Lifetime Income Report

Author/Editor: Zachary Scheidt

Publisher: Agora Financial

Income and dividend growth-focused newsletter. Previously edited by Neil George and Jim Nelson.

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    1. Farley 5
      Feb 27 2009, 02:43:31 pm

      Legacy Portfolio – Fortune 500 companies with div. 3% to 9%. returns: -8.73, -11.66, -7.90, -5.99, -7.67, -3.85.
      Current Income – foreign utilities.
      Returns: -3.59, -14.73
      Special situation – Natural Gas pipeline. See my N/G comments in the Forum.
      Returns: -8.89%
      This letter could do better by using technical analysis to weed out the rif raf. Right now every position is down by way more than the dividend yield.

    2. Tensor
      Aug 13 2009, 12:42:31 pm

      Every single pick is up except 2 of them… Its called a plan for a reason. It takes time to accumulate profit but as i am writing this I will say that LIR has produced a 150.52% return in its portfolio. The reviewer above posted 1 month after the start of the newsletter. I am posting 7 months later. Anyone who knows anything about stocks will know that you need to wait longer than a damned month to get real gains.

    3. E.F. Sosa
      Sep 23 2009, 08:45:30 am

      Just received this in the mail yesterday. I of course (like many others)was highly intrigued, perhaps because of the GREED factor. Especially about the “Do nothing” just: Set-It-Up and “Sit-On-It” and you’ll get as much as “Thousands Per
      Month” All for only as low as: $49.00!! For me NOT knowing a thing about Stocks, Investments, etc., etc. a deal to say the least.
      Well all I can say is thank you for your investigation into these type of scams.

      So I will mail -back the envelope with a note inside:
      (Thanks, But No Thanks, they pay the postage!

      “Thank You In Advance”
      E.F. Sosa
      NM, USA

    4. Enrique Gutierrez
      Apr 27 2010, 11:38:36 am

      I have subscribed recently to this report , interested in PLAN B, buy I have not received so far any instructions to proceed or names of the companies . Enrique Gutierrez M.D.

    5. John
      Jun 15 2010, 11:51:46 am

      I subscribed a year ago and have invested in several of the recommendations. Some are down from my original purchase price, but I still think they merit holding. The newsletter and email alerts have much less hype than the ads for subscribing and provide some useful detail about the recommended companies.

      However, I subscribed to Morningstar for a second opinion and mostly bought 5-star matches. Now, after learning to use Morningstar’s stock screener, I intend to let my Lifetime Income subscription expire.

    6. Nancy
      Jun 28 2010, 10:29:52 am

      Well, I subscribed thinking I was going to get good info, and all I seem to get is ads and ads and more ads to buy more “information.” I am sure somewhere, lurking in all that copywriting genius is one or two good recommendations that may work along the way. I gave an extra star for consistency – that’s consistency of being frustratingly full of “come-look-sees,” and “try it risk-frees” as you try to decipher any true investing advice. I was most disappointed.

    7. Larry
      Aug 28 2010, 10:01:01 am

      I recently watched the presentation to the Lifetime Income Report, it surely pays to GOOGLE anything you intend to subscribe to, I find from people’s past mistakes can save you a lot of money in the long run. I appreciate the comments people have posted about this subscription I almost paid for. Thank you

    8. Gary
      Sep 30 2010, 01:57:47 pm

      The presentation is loaded with lots of hype, saying you’ll start making thousands in just a few weeks, and that you’ll continue to make thousands every two weeks. It’s a hook with caviar bait on it. While I’m sure people are making thousands a month for doing nothing, they spent a long time building up to it. If it sounds too good to be true, it is. You can spend two years in Alaska, and start getting their annual oil revenue checks as a resident. At least I know for sure that’s real, I used to get those checks myself.

    9. jb
      Oct 4 2010, 08:06:12 pm

      Thank you so much for getting me through all the “verbage” Jim put in his promo…Plain and simple language is always better when referring to investing…no matter what the so called promised return is. We need to understand it before committing to it.
      Thanks again,

    10. Roger
      Oct 9 2010, 10:01:48 am

      I read the reviews here before pulling the trigger. Glad I did, saved me the annoyance/disappointment.

      Like so many have said – “If it’s sounds to good to be true, it probably is!”

    11. Skk
      Nov 5 2010, 08:05:35 pm

      What a scam! The difference between what the ad says and what you get is criminal. Why not just say you’re like every other newsletter giving out stock tips that any one could find on their own? Here’s my question, why doesn’t the SEC subscribe so they can be as ripped of as the consumer feels?

    12. BarryB
      Dec 4 2010, 06:03:06 am

      I gave it a try … with a discounted fee and a guarantee of cancellation, I gave it a shot. For two months I was overwhelmed with their and several other services that “some how” got my e-m address.
      After two month or so, I decided to see if the cancellation guarantee was good. To their credit, my cc was credited within 3 days.
      Mucho hype with their great market phraseology … :>))

    13. fool me once...
      Mar 23 2011, 05:56:51 pm

      This newsletter is just like the others. All you receive are a bunch of emails, letters, teasers and you have to dig to find the little piece of information you paid for! The one or two stocks are there somewhere but hard to find. Also the paper mail increased as well from other “we have a secret to make you rich” firms. I bought this “trial” a few months ago and within days my email was filled with junk mails froim them and others asking me to subscribe, or get a lifetime discount for the one I just signed on with (and they still ask). To my shame I actually paid for this and didn’t even get 1/2 price like most others said in here! I had tried a few other newsletters and thought this would have been different as the presentation was better, with teasers and I thought it sounded different. I wish I would have checked here first and saved me the money I really shouldn’t spend. I really should have put into savings. And, also I have to contact them by REGULAR SNAIL MAIL to get my money back, so they say. They offer no email or no phone number for doing refunds right away? That way I miss the trial period. There is no way to immediately cancel even though it was immediately paid for and started? Not so great of a deal nor is their policy of guarantee or your money back! I’m tired of all of these companies that offer “investment ideas” and they should be outlawed but it’s a free country so it’s my own fault. I’m so sick of being taken avbandage of by people claiming to help you learn something in investing but don’t. They seem similar to Stansberry in layout and the Daily Reckoning newsletters are part of it as those began arriving the same day, so they are somehow related. Buyer beware1! I can only hope I’ll get my money back when I get they get my letter.

    14. jgavronmd
      Oct 6 2011, 06:48:48 pm

      I subscribe to Lifetime Income report, and it is too oriented toward teaser advertising. Their articles could be broken down to a few concise sentences.

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