Hard Money Millionaire

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“Turn $4k into $107,280 with the Biggest Metals Investment of the 21st Century”

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    1. hfj
      Feb 17 2010, 12:13:07 am

      I just subscribed. Burgess is offering two portfolios, the second one is focusing on junior mining stocks. The performances seem to be remarkable.

    2. Randy the Rookie
      Feb 20 2010, 03:24:12 am

      Overall, this hasn’t been a bad service. I’ve picked up more than a couple recommendations, and on average my results have been ‘2 steps up, one step down,’ which still puts me one step higher than I started. Haven’t seen any of the triple-digit gains boasted, but I’m patient…to a point…and it will be interesting to see what happends to Premium if gold shoots up.

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