2008 and a stunning 20-fold increase from a decade earlier.

      This is why the Ministry of Transportation is committed to creating the most efficient transportation system in the world.

      They really have no choice:

      You see, in order for China to truly take its mantle as the world’s greatest economic power, it must upgrade its patchwork of roads to U.S. standards, becuase getting its products out to the world faster and more economically is one of the country’s master keys to its long-term success.

      This is why the government has committed nearly $100 million to developing an intelligent, technology-driven transportation system, using the high-tech solutions in which our top recommendation in this sector has a virtual monopoly.

      That is why my palms itch in anticipation of the profits headed our way, now that I’ve seen firsthand how the Chinese government will be funneling millions into this company’s high-tech traffic monitoring solutions to reduce backups and increase traffic flow.

      This is why I’m expecting another breakout in sales and earnings come November 16 and why the windfall I foresee could not only dwarf the 87% gains we made since July 8 in this virtual monopoly …

      …but also top the year-to-date performance of our winning recommendations China Green Agriculture (+291%) and China Marine Group (+226%) —AND come to you twice as fast.

      You’ll find the full details in my write-up, as well as why this may truly be my most profitable trip to China ever.

      So PLEASE make sure you read it tonight!

      Go here now.

      * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
      Your update will also bring you the results
      of my two-week investment tour, plus
      my complete boots-on-the-ground look at:
      * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

      » How China’s commitment to reducing greenhouse gases will continue to place powerful upward pressure under this top environmental holding that’s up 459% year to date.
      » Why China’s education sector is growing faster than the economy as a whole, and why this top stock in this sector is on track to repeat its 71% gains since April.
      » You’ll also read why the demand for oil is rising and how this top oil company’s 45% profits to date are simply a sneak preview of even greater profits headed our way.
      » Why China’s pharmaceutical industry stands to gain from China’s massive new heath care initiative that expands medical coverage to hundreds of millions more Chinese. Already our top pick here is up 32% on increased spending in the past seven weeks alone.
      As you’ll see in my write-up, even bigger gains are headed its way as expanded medical coverage results in exponential earnings and revenue growth.

      And that’s just the half of it.

      My investment tour write-up will also bring you:

      » An inside look China’s massive new travel boom and why China’s leading travel agency is on track to surpass its 375% year-to-date gains.
      » My complete commodities forecast. Plus why our top-rated ETF is profiting from both the falling dollar and rising corn prices and why I’m targeting a double here in short order.
      » Why China is facing a serious clean water shortage, and why our top company will reap the lion’s share of the profits.
      » PLUS how you can profit from China’s new agriculture boom. I’ll take you on a countryside tour of the farming sector and explain why farmers must double and triple crop output in order to continue to feed 1 billion mouths daily … and I’ll explain why our top fertilizer company is already up 24% in the past two weeks and why I’m expecting similar gains next year.
      Reserve your copy now.

      * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
      This private write-up won’t
      be for sale at any price.
      * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

      It is an exclusive for MY READERS ONLY, to give them, and now you, an advance look at the fast-moving Asian small-cap stocks we are investing in before they become front-page news.

      This is how we’ve become Asia’s top small-cap advisory, why the stocks we like are up an average of 225% year to date, and how we plan to keep our readers’ wealth growing in the weeks and months ahead.

      If this sounds like the kind of investing advantage you’re looking for, you owe it to yourself to read tonight’s issue—before it becomes public information.

      Read it tonight.

      It’s free as part of a one-day special offer, but you must act now.


      Robert Hsu
      Editor, Asia Edge

      P.S. If you have received my boots-on-the-ground China investment tour reports before, then you know firsthand how these stocks can jump 25% to 35% in days.

      With my current holdings up an average of 212% year to date, our top recommendation up 425%, and this trip proving to be my most profitable in five years, this is one write-up you won’t want to miss.

    22. Solo
      Sep 29 2009, 08:10:58 pm

      Re your comments about China Strategy reco XIN: In the current portfolio it is listed as a HOLD. It is currently selling below it’s buy point. I am currently a subscriber but may cancel.

    23. Vince
      Sep 30 2009, 06:46:06 am

      I subscript for two seasons. Robert’s work was solid. I did make money with EJ along time ago and had to hold it a second time to break even. Robert called POT early and a made a killing with that. So I’ll look at ZIN and I’ll always give Hsu calls consideration. VH

    24. jim
      Oct 1 2009, 01:59:57 pm

      have taken his ltr for a few yrs now, w mixed results. Overall have made $ on his recs. Howeever, just like all investments, you need to monitor prices and decide whenhyou want out. I bought EHouse on 1st rec, sold some at profit, but lost on the rest-still have some, that’s about even. He may tend to stay w a pick a bit too long in light of price action, but understandable given the nature of that market.

    25. OZwiz
      Dec 15 2009, 09:41:44 am

      I really like the way Mr. Hsu investigates his picks with on the ground investigation. I have made several two baggers with him this year so life is good. I am dropping his China Strategy service in favor of Asian Strategy service as I got tired of all the teasers coming in my email that I did not get the benefit of…besides there’s some sleepers in Asia from some of the recently developing countries that I don’t want to miss. He’ll do a good job digging them out as always.

    26. Mort T.
      Jan 8 2010, 06:53:06 am

      I have subscribed to Mr. Hsu pubs for about 4 years; did very well early on with Asia Strategy, but dropped it (too expensive for me). As your other reviewers say, he thoroughly reviews companies on the ground in Asia; meeting with corporate officers of the companies he is interested in.
      He’s good getting in’ but has in the past held on too long.
      Cabot China & Emerging Markets is better at calling the downturns. I now use both Cabot and China Strategies for balance.

    27. docta
      Jan 14 2010, 11:04:34 am

      Subscriber for 3 years, with very good results. I like the fact that he speaks the language and visits China frequently. Hsu recently closed his EDU positions.

    28. Mark
      Jan 14 2010, 04:17:05 pm

      Hsu is the best newsletter I have used for investment ideas. you can NOT BE A MORON in today’s market and just buy and sell based on ANY publisher. You have to do your OWN RESEARCH once you enter a position when to get out.If you don’t know how at least learn how to use trailing stops!!!! Hsu is on the money. His new picks (CTFO-buy below $10, NPD-buy below $7.5, RINO buy below $25, DYP buy below $10) will all go up if you hold them I guaranteee it!!! Just remember the buy in price. For example, if you buy npd@$7.5 and it goes up to $9, put a stop loss @$7.75 to prevent a loss and ride the wave up. You people all need to do MUCH MORE RESEARCH on companies than just listen to a newsletter publisher. I like HSU because for a measly $200 you can get his service which is full of GREAT IDEAS. Then use your OWN BRAIN to establish buy/sell signals. DYP is going to blast off soon at least 25% from current levels. GOOD LUCK!

    29. sptegd
      Jan 29 2010, 06:21:40 pm

      Subscribed in November 2009.His commentaries about the country are max upbeat. Some winners and some losers in his portfolio. He uses the China Strategy, a lower cost newsletter, as a hook to get subscription to the Asia Strategy in my opinion. I will try him for another month and then cancel.

    30. Wayne S.
      Feb 5 2010, 09:34:58 am

      I tried a one year subcsription starting about 4 months ago and cancelled after 3 months. In that time, he recommended 2 new stocks in the Asia Strategy portfolio. CRIC and KONG were trading in the 13-$14 range then. Today they trade at $8+….No sell signal – only a HOLD placed on CRIC when it dropped a dollar or two. ‘nough said.

    31. Tim
      Feb 22 2010, 02:39:56 pm

      I was on and off again subscriber to his newseletter. I made money in the rise and got hurt in the fall. I watched his newsletters, and it felt like he was ignorant to losses. He is always happy hyping the next big company. The problem is when the market is rallying he is a genious. When it’s falling he doesn’t know what to do. He sells late or decided to hold his losses. Sometimes he re-recommends a stock, so he says by apple at 80, then says go ahead buy more at 120 and then 160 saying how great they will be. The stock starts to fall, and he eventually says, we got out with some profits at 150. He then states his referral price was 80, never mentioning that he told new subscribers to get in at higher prices. He sells newsletters as a side business, while he runs his China Hedge Fund that he recently opened. Yes apple has recovered, but he does this with most of his picks, using the lowest recommendation price to boost his returns. Sure in a bull market he does well, but he is slaughtered like a pig in a correction.

    32. David from SW New York
      Apr 3 2010, 04:46:57 pm

      I have taken China Profit Strategy for about 18 months. He gives you a weekly and monthly update, and you receive an email when they are ready to review. He does have emergency dispatches, but rarely sends one. He really knows China well, and his newsletter is a good if you have interest in investing in China Stocks. The downside is that he doesn’t give stop recommendations, only sell orders to take profits or losses. Unfortunately most of them are losses now. He had me ride 2 stocks down around 50% recently. I finally sold because I wanted to invest in other stocks. It was fortunate that I placed my own stop half of one stock for about a 20% gain. Currently I am reading it, but not investing in China due to government meddling concerns.
      I recommend the $99 once a year deal when you can get it, and careful placement of stops. When China roars back, he can take you to some profits.

    33. John H.
      Apr 4 2010, 03:35:09 pm

      Readers may be interested to know that the April pick for Gue’s “Stocks on the Run” has chosen VIT. This is a newsletter where Gue and his colleague vie for braging rights to see who can come up with the month’s most successful runaway stock. So maybe this gives some legitimacy to Hsu’s pick.

    34. Ron S
      Apr 24 2010, 07:42:50 am

      I have been a subscriber for 3 years. Naturally he’s done well when China was hot and poorly when it’s not. When you receive his new buy ratings, you can count on paying anywhere from 5 to 10% higher as the stocks all seemingly jump up before you have a chance to get it. My recommendation is to wait about 2 weeks and let the dust settle before buying in and only after you take the time to research the Company and see if you agree with his assessment. He doesn’t seem to be able to tell you to get out when he makes a error in judgement until the stock has pretty well tanked. In any case it is interesting reading and you could do worse for the $199 a year it cost.

    35. ted
      Aug 25 2010, 03:25:49 pm

      I tried out Hsu’s newsletter too. And I agree with the others. When the chinese stock market soared of course his stocks went up, but that was only because the market went up. And when the chinese market crashed, Hsu’s picks usually fell more than the market. Then I researched him (too late!) and saw that a few years ago he really made some terrible calls for a long time.

      I’ve lost a lot of money over the years with these investment newsletter guys. I’ve tried them all an they are all the same, with their misleading ads of “300% gains in a week” but they dont tell you they had 7 losers that lost everything for every winner, etc. Weiss, Schaefer, Prechter, they are all the same.

      After myexperience with Hsu and a couple of others, I finally realized the only way to do well is find a real expert with a proven record and use him for guidance so you can improve your skills.

      There’s only one guy who knows what’s going on but most of you probably wont like him because you actually have to put effort into investing and the reports are huge and take a long time to get through. The guy is Mike Stathis and he is a real expert. Check his record and you’ll see he predicted everything in the economy and stock market in print in 2006.

      I get his newsletter and he has been almost perfect predicting the market movement since I have had it. He covers currency forecasting, US market, China and Brazil, economics, and gives you som e securities but he wont recoemmend anything unless he thinks the stock market will head north.

      As I said, I doubt any of you would have an interest because his newsletter is realy long and not only goes out to individuals but also financial institutions so its not babid up.

      Anyway, have a look at his website. He writes a lot of great stuff on the market, economy, healthcare, politics, the media and so on. Really eye-opening stuff.

    36. Dave
      Jan 20 2011, 11:05:57 pm

      I thought it’d be useful for non-subscribers to see how well Robert Hsu has been doing since the big crunch that ended in March of 2009. No tickers, and all of these were purchased in 2009/2010. These are the current % returns, sorted in descending order:


    37. Grandpa
      Mar 3 2011, 11:12:43 am

      I subscribed for a year and found that Robert Hsu recommends stocks that you read about in other places. None of his recommendations were out of the ordinary and earned average returns. Many of his newsletters were comments on the China economy or musings about a recent trip to China. Entertaining but not very profitable.

    38. John
      Mar 3 2011, 03:02:40 pm

      Hi Travis and all
      I visited China in 2007 and then subscribed out of academic interest. Report on my China tour is on my web site. I read quite a few books on Chinese history and contempory society I think Mr Hsu has excellent information on China – his general essays are right on. I subscribed in 08-09. I only bought a couple of his recommendations – a few went up and several went down – very small positions. China Mobile and CNOOC were good – I still have CNOOC. He says himself that he is a ‘momentum’ investor and I take that to mean trader – but he rarely says ‘sell’. I no longer subscribe because I am not currently doing more stocks – only ETF – of which I have several for China and India and several general Emerging markets. I think Tony Sagami at Weiss is just as knowledgable as Hsu but maybe without as much direct personal contact with CEO’s.

    39. michaelsuch
      Mar 8 2011, 05:27:46 pm

      even a stopped clock is right at certain times. two and a half years ago, i bought china mobile (CHL) on hsu’s recommendation. that has been dead money for the most part…and i hesitate to go deep with any other of his recommendations.

    40. c. gattas
      Nov 2 2011, 12:10:50 pm

      MUCH,MUCH TOO WORDY. I have stopped reviewing any ‘report’ that looks like it’s going to take more than 10 – 12 seconds to get to the punch line. Most are just time- wasting sales pitches for subscriptions.
      C. Gattas

    41. Anna1
      May 29 2012, 02:38:11 pm

      I think that Hsu got caught in the cross-winds of China’s too fast growth, and its attempt to control that. This says less about Hsu’s newsletter, as much as it says about the China phenomenon. I subscribed to his newsletter for two years, right at the beginning when his newsletter first came out, and made some good money at that time, in part because because China was the new darling of wall street, and in larger measure, because of Hsu’s recommendations. His recommendations were excellent, so long as China kept growing. He got side-swiped by the reverse merger debacle, and from there on, everything went down hil and nobody trusts China anymore. I think that as China turns around, so may Hsu’s reputation as a newsletter writer. He certainly understands China better than most, and his contacts there are far superior to most analysts. I would only re-up the subscription when I am more sure of China’s future prospects, politically and economically. Inevitably, those prospects will SOME DAY be good and firm, but everything is still a bit wobbly with the global market such as it is. That is not Hsu’s fault, however.

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