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    1. dell
      Mar 1 2009, 07:40:12 pm

      I subscribed to Don Dion’s Fidelity Independent Advisor from an Email promotion. It costs $29 for 2 years. Each issue is 12 pages. There are short descriptions of 11 portfolios, and detailed return info for the portfolios. In addition, there is a 4 page table for buy/hold/sell information about Fidelity
      funds, and a few other funds. With all this technical info, there is just enough room for a 2 page commetary about general market conditions.

    2. Bud
      Apr 2 2009, 06:43:29 pm

      When things were good in the stock market, this report was right on. After the collapse last October, it failed as miserably as the market. His portfolios have all lost between 40 and 50%. I don’t trust the etf report yet that he sends out, I got it for 29.00 so i just keep looking, not ready to commit to any buys from this letter. He really wants to manage your money; not a chance, with the record that all of his letters have to date.

    3. pirgnori
      Feb 10 2010, 04:43:36 pm

      I’ve subscribed for about 1 year. I’m following Dion’s Fidelity mutual fund growth modeland am up paltry 1%. Not a great return, but not a loss. I’m going to see how he does in an up market. I also read–and sometimes follow–Dion’s ETF Report, which I got at bargain price. I did buy the ETF IHI, Medical Devices, which is up 4.5%; I’m optimistic about this one.

      Ovewrall, the jury is still out on Dion.

    4. M Wakefield
      Aug 21 2010, 09:37:13 pm

      Dell’s description of the physical product is totally accurate- does not mention how small the print is (at least to me) on the inside pages. Hard to read with a magnifying glass and ruler to mark the sections. It is easier to use the Fidelity Site to get the info.
      I bought it on special- 3 years for $29.00. However, I hardy use it. Almost all the model portfolios are down, even through 2009. Maybe if I had $100,000 per portfolio to invest, it would work.

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