Elite Trader Series

Schaeffer premium options trading service that shares “every single option-buying strategy” from a number of different alerts and services. 40-50 trades/month.

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    1. Elaine
      Jun 5 2009, 02:59:22 pm

      I signed up for Bernie Schaefer’s Option Alerts newsletter. While I did not find it very exciting, I did try some of his services, such as “Elite Trader Series” and so far, he has really picked some great stocks. I have only been trading his recommendations for a month and have made more than the price I paid several times over. You get alot of stock picks, so you have to either pick and choose which ones make the most sense to you or take smaller positions. We made a bundle in PALM. They tell you when to get in and when to get out, which is nice. They do sometimes pick stocks when they are in mid-stream on their way to support or resistance, so I have found myself waiting a couple of days to get in at a better price, but the expectation has been met for which direction the stock will go. We are very pleased. They do keep us busy with picks and for that, we are grateful!

    2. John
      Dec 22 2009, 11:00:45 pm

      I subscribed in mid-September and receive 35 or 40 recommendations per month. Each is very specific, recommending a specific option purchase at a specific maximum entry price. Some are simple puts or (more often) calls, but some are more complex straddles, etc. At some later time (days or weeks), specific instructions arrive for closing the trade. Most of the trades are short-term. Of the 162 recommendations that I’ve received, 62 have ended with a profit and 100 with a loss for a winning percentage of about 38%. Had I followed their advice and purchased the same number of options for all their recommendations, I would have lost a lot of money. Schaeffer’s has a “contrarian” viewpoint. They focus on stocks that most others are betting against. They provide a detailed commentary for each recommendation, and you should do some thinking on your own to decide how strongly you agree with their reasoning before jumping in. Sometimes I have been more successful by modifying their recommendations to use a longer-term option or by selling earlier or later than they have recommended. Their website has lots of useful educational information and research tools that are free. It has been a volatile market, with wide swings driven by each bit of news, often in ways that defy logic, so short-term trades, particularly with the leverage of options, require setting stops and following positions closely. I am holding on to the subscription in the expectation that their success rate will increase when the daily market swings subside a bit.

    3. Steve M.
      Jan 22 2010, 02:12:45 pm

      I got this service about 3 months ago. Although it is a lot of trades to go through as long as you stick to a good money management system and read Schaeffer’s commentary you will find several big wins and a good amount of 30%-60% wins. My rep Rob has been outstanding in his explinations. The one thing you do not want to do is just go in to all of the trades without reviewing them for yourself. The truth about options trading is a 40%-50% win rate is great unless you trade spreads. With Schaeffer’s I have hit almost a 60% win rate and am doing great. I am upgrading to the Schaeffer’s top service and will write a review once I have some time in it. If you want some help with your options trades I would look at Schaeffer’s premium services.

    4. Rogier
      Mar 20 2010, 08:57:05 pm

      I had initially subscribed to Elite Trader in December. Schaeffer’s does an excellent job in broadcasting their trade recommendations and then shortly thereafter follow-up with a more detailed explanation or ‘trade driver’. With the service providing 40-50 trades per month, you really need to consider if you have the TIME to intercept them and follow them responsibly. I do not. Regardless, I cancelled this subscription, and Schaeffer’s kindly transferred my account into a more conservative service. With any of these option services, you must not rely upon the service to give a sell signal – set your own stops and execute. Waiting for the service can be disasterous!

    5. Baba
      Mar 31 2011, 06:10:55 pm

      After trying Expiration Week Countdown, I used Elite service and NO DOUBT it really helps. I have not only got back the money I lost in earlier service in few trades but also made sufficient profits. Just to mention in today’s alert for SGI option for $3, one could made over a dollar in just few hours which means $3000 to over $4000 (pure $1000 profit).
      What I understand from their fast service, you have to take action in timely manner and pre-set your profit target from 10% to 50% then you would have over 90% win rate. But if you become greedy seeking profits over 100%, then you will see a lot of lossing trades.

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