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“Make Money by Hating Lawyers”

Sniffing out Hilary Kramer's fraud-detection "big data" stock

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    1. Gullible
      Sep 6 2011, 01:22:51 pm

      I subscribed to this newsletter earlier this year and must say I was impressed with the first few issues. Later, once I put my money to work on some of the names, the losses started coming in fast and furious: ABB (over 20% loss), CSCO (I got out at a 12% loss, but now it is more than 30%), MBLX (over 20% loss) – need I continue? But you know what? I am the only one to blame: (a) for falling for Hilary’s sales pitch and (b) not getting out of the stocks earlier.

    2. ralph larson
      Feb 15 2012, 11:25:22 pm

      I just subscribed to her service and am interested in other opinions. I joined because of her seeming good pics on Nightly business Review. I am concerned that she is not covered by Hulbert Digest

    3. kip klein
      Mar 1 2012, 12:01:46 pm

      I like Gullible was impressed with first few issues, but after a couple months of losses ran for the hills. I’m still waiting for ABB to come back, never bought CSCO because I got burned on them years ago. Lost on MBLX. 7 out of 10 picks were losers, I can do that myself. Got out when she said to buy netflix right when they were talking about raising prices. I knew then it was time to get out. I dropped netflix and Hillary. Customer service was nice and refunded the rest of my subscription.

    4. Ken Nagle
      Jul 21 2012, 08:19:58 pm

      Some how I got on Hilary Kramer’s e-mail liest and she floods my inbox with her latest game changer. While Apple was still in the mid 400s she sent an e-mail shouting that it is time to sell. Her reasons were all very lame. Later with Apple in the high 500 range she sent an e-mail touting Apple’s performance – not mentioning that anyone who listened to her advice missed the parabolic move up – while she was touting the next Apple. She has no credibility as far as I am concerned.

    5. Chillie Charles
      Feb 28 2013, 06:18:22 pm

      The only good thing about this newsletter is Hilary usually keeps issues and weekly updates fairly short. If you are looking for someone to follow to make money this is not the newsletter to get. Hilary will pick a few winners but the losers will offset the winners and you will see your money disappear. I only own one stock that is in her portfolio (thankfully) and will not renew. BTW, I also subscribed to her High Octane Stocks which covers options, lost 45% of my allocation for options in 4 months and cancelled.

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