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    1. Ric
      Mar 2 2009, 02:52:33 pm

      I climbed onto the Energy and Capital newsletter a few months ago as I have an interest in alternate energy given that I have been a natural resource & policy economic analyst by trade for the past 20 years. Up front you should know that I do not buy into the panic doom and gloom hype about global warming being man made or that humans can prevent or affect a solar based natural occurrence. However, there is money to be made on the backs of those Algorebots that do.

      One of the things I monitor for another “watch group” is those pandering to fear mongering to sell a product. We call them “Bad Neighbors”.

      This is what the editor of that “watch group” had to say in response to my bringing a recent teaser passed around by Energy and Capital that was authored by Chris Nelder:

      [“Ric brought Energy & Capital to our attention saying, “This is one of the investment newsletters I receive. Because of their containments within, i.e. `using global warming fear to drive investors to his subscription,’ Chris Nelder has lost all credibility. I cannot believe recommendations from someone who uses fear and wrong headed mantras to make a buck instead of sound investment demonstration!”

      We reviewed their newsletter and in addition to agreeing with Ric, we take issue with their usage of the precautionary principle, claiming “The lack of absolute scientific certitude should be the very reason we take action on global warming, not an excuse for inaction.”

      We recommend Energy & Capital study Lawrence Kogan’s book “The Precautionary Principle”, and all postings on Global Warming on this website

      If after studying these facts and truths they agree it’s a good idea to stop using fear as a “buy” motivator, we’ll be honored to list them as Good Neighbors.]

      I suggest you review his and Energy and Capital’s work to draw your own conclusion.

      Have fun trading.

    2. Tim Zadek
      Jun 8 2009, 10:37:59 pm

      This letter is free, so value for the money is pretty darn good. Chris Nelder and Keith Kohl know the oil market inside and out, they don’t offer that many free picks, you usually have to pay for the services, but the research is consistently in depth.

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