What are the “Upturn Millionaires” 10-baggers?

Sniffing out a few stocks teased by Louis James and Marin Katusa

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, February 3, 2014

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Geez, the teaser patch is a little thin this morning — it makes me fear that perhaps we haven’t been putting out enough fertilizer or something, what ever will your friendly neighborhood Gumshoe do if there isn’t a new crop of balderdash and hypetastic promistization to hoe?

I know, I shouldn’t worry — and we’re not completely devoid of over-the-top “secret” stock promises — but I do wonder if a few of the publishers are subconsciously worrying about over-promoting the next great stock just before the market takes a 20% tumble.

And no, I don’t know the market will take a big tumble — but it sure had a lousy January and is down another 2% or so on this first day of February. That’s enough to make my “buy” finger start to twitch a little, but not enough to say we’ve had a real “correction” after a long bull market.

So what shall we cover today? Well, last week I had quite a few folks send over a teased list of stocks with “10-bagger potential” from Marin Katusa and Louis James and the gang over at Casey Research — they’re all in the mining sector, and these ideas are being pitched as part of a campaign to get you to watch the upcoming presentation called Upturn Millionaires, which is being put together by Doug Casey and also includes Rick Rule, Porter Stansberry, Frank Giustra and John Mauldin as a way for these folks to share their strategies for getting wealthy as precious metals recover.

Or, as they put it in one of their press releases:

Upturn Millionaires will show how gold stocks currently have the potential to create a whole new class of millionaires.

“The steep correction of the last few years is presenting us with one of those rare opportunities that come along once, maybe twice in a lifetime—the opportunity to get in at the bottom of a bull market and ride it all the way to the top. Even great companies with serially successful mine finders on their management teams, with plenty of cash in the till to finance their projects, and with proven, high-grade deposits in the ground have been getting hammered making them ridiculously cheap to get into.”

I don’t know whether this will end up being a good presentation from these folks, and I don’t know how much of this moderated talk will be sharing actual ideas and strategies and how much will be just another echo chamber of folks with similar sympathies agreeing with each other that everyone should own gold and that gold is being manipulated and that inflation is inevitable… or whether the talk will end up being a sales pitch for their various products. That we’ll find out on Wednesday afternoon, if you want to invest the time.

But we can at least try to sniff around and see if we can ID the specific stocks they hint at in one of their ads, and y’all can decide amongst yourselves whether these are appealing potential “10 baggers.”

[In case you’re wondering what that “10-bagger” bit means, it’s a term popularized by Peter Lynch when he was running the Magellan Fund for Fidelity and writing a series of books that helped explain investing to Americans — it just means a 1,000% return (a one-bagger, or a single in Baseball terms, would be a 100% return).]

Here, then, are the clues from Katusa’s pitch:

“Ten-Bagger Pick #1

“This company is one of Louis’ all-time favorites because it’s just doing everything right. In the past, it has brought International Speculator subscribers over 400% gains—and he thinks it can and will do it again once the gold market resumes its upward trend.

“Led by a very capable father and son team, the company recently has delivered a world-class gold resource in a mining-friendly North American jurisdiction. And we anticipate even better news for the next resource estimate after the company conducted successful infill and step-out drilling in 2013 that both upgraded and expanded the deposit.

“Louis’ Ten-Bagger Pick #1 has plenty of cash in the kitty to develop its projects and its best-in-the-business management is unbeaten. A prime Ten-Bagger candidate if we’ve ever seen one.”

Not a wide swath of clues to drive the Thinkolator through on this one, but Louis James’ pick here seems very likely to be Almaden Minerals (AAU, AMM in Toronto), which is indeed run by a father-son team, is doing infill drilling to expand the resource estimate at their latest project in Mexico, and does have some cash on the books to pay for more work (about $15 million as of last quarter, it’s a $90 million market cap company).

I don’t know Almaden well, but it’s been a favorite of a lot of resource pundits and I know the Casey folks have spoken fondly of them before — there are several other mentions of it here if you’re curious about following up.

Me, I’ll move on to number two:

Ten-Bagger Pick #2

This company was on Louis’ 5-Bagger list last year; now it’s on the 10-Bagger list because it’s selling for roughly half the price—through no fault of its own.

Pick #2 has produced great drill results on its Eurasian project: exceptionally thick, high-grade gold, as well as substantial, silver-rich intercepts and a new bulk-grade, near-surface gold on the same property.

On top of that, the company has had recent, high-grade hits at its US project in mining-friendly Nevada, which point to a very large potential resource there as well.

This mining overachiever delivered the goods in 2013, and Louis expects the same in 2014 and beyond… and now is the best time to get in.

Well, I can’t tell you for sure on this one — the only one I’m aware of that has projects in both “Eurasia” and Nevada is, well, Eurasian Minerals (EMXX, EMX.V in Canada), and they get more than their fair share of investment newsletter attention, but I haven’t seen any “recent” high-grade news from their Nevada projects and they’re a pretty spread-out, partnered company. The “great drill results” would be from Turkey for them if this is the match, and those results do look pretty impressive at first glance. And yes, the price is about half what it was a year ago — though that doesn’t narrow the field much when you’re talking about gold and silver miners.

They’re a similar size to Almaden, about $80 million, and, well, this one’s a guess. If you’ve a better one, feel free to jump right in with it.

One more?

“Ten-Bagger Pick #3

“The risk associated with this company has decreased drastically since Louis’ original recommendation, but the market hasn’t given it any credit for that change and it’s trading in the $0.60 range.

“There have also been excellent drill results from the company’s large, high-grade European gold project indicating that the deposit will get a lot larger.

“Last year that country’s stance on mining wasn’t 100% clear, but now we know that the government is standing behind the project—a huge bonus for Ten-Bagger Pick #3, which should be trading higher as is, but is still held back by the overall poor performance of the gold market.

“As soon as the market turns around, however, this stock should be well on its way to the stratosphere.

“And Louis and I are by no means the only ones seeing the vast potential in the mining sector. There’s no shortage of resource and investment experts—quite a few of them billionaires who made their wealth through contrarian plays just like this—who are willing to go out on a limb and predict an imminent turnaround for gold and gold stocks….”

There are a few stocks that could match this, including my best guess of Gabriel Resources (GBU in Toronto, GBRRF on the pink sheets) and its Rosia Montana project in Romania that has been a political football for at least a decade now and been “on again, off again” with local politicians. The shares did drop to about 60 cents around the turn of the year, but have now gotten back over a dollar again. This is one of those stocks that has a huge mineral deposit which, if developed, is obviously worth more than the company’s market cap … but the “if” is not just put there for the lawyers, I have no idea whether the project will end up going through or not. Myron, who writes a mining column for us here, has written about this one once or twice during the very volatile last six months or so, not sure what he’s thinking about them today. There are other good-sized European projects being explored or developed by other companies, but none that I’m aware of which have traded at or near sixty cents a share in the last few months.

So there you have it — one match, two somewhat wild guesses for the Casey folks’ “10-baggers” file — we’ll see how their presentation goes on Wednesday and if it turns out any more teaser-rich excitement for Gumshoe Nation … and if you’ve got other faves in the gold and silver space that you like better, or think you’ve got better matches for the clues granted us by the folks organizing Upturn Millionaires, well, I’d be delighted to hear ’em.

P.S. In case you’re wondering about that “Next Bakken” the Casey folks are pitching, that’s still PRD Energy — still waiting for more results from their initial drilling campaign that has been troubled by rough patches and cost overruns. We’ve covered it a couple times since they started teasing it, but haven’t followed news closely — they’re going to have to raise money to do any more drilling beyond this first well, it appears, so they’re presumably hoping they can say something really positive next time they have a press release.

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    1. Anonymole
      Feb 3 2014, 06:36:44 pm

      For all junior miners talk one should make sure you check out Mickey Fulp. I’m no shill but I do enjoy listening to Mickey’s Libertarian views and read about his exploits. He often visits these projects out in the boonies and reports on them. His People, projects, and share structure is how he grades these junior type of resource exploiters.

    2. Alan Harris
      Feb 3 2014, 06:46:55 pm

      Well Ive done nicely on GBU and am sitting on £2k of ‘free’ shares thanks to Myron’s earlier recco. There were alsorts of nimby protests, so either a poverty stricken gov will ‘pass’ on a much needed influx of new money or they’ll close the pithead in the name of democracy. My ‘free’ money is on some political balm, and once the protestors get tired and go home, the gov will initially allow a scaled back dig. Of course, if they hit paydirt, it’ll be ‘in the national interest’ to dig deeper. Its risky, but the odds that needy people in a cash strapped country will be persuaded to follow the cash, is high. An unprecedented one milion people in the UK marched on our Parliment to protest against joining the Iraq war…..we are still there a decade later!

    3. Conrad Swartz
      Feb 3 2014, 06:52:36 pm

      These companies aren’t even miners, they’re miner wannabees. Gabriel Resources is following in the footsteps of Crystallex with its mining project banned by the government. Just look at the price history of Crystallex to see how bad things can go in a situation like this. I don’t know why Northern Dynasty (NAK) is still considered to have any value, but it too is following in the path of Crystallex.

      Gold miners receive too much attention from newsletter writers. Gold mining is too speculative to be a reliable investment. Gold itself is way less speculative than gold miners; even if it goes down it will retain substantial value.

      • Thommo
        Feb 4 2014, 03:42:25 am

        If you like majors, Newcrest Mining [ncm.asx] has been a horror story but in the last couple of months has had a steady climb from $A7 to $A10 on improved tonnages and costs. Such a big company should have a Nth American listing but a quick search failed to find one.

        While on majors, why is Kinross such a disaster? I own them because I owned Redback but the whole seems to be worth less than they paid for Redback.

        Thanks for comments.

    4. Slick Rick
      Feb 3 2014, 07:55:57 pm

      Why bother with those crappy stocks? The BEST GOLD stock out there currently is AKG listed on the AMEX. They just merged with another gold miner and they now have the capability of producing 400,000 ounces of gold per year in the not to distant future! Here is the chart with reference materials below the graph! http://finviz.com/quote.ashx?t=akg&ty=c&ta=1&p=d

    5. 32
      Cathy Kandravi
      Feb 3 2014, 08:05:24 pm


    6. Terry Kresge
      Feb 3 2014, 08:07:57 pm

      Curious to hear any feelings re: Slam Exploration (SLMXF) in the mining sector, or Liberty Resources (LYRTF) in the oil sector. Thanks.

    7. George Calef
      Feb 3 2014, 08:19:32 pm

      Many, many of the juniors are up 30-100% in the past couple of months. When gold and silver turn around the rising tide will float all boats. One of the easiest ways to play the miners is to buy etfs, or even leveraged etfs such as jnug and nugt (up about 60% and 100% respectively) if you are brave. Lots of individual junior mining stocks are up close to 100% in the past couple of months: BAR, KOR, PZG, FVI, ORE, KAM etc. etc. if they have any kind of promising drill results or significant measured and indicated resources

    8. shredder
      Feb 3 2014, 08:25:35 pm

      I made a pantload of profits off Crystallex, just remember Cinderella…keep your eye on the clock and stay away from the koolaid. Still have a $15,000 ATV ( 2006) that i bot with some of my KRY profits. Even had BRP reprogram the digital display, on start-up it reads
      it’s a great time to do some contrarian investing in Jr resource sector.
      About investment writers, last fall, Bywrong King over at Agora, where I have a subscription, suggested a few Nat Gas play that are waiting for US Gov’t approval to export LNG. One, VSN.to he wrote “no Options here, just buy the stock” was a 7% div, paid monthly, perhaps Bywrong King was to lazy to do much research but VSN Options trade in Montreal and are not linked to there from TSE.
      My Apr $13 calls recently hit 9 bagger status…sweet

      If you’re yelling I’m selling and if you are crying, I’m buying

    9. richard
      Feb 3 2014, 08:25:45 pm

      Travis your analysis is nothing short of amazing.
      aau is #1
      #2 and 3 are dna.to (no Nevada property) and boz.v
      The 2 and 3 you have listed are not covered by them.

      • 3984 |
        Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe
        Feb 4 2014, 09:28:08 am

        Wouldn’t be surprised if those two (Dalradian and Banks Island) are on James’ list of potential 10-baggers, but they weren’t among the three he hinted ad, nowhere near the clues (Banks Island is off BC, Canada, Dalradian is in Ireland).

    10. SageNot
      Feb 3 2014, 11:56:10 pm

      Far be it for being somewhat negative on tiny miners; but with no inflation until the 10yr bonds starts an uptrend of sorts. Casey & friends never talk about how many tiny miners have blown up, even if you ask them it’s mum’s the word. Plus the commodity markets will also have to rally if that inflation surge is coming, just check out the historical facts, it will open your eyes.

      • 3984 |
        Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe
        Feb 4 2014, 09:34:12 am

        It’s clearly a terrible, terrible business if junior mining is taken as a group, where almost all the participants lose money, and it’s particularly terrible during times like this, when it’s challenging to raise money for exploration. The possibility of moonshot returns when a big discover is made, or when discoveries coincide with run-ups in the value of a commodity or an investor mania, is what keeps most small investors coming back. I like to keep some exposure to gold, silver and mining, but I personally resist making bets on the little tiny juniors (that’s why I like having Myron around to write about them and follow them, because I don’t have the time or interest to delve into so many teensy weensy stocks).

    11. Anthony Alfidi
      Feb 4 2014, 02:22:15 pm

      Louis James and some of the other Casey Research folks are pretty smart about broad trends. Like other stock pickers, nobody’s perfect.

    12. rogie
      Feb 4 2014, 02:56:22 pm

      I thought it was a given that various entities manipulate the price of Gold to suit their own means? As the author of the referenced article concluded: “The selling of gold to squash the price can only succeed if other governments follow the same road. China won’t and has been buying the physical gold the West has sold. This break in the ranks of central banks is a time bomb.

      If western central banks do not have the gold they say they have, the damage to their reputation and to the trust in national currencies will implode.

      If gold returns to a pivotal position in the global monetary system, then the developed world will have to follow the largest economy in the world. This is in the process of changing from the U.S. to China.

      Feb 4 2014, 08:43:45 pm

      i HOPE THAT I AM NOT GOING TO CAUSE A HUGE REACTION….I like reading this thread, and am a “Political Economist”, and try to see the “Big Picture”…I would like to know what might happen if RIO (TINTO) and BHP decide to ramp up gold production in Utah, And New Guinea…I think that they are sitting on a “Game Changer” of unreported but easily accessible mountain of gold and other PMs. Here is my story…
      Anaconda Copper at Carr Fork , on the western slope of the Oqquir Mountains, is
      directly across the ridge from Kennecott Copper, and both companies locked out the striking miners, in 1986.
      Then they spent about half a billion $ completely modernizing the Anaconda mine into a ‘DEEP SHAFT COPPER MINE”…..I don’t think that there are too many of those, so what was the real target?
      Gold, of course, and they hit it big. So big that Kennecott bought Anaconda and spent about $1.5 bil (when a billion was still a rarely mentioned amount) to redo their smelter (and upped production 10x, and cut jobs by 75%). Then Exxon bought Kennecott, and sold it to BP, which promptly sold it to a new entity, Rio Tinto…which still owns it.
      When the new super mine at Carr Fork was demolished, after operating for about a year,
      I bought some of the virtually new steel from the three bin crusher; and ended up walking around to see the site. I met an insider that witnessed the whole thing, by the name of Mike Kallas, who had been the “Head Blaster” for Kennecott for 35 years. He was sitting in the core sample warehouse, and overseeing the demolition. When I asked him about the extensive ore samples that were in endless racks as far as I could see, in the Walmart sized building; he described the Carr Fork mine as the “largest known high grade ore body on the planet”; assaying out to “6-7 oz/ton, gold”.
      He said that the deposit was 200 yards in diameter, and went “as far as they have drilled”. the record is there in the samples, which were at the site when I saw them.
      That mine has been shutdown for over 20 years, and all of the new equipment was demolished, except for the 330’ high concrete Head Frame, and the elevators that go down to -7000’. That is the big hidden secret that makes Kennecott so important to the Big Oil people that rotate through the RIO board…Mr. Skinner was president of BP before he was Chairman of RIO.
      There was a big story in the Wall Street Journal a few years ago about a “hostile takeover” of RIO by BHP when ACH (those wise Chinese Billionaires) tried to get a share of the Kennecott Production for $20 Billion; and were turned down. RIO and BHP are the left and right hands of the Oil Barons, who can manipulate the price of copper easily, so the low price was quickly run up to avert the “hostile takeover”, and keep the ownership in the “right hands”.
      My question is: What is RIO doing with the gold that is shipped out of the country everyday as “by product” (at the same time that they built the new Carr Fork mine, they spent $1.5 Billion to rework the Kennecot Smelter, which increased output by about 100% cut the work force by 75%, and recovered a lot more “by products”, probably in the range of 500 lbs of gold/day, and who knows how much platinum and other exotics)…just think of how that resource could alter our present Fed operations…if we could get ownership of that lode for the common good…INSTEAD, we have a situation that allows the “company” to skim off huge, “off the books” amounts of PM, into the private vaults of the Oil Oligarchs, where it can be used to finance the “privatization” of every other hard asset, or financial “institution”, or Government that stands in the way of “the New World Order”…just another name for Totalitarian Fascism.
      I posted this story at another website under a story by Christina Toy, and here is her answer…interesting, but not salient.
      ” Kennecott Corp is one of the 92,125 beneficiaries of a 132-year-old federal mining law, under which government has given title to the land consisting of precious metals and minerals for less than $10 an acre. Kennecott acquired ownership of the land for about $2 per acre, and it has to pay fee of about $5 per acre yearly to maintain possession of the claim. However, it do not pay any royalty to the federal government for metals and minerals mined from this land.
      Gold, silver and other precious metals are by-products of the Kennecott’s copper refining process. While refining copper, these metals are captured in electrolytic slime, and this slime is transferred to gold refinery, where gold is separated from other metals, and finally it is converted into 99.99% gold bars. Jewellery company Tiffany & Co is one of its customer which purchase around 5% of the gold mined. Moreover, in October last year, this gold refinery was awarded by “Chain-of-Custody” certification from the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) which means that refinery has applied appropriate standards to manage its gold supply chain in addition to standards for human rights, labor, environmental impact, and business ethics, as articulated in the RJC Code of Practices.”
      I wrote back:

      Thank you for your information…most people are not aware of the situation that allows private ownership of the mineral rights to land.
      Sometimes it requires public pressure to get laws changed, and this is just one of hundreds of antiquated laws that should be revised toward a more equitable outcome for all of our citizens…but don’t hold your breath waiting, because in the case of RIO, it would involve fighting the richest people on the planet, against government agencies that are probably run by their former and future employees…Our Government is basically captive to “Special Interests” who have the ability to flood Washington with money, and to get “special” treatment in the form of low cost land, subsidized infrastructure, and anti competitive legal protection.
      We really must do what Thomas Jefferson said, about having a “revolution” every generation, in the form of a Constitutional Convention, to update the rights of the people to counter the constant erosion of freedom by “Special Interests”.
      Of course, that will upset our Corporate Masters, and they will spend what ever it takes to hold on to their privileges…including buying all of the TV time, “celebrity spokespeople”, and “Nobel Prize winners”, to make sure that Joe Plumber votes against his own interest…
      So the unfortunate situation of our time is that the people who are making the most money from the “Rape of the Commons”, are determined to burn every last barrel of oil, to finance their acquisition of all of the other resources of the planet. While the people who want their children to have a good future are ignorant of the consequences of their lack of involvement in their “civic duty”.

      If the right wing media is going to call Obama a “Socialist”, I would like us to push him to “socialize” Oil, Gas, and Minerals, and make them pay for everything that we need…rr


      • 4001 |
        frank archambeau
        frank archambeau
        Feb 5 2014, 02:43:08 am

        Robin Verrry interesting tho not surprising. I think that
        “socialist” also favor wealth transfer; from your pocket to theirs.
        Right/left wing media propaganda ministry of Government class.
        Think Socialist/Capitalist-government bird resemble a turkey.

        • 4001 |
          frank archambeau
          frank archambeau
          Feb 5 2014, 02:50:08 am

          Please substitute question marks for periods in prior comment. Keyboard
          question mark over-used & over-heated on my machine.

        Feb 7 2014, 03:23:08 pm

        Dear Rogie:
        I classify The Wall Street Journal, Fox news and Clear channel as “right wing”…but if you think otherwise, you are just another fanatic from the right wing…

        We already have Corporate Socialism, and every time I am in China, I see “Caputism”…
        Where the “Capitalists” and “Communists” are partying in Shanghai, while the 99.9% are protesting inequality, just like here… What do you think about the TPP?

        Obama wants Fast Track authority and it will make Corporations more powerful than Governments…a dream that Bush didn’t even have, ain’t that sumthin?

      • l pitts
        Feb 7 2014, 06:17:42 pm

        RIO is the “Phoenix/resurrection of” of RTZ,= Rio Tinto Zinc … as a former writer/author of investment newsletter,”The Insiders Report”, Larry Abraham, (since passed, but his last calls were the big copper properties in Panama), whose moto was follow the money .. identified the R, in RTZ as, R = Rothchilde The original founders, family name Bauer. (Moses Amschel Bauer is born in Frankfurt, Germany, a money lender and the proprietor of a counting house ( who posted a Red Shield, … [a red hexagram (which geometrically and numerically translates into the number 666] … over the entrance of his counting house). Later his son Mayer, (who originally begins by working for the Oppenheimers, (owners of everything “Anglo” (Gold, Plat, American,etc., et.al.) Including, prior to a recent partial divestment; in 2012-13, DeBeers [following some of Larry’s recos, I bought both RTZ, and DeBeers (=Oppenheimers holding company, for all things Anglo), until it was again taken private by the Oppenheimers) in the mid 90s
        following his father’s death, Bauer returns to Frankfurt to take over his father’s business. Bauer recognises the significance of the red hexagram and changes his name from Bauer to Rothschild

        It was originally a land grant, given for the mercury mines in Spain, in exchange for Rothchildes’ having provided the Spanish King/gov’t backing of their treasury.notes It (RIO), remains within their ownership grasp, as does mush of the worlds financial system! In addition the the very basis for the Rothchilde families entire fortune was credit given to royalty & State, backed by gold !!
        To which to this day, the major owners of the world’s financial system, (US Fed Reserve [actually privately owned], BIS, BOE, BOC,BOA other central banks, World Bank, IMF, IFC, UN, including major commercial and finance institutions JP Morgan, Chase, Bof A, Citi, Barclays, RBS, Deutche Bank G-S, etc., et. al., still hold (Even what appears on the surface to be all things China) the PGMs, and resources of the globe … it is their NWO … check out/research Jacobines (Wolf in a Sheeps clothing

        • l pitts
          Feb 7 2014, 06:26:34 pm

          continued; ) is their Coat of Arms, recently the “Pilgrim Society” and it’s member names have turned up in ongoing research of the Monied Powers in the last several decades.
          READ: The House of Rothschild: (multi volume) Money’s Prophets: 1798-1970s by Niall Ferguson, Harvard Historian

          • 4001 |
            frank archambeau
            frank archambeau
            Feb 8 2014, 12:20:31 am

            I PITTS I know name Bauer,same as Dutch Boer & means farmer.
            What is significance of change Rothschilde? [child of wrath/roth ?]
            Do you imply; great satan/anti-christ connection?

        • ROBIN STEEL
          Feb 21 2014, 01:14:48 pm

          Dear I Pitts, and Frank
          Thank you for your very informative additions to this thread…
          I would like to find the primary sources for some of the statements….I am a writer, and would like to put these people in a story that would reach a broad audience; because I believe that “We the people” need to get together with “They the Other”people and get rid of the feudal relics that impede democratic progress, IF in fact, we believe that “All men are created equal”….
          As it stands now, we have a murky idea that “something is rotten in Denmark”, but are unable to point to the real perpetrators of the biggest “crimes against humanity”, which I posit are:
          The “Rape of the Commons” for the benefit of a very few. (Finite resources, squandered by the rich, and lost forever through waste and fraud).
          Repression of Information that would change public opinion away from “Business as usual”
          through media control. (Concentration of Media in the hands of Demigods).
          War as a solution to the “just aspirations of ‘the people'”….This extends from the National level down to the local police, and can be seen as a form of “property rights, over human rights”, when it comes down to “Us vs. Them” at any level….
          Articulated “plans for the New American Century”, and Secret plans like The Trans Pacific Trade Pact (TPP) that will subjugate National Sovereignty to Stateless Corporations mostly owned by the people whom you cite…”their NWO, doesn’t look so “new”, but it sure is on track to deliver many decades of horror to most of “the People”.
          There are a lot more of these sort of “causes” of our plight, that haven’t been articulated to the “People”, and it is time to focus the “light of truth” ( if truth means anything) upon the crimes of the elite…before they shut down all descent. with techno police and “newspeak”.
          Any thoughts about a good story line? Where should I start?

    14. Larry Allbritton
      Feb 4 2014, 09:22:44 pm

      I don,t know if you and the Thinkolator have ever exposed a teaser from Sean Brodrick, but he is touting a “secret alternative gold investing strategy capable of turning $10K into $80,642.00 in only a year.” I,d like to know how he arrived at such a precise amount? Good luck tryIng to thinkolate on this one. Thanks for any info you come up with.

      • 4001 |
        frank archambeau
        frank archambeau
        Feb 22 2014, 09:43:14 am

        Larry: I do not know of person you name, but I can show how such figures are arrived at. In history of prior year find 10 stocks that had gains. Invest in 1st for a 3 or 4 week period,sell ,invest total in 2nd stock for 3 or 4 weeks ,sell, invest total in 3rd pick,etc etc. etc. 10 times. Result is all winners =big precise gain at year end. Impossible in real life. Figures don’t lie but liars figure , is an old saying.

    15. miltonmoney
      Feb 7 2014, 02:36:51 pm

      I watched this UPTURN MILLIONAIRES special,,,yeah it was highly motivational…I too wanted too be a winner and grinner like these GUYS…..I was slathering at the mouth,,move over newbies im going too bully in and buy up gold and silver stocks…ahhhhhhhhhh I was gob smacked,,stuck too my seat not missing a word, AHHH the adrenial RUSHHHHHHHHHHH.DAMN i can only deal in the AUSSIE MARKET.THANKS GUYS FOR VID,,im loaded up in this sector again…ahhh lick my lips..$$$

      • 4001 |
        frank archambeau
        frank archambeau
        Feb 10 2014, 05:38:30 am

        Miltonmoney; like your comment esp. winner grinner I think maybe I steal same. Prospect of gold makes eyes swell & brain go into continuous loop. Maybe wind & waves calm & kindly hyper of stock walk across lake & bring me many bags gold/silver?

      • Bob
        Feb 17 2014, 01:00:17 am

        Hey, did you notice that Rick Rule and Doug Casey were both sporting the same ridiculous hairdos? The comb forward. Looks so stupid.

    16. 336 |
      Howard Spiegel
      Feb 7 2014, 04:43:40 pm

      1. Regarding the “10 baggers”-AAU is on their “5” bagger list. Dalradian is on the list. Pilot is on their list. Eurasian and Gabriel are not on their list. They have a total of 9 companies they name as potential 10 baggers and 9 five baggers.

      Conceptually if you bought equal dollar amounts in each one you would probably do quite well when gold and silver rebound……..

      2. BHP already produces 90,000 ounces of gold per year. Small financial impact on this hugh mining company.

        • Howard
          Sep 21 2014, 02:55:37 pm

          John, The list is from a paid subscription so it would not be appropriate for me to publish. If one asks if a particular stock is on the list I will confirm if it is……. Howard

    17. Bubbles
      Feb 8 2014, 11:15:23 am

      I have what’s known as “sleazeball radar” and this 10 bagger hype from Casey is setting off all the bells and whistles. I mean just look at these guys… they are salivating over prospecting for sure… the prospect of taking your money. At least Rick Rule is upfront enough to flat out say he’s gonna kick your dumb ass.

    18. Scott Wheeler
      Feb 9 2014, 11:57:37 am

      If Zimbabwe doesn’t scare you and you looove a 10% (current yield) dividend, paid quarterly, BTW, Caledonia (CAL.TO in Canada, CALVF in the US and CMCL in Britain) is currently at 52-week lows (sixty cents USD) and definitely worth a look. ZERO DEBT and $25MM in the bank, this little engine that could and can and does is a cash moo-cow, adding just about $4MM clear profit to the bank every quarter – producing just under 50K ounces Au annually. They are about to start using that cash to “grow” by taking advantage of failed miners’ resources. Full disclosure – I own a ocean liner load of it and looove my big fat quarterly divvie. And ohhh, yes, I will also looove that eventual ten-bagger when we hit $6 in a couple of years. These guys are doing really good stuff.

      • JT
        Feb 22 2014, 07:19:19 am

        Zimbabwe should scare everyone invested there. Imagine what will happen to gold miners in Zim when the price of Au goes up to USD 3,000. Yeah, the crazy people running that “banana republic” will simply confiscate all mining assets and leave you with nothing….a whole ocean liner of nothing. After a quick scan of Caledonian Mining’s chart, I won’t hold my breath for a 10-beggar, either. While most solid juniors were 10-beggars in 2010-2012, CAL.TO was a little more than a 1-beggar. Dividends are great, but safe jurisdictions DEMAND premiums in bull markets. The kind CAL.TO will likely never see because it’s located in a lawless country.

    19. Shellin
      Feb 9 2014, 12:48:09 pm

      These guys have been pushing Eurasia and Almaden for years. I remember wasting money and going to a Casey Gold and Silver conference in Las Vegas and Rule was Pushing Almaden and Eurasia back then and that was 7 long years ago. Look at a chart and see how these two have done over the last seven years. Everybody is in AW of these two guys, but I have NEVER made a penny on any recco they put out. They shill their buddies companys at our expense. Happily I learned that quickly.

      • RandySpears
        Mar 25 2014, 12:51:35 am

        These guys love the prospect generators, which as you noted, have a track record of poor performance. Its a fine, safe way to run a biz as an exploration company but investors should stay far away. PGens are disaster for investors and stay away from anyone recco’ing them.

    20. Thomas Clayson
      Feb 19 2014, 02:30:34 pm

      If anyone is interested I found the full list on another site:

      • ATAC Resources (V.ATC, C$1.71, 103.6M SO, 113.7M FD, C$177.2M MCap,www.atacresources.com) — ATAC has already been at nearly 10 times current levels, simply based on a different level of risk appetite in the market. The company’s discoveries in the Yukon are significant and have serious size potential. In a more bullish market environment, this company could be a 10-bagger without changing. However, we expect ore excellent results this year.

      • Banks Island Gold (V.BOZ, C$0.64, 34.4M SO, 42.4M FD, C$22M MCap,http://www.banksislandgold.com) — BOZ has the assets and the game plan for developing them that could easily deliver a 10-bagger. There’s technical risk in doing what must be done, and the company only has half the money it needs to build its first mine at Yellow Giant, but it has options for the latter, and we believe it has the right people to address the former. This is not a penny stock, but its market cap is like that of a penny stock and has similarly explosive potential.

      • Brixton Metals (V.BBB, C$0.175, 52.5M SO, 81.1M FD, C$9.2M MCap, www.brixtonmetals.com) — Brixton does not yet have a 43-101-compliant resource in hand, and is quite a ways from delivering one. That makes this a higher-risk spec. But it is cheap, and it has delivered spectacular drill results, more of which could easily make this a 10-bagger.

      • Carpathian Gold (T.CPN, C$0.29, 555M SO, 590.5M FD, C$161M MCap, www.carpathiangold.com)— We’ve written quite a bit about this company. The bottom line is simple: the company is trading at a discount to the value of the gold mine, is on track to deliver on time and on budget in Brazil, and on top of this, it has a huge gold-copper resource in Romania for which the market is giving it no value. The stock will almost certainly rise based on the former and could eventually become a 10-bagger based on that alone, given the low starting point. It’s hard to put odds on the Romanian blue sky, but whatever they are, free is a great price, and the consequences of success with that project would be huge.

      • Global Minerals (V.CTG, C$0.175, 110.8M SO, 144.9M FD, C$19.4M MCap,www.globalminerals.com) — Global’s decision to focus on advancing their known deposit this year, rather than on making new discoveries, would normally make for less explosive upside in the play. However, the stock has gotten a lot cheaper recently without any bad news from the company (due in part to a newsletter publishing a sell recommendation on the stock). It’s not hard to see the stock rising to 10 times its current share price if the company delivers a profitable new silver mine to the market.
      • Gold Port Resources (V.GPO, C$0.07, 110.6M SO, 177.5M FD, C$7.7M MCap,www.goldportresources.com) — Gold Port recently delivered a substantial new gold resource to the market that is being subjected to an inappropriate level of country discount, on top of general market sector weakness. There is technical risk in this play, but the stock is so cheap, a 10-bagger or better is easily doable if the company delivers on its objectives.

      • GoldQuest Mining (V.GQC, C$0.425, 144M SO, 155.8M FD, C$61.2M MCap,www.goldquestcorp.com) — GoldQuest has become a value play with enormous upside. It’s a spec, but if the company starts delivering more Romero-style drill results, these shares should soar. But even if that doesn’t happen, it appears likely that the company will be able to deliver a significant gold discovery with robust economics to the market. So, while the explosive upside is highly speculative, the base of value looks solid. The company is cashed up and hard at work; stay tuned.
      • Matamec Explorations (V.MAT, C$0.185, 120.3M SO, 138.7M FD, C$22.3M MCap,www.matamec.com) — Matamec is another company we’ve written about recently. Again, if the market were giving the company a normal discount for a pre-feasibility project, there might not be quite as explosive potential in the play, but since the market does not yet seem to believe in the Kipawa project, despite Toyota putting millions into it, a shift in perception is all it would take to make a big winner out of this pick. And that’s not even counting the company’s non-Kipawa assets and blue sky.
      • Renaissance Gold (T.REN, C$0.455, 30.7M SO, 32.4M FD, C$14M MCap, www.rengold.com) — This is a pure people play. The company does not yet have a flagship project upon which we can project any value added. It does, however, have one of the most successful mineral exploration teams in the world, bar none. And it’s cheap. It’s hard to say where, when, and how the stars will align for this one, but when they do, the results should be extremely gratifying.
      As a bonus, here’s a list of companies that have similar excellent potential but are not quite as cheap. These companies seem likely to deliver, but maybe not as much as ten times current share prices. Call it the potential 5-Bagger list:

      • Adventure Gold (V.AGE, C$0.255, 65.5M SO, 70.8M FD, C$16.7M MCap, www.adventure-gold.com)— Adventure has a relatively high-grade, open-pit gold resource in mine-friendly Québec. The deposit is not huge, but it’s big enough to matter, and if the company is successful in making it bigger, it could yield very robust economics. The company also has Other People’s Money going into the ground on other projects. There are certainly risks in this play, but if the company delivers on its plans, that success could easily justify five times the current market cap, or more, in a bull market environment.

      • Almaden Minerals (AAU, $2.22, T.AMM, C$2.18, 60M SO, 65M FD, C$130.8M MCap,www.almadenminerals.com) — Almaden has delivered a world-class gold resource in mine-friendly Mexico, with several characteristics that are very bullish for project economics. We should see preliminary numbers on that by the end of the year. We will also see drilling all year long, which has the potential to greatly expand the deposit. The company has plenty of cash and best-in-the-business management. If they deliver on their intentions, it would be easy to see a 5-bagger in the stock.

      • Exeter Resources (XRA, $1.17, T.XRC, C$1.21, 88.4M SO, 98.9M FD, C$107M MCap,www.exeterresource.com) — Exeter’s monster-sized Caspiche gold deposit in Chile is getting almost no valuation in the market. There certainly are technical challenges, but the size of the prize is certainly commensurate with the risk. Big bulk mining projects are currently out of favor, but Caspiche has a smaller, but still large, higher-grade core that we hope to see the company put some economic numbers on. The committee also has lots of cash and is looking for value unlocking ways to deploy it. That aside, simply as a gold bank with ounces in the ground, this stock is highly leveraged to rising gold prices.

      • International Tower Hill (THM, US$1.62, T.ITH, C$1.71, 98.1M SO, 106.2M FD, US$158.9M MCap,www.ithmines.com) — ITH is almost the same story as Exeter, but it has less cash. On the other hand, it also faces far fewer technical challenges and offers excellent leverage to rising gold prices.

      • Rye Patch Gold (V.RPM, C$0.355, 146.1M SO, 155.6M FD, C$51.9M MCap, www.ryepatchgold.com)— Rye Patch will probably not quintuple if successful in its legal battle with Coeur d’Alene Mines over the Rochester silver mine in Nevada. However, it could easily double or more on that basis, and that could prompt the market to revalue the company’s substantial portfolio of other assets in the area. Add to this any success in the company’s ongoing drill campaign, and we could see the shares trading much higher when the gold market turns bullish again.

      • Sandspring Resources (V.SSP, C$0.37, 132.4M SO, 142.3M FD, C$49M MCap,www.sandspringresources.com) — Sandspring’s Toroparu gold project in Guyana should soon deliver to the market updated economic numbers that we think will be more robust than most investors are expecting. If the company’s neighbors, Guyana Goldfields, are able to raise the rest of the money they need to build their mine, that should greatly reduce the country discount being applied to all Guyana plays. There’s exploration upside as well. Taken altogether, it’s easier to see much higher share prices, even without a major new discovery, in a more bullish gold environment.
      Others I see excellent potential in, but maybe not quite at the 5- or 10-bagger level, include Strategic Metals,Sunward Resources, NioGold, and Columbus Gold. I do see potential for a double or better in the rest of the companies in our portfolio, or they wouldn’t be there. However, the purpose of this alert is not to reassure you how good all of our picks are; the idea is to help those of you who have the guts to hunt for big game when we have the field almost to ourselves to focus on the picks that offer maximum potential yield. If the market falls apart for a time, these are the picks that are likely to offer the maximum bang for the buck. Just remember the higher yield entail higher risk.

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