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    1. darren
      May 17 2010, 08:07:51 pm

      Cycles news & views by Tim Wood

      I Have been a subscriber for about 3 years. Well worth the money aprox 300 a year. Covers stock indexes,gold, dollar,oil,comodities. Tim has done his research & has the best understanding of cycles I have sean & knows dow theory cold.
      Gives statistics regarding most likely path the market will take based on cycles & dow theory. Which is usefull for money management. No predicting based on invalid theories based on fundamentals. Often he posts on financial sense or safe haven. Called stock market top in 2007 & maket bottom in 09 as well as the boom bust in comodities. I have no reason to doubt his record he posts on his site before I became a subscriber. His market research has made me money, fits my personality of having a strong commitment to reason & cultivating reflective thought from the rcording of logic.

    2. gailtoo
      Aug 1 2010, 08:57:40 am

      I totally agree with the above review. I have been a subscriber for about 10 months and I like this service very much. Tim is also great about answering questions by email. I’d recommend this to anyone and often wonder why we don’t hear more about him.

    3. Jim
      Aug 30 2010, 05:06:08 pm

      I’ve been following Tim Wood’s Dow theory cycle work work for a few years now. I haven’t been very impressed. His reports are somewhat convoluted and difficult to read because they are far from succinct. To his credit, he does seem to get the majority of intermediate term moves right. It’s best to use his work as a backdrop to flesh out other cycle methodologies.

    4. Jason
      Dec 26 2010, 01:43:50 am

      Subscribed during 2008 and 2009. He called the bear market correctly, but was terribly wrong in not seeing the resulting bull market. Made a horrible call in July 2009, telling his subscribers to go short, just before a huge market rally. His letter and updates are vague, and don’t provide a model portfolio. Therefore, he can always have an excuse if something goes wrong. His basic problem is that he is a perma-bear-deflationist, which means that he missed the entire 2002-7 rally, as well as the 2009-present rally. He called 2008 correctly, but hey, even a broken clock is right twice a day.

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