Dividend Detective

Author/Editor: Harry Domash

Contains both free and paid listings of dividend-paying stocks of various stripes, paid service has portfolios and more research.

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    1. CoolSoupy
      Mar 21 2009, 12:48:19 pm

      Dividend Detective

      A real time saver for those interested in a value portfolio.
      They never try to sell you anything and you pay monthly for a long as you want.
      Harry Domash is highly regarded among his piers.

    2. Parry laird
      Apr 10 2009, 07:07:22 pm

      Harry cuts out all the leg work for you. I downloaded all the various catagory information and it made a good basis to complete my DD on selected stocks, MLP’s etc. An excellent value!

    3. Roy Dillow
      Apr 28 2009, 11:51:37 am

      Began subscription after the “crash”. Liked Harry’s style and apparent commitment to his clients. Newsletter and condensed version of same are easy to read/use. He has had some big losers which he readily admits. Clearly he has not real insights as to what the market or a particular stock will do, but he pays attention to public and quasi public news and he really understands the fundamentals of a company. Low price and therefore one really has to do the homework to ensure a “buy” is wise. He also gives instruction/insights on the items he evaluates and how to calculate same.

    4. Jack
      Jan 5 2010, 07:24:00 pm

      This is an excellent newsletter, especially for people who seek dividends from stocks. I really don’t have any complaints at all at this time. The research is thorough and the advice is sound. The fee is reasonable considering that you can get that and more back in dividends from the stocks.

    5. Wayne Moore
      Jan 7 2010, 11:55:23 am

      Harry Domash’s Dividend Detective service has made an important contribution to my investing success over the past 18 months of market volatility. I am retired and live almost entirely on my investment income. I also subscribe to The Motley Fool and Dividend.com. Dividend Detective has been the most useful to me; Motley Fool does too much marketing of their services and Dividend.com has been worthless.

      I have an investment strategy that I have developed myself, which uses the underlying economic theory of commercial real estate investing, which is that the only economically valid reason for investing in an asset is for the value of its future income stream. Jeremy Siegel also makes this assertion in his book, Stocks for the Long Run.

      Even though I take out several hundred thousand a year from my portfolio for living expenses and make no additional contributions to it, the portfolio market value is now 7.5% above its all-time high in October 2007, while the S&P500 sits at 26% BELOW its October 2007 high after increasing more than 50% since last March. The income approach to value drives my personal investing strategy, rather than the market approach to value and trying to win with capital gains. The Dividend Detective information service supports my personal investing approach very well.

    6. Dave Bigos
      Jan 18 2010, 02:15:27 pm

      My 25 year career of assisting buyers and sellers with their real estate needs was wipe out because of the results of sub prime. I was not one of those big hitters I was a little guy who made a living helping families find their dream home. I was out of business and needed to replace my lost real estate income so I could provide for my family.

      I have been an individual investor for years but our portfolio was based on aggressive growth and not income. I needed a new investment strategy and education as to how to change our portfolio to produce income and not just capital gains .

      I had seen many of Harry Domash’s articles on MSN’s Money site .I read most of them and even purchased a few more aggressive ones he recommended but I did nothing with the income ones he mentioned. That was going to change.

      I reviewed the web site Dividend Detective and said lets try it. My wife Marsha is so glad I did . Harry Domash’s Dividend Detective website and news letter has helped reach goals in a year that I thought would take 5years to do so and with out huge risks. Our dividend income is growing as well as the stocks climbing in price.

      Thanks to you Harry and the entire staff at Dividend Detective we are more then half way to replacing my former real estate income with dividend income. It looks like we will be able to reach our goal of replacing the entire income with dividends in 2 years.
      We would not have been able to accomplish this performance with out your research
      and recommendations.

      When people ask how am I so successful I proudly say
      “with the help of Dividend Detective”

      Dave Bigos

    7. Mike M
      Jan 26 2010, 04:53:34 pm

      I strongly recommend this service, both for accuracy and value for money. I gave two items 4 out of 5 stars simply because nobody gets it right all the time. And just giving everything 5 stars looks like a rubber stamp.

      I have subscribed to the service for well over three years and have found the service very useful in identifying dividend paying stocks, ETFs and Preferreds.

      I trade futures and options for a living and so needed something low risk and sensible for my retirement account. DD matched my requirements. Despite going through the March 2009 drop my retirement portfolio is up (bolstered by dividends) which I am very happy with. (I buy every stock and ETF he recommends.)

      Recently the service introduced bonds which seems useful although I have not used it. That said, I did email Harry Domash asking whether he could include the CUSIP to make finding bonds easier. Within a few weeks he had obliged.

      There is also a recently introduced section that instructs readers on doing their own dividend research.

      If you are at all interested in dividend paying stocks then this service will definitely help you. And the low cost cannot be beaten.

    8. Dale
      Jan 26 2010, 05:33:46 pm

      Simple but very informative service. A lot of good information on Dividend Stocks, MLP’s and Preferreds. I like the fact that they keep it simple and straightforward. Met Harry at the Money Show last year and signed up for his service and have been pleased since. Even his free service is solid and a good resource for any investor. Definately worth checking out.

    9. Russ G
      Jul 12 2010, 03:03:10 pm

      Dividend Detective is not flashy, but the quality and integrity of the information is excellent. As others have stated, it is also an excellent value and has a great track record.

    10. Nathan
      Jul 31 2010, 10:07:06 am

      Dividend Detective is a good service for those looking at dividends. Harry covers stocks, etfs, Preferreds,closed in funds, bonds, trusts, etc….. Not just stocks. It has alot of useful information. After covering all the above listed items it then suggestd model portfolios for simplicity. It alos lits the ex-dividend date and highlights potential dividend capture sitautions.

      Harry’s recommendations do not go straight up, but he recaps every month the honest performance of all his recommendations whether they gained or lost each month.

      I have found some of the most helpful advise is from the coverage on monthly dividend paying etfs, closed in funds, and preferreds. Most services do not cover them in the detail Harry does. It is hard to filter through the world of prefererds and funds and find those paying secure dividends which are trading below value. Many times he will put the recommendations on Do not aquire status until they are correctly priced to help you time purchaes.

      The one time I had a question I emailed and he responded within 24 hours.

    11. Bill G
      Aug 5 2010, 11:08:33 am

      I like Harrys easy straight forward explanations and plain english . He explains closed end funds and MLPs with simple talk that brings the most complicated down to earth so all can understand. I have been a subscriber for almost a year. Anyone who is investing can benefit their selves with his value for the money monthly letter. Mr Domash is a seasoned investor who has bee around the block.

    12. Wild about Harry
      Aug 18 2010, 02:50:20 pm

      Thanks in large part to Harry, my portfolio is about 40% higher than the pre-crash high, AND I have access to a HANDSOME income stream monthly as well should I need access to it. This guy rocks. Obviously, nobody picks them all right. I use this as a starting point for my investments, then do some other screening. This place is a GREAT idea generator. I have made back the subscription price by a factor of many 1000s to one, and I have done it with lower than average market risk. Harry, if you read this, thank you from the bottom of my heart. You helped to change my families future. I mean it. Thank you. One example: the account I have earmarked for my daughters education is up over 50% despite going through the crash. This will likely impact her financial future, educational choices, and entire life. I am totally grateful to you. g’bless and keep it going.

    13. Jerry D.
      Aug 19 2010, 06:24:42 am

      Have subscribed to DD for about 9 months and agree with the positive reviews here. Reiterating the other reviewers, the newsletter contains good investment income information at a very fair price.

    14. jacob
      Aug 25 2010, 03:32:08 pm

      I smell some Domash rats. No dividend newsletter s worth a damn. I found that out when I fell for getting this newsletter. Then I just did my own research and got better results because I didnt have any real losers unlike Domash.

      The information is all out there. Just check it JNJ DY = 3.8%, PGH DY = 8.5% etc. come on, how stupid are these reviewers. If a guy is published in the media, you know he is a clown. Save your money. The small dividends you get aren’t worth paying a price for a newsletter. Just check the dividend stocks yourself unless you are an idiot.

    15. G.H
      Nov 6 2010, 03:10:12 pm

      This is the right way to invest.No one bats one thousand but in world of hype and nonsense this method will keep you out of trouble.

    16. Izzy
      Dec 4 2010, 03:57:04 pm

      This newsletter is a good value for those looking for dividend paying stocks. The review by Jacob dated 8/25/10 is nonsense, and the reviewer Jacob is a schmuck. What Harry provides isn’t simply a list of stocks with high dividends. Any clown could do that by using a simple stock screening program. These are equities where not only is the payout safe (i.e. the company earns enough to sustain the dividend) but the company also isn’t a classic value trap destined to continually drop in price in the future. Rather, these are dividen paying situations where Harry thinks there may be a substantial upside.

    17. Chicao Trader
      Dec 9 2010, 02:07:46 pm

      This is a real find. A treasure trove of information which is perfect for income investors. I am a new subscriber and so I cant discuss performance yet. But I do have one big concern: no buy prices. How is the average Joe out there supposed to know when to buy? Fortunately I am an experienced technician and can determine good entry prices. But most of the subscribers are probably at a disadvantage. In summary, I wish I had found this newsletter years ago. And you cant beat the price for the information received-its a huge bargain. Also, I wish they would address floating rate bond funds.

    18. Chris In Delaware
      Jan 7 2011, 08:11:24 am

      This site is a real ‘find’. It paid for itself with just ONE of the recommendations it offered me. I purchased a stock that had just announced a special one-time dividend and within 2 months, I’d profitted by an amount that will pay for Dividend Detective for about 50 years! Well written without any bluster or breathlessness. Ihe web carries alot of ‘noise’ regarding stock picking…. this site cuts through the bull to offer serious direction if you’re seeking high dividends and stability.

    19. John T3
      Apr 7 2011, 01:38:46 pm

      For quite a while, I have used Dividend Detective to find stocks with consistant high dividends. Periododicaly, when I have funds to commit to the market, I take a list of stock from the site, then do my own research using Morningstar, Standard & Poors, WSJ and other sources to verify the PE, consistancy of dividends, growth of earnings, etc. By weeding out stocks that do not meet my tests, I can pick the ones to buy.
      I could not use this selection process if it weren’t for the lists of dividend payers at Dividend Detective. The cost is very reasonable for the tremendous saving in research time it provides.

    20. Bruce Anderson
      Apr 30 2011, 09:24:59 am

      Dear Friends,

      Harry does a fantastic job… I have not found anything that comes close to offering the information included in Dividend Detective. His information is accurate and timely. Moreover, he’s made me a lot of money I would not have made without this online publication. The monthly cost is very, very reasonable and I highly recommend that you take him up on the first month promotion and see for yourself. You will not be disappointed I promise!!

    21. Dave
      Jun 21 2011, 09:04:47 pm

      When seeking professional stock advice, the question isn’t so much who’s the better stock guru, rather, the question is, who do you trust? I’ve been burned by “professional” stock brokers and their lame mutual fund products. I’ve been in two 401K mutual funds with powerhouse Wall Street brokers who were asleep at the switch as their funds lost 50%. The major Wall Street investment firms are much more concerned with making money for themselves than the individual Main Street investor. Even worse, many Wall Street investment firms are blinded by greed, so much so that they make questionable investments with your money, i.e. bundled subprime mortgage-backed securities. Another thing that annoys me about the greed-driven stock game is frantic cable TV stock experts who say, “buy, buy, buy,” and never follow-up to tell you when to “sell, sell, sell” like Harry does. Knowing when to sell is a 1000 times more important than knowing when to buy. I think 7% return on a boring stock is ok, especially when stingy banks are giving you 1-3% return on your money and the economy sucks overall. New investors flock to marquee companies, like Microsoft, but those stock prices are commonly flat with a paltry or no dividend for you, technically part owner of their company. Commission brokers always have the temptation of moving you in and out of dead end stocks. Harry is great at delivering a wide spectrum of stock choices. I endorse Harry Domash and Dividend Detective primarily because his patient and conservative investment philosophy matches mine. As a part-time investor, I do not have the time to devote or the money to risk on highly speculative and volatile trendy stocks or options. If you don’t practice stock fundamentals every day, they go in one ear and out the other. Everyone wants to buy the next Green Mountain Coffee Roasters (whatever that is)? Good luck, my friend, don’t we all!

    22. victor parker
      Sep 28 2011, 05:05:08 am

      Dividend Detective is the only investment adviser newsletter I am comfortable with especially true as the markets have fluctuated so unpredictably. My personal view is that the market will behave much as Japan’s market has, bouncing up and down withing a somewhat wide range. Dividend Detective has been very helpful in suggesting dividend stocks and other income securities that secure a reasonable yield.

    23. doug nashif
      Oct 15 2011, 03:41:53 pm

      Great newsletter for building and managing a dividend portfolio. Harry has years of experience and even answers his own emails! Will be a subscriber for as long as he publishes.

    24. mike king
      Apr 26 2012, 03:50:48 am

      /* Used the Dividend Detective free service for quite a while before giving in and buying the premium service. I shouldn’t have waited so long. This is a no nonsense guide to profitable investing that works. No wasted moves, no hidden agendas. Just super value information that I didn’t have to wait for. No plugging into other websites or listening to those boring web broadcasts that promise all but give nothing.
      Here I am treated like an adult. I never got pressured into going for the premium(though I still got a lot of premium content) but am happy I took the plunge. I didn’t get anything for writing this except satisfaction ! Thank you.

    25. Lynda
      Sep 15 2012, 11:33:09 am

      Harry, I am a very small investor who has spent precious money on various angencies’ ‘reports’ which turned out to be old news(the buy-up-to was already met/exceeded by the time the report goes public and is purchased), too complicated to utilize, or the recommendation turned out to require more of a minimum amt than I had to invest! I love your Teaser Picks Revealed-I learn so much. Recently read Street Authority’s teaser on BDCs and private equity companies; that ‘made Mitt Romney rich” etc. I’d hate to lose another $40 purchasing this info. Have you seen these reports? And in your opinion are they worth purchasing for people who have only bare minimums to invest? Lynda

    26. jim goldstein
      Oct 8 2012, 12:12:44 pm

      A recent subscriber. I am already impressed by the amount of useful information available. This is a subscription service for those looking for dividiends and income plays. Glad I subscribed.

    27. George Sabin
      Feb 4 2014, 01:53:54 am

      I had search hard to find Dividend Detective.
      Twice! First a few months before March 11th 2009 when I had to present to several investor friends what was going to happen in the market – here are my notes if you want for the presentation – ~ 600 pages for a 5 hr seminar. http://www.adrive.com/public/7vfnej/Final Draft.zip – 60/60 winners though some had to be dumped like some shipping etc when they got unstable. – Anyways at the time I got at least 50% of my picks from Harry’s hard work. I saw the market positioning then (It is all in the charts etc.) Well I saw the top coming now and looked for 3 weeks for the Dividend Detective again finally remembered the name. So for now I am sitting on the sidelines when not shorting or playing metal bounce and accumulate. Thanks Harry ! Oh – I like his site because it is no BS or teasers, fanfare or pride … just honest work and legitimate help.

    28. tom ray
      Aug 25 2014, 11:08:26 pm

      Harry is great , his newsletter is suited to the buy and hold investor with dividend income. I have emailed him a few times and he always got back to me.
      kicked but on the other news letter i subscribe to dividend lab and is far more affordable, less trading and better picks avoid dividend lab and subscribe to Harrys dividend detective you will be glad you did
      tom ray

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