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    1. Ed
      Jun 10 2011, 01:28:27 pm

      Home Run Investor

      Very disatisfied. I was on a trial and they had some very big losers. They sold 2 stocks so far with 20% + losses. The hype of the ad does not come close to reality. There are about 50-50 win loss ratio. It’s designed to be long term but I doubt many will hang on when they are down 20%+. The rely basically on one analyst to make the selections. He has limited experience. He seems like a nice guy but the purpose is to make money and I can’t see it being made here. Losers are held too long in my opinion. I think few have the stomach for this service. They rely heavily on the Zack’s rank which is short term oriented and they say this is for long term investors. It doesn’t add up to me. I used it for about 2 1/2 months and asked and got my money back.

    2. Tung Pham
      Dec 1 2013, 02:42:59 pm

      Zacks’ Newsletter in general is very bad regarding their buy recommendation alerts sending to subscribers inboxes. They think that good fundamental stocks or stocks with Zacks rank 1 or 2 will go straight up to the sky. Wrong! No matter how good are stocks, they still follow their own patterns, up-down and up-down. Zacks’ specialists don’t have any knowledge of technical chart analysis. They don’t even know stocks that they recommend with price already touch the ceiling, and ready to dive soon, very soon the next day.

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