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    1. Scott Fife
      Apr 15 2009, 12:55:08 pm

      I briefly Mark Skousen’s newsletter. They advertised triple digit returns and maybe if you follow his advice exactly, over long periods you’ll make money but I sure didn’t have a good start. On November 4th 08 he recommended buying JNJ and FPL. The former is down over 16% and the latter is up about 5%. I canceled my subscription within the freelook period. I decided that if I wanted blue chip recommendations I could just look at Buffet’s current holdings… for free.

    2. King
      Jan 1 2010, 02:26:30 pm

      This one has been around for 30 years (as of January ’10). I’ve been a subscriber for about a year now. The post-crash bull has been good for Dr. Skousen’s picks. He recommends a blend of natural resources, stocks and interest-bearing investments with a pretty significant tilt toward dividend yielding stocks.

      One feature I like is that the monthly letter is supplemented with a weekly recorded message that subscribers can listen to every Monday. In these, he gives more timely advice. For instance, in one of these call-ins, he recently advised getting out of BAC after it lost about 10% but avoided steeper declines if it had been held until the next monthly installment of the newsletter.

      The best recommendation he has made for me is EMF (Templeton Emerging Markets Fund) which has made me about 30% since I bought it on 9/1/09.

      It has been well worth the subscription price.

    3. Winston
      Apr 20 2010, 11:46:17 am

      I subscribed to Skousen’s newsletter in the late 1980s. At that time he said he refused to buy any government paper because doing so contributed to the Fed’s inflation machine.

    4. mindtrap
      Apr 20 2010, 11:55:55 am

      After reading your take on Mark Skousen…I can tell you this because I heard it out of his own mouth. The answer to the silver question is SLV. The answer to the second one, which I
      believe is the REIT, is Analy. The third I’m not familiar with. Hope this helps a little.

    5. M
      Apr 20 2010, 01:17:05 pm

      Skousen’s Forecasts and Strategies is not only a very good educational tool, in my opinion, but the advice given is solid. I made outstanding profits in 2009 following several of his recos. By the way, the third stock in Skousen’s teaser is not AGD. AGD is not a Skousen recommendation. I enjoy the Gumshoe articles, which I think are usually right on. Best wishes.

    6. ljv57
      Apr 20 2010, 08:53:07 pm

      I signed up for Skousen’s Forecasts and Strategies on 4-13 2010 his 3 picks are nly, aod not agd and slv with nly 14% they just cut there last div rate to .65 from .75 every 3 months, aod 15.5% hope this helps. Plan on canseling he tries to get you to upgrade to get more picks

    7. catsdoorman
      Apr 22 2010, 01:20:18 am

      I took a trial subscription to Skousen’s newsletter after hearing his talk about the year 1776. A fine 30 minute talk.
      He recommended SUN and VRB. Sun was selling for $3.50 and he
      predicted about $6. I bought and sold it within the year at
      $5.50. VRB an energy storage company was recommended at $0.68. I bought and sold it at $0.20 a year before it tanked into bankruptcy. Overall I made money on the two recommendations but feel that he is a better economics lecturer than stock picker.
      His book on economic history is worth reading to relearn the capitalist economists in history whose ideas have been dismissed by the current Keynesian followers intent on destroying capitalism in the Western world.

    8. Garrett
      Jan 12 2011, 05:05:59 pm

      Skousen is my favorite. He thinks just like I do and offers specific picks that follow his themes. I also subscribe to 2 of his trading services…High Income Alert and Hedge Fund Trader. I really like these also. Skousen is not too wordy and is very logical. I like his viewpoints. I have made a lot of money following his advice. I don’t do everything he suggests, but I do most. He is not overly bullish or bearish. He has been doing his letter for over 30 years. We are very fortunate to have his expertease to follow. I think I will really miss him when he retires someday.

    9. Jmarie
      Feb 25 2011, 01:24:22 pm

      I’ve been a subscribe off & on for 3+ years. His advice is OK (hasn’t made me rich yet) but nothing great. I do like the fact that he addresses overall portfolio balance & recommends a variety of things rather than just one or two types of recommendations. I think he devotes far too much space to who he knows, where he has & is speaking and how important he is. A little bit of that sort of thing goes a long way, & after a fairly steady diet of it for 3+ years I’ve had more than enough. Don’t think I’ll be renewing.

    10. Paul
      May 17 2011, 05:23:03 pm

      I subscribe to Forecasts and Strategies and to his High Yield Investing. I have a problem with his picks, I never can seem to get them filled within the parameters of the first couple days after recommendations. They always shoot up and fill well above the buy price. He will send out his newsletters shortly before the close so if you happen to be online you can get a good fill. Well, I am not online like that as I am not a day trader. Thus my fills are almost 100% poor. 2010 was a good year for Forecasts and Strategies but in the sell off for a couple of weeks in December the % profit made took a good hit. He had stops only on F and that one was after it had already dropped a significant amount.
      Basically, I will not renew.

    11. Robert Louty
      Feb 26 2013, 02:22:28 pm

      If you’re looking for several stocks picks a year this service is not for you. Mark Skousen tends to pick two or three then spends the rest of the time telling you about his other more expensive services
      Seems to forget about his losers but constantly reminds you about winners. However is he an accomplished economist and some of the reading is interesting.

    12. Charlie Russell
      Feb 26 2013, 08:47:07 pm

      About every 4th issue is really good. That’s about it. Have followed him for over 30 years. Have met him and exchanged a few words several times over those years and always had the impression that he’d prefer to be someplace else.

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