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    1. George Gagliardi
      Mar 4 2010, 09:10:13 am

      Gorilla Trades — Pure crap. Entirely a mechanical system with no subjectivity, and they won’t publish or release their past results. Even their explanations on picks are automatically generated. They probably have a staff of one, not counting Davey Jones who is shilling for them. Results were inconsistent, and not very good across a varying set of market conditions. A waste of good money, and not the least bit educationa, since they don’t disclose any meaningful information about their selection methodology. (Most likely a monkey throwing darts at a dart board.)

    2. Warren K
      Aug 3 2010, 06:15:14 pm

      In a nutshell; a total waste of money. After 3 months of use it became clear that these folks are in the business of selling memberships and not providing very good information. Their return on investment spreadsheet is deceptive and, in many cases, they are suggesting you buy stocks at the highs. In one week they send buy and short suggestions on the same stock!!!! (Keep in mind, that this is not a day trading pick sight unless they release it as such) I asked for my money back and requested they return the balance of my unused membership. They refused. Any organization that does business in the manner not only does not stand behind their product but is only after your money.

    3. Stan
      Sep 8 2010, 10:00:53 am

      I will be as succinct as possible……basically the service sucks……and they will be getting , “No More Bananas From Me”
      You are presented with too much confusing data , and are left to decipher it all and then wait for certian criteria to click before placing a trade . Gee what are you paying for? Most subscribers want stocks they can purchase now!
      I give Gorilla the old Bronx cheer….ffffffffat!

    4. Will
      Jan 17 2011, 11:09:50 am

      I realize my rating is higher than most others are and perhaps I am an anomaly, but I have had excellent success swing trading with them for the last year. Often, I do take profits earlier than they suggest, usually around 6-8 percent for 75%, then a trialing stop for the remaining 25% . I like the fact that I can automate my trades and not have to sit at my computer all day. Sometimes it is hard to get the confirmation price that they do. I have easily recovered the $50 per month fee. I just renewed for another year.

    5. Swing Trader
      Feb 1 2011, 03:30:28 pm

      I use Gorillatrades for very short term swing trades. The subscription pays for itself. The stops they use are very liberal which may result in losses due to volatile markets, thus, I get out quick with smaller profits. It’s a good service in the way that I use it.

    6. Byron
      Feb 24 2011, 06:00:40 am

      I’ve used Gorilla Trades and my biggest concern is how they present their results. They base their returns on any given stock on a “trigger” price, but advocate only buying a stock when it “confirms”. Some days, the stock confirms and hits its target, and is sold. There’s no way to profit on this scenario. The other scenario is that the stock “confirms”, but is already 3-4% in it’s profit territory. If you buy at that point, you may make a profit, but nothing close to what they claim unless you catch one of their winners. So many of the stocks stop out, or max their profit at the 9% level that it’s difficult to make money..if you have, it’s just a matter of time before you get hammered (Be sure to use your stops!). Any stock that stops out gets removed from the portfolio, so of course the portfolio will have most if not all, winners. I could do this without any tools whatsoever. They won’t publish their annualized returns, and won’t provide it to you. You could dig into their history of trading and come up with a figure, but I shouldn’t have to do that for a legitamate service. Gorilla is definitely a momentum trading system, and in my opinion, your chances of making money are better having a monkey throw a dart at a list of stocks. They refuse to provide a name and contact to discuss their terrible customer service. I struggle with the fact that CNBC ever aired a commercial for their service.

    7. DavidP
      Jun 26 2011, 03:06:28 pm

      I had a one-month trial about 5 years ago and just got a free one-week trial. The confirmed recommendations that they made in the recent trial all went down but were not stopped out; they may be due to the market, but perhaps they should not make confirmations (an indication to buy) in a down market. Their system is intriguing but I just can’t go for it. Although they say it’s a mechanical system, which I take to mean that no judgment is required on my part, it seems to require a lot of my judgment as to whether to enter each stock recomendation; each one has a risk rating which the user must evaluate. Also they have a Banana Barometer that tells the market’s risk, which the subscriber must also use in deciding. Further some of the stocks have Low-Volume Pull Backs, which the user may consider for further purchase or not. Also a subscriber has to decide whether to buy a stock on its trigger (rec. in strong markets) or wait for a confirmation. It also says to stagger stops for large share amounts but I could not find any guidance. They also say to use their portfolio a a “menu of ideas” which is hardly mechanical. No real person is ever identified; they always say “The Gorilla recommends . . .” Lastly I don’t like their customer service: I sent three emails with a simple subscription question but they never replied.

    8. h meisner
      Jul 18 2011, 06:10:37 pm

      My issue is CONSISTENCY. Or lack of. The nightly newsletter arrives on time, but it is not the current day’s trade. Instead I open up yesterday’s email, which I have already read. I have complained many many times but this inconsistent mail has not been fixed. This problem happens about 1 day out of 10.
      The subscription, I feel, is not worth the price…I’m going back to IBD and pay 1/2!

    9. Preston Edmondson
      Jan 27 2014, 11:25:30 pm

      I tried the free trial, and quit after a week. I had a couple of issues; you had to interpret what they were trying to say and they were hard to follow. They had an excel sheet of about 70 picks, some held for 3 or 4 years, that really didnt match the markets performance over that time. They were holding J&J that was up about 8% over the 2 or 3 years they were holding it. There was no guide to portfolio management, allocation of capital, etc. Probably could match their performance with a mutual fund or ETF.

    10. Bruce williams
      Mar 16 2014, 05:15:01 pm

      I just registered here after reading the last post about Gorilla Trades. I’ve been a very happy subscriber for almost two years. J&J is one of the 70 stocks in its current portfolio, but if you look at the portfolio spreadsheet properly, you’ll see that the first target was reached very early on for an 8.11% profit; a point in which they tell you to sell a portion of your position. However, if you look at the next category over, unrealized gain, you will see that it is holding a 43.34% gain (not including dividends) since it was recommended on 10/24/11. GT holds stocks as long as they maintain their up trend.
      I like the service because it does not recommend stocks with under a $1 billion market cap so I know that there is no game-playing going on. And as for guidance, they tell you to hold 10-20 GorillaPicks at a time, and they raise stop loss levels and second targets each week. Definitely, not a scam! I’m too smart for that 🙂

    11. Jim Dover
      Apr 23 2015, 02:37:19 pm

      not 100% of the picks are guaranteed. but if you follow their system you will make money. it works in a bull market, and ive even made money with the system in a bear market. Ive been investing for over 30 years and ive seen it all…. Ive seen the services that claim to beat the market over and over (scams). theres no ridiculous claims, theres no claim to make $30k in 7 days. After youve been in the market as long as I have, you get tired of the gimmicks. I like the gorilla for one reason… he makes me $$$. there is only 2 services I have been with for over 15 years … and that’s ibd and the gorilla. this is the only system I recommend to my friends and family because it WORKS.

    12. Mike Murphy
      May 23 2015, 03:53:50 pm

      I have been a gorilla trades member for nearly a decade (8 years… but who’s counting).Flat out, gorilla trades has provided me with an additional stream of income, that I would not have had if I was trading in the market on my own. If you can look past the funny name and banana jokes, gorilla trades is definitely worth the cost. Just the options plays this year alone have paid for the subscription 20x over… and then some! Keep your emotions out of it, follow their system, and you will make money. As long as mr.gorilla is around, I will be a happy paying subscriber!

    13. Dave Bickings
      Aug 28 2015, 03:56:41 pm

      Timely picks with enough advance warning to be able to capitalize. All of their picks aren’t big winners – if they were the owner would be on his yacht in the Cayman Islands with his Victoria’s Secret model girlfriend. But enough of the picks are winners that you can make profits and Improve your standard of living in a nice way!
      I’m definitely happy I subscribe.

    14. Alex Namel
      Nov 10 2015, 10:05:49 am

      I’m not sure what the negative reviews on here are for. I’ve been trading using Gorilla for almost three years now and have been making more money than i was without it. No, its not gonna be right everytime nor does it claim to. I don’t see what the problem is. If you just follow their picks when they trigger you almost always make money. Theres always a chance to lose money but from what i’ve read on here it seems to be user errors.

    15. ski1978
      Apr 18 2016, 06:06:34 pm

      I was using another service during the last correction on 01/2016-02/2016 and I lost a moderate sum of money, which made me sick to my stomach and gun shy trading for the time being I started using GT and I am happy to say I made up the losses I sustained. Plus I covered my subscription cost and maintained a reasonable return even though this is a tough market that seems to lack volume. This is an excellent simple service. I have made errors using the system. I let my emotion get involved and I was shook out of some positions that a week or two later reached their first target. I missed out on a considerable profit. I know now to trust GT. Just follow the tips, set your stops and achieve success with GT.
      People who complain, I assume think every trade will be a winner, but that is unrealistic expectation. You will have many winners with GT as long as you follow the tips and use confirmed picks, but don’t get me wrong, some will be losers also. The service is easy to use.
      The education does not teach you how to trade with a broker, but it teaches you how to use the system. It is important to follow the guidelines.
      I have used systems such as vectorvest (too expensive), action alerts (long term positions with no stops implemented), leaderboard (expensive and small number of picks), but I do like IBD. Out of them all GT is the simplest, get your evening email, research potential picks, wait until they trigger and confirm, sell 75% at your first target.
      I love the service and I make more money with it than without it.

    16. markmwright
      Apr 29 2016, 08:56:46 pm

      27apr16 Facebook options trade
      I was looking through the Gorilla Trades portfolio on 27april16 and I noticed that Facebook was priced near the entry of $108.– I called my broker, bought the 06may16 calls for $2.64 just before the market closed. Earnings were announced five minutes later and the stock popped to $117.50 then climbed in after hours to $121.– I sold around 10am 28apr16 for $7.66. I regularly make 200% to 450% trading options on Gorilla Picks I especially like the Gorilla Picklets when they are priced around $4.50, since mutual funds usually avoid stocks below $5.00.

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