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    1. Chris
      Jun 20 2012, 11:30:23 am

      The caveats up front:
      – I am a novice at currency trading
      – I’ve only gone into 4 trades with this service….sat out of one trade.
      – I’m P – – – – d off.
      The report:
      – All 4 trades were losers.
      – The trade I sat out of was a winner though to this service’s credit. Of course it was a winner since I sat out….I was tired of losing money.

      I probably do not have much basis for complaint as I’ve only gone into 4 trades…but 100% loss and loss of ANY amount of money agitates me. and does not calculate into acceptable percentages for me. So far I am not happy with the percentages this service or Professor Forex (Sean Hyman) has offered up. His educational emails and alerts and opinions are constant and may have, I suppose, some long term educational and strategy-formulation value. Time will tell if $995 and the money I put into the Forex investment platform will all simply be lost due to hit or miss trade strategies from Professor Forex. I do not like being 0 for 4 as a novice….it hits the wrong nerve and I feel I must tell it like it is.

      Do with this what you will.
      P – – – – d off.

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