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    1. Time traveler
      Feb 23 2010, 03:55:13 pm

      ETF trend trading

      Member since Sept. 09. Sounds good on paper but horrible customer support and have lost money on their instructions.

      Questions during their “training” webinars are only available to experienced traders since if you ask what they consider too simple of a question, you are publically ridiculed. I did not get a response to several attempts to asking questions to their e-mail customer support line.

      I tried to cancel service within their “trial period” but they intentionally delayed and stalled contacts and “help” until the time period was up and then on the last day replyed “oops, sorry, your time is up, no refund.” These people are dishonest at best and crooks at worst.

      Hopefully, others have better luck with them but they sure screwed me out of $2000+ that, being unemployed, was painful to lose to such people.

    2. Evan
      May 26 2010, 01:31:28 pm

      This was a rip off. They take your money and most of his trades are losers. THey wont refund you your money especially the Rip off seminars are more for selling you other services.
      As Jim Cramer would say “Dont Buy !!””Dont Buy !!”

    3. Ptrader
      Jun 2 2010, 10:00:47 am

      Member since Oct 09. The stated 5% per month is a big sales pitch line. Site has a small sample portfolio you can follow and it is down approx. 15% since I started following the picks. It is a system and there is some good educational information about money management and trading ideas. Site does provide daily updates and weekly webinars. There is no up marketing once you join for the first year. You get everything you need to trade up front weather it works or not. It just does not perform as stated.

    4. Lakers Fan
      Sep 19 2010, 06:10:55 pm

      I previously posted the following 2 reviews about ETF Trend Trading on the stockgumshoe forum page. I cut and pasted them below. Warning, this is a very lengthy and thorough review; however, I would definitely recommend reading it in its entirety if you are considering dropping $2000 dollars to this guy.

      I wanted to shed some light on ETF Trend Trading from the perspective of a former subscriber to this service. I recently came across some claims that Big A is actually Aden Rusfeldt on Stock Gumshoe and also on a site called the Rip Off Report; I believe that this is 100% true. On the ETF trend trading home page, one of the first things that Big A (Aden) clarifies is that, “To be clear, this is NOT about futures, options, commodities or forex trading (although my system does work on anything that produces a chart).” The reason for this is that he previously committed fraud and the CFTC ordered that he can no longer be involved in this industry. It appears he switched over from forex/commodities to the stock market. Aden Rusfeldt is from Houston, Texas and Big A is also from Houston, Texas. On many of the webinars ,Big A has always been reluctant to discuss anything regarding forex trading, other than saying the aforementioned, “my system will work on anything that produces a chart”. I now understand why since he is not allowed to discuss forex trading per the CFTC injunction/order.

      I also happened to come across an interesting confessional that was done by Aden Rusfeldt shortly after he was convicted by the CFTC here,…

      I will start off by acknowledging that ETF Trend Trading is not a complete scam; however, it is readily apparent from looking at the home page that this program is a money making machine for Big A associated with a lot of HYPE. This is the ultimate irony since Big A loves to criticize what he terms, “my so called competition”, and take potshots at other trading gurus and trading services for providing too much hype on the internet claiming outsized returns. I originally joined ETF Trend Trading through some advertising link that stated one could receive 12% returns per month trading ETFs. The purchase price was around $2000 and I received a binder with the ETF Trend Trading course along with some DVDs. The materials and presentation were very amateurish, and they don’t invoke a lot of confidence in the author. Without going into too much detail, I will say that the trading strategy is predominantly a simple breakout system of a recent high. Big A also has some additional trade types that he terms counter-trend trades and sideways market trades, but even by his own admission these trades do not perform that well. In fact, the sideways market trade was completely removed from his trading rules. Big A’s system is fairly similar to the Turtle System as it has add-on trades,and position sizing per trade of 1-2%; however, it doesn’t use volatility adjusted stops and the exit strategies are different.

      Let me get to the bottom line. I calculated the 2009 results (during which I was a member) for all the recommended trades on the Member’s Blog Page for the 4 ETFs (SPY, QQQQ, DBA, IBB) in which Big A gave daily updates per the system rules. Are you ready for this… Results for 2009 = -1.87% Yes that is a negative 1.87%. What?!?!? If I had just bought and held the QQQQ; I would have had a 54% return. I was originally sold a system that claimed 12% per month returns. Later Big A changed this claim to 6% per month and said that 12% per month was for those that “daytrade” his system. This is classic bait and switch tactics. I was sold a system that was advertised as a 10 minute per night end of day trading system that averaged 12% per month. I still see current ads all over the internet where they claim returns of 5.7% per month for his sytem. This is complete fraud as there were some recently released trade results for many ETFs. The results show that for the past 5 years the ETF Trend Trading system averages about 5% per year APR. The SPY returned 4.83%, the QQQQ returned 3.78%, My own personal experience and results with the program were similarly unimpressive. I started with a trading account of 33K and finished off with 28K. I guess not that bad of a loss, but when you consider that the broad stock market had a huge rally for most of 2009 this is really a ridiculous return. Heck, if I had just bought and held the QQQQ I would have had over 50K now.

      During the year that I was a member, I was continually bombarded with emails from Big A promoting new programs and activities that he was selling. First it was a day trade course, them it was an Austin Live Workshop where you supposedly got more personalized teaching, then it was an Options course (trading iron condors and credit spreads), then it was an Options trading service run by another former student called Julio, then it was a 99% auto trade system. Each of these additional programs/items cost thousands of dollars and were obvious attempts to extract as much money as possible from the members while they were still naive to his game. Its funny but the guy that was teaching his Austin workshop (named Tucker Stipe) was a student of Big A’s that joined in 2009. Apparently Tucker became so quickly experienced that it was now worth $1000 to go listen to him present a trading workshop. None of Big A’s staff or Big A himself have any real credentials to be trading advisors or teachers. While I was a member, they would send out emails recruiting for the students to join their sales/support team. Am I supposed to believe that a person that was just recently themself purchasing an ETF Trend Trading system program a few months ago is somehow now an “trading expert” qualified to give me advice and teaching? I think the answer is obvious.

      One of the most unscrupulous things to me is an email that members receive after about 90 days where Big A describes to members how they themselves can become fund managers. If Big A is really Aden Rusfeldt then this is really over the top and inexcusable. Aden Rusfeldt posted a statement, in the above referenced link on, where he implored the CFTC to regulate money managers to have their series 3 license and be registered with the NFA. He states, “Doing that will save a lot of clients from other non-informed forex money managers. It’s not an excuse because I take full responsibility for my actions, but it is crazy that I legally had as many clients as I did and was not required to take one class or pass even one test. Once again, I honestly did not know the rules and am sorry for my trading losses.” The fact that he is now providing this information and encouraging his current students to become money managers themselves is despicable.

      Let me try and summarize the ETF Trend Trading Program.
      Positives: I did learn how to calculate percent risk per trade and utilizing stops in my trading. Previously I was more of a buy and hold type guy so the simple notion of having an exit strategy and a target were helpful.
      Negatives: Multiple as mentioned above; I believe Big A’s ETF Trend Trading program is full of hype and he is only about making more sales. The results using this trading strategy have been completely misrepresented and for 2009 were -1.87%. The ETF Trend Trading program definitely overpromises and underdelivers.

      This is a follow up to my original post after I did some more research on who Big A really is. One of the things that I discovered that has been really disappointing to me is the true background of Big A (aka Aden Reusfeldt). On his website he states, “I regularly made trades of over 50 million dollars and was nicknamed “Big A”. The nickname stuck because of the size of my trades, not the size of my stature. I made enough money that I was able to leave it all behind and trade exclusively for myself. Taking 3-week vacations at a time and answering to no one.” I searched the internet for reviews of Aden Reusfeldt’s former history as a fund manager and found quite a few examples of his clients that had lost nearly their entire account with him. It actually makes me angry to think of the way Big A currently promotes himself as a successful fund manager, when the truth is far from this. He was found by the CFTC to be willfully deceiving and cheating people when he was a fund manager as can be seen in the following link.…..032107.pdf

      According to my research, Aden Reusfeldt is 32 or 33 years old, lives in Dickinson, Texas (a suburb of Houston) and is married to a 41 year old woman. This all fits with personal information that “Big A” has disclosed on his personal videos and webinars over the past couple of years. He has described that he is married to a woman with children from a previous relationship and he currently has a young child together with her as well. During some of the webinars that he does from his home office, you have been able to hear the noise of drums being played in the background and he has said that this was his teenage stepson in the garage below him playing the drums.

      I also wanted to provide some additional details regarding the recent results for the ETF Trend Trading program by Big A. This month (July 2010) he completely revamped many aspects of his trading system after he had his trading rules automated by a programmer on the TradeStation platform. The true results of Big A’s trading system were finally revealed. Big A has 2 lists (that he calls the A list and B list) of stocks and ETFs that were backtested for the past 5 years. The results ( APR returns were listed in the range of 3-10% per year with a mode of about 4%) were described in my previous post above. What I find outrageous is the fact that these poor results were even after Big A attempted to optimize his system by making multiple modifications to his previous trading rules. I wonder how bad the initial backtest results were with his original trading rules? Remember that this is a program that Big A advertised as returning 6% per month and originally was advertising returns of 12% per month. Big A has several testimonials on his home page where some outrageous monthly returns are listed. Big A has frequently referred to someone named Julio ( who now runs some type of option signal service that Big A is promoting) and Jerry Q. All of this is again more hype and Big A has continually pleaded with his members to provide him with video “testimonials” and in return he would give them a free video camera.

      Big A has now stated that to arrive at his 6% per month return figure, that someone would need to trade all the top 10 ETFs by performance. If you add up all these APRs together you should arrive at a figure that is close to 6% per month. This idea is preposterous! Each trade you make will take up anywhere from 20-50% or more of your available margin (especially after you count add-on trades) and your account is usually close to full margin after 3 trades. There have actually been some previous trades that used 75% of available margin in one ETF trade with all the add-ons included. This was the case back in September 2009 when a trade on the SPY used $15k of a total $20k theoretical margin account. There is no conceivable way that someone could be taking every single entry on 10 ETF/stocks at the same time. Perhaps if you traded out of the money options and wanted to leverage up your account to 10X leverage, but then of course any type of drawdown would blow up your account. This idea is totally infeasible.

      The other problem with his idea of trading a total of 10 ETFs is that many of the stocks and ETFs are highly correlated, and they will have entry signals occurring close to the same time together. You have to choose which ETF entry to take, and you can’t possible take all 10 entries at the same time. As I said, your account will be fully margined after 2-3 trades including add-on trades. There will even be times, as described above, where 1 trade will take up to 75% of available margin. What makes these past performance results even worse is the fact that you would have had to take every single possible entry during the whole year to achieve these results. For example, if you miss just 1 entry on the year in any given ETF, where that entry returned 4-5+%, you could be stuck with a zero or negative return on the year for all the other trades. This is because the average annual return is only about 4-5%, so if you miss just one of the profitable signals you could easily have a negative return.

      One of the best theoretical returns for the past 5 years was actually for a stock. Perhaps you can guess which one… Hint: They sell iPhones, iPods, IPads, etc… Yes, Apple was listed as returning 16.34% per year (cumulative return of 89%) for the past 5 1/2 years using this system. However, what if someone had just bought Apple stock back in 2005 when it was trading for $34/share and sold it today. Well, today at over $250/share that person would have had over 600% returns which equates to an APR of nearly 50% per year. Not too bad for just buying and holding AAPL for those 5 years. Big A’s method only captured about one-tenth this massive trend for Apple over the past 5 years. I actually just realized in calculating those numbers that the APR calculations that Big A made were done incorrectly. An 89% cumulative return over 5 1/2 years is actually a 12.2% APR. The APR formula should be the following… cumulative return + 1 to the power of the reciprocal of the number of years, so it would be 1.89, then push yx on your calculator, (1/5.5) = 1.122 = 12.2% per year APR. Just an aside for those of you without a math background; APR calculations need to account for the effect of compound interest and they are not just a simple arithmetic mean(average).

      In doing this review, I wanted provide those people considering purchasing any of Big A’s products, the real story behind his results, the personal history of Big A (based on my own research), and the way he runs his business. I wish I had been provided this type of information back when I first purchased the system. I suggest everyone google “turtle trading rules” and look up the free short book done by one of the original turtles. In this book there is a section titled, “The Ugly Truth about System Sellers” where the author describes that there are far more people making money selling systems than there are actual people making money trading. This is unfortunately an inconvenient truth that the sellers of many of these trading systems don’t wish to share. Think logically with me for a second; If you actually had a trading system where you supposedly were making nearly 100% per year returns, would you make it into an trading course and market it to thousands of people over the internet so the edge would disappear? Wait a second… You wouldn’t? Case closed.

    5. Bozzy
      Oct 2 2010, 07:59:39 am

      One of my family subscribed.

      This system is basic, and does not perform to its claimed levels.

      I agree with most of the previous reviews – particularly with regard to the exaggerated monthly return claims. Considering that this is what landed Aden Rusfeldt in the glue with the CFTC before you have to say he has some sand.

      One poster has said that thirteen months experience yielding a claimed 67% is enough to say it is an OK system. Over the thirteen months preceding his post, the proverbial 3 darts a month thrown in the direction of the WSJ would have done as well. If he can claim the same performance over the thirteen months to about to come, I shall be very surprised.

      On the plus side, the risk and money management are OK, and provided you stay in very liquid funds, you may die the death of a thousand cuts, but it unlikely you will get beheaded. If you believe that you will show the expected 7% pm by “buying high and” … wait for it… “selling higher”, then you will ignore my advice not to buy this course.

      Others should hang on to their money – any refunds are delayed, and disputed and my own experience was that communication was very poor indeed.

      People: there really is no magic dust. If you want to make money from the markets then do the necessary work and be prepared to spend a great deal of time perfecting your skills.

      Good luck to us all.

    6. Twice Biten
      Feb 20 2011, 12:09:19 pm

      After reading Lakersfan review I went back and dug out my disk for “Currency Trading Made Easy” and it is Adam Rusfeldt the same guy as “EFT Trend Trading”,and yes I bought both programs. They got me for $150 the first time and 2 large on the second program. The guy must have balls the size of coconuts to be fined $3.5 million by the Feds and jump right back in again for another try. All I can tell you is neither program is worth the investment…Caveat Emtor.

    7. mungo
      Feb 28 2011, 12:09:24 am

      This sounded to good to be true but since I wanted to improve returns I thought it was worth a trial. Bad idea. He was saying I only have a few spots open for this month & I don’t know when I will open it again. Of course that sounds like Motley Fool & their expensive newsletters too.

      The documentation on charting was very primitive. Big A was joking how good it was now compared to the old way. I paid for the Austin class and didn’t really understand more after the class. Very few of attendees seemed to understand the system better. I kept in touch with a few classmates, all intelligent people with basic trading experience. They all gave up. I was a lucky one who got a refund after providing a record of paper trades.

      Big A webcasts from an office over his garage. His son practices drums during the webcast ! Big A kept saying he will have to remind his son of the schedule.

      He didn’t seem to have professional coders working on the system, Tucker the instructor was making changes. Sometimes I called thinkorswim and asked how to code something. Supposedly there were some pros but they were slow.

      I can’t recommend a great way to start trading, but I would avoid this one.

    8. hal steiner
      Dec 31 2011, 11:26:55 am

      Hello all
      If there is anyone out there reading this
      that purchased the 99% auto software and is not happy and want to sell it I’m interested. post a message here that you have software to sell and somehow we will figure out how to get together to complete the sale/ purchase

    9. Fred C
      Jan 25 2012, 04:22:09 pm

      Yes I bought the 99% auto system and it works fine for me. No, sorry I won’t sell it.
      I don’t love Big A, but I do like him and his systems. A few of the comments below are valid points, but many are not. Once you back test it, you will see it works. That is what I
      If you follow the rules and use the system correctly you can make money. I’ve been trading for several years and the last 8 months using the 99% system have been the best.
      Fred C

    10. Gary
      Mar 7 2012, 07:48:13 am

      I use several of Big A’s products for his Trend Trading course. His system is sound, he uses position sizing based on risk, stops based on swing points (or a couple of other less conservative points depending on how much risk you want), gives conservative, moderate and speculative rules, uses specific profit targets, gives rules for using opitons instead of the security if you wish, and more. Yes, his system takes some study to learn. The automated tools he offers make it much easier than it was when they didn’t exist. I make money using his system. It requires putting in the time. If you want a system that doesn’t require time of effort to win, I suggeswt you don’t trade, period. He also offers other products including trading psycology, options, day trading and more. He gives his students weekly training webinars and support. Who else is doing this and has been on a continuous basis?

    11. Tim Cook
      Jul 18 2012, 02:06:04 am

      I am not now or have been a subscriber, but I am on the e-mail list, and got an interesting e-mail today, which read:

      “My name is Patric Deaton. Recently
      I was relieved of my responsibilities
      as CEO of ETF Trend Trading.

      This email is to serve as public
      notice that I am no longer responsible
      or liable for any of the marketing and
      advertising practices associated with
      any of the business activities of
      Aden Rusfeldt , know a Big A of ETF
      Trend Trading, incorporated as DMETT LLC,
      311 Hughes Road, Dickinson, TX 77539.”

      Further research dug up that Aden Rusfeldt was prosecuted and found guilty in 2008 of fraud involving trading returns. Details can be found on the CFTC Website

      Caveat Emptor.

    12. C. Miller
      Sep 29 2012, 11:20:34 am

      I purchased the ETF Trend Trading 100% Auto System for a 5 year period at a cost of $3,999. A year and a half into my subscription I was informed that due to “lack of participation” my subscription had been cancelled. I requested a pro-rata refund and was informed that “a refund was not an option.” I could accept another system but I could not receive a refund on a system that ETF itself cancelled. I have written many times and they don’t even bother to write back. They know that it would cost me more in attorney fees than the $2,832 they owe to me. As for me I believe the whole deal is a scam.

    13. Gary Schuitema
      Aug 18 2013, 10:44:39 pm

      I have purchased many of Big A’s products. Most recently the Auto Oil (an automated system) which has performed terribly, losing 35% in 6 months. Also, the ‘done for you Options’ where he sends out trades to make based on his system, has performed terribly, losing 50% in 6 months. Avoid these products.

    14. Ron King
      Sep 25 2013, 04:00:47 am

      I am a current member of ETF Trend Trading. I had purchased the auto oil program for $3999 and after 60 days I was unhappy with the results and called to cancel. I received a prompt refund as promised. I also tried the Apple Signals service, also unhappy and also received a refund.. They stand behind their guarantee, which in my book goes a long way. He did get his hand slapped in Texas but it was not a serious violation. Besides who else provides a money back guarantee on training? Certainly not Ameritrade who has been hounding me to enroll in their InvestTools program. I am using some of Big A’s other course material and feel that I am getting good training for my money. They have many offerings to choose from, some are instructional while others offer signals. I believe the training is first rate, in all honesty I did not do well with the signals. However I would recommend ETF Trend Trading for anyone who wants to learn how to trade and is willing to put in the time to learn.

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