Global Penny Stocks

Long-standing microcap/penny stock newsletter, picks only stocks under $5 that are listed on the major US exchanges.

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Dan Weaver
Dan Weaver
Global Penny Stocks at has been online since 1996, and picks stocks trading at under $5.00 that are listed on the NYSE, NASDAQ, and AMEX. No pump and dump of crappy stocks here. He releases 2 new picks on the 5th and 20th of each month, for a subscription fee of $89 for 2 years. In the free intro section he discusses his methodology, and his track record from 1997 to present. It is a fairly bare bones newsletter that you check online versus having e-mailed to you. He forecasts the sell or close price out at 24 months… Read more »

Just in case recent subscribers view this, I thought it appropriate to point out the author of this newsletter was sued by SEC for not fully disclosing that he received significant “fees” to push a penny stock (google George Schleiben). Also, I looked at the website and checked the reviews listed. Everyone one of them is old, from 1990s to 2005. It would seem a newsletter that claims “70% OF OUR CLOSED POSITIONS ARE FOR GAINS OF 50% OR GREATER”, would have more recent super-positive reviews. Sounds like a scam to me.