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    1. richard aspa
      Nov 15 2012, 03:08:51 pm

      Don’t buy any trading products from Market Authority. I bought a $997 trading system on 21/9, decided it wasn’t as advertised and requested 24/9 a refund as per their “Unconditional Refund Policy… and you’ll immediately be issued a full refund”.
      Seven weeks later after 20 emails and every effort by MA to wear me down I received a 90% refund from the advisor marketing his system via MA.
      MA’s tactics are to: switch their email addresses – give multiple references to enter into a non-functioning Suppport Ticket system – deny request that a refund request had been made – state that CC refunds take 3-5 weeks to process – refuse to send a bank transfer (my CC had been cloned) – offer to send check (which would never be sent but would nevertheless ‘be lost in the post’) – state ‘that they can’t give a repayment date and I’m ‘in the refund Que’ ( sic).
      Richard Aspa

    2. Diane Galion
      Feb 7 2013, 02:14:49 pm

      Have to agree with RA’s comment. I was interested in Swing Trading Millionaire promoted by Market Authority with a link to swingtradingmillionaire dot org website, but when Googled, only swingtradingmillionaire dot com comes up showing a Norton red box warning next to it that reads Fake AV5 website. If Market Authority is that Byzantine in its marketing practices, then how can they be trusted in anything else? Why do they need a fake website to attract new subscribers?

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