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    1. MJay
      May 23 2009, 11:02:58 am

      Only been subscribing for a short while, but he has saved me a fortune in wrong picks.

      Good writing, if you like Gold, look no further….


    2. SageNot
      Jun 6 2009, 01:48:04 pm

      It’s been too many years since I took out a trial about John’s work t/b honest, but I do remember how interesting he made his research sound. Gold hadn’t yet broken out as it has these past few years.

      His Top 10 often out-performed any other gold portfolio I’m told. Too bad I didn’t hang in there, but I prefer the entire world of commodities vs. just being a gold bug.

      Not many reviews here for John, yet he must be up a ton by now.

    3. L Gauger
      Oct 1 2009, 12:56:44 pm

      Have been a subscriber nearly a year. Very interesting, lots of data, have made some money on his top ten, have also sold a portion in order to take my original investment out and ride on the profits. Am satisfied with his newsletter, but with the price increase, it is doubtful that I will renew.

    4. Bob from Calgary
      Oct 1 2009, 05:56:33 pm

      I started subscribing to GSA in 2005. I have always done my own DD, and as a result have usually had most of the top ten in my portfolio. I think most stocks that John puts on the top ten have much more upside than downside. Even if gold does not increase, they have reason to go up. His record is good, and I am up a little over 100% since 2005 on my gold stocks without (I believe) taking on too much risk. Last November was painful, but I held my nose and added many top ten stocks, to my delight today. He just added one to the top ten that I think is one of his better picks. Little downside, but great upside potential. I’ve bot some, but don’t have a full position yet. Will be adding on any weakness.

    5. adman
      Oct 1 2009, 11:50:36 pm

      I don’t subscribe, but I keep getting offers. I also listen to Doody on Financial Sense Newshour periodically. I think he’s a pompous ass. I get better results via charting gold stocks and using MSN’s StockScouter. Gold stocks are so incredibly volatile that the best results are by charting, not by following Goofy…oops, Doody. Plus, as you note, Doody has touted Gold Queen a number of times. I say enough is enough. This newsletter tells me why he needs to charge so much for his newsletter…younger women, Porsche, yacht.

    6. MJay
      Oct 2 2009, 01:56:03 am

      I have now been subscribing for several months, while I don’t use him as the answer to a maidens prayer when it comes to stock picks, I do like the way he analyses a lot of stocks and to some extent leaves the field open to you to make your own choices.

      Great coverage of a lot of stocks, can’t complain…..

    7. Dimitri
      Oct 31 2009, 09:09:49 am

      I’ve been a subscriber for a little under a year. I invested in his Top 10 and am now up over 100% so I renewed my subscription for another year before he raised his already high price. Doody digs into the details of gold mining at the companies he tracks, reporting literally every facet of operations with his analysis of their potential. Since gold has had its ups and downs I suspect one needs to be willing to step away from this sector if the trend changes – but for now if you believe that the dollar will continue to lose value, gold stocks are on a tear and Doody knows them better than anyone else I’ve found.

    8. DN
      Nov 13 2009, 10:24:26 am

      I subscribed and bought the top 10 in February 2009, simply followed John Doody’s simple recommendations, and have doubled my money since then. Can’t expect better than that!

    9. Steve Day
      Feb 10 2010, 04:35:51 pm

      I have been a subscriber since 2007. GSA is one of my favorite letters. John Doody is sincere in his research of gold mining and royalty companies. He will keep you out of trouble and keep you informed on the inside track of companies in the industry. He may hype his advertising a little, like thy all do, but he is the real deal. If you believe that gold will continue to increase in real purchasing power, over a devaluation in the USD, I would recommend GSA as a way to have someone provide you with lot of research and guidance in how to invest in Gold.

    10. Kitty
      Mar 26 2010, 02:37:56 pm

      I subscribed on a special offer right in the middle of the crash early 09 for 600USD. I found I already had one pick of his top 10 already invested, and bought several others. I also sold out of several not in his top 10 which saved me money.

      I am 110% up on one, 85% on another (that was over 100% but has since fallen back) and 24% on another. I would have bought more of his picks but due to the type of dealing account I had i could not at the time trade on the TSX and was almost fully invested anyway.

      At 600USD the newsletter has easily paid for itself but with the price increase to 995USD I would prefer to invest that 1000USD in stock not advice. I only have a finite amount of money to invest in this sector. If i were a higher net worth individual I would gladly pay 1000USD if I were investing upwards of 30k USD per annum. Since I invest more like 15kUSD per annum it is too much. If it reduces once again or the GBP increases significantly (v unlikely) I will re-subscribe however i think he intends to put the price up as gold exceeds 1200.

      It is quite hard to follow, very technical and full of abbreviations which do not read well, however it literally is a mine of information. It is very very well researched, and he gives a good opinion on many stocks. He is balanced in that he praises certain companies but gives a no bs recommendation – he may mark out a good company as one for the future and whether its fair or under value. Equally even if the company has oodles of reserves and is a large cap – if it is run badly he says so eg hedging the book or making mistakes in bringing operations online. He also sticks to a top 10 or even top 8/9 if nothing worth investing in so he will advise holding cash. He also answers emails and gives opinion on companies not covered (I emailed him a question about NAK Northern dynasty and the pebble project before he covered it – he answered concisely and covered it 2 months later in depth. his advice was ‘too risky right now due to green lobby and whether NAK would need to further dilute stock to get going” but that “it was huge and will make a lot of money IF it goes into production”. I liked his honesty and that he would reconsider it once permits agreed as he often is only looking for a 30-200% rise not a 179000% rise like some newsletter writers…

      I think his strength is a top 10 which he sticks to – if its not in the top 10 then it isnt as good a bet in the near term as the top 10 – he even states that he has one stock in his top10 until a certain date when he expects a payoff and will then replace that stock with another which is a better long term bet and he will invest with any likely profits from previous stock. You will make money following his top 10 and he admits 7or 8 might do ok to well, one might be a turkey and one might be a gem thats why its top 10 not top 3or 4. He also compares his top 10 to the HUI, GDX and Gold itself – he is winning.He also gives out mid month updates and anything super urgent via email.

      Presently it is just overpriced for me. I think it is a mistake as im sure if he went to 500USD a year he would increase his subscriber base by more than twice (with the right marketing – not the stansberry guff) while still not flooding the market with punters buying in to his picks.

    11. BM
      Jun 29 2010, 11:59:32 am

      I subscribed on a trial for three months about five months ago. I read the first two months without acting and then bought the top 10. I’ve slowly sold the five relatively worst performers and am up $ 3.00 (!) on the five closed positions. The five I’ve held and added to are up an average of 20% in the last three months – during which time gold has hit the 1260 new high. Am I pleased? Yes. Pleased enough to have re-subscribed for a year.

    12. wolfgang
      Sep 5 2010, 05:56:40 pm

      Subscribed for several years until recently. Like virtually all newsletters his performance numbers are slightly suspect. His buy and sell prices are not really achieveable in reality, and a couple of the real clunkers he’s chosen (KRY, GRZ, Canyon) took a big tumble before he got his sell out to the readership. He has attempted to do better with that and now sends out email alerts. All that said, he has ridden the bull market in gold well – doing better than the various indices. The problem now is that gold sentiment is off the charts, and he can only imagine it going up, up, up. As I still hold some of his recommendations, I hope he’s right. I also agree with the “arrogant” comments.

    13. Garrett Goldman
      Dec 2 2010, 11:22:12 am

      I have been a subscriber for some time. The GSA is the Valueline for gold stocks. Valuable resource that has saved me both time and money. I am able to read the GSA bottom line on gold companies and have the entire company distilled into a three line conclusion. The top 10 have done great. Keep it up!

    14. Edmund
      Dec 13 2010, 04:22:15 pm

      Gold Stock Analyst now has a less expensive version which only covers the Top-10. It comes out the evening of the 15th or the evening after the next business day. Cost is about half of the full professional edition. The individual investor edition began in Aug and I subscribed in mid-Oct. Maybe it was timing; however, I have done very well with two of the picks (one I already owned). All the rest of the Top-10 are up…except for one which is down slightly. Subscribed for two years and I plan to renew…as long as the price does not go up too much. Once you subscribe, back issues are available. Each Top-10 stock is commented on each month and there is an extensive review every 3-5 months. There are also alerts to various corporate and meeting presentations which allow a reader to stay on top of the most current information.

    15. Investor Anom
      Dec 17 2010, 02:21:24 pm

      While the quality of information and picks you’ll get here are excellent, I have a few issues. First of all one would think that a business dependent on subscribers would at least be polite to subscribers.

    16. Steve
      Jan 18 2011, 01:46:04 pm

      Subscribed for one year. Info on his picks are minimal – you get more info about the specific companies in Yahoo news. He is not polite to his subscibers – don’t expect him to provide much additional info to substantiate his findings. His picks have done better than the GDX index, but that is because he adds smaller, higher risk companies. Of course his picks will outperform…as long as the sector heads up. If it turns, his picks will underperform. One last comment, when I subscribed, he added a new pick (Terrane). It did well, but two things about it helped make me decide to not subcribe again. One, the stock ran up about 30% plus the days before his recommendation…making me think he had a ‘friends & family’ mailing list that got the rec first. Second, his adament “slam dunk” type comments about it being bought out. The more sure of himself he is (like suggesting loading the truck on Yamana just before the mkt crashed in 2008), the more likely he is wrong.

    17. Paul M.
      Feb 12 2011, 01:41:25 pm

      Paid-up subscriber since 2007, individual investor. I have no personal connection to Gold Stock Analyst’s editor or staff. My goal is high quality gold mining stock investment returns, wherever I can get them.

      This is an outstanding, professional-grade, data-driven letter. There are no “stock story” fairy tales here. Download and read the free User Guide and Sample Issue. The analysis is very, very sound.

      GSA got us out of Crystallex, Nevsun, Apex Silver, and Claude in March 2008, well before the bottom dropped out. If you hung in there with the Top 10 and didn’t panic, you rode out the downturn and have been well rewarded by Golden Star, Silver Wheaton, and Golden Queen.

      I happened to buy European Goldfields in late April 2009 at $2. It’s now $15.67 on 2/12/11, with a Greek permit issuance imminent. Not claiming every holding will do that. But a few will. That’s why there’s ten.

      I’m baffled by the personal attacks on the editor, e.g. impolite, pompous, etc. Who cares? Consider the record built. His results are terrific. That’s all that matters, fellow investor, results! Go schedule an appointment with your priest or psychiatrist in order to resolve your human interaction issues.

      Focus on value, not price. GSA is an exceptional, unique resource for successfully navigating a difficult, pitfall-laden, minefield of a sector.

    18. KFr
      May 26 2011, 01:29:13 pm

      John Doody’s Gold Stock Analyst has been spot on for the two years that I’ve been a member, and for the past 10 years based on track record. I like that it is a lower risk way to invest in the gold/silver sector based on value rather than trading in/out based on market timing and movements in the price of gold. His Top 10 really do outperform, when following his trading tips. A good way for nervous beginners to go for the big returns, backed by solid fundamental analysis of assets, costs of production, management team performance and political risk. I like the professional subscription, because it shows why not to invest in some of the other companies in the category, and shows what might be #11 on the list, to allow getting in ahead on the “next top 10 pick” while it is on the “we’re watching it” level.

    19. James Scanlon
      Jul 9 2011, 02:49:43 pm

      Subscriber since 2010. Retail edition (top ten only $500).
      The newsletter does exactly what it says on the tin. Buy and hold the top ten if you believe in the gold bull market. Good e-mail alerts to keep you up-to-date with developments and to calm your nerves when the market takes a turn against you for no good reason. Good value for money.

    20. Michael Adler
      May 7 2012, 05:26:56 pm

      John Doody’s main thesis , adopted wholesale by ‘Doc’ Effrig at Stansberry, is that gold is supported by negative real interest rates. Intuitively, this is highly plausible, as many people run to real assets when the inflation adjusted return on Treasuries is negative.
      This hypothesis regarding levels is, however, unable to explain the current weakness in gold and its miners, as the fundamental, that the level of inflation can be expected to exceed the level of nominal returns on T-bills, has not changed. For that, I suppose, one should look to the changes: in what direction can real interest rates be expected to move?
      Personally, I have no idea: but I have heard it said that real rates might be expected to rise in the absence of a QE3, the absence of which might cause inflationary expectations to fall.
      All this is not necessarily sufficient to fault Dr. Doody for not having a crystal ball something he has never said he had.
      All told, Doody’s Top Ten are a excellent bet on condition that one believes that real interest rates are not going to become positive any time soon.

    21. Warren
      May 8 2012, 02:46:57 pm

      I subscribed several years ago. The deal was that Doody was supposed to pick us gold stocks that would outperform gold. As I recall, Doody had us divide up our investment $ into 10 lots. 10 lots for 10 picks. Imagine my consternation when at one point Doody had us devote 3 of our 10 lots to GLD! For crying out loud, it was obvious gold was in a bull market. Any fool (this one included) could therefore pick GLD. The whole point of paying him the big bucks was to find stocks that would appreciate better than GLD or bullion. I was furious and had a fruitless email exchange with him over the issue. I felt ripped off. He was unrelenting with lame excuses. The icing on the cake was him getting out of the position at, as I recall, a loss. The thought of taking a loss on gold was preposterous to me and so I held for about a year or so and got out at a small profit.

      In sum, I find this guy to be way overrated. He seems part of a mutual admiration society comprised of various newsletter publishers. I got some good recos from him. But I have also gotten recos that were as good for free elsewhere. After all, gold is in a bull market. TGLDX has been great for example. I got into that back in 2003 just on the basis of a WSJ article. Sometimes I wish I had just plunked all my $ into that and “set it and forget it”.

    22. Charles Herman
      May 16 2012, 12:06:21 pm

      I am still trying to learn how to pick good stocks to invest in and the mining companies that you mentioned have been reviewed many times before by another investing outfit.
      Your information seem to track what I was reading and narrowing down the picks a bit.

    23. Charles Herman
      May 16 2012, 12:10:08 pm

      I almost got involved with Stansberry when I read that his recommendations have not done nearly as well as touted.
      Now he is selling information about -if Obama does one thing, the whole world will crash type thing.
      From what I have read, I will stay clear of his recommendations. . . .
      What is the connection between him and Doody?

    24. 14 |
      Chris Tillman
      Feb 27 2013, 11:49:25 pm

      Although it’s early days for me with John, I’m quite impressed. Audited results over the last 10 years show very impressive returns. He does very detailed analysis (lots of numbers) on all the gold stocks out there, and reports all the facts in a shorthand form. The top ten are the ones the best bets at the moment, with a balance between big gold, juniors, and royalty companies. I’m investing a significant percentage of my account in his picks, because I think gold will be what will keep its value over the next ten years.

    25. Dave Summer
      Aug 15 2013, 01:02:16 pm

      A great value at $600 per year. Then the price skyrocketed and I did not renew. At $1500, if you follow his advice, you still come out ahead. Now for the $600 you only get the top 10. 🙁

    26. hones720
      May 12 2016, 11:53:32 am

      Have been a subscriber for about a year now. Doody recommends investing equally in the top ten stocks. So I did. As of today, I am down 90% – only one of his ten is profitable. The other nine are all down over 90%. None of them appear in his latest newsletter. Like any newsletter hawker, if one picks enough stocks eventually something will hit. Might be better off throwing darts at a dartboard.

      • 3984 |
        Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe
        May 12 2016, 12:26:48 pm

        Wow, down 90% after a year is pretty shocking! Gold is up about 5-6% over the past year, the average big miner is up 23% now after being down 30-40% late last year (that’s the GDX ETF) and even the TSX venture index (which is heavily weighted to junior resource companies) is close to being back to even, down about 3% over the past 12 months.

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