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    1. Herb
      Feb 17 2009, 08:50:50 am

      I lost money on them, what more can I say? Can’t buy everything.
      On an aside, speaking of gold, would like to see your discussion of Giurino’s email blasts regarding buy bonds and sell gold. Which bonds, which golds, and how to proceed?
      Thanks for your great effort for us, much appreciated and respected.

    2. Rob L.
      Mar 21 2009, 08:48:41 am

      I would probably edge this up to five stars if not for the author’s insistence on “buy and hold.” Some markets (cf. 2008-09) are NOT made for a stubborn buy-and-hold investor, and require a bit more mobility.

      Having said that, Dan’s analysis is usually spot on, and his emphasis on financially secure companies (especially for current investment) has been well worth following.

    3. joe
      Mar 21 2009, 08:53:10 am

      I was a subscriber to Dan Ferris’ Extreme Value. If you are a value player and can wait out the storm it is a top-notch letter. For the common man it is ridiculously priced and maybe Dan wants it that way. Unlike the other Stansberry editors who used stops to avoid the beating the market just went through Ferris is the true value buy and hold investor. I admire his fortitude, but it’s not much fun to watch a portfolio plummet while paying $800 a year for the newsletter. The other editors at Stansberry have been very flexible in avoiding the market carnage. Ferris’ strategy is long term and I think he is one of the best value analysts out there, the letter just doesn’t suit my style which is more akin to PSIA by Porter Stansberry which is run like a great hedge fund without the fees. The 12% Letter is also excellent. Tom Dyson has shifted gears without shifting focus and his advice is working.

    4. JohnnyHeck
      Apr 25 2009, 11:29:17 am

      Dan is an ardent fan of what he understands as the Warren Buffet methodology of buy value and hold forever. But unlike Buffet, Dan is forced to modify value based on the prevailing winds in order to come up with new stock picks even in an overvalued market. Also unlike Buffet, Dan believes that companies that buy back their stock at higher than book value prices are actually returning money to their shareholders – you just try to spend of that “money”! Because he is too young to understand prolonged bear markets and does not need income from his investments, Dan does not seem to understand the value of dividends and how their absolute level really determines whether a stock is undervalued or not. Dan really believes in his picks as true value but seems to get a little hyper lately as he detects that his subscriber base does not appreciate trying to catch “falling knives” because he is early in his selection.

      I subscribed to Dan’s letter for almost 3 months during the “free look” period. But because his porfolio has not got any income strategy and he has no capital preservation strategy, I didn’t think a person nearing retirement like myself could live with it happily.

    5. JPL
      Mar 6 2010, 09:54:23 pm

      Hi, Folks,

      The comments below relate to Steve, who had recently asked for help in the “Chris Weber..” review, “to improve my finances through investing.” So I’m taking this opportunity to make a review of “Extreme Value”.

      “Steve, you mentioned that you’re very cautious. That is a good thing – i.e. to consider the risks before investing any money, and you want safety.

      Please consider Extreme Value, from Stansberry & Associates. It’s a very good newsletter.

      Pros :
      Dan Ferris has recommended many good quality stocks at a “cheap” price. For example, he recommended IEP at $22, now it’s nearly $50. But please don’t buy it now, because it’s above his recommended price. ROY was recommended when it traded at about $2.50, and it was recently bought by Royal Gold at more than $7.

      He recommends stocks only when he believes they’re good picks.

      His recons are good for patient investors, like the “buy & hold” type. If you want safety, and don’t want to trade too much, then please use proper position sizing.

      If you “have never invested before” as you indicated, then you’ll learn a lot by becoming a subscriber. They also have a free “S&A Digest” to all subscribers, which is very educational, interesting and fun to read. You’ll learn how to invest, be given excellent stock picks, and how to invest safely.

      They have a money back guarantee, less 10%, in case you decide to cancel.

      Dan doesn’t use stop-loss orders. Rationale is that the recommended price is already very good. And if stock goes lower, then it’s an even better buy.

      Because he recommends stocks only when he believes they’re good picks, sometimes the subscriber receives no recon for several months. It might try your patience.

      If you want safety, you need to be disciplined not to add to your positions after stock goes up above recommended price.

      Regular price of Extreme Value was $1000 when I subscribed, sometimes half price.

      If you should decide to subscribe and invest, please don’t put so much money at risk, that if and when stock goes down, lest you’ll suffer unbearable financial paper loss or mental stress.

      Disclosure: I’m an “Extreme Value” subscriber, very satisfied with his newsletter, and presented my opinions, only because you asked for help. Also, I’ll be posting this on the “Extreme Value” review, if you don’t mind.

      I hope the above helps.”


    6. J. McLeod
      Apr 7 2010, 02:36:18 pm

      I have subscribrd to extreme Value Newsletter for a little over 2 years. It has provided me with cosistent winners . Some take a few months to develop but I would say his winners have out weighted his losers by 80%. Several of his recommendations, such as Roy were up over 100%. Altius and Sprott, actually trade lower after his reco, before they started climbing. I think one should trade his reco’s with at least a 3 yr. time frame.

    7. adi
      May 3 2010, 04:18:34 pm

      I would probably edge this up to five stars if not for the author’s insistence on “buy and hold.”
      Having said that, Dan’s analysis is usually spot on, and his emphasis on financially secure companies (especially for current investment) has been well worth following

    8. R. George
      Oct 7 2010, 10:14:06 am

      It has been a few years since I subscribed to Extreme Value, but I remember the picks did not do very well for me, especially at the expensive price of subscriptions. I subscribed at a special price of
      $700, below the regular price of $1,000. I got a quick refund during the trial period and was glad I did. I have had much better advice from several of Stansberry’s other pubs.

    9. Grand Poobah
      Dec 22 2010, 12:01:11 pm

      No newsletter will always give you great advice. The burden of coming up with new picks each month is too great. That said, Dan Ferris is better than most. He researches companies more deeply and focuses on valuation, which suits my needs. Some of his picks, such as Tejon Ranch, have not gone anywhere for years, which makes me wonder why they’re still picks, but I have made good money on others. I have read his newsletter for more than five years, and it’s my favorite at Stansberry. My worry is that now that Ferris is also writing The 12% Letter he will be spread too thin. Newsletters often go through cycles, as marketing concerns or the extra demands brought on by past success kick in.

    10. H.R.
      Mar 21 2011, 10:44:11 am

      Stubborn? To say the least. He is recommending a stock because it meets his Extreme Value criteria and then you look at the chart across from across the room and even your dog can see that it is in a downtrend. Why he refuses to look at charts is beyond me. And when the stocks goes down 30% and the subscriber begs the question, he replies, quote, “Mr. Market is wrong!”

      And yes, no stops, so you have to sit through these downturns and think for yourself if there is not a better way to do this.

      But other than that it’s good. It just could be so much better. Extreme Value, Extreme Stubborn. You get both.

      You can get the subscription for 500 if you wait long enough until that offer comes along again.

    11. Prof. Michael Adler
      Oct 11 2011, 03:30:22 pm

      ‘Extreme Value’ is catchier to the eye than say a more descriptive title might have been. When I signed up I expected analyses of value stocks with those most out of current favor being called ‘extreme’. This is not exactly what I found. What is, is not clear. There is a lack of a sense of timing in Ferris’s recommendations. All those of his recommendations that I bought last July and August are underwater: I am consoled that the companies are good and may recover if the market does.

    12. Roy cooper
      Feb 17 2014, 11:54:47 pm

      If you use Dan’s information and correct timing along with your investing acumen and technical analysis Extreme Value will work well for you – especially if you use a put sale strategy. There is no such thing as ‘a hot tip’ in this industry.

    13. maven369
      Sep 30 2015, 02:48:44 pm

      Any body know about the, True Value Alert, subscription being promoted by, Ted Capshaw,
      that uses a formula to find the “true value” of a stock…True value =current share price
      [ 1+ 2-CPB divided by CPB.
      What is CPB?
      Gil Martinez

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