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    1. Daniel Victor
      Feb 15 2009, 02:44:36 pm

      Investment U [] I cannot rate their picks,since I only just got the service.But the articles are interesting,and different from others,since they take a contrarian stance.Most of what they say makes sense,and,best of all the service is free.

    2. BillJ
      Feb 16 2009, 12:09:04 pm

      I love reading Investment U newsletters. However, most of their e-mails are ads for something else (like today’s on how to receive 96 dividend checks). Their web site ( contains a lot of valuable information. Their newsletters often contain links to web sites with valuable educational information.

      I often disagree with their political analysis, but their stock picks and analysis have been good. I bypass any e-mail that looks like an ad and enjoy reading the few that are left. Since Investment U is free, I would rate it as a must-have for all newbies. Everyone should read their Investment Reports as most contain very good, in-depth analysis.

      Investment U is not quite in the same class as John Mauldin’s “Outside The Box,” which is at the top of my list of informative newsletters.

    3. Bill Rowe
      Jul 9 2009, 03:12:19 pm

      I like Investment U. as well. It has a lot of good advice and also has linked me to others such as Leeb’s which I find good.My
      favorite is still Personal Finance though but I am still new to
      the Oxford Club so time will tell.

    4. Karen S
      Aug 31 2009, 07:40:57 pm

      I also enjoy reading Investment U’s articles. They are insightful and great for new people. I subscribed to the Oxford Club’s newsletters for a couple of years and initially did fairly well with some of their picks.

      I also like Money Morning and Investors Daily Edge for their analysis and articles, though I don’t necessarily go for their stock picks.

    5. Axxell
      Feb 16 2010, 01:21:00 am

      Oxford is a fine, respected source of general information & a very valuable “starter” tool for the novice investor. Always respected as a basic primer on investing..

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