Investment Quality Trends

Recommends “high quality” dividend paying stocks — buys when dividends rates are historically high, sells when they are low.

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    1. Joan
      Feb 21 2009, 02:36:03 pm

      This newsletter is more than 40 years old, with only two editors the whole time. It is extremely clear in its philosophy and methodology (true blue-chip dividend-paying stocks) and uses hype-free language. It has an actual track record and has consistently scored as one of Hulbert’s top performing risk adjusted newsletters. And, blessedly, it only runs ONE newsletter and does not junk up your mailbox with solicitations for endless sub-newsletters! If you want to be long equities, especially mid to large cap, this is the one to follow. If you don’t, use Hussman or bonds or CDs or non-stock strategies such as long/short commodity funds. Have subscribed for over 10 years, the only losing year was 2008 with about -22% or so. Costs about $200-250 a year via email.

    2. Michael Sullivan
      Feb 27 2013, 09:45:42 am

      This is best suited for IRA’s as the whole purpose is to rotate in and out of overvalued to undervalued stocks. These stocks are basically the best of the best. However, selling in cash accounts would require paying capital gain taxes which negates some of the gains. Also, you can download a sample newsletter (albeit an old one) which is rare indeed. This newsletter has a sterling track record. However, no one can predict Black Swan events and you can have a bad year once in a while. This is where reverse index ETF’s come in handy.

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