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    1. Doug
      Oct 23 2011, 02:57:25 pm

      I have been using Market Trend Signal (MTS) for 2 months to make decisions on my stock trading. I got my money back ($US99) in 4 days. I don’t see how anyone can lose money using it.

    2. Dennis
      Oct 26 2011, 07:53:53 pm

      Technically easy to use, and follows trends of all individual stocks. Initially I had a learning curve as I converted my thinking from fundamental trading to trend trading. Once I was comfortable with trend trading I began doing well. I am getting about 7% annual gain, even in down markets. I do no short trades, only long.

    3. phil
      Nov 24 2011, 04:03:13 pm

      i dont know what picks the other reviewers got but i was a member since this july and didnt recieve one winning recommendation if you look at their model portfolio they show you all their picks and you will be hard pressed to find any in green i just cancelled my subscription i can lose my money on my own no need to pay someone to do it. i wouldnt recommend them to anyone but it is reasonably priced but still not worth it to me so im looking for a new advisor to follow and hopefully make me some money

    4. doug
      Dec 1 2011, 10:33:52 pm

      Market Trend Signal (MTS) means being plugged into a financial SuperComputer. Good newsletters speculate on a few picks from a handful of advisers. For $99/yr. MTS provides 24/7 access to scores of new hold-to-buy/new buys daily. The model portfolio isn’t meant for stock picks (that’s what the Muscle Stocks/ETF’s and Stock Screener are for); it’s a portfolio management template. If you’ve been buying long since July, Phil, you’ve been caught in the Bear and, like many, probably been burnt. During this period MTS has advised prudence, and building up cash reserves. All Stock Gumshoe readers know that education precedes gain. Likewise, study of MTS “Trends University” resources precedes mastery of its “Analysis Tools”. Don’t blame the messenger because you don’t understand the message. I stand by my original comment, and wish you well finding a “new advisor”.

      • Homimi
        Mar 8 2016, 10:50:35 am

        Im new to trading. This system sounds good and Im still learning. Are you still using it and have you made more money? I noticed that the comments was few years ago. Thanks.

    5. John
      Jan 27 2012, 02:55:28 pm

      I signed up for a free trial and I appreciated the opportunity to try it out. If you look through trades in the model portfolio you will note that they loose substantial percentages on many trades. My advice: If you use this service to set entry points…set stops. Don’t wait for a sell. Sell signals seem to come after the stock as dropped substantially, often near bottoms. Despite their claims, they often sell (in the model portfolio) without a confirmed sell signal and miss a lot of upside. If you don’t have a lot of experience, you may want to use this service to screen for potential longs and shorts but make sure you set stops. Also realize that a computer is picking entry and exit points using some kind of technical algorithm. Never think the computer has it right and realize that buys and sells seem to lag often suggesting that you buy near a top and sell near a bottom.

    6. Steve
      Mar 22 2012, 01:04:32 pm

      First the positive: A novice can be overwhelmed quickly with generous category choices. But do not be deceived by their buy signals. You need to do some extra research on the individual stocks you favor, as well as the markets before buying. Forget Trends University if you value your money, and seek your education elsewhere. TU lulls you into a false sense of security along with their signals. To say that their signals lag is an grand understatement, and they remind me of a driver that’s asleep at the wheel. I cannot be more emphatic: don’t take any BUY signal as an indication to buy. If you do decide to buy, always keep a fairly tight stop to protect against losses–despite charts, newsletters and videos to the contrary. If profits are meant to run, they will. But always follow the first rule of trading: don’t lose your trading capital. The name of the site should be Stock Pick Suggestions, so buyer beware.

    7. howard
      Jun 12 2012, 01:35:09 am

      I have studied many strategies and the trend trading makes the most sense to me. They said that in a stock market, all of the people are bidding, like any auction. They say you don’t have to pour over all of the financials, news and other noise from millions of sources. Everybody’s theory, system etc is all boiled down into one simple thing – THE PRICE. When the price is trending, it is a pretty sure bet that trend, up or down will continue. Their service allows me to look at any stocks and also those that they put up daily in several categories (muscle stocks, weaklings as example) and to pick the trends I like. I do monitor almost daily and I have bee successful for the last 6 months since I joined, beating the indexes by a substantial margin.During that period we have had several large corrections, both up and down. While I take their buy, hold and sell signals into consideration, I make my own calls since I monitor daily. They did teach me good money management and risk reward methods that apply to trading. In this account, I trade (short term) not invest (long term) . Buy and hold is dead from what I have observed and read in many newsletters.
      They also have a back test feature that allows you to see how their algorithm worked over periods that you set in the past.

    8. RJ Zigmund
      Aug 27 2012, 04:11:19 pm

      Considering purchasing the Market Trend Signal.
      How accurate is the trend signal?
      Any other stock adviser service you would recommend?

    9. Gail
      Aug 29 2012, 01:33:01 pm

      I subscribed to MTS for a year, and never found it helpful. I thought maybe it was just me, but I see other people also saying calls were very trailing. The model portfolio is certainly nothing to follow-you could buy and hold SPY and do better. And they (prudently?) cash out portfolio if market is thought to move down.
      I probably could have made money from it if I worked it. There is a news feed with it, and a lot of stocks I looked at just didn’t seem right.
      I did get a nice free REAL book, ” Trend Following Stocks”. They may or may not be still giving that out.
      Try it and see. It isn’t real expensive and you have your free trial.

    10. Billy Morgan
      Oct 10 2012, 01:42:16 pm

      I recently critisized Market Trend Signal for being of little use to me but now I give their customer service top marks. When I cancelled my subscription over the phone MTS complied with my request right away and I got a full refund and prompt email confirmation.

    11. dan kehoe
      May 25 2013, 09:59:54 am

      I’m new to all this, and although I can’t offer a rating for Market Trend Signal I can offer one for Gumshoe: A million (make that Billion) thanks for saving me more than once. Because I am new to it all I’m looking into a lot of things, and the best THING so far has been Gumshoe. In fact, i’m starting to feel a little guilty getting what I do for free. ( Yeah, you’ll probably have my money soon…but i’ll feel damn good about giving it to ya. ) Can’t say thanks enough.

    12. Edward Roop
      Feb 19 2014, 05:58:24 pm

      MTS can be of great value, particularly in combination with fundamental analysis. Trend analysis is more than just looking at zig-zag lines and guessing. Understanding statistical analysis principals and interpreting charts can make MTS invaluable in knowing WHEN to buy. Understanding back testing (another MTS tool) will help increase the odds of a stock performing as desired – or knowing the odds are against it (what NOT to buy). The more you learn, the more powerful you will find MTS to be.

    13. Bryan Combs
      Feb 23 2014, 03:57:56 pm

      MTS is a very good tool and is a good value at the discounted yearly price. Be sure to follow the rules and techniques as described in the training and the book by Jesse Webb. Following the buy, hold, and sell signals (per the rules) will give you an edge for making money in the market and prevent you from losing significant money in a correction or crash. MTS also provides training on trade and money management techniques that are important.

    14. Mark Brouwer
      Feb 23 2014, 04:47:50 pm

      I have been a subscriber for about a year and find Market Trend Signal (MTS) to be a very valuable tool. I enrolled in their Trends University course which teaches how to make the most of MTS and teaches a method for options trading. I found the course to be very educational and I still have much to learn. MTS provides Buy, Hold and Sell signals, but learning how to identify a good trend significantly improves your chances for a prosperous future. I think the tool provides tremendous value and I enjoy the information it provides every day.

    15. Jeff
      May 7 2015, 11:36:33 am

      Did the trial well over a year ago & canceled since I can setup my own technical in and out entries.

      The fun part was getting charged today as part of an auto-renewal even though I was not a member.

    16. save me
      Jan 2 2016, 09:31:50 am

      I love the adoring nicely crafted testimonials. They read as if they were submitted by Webb’s employees and friends. I have subscribed to the Webb service some time ago but stopped using it after a few months. It is not that any claims he is making are untrue. It’s just that it would take a professional trader with Mensa IQ and SUSTAINED discipline of a commando (who are only required to focus for short periods of time) to follow and benefit from the system. I would guess that one out of his 10000 subscribers would follow it to the letter. A person with those qualities can get a job on a trading desk in no time. They could also cook up their own method – at least it would fit their personality – which is a good step toward success.
      I am a former independent floor trader at commodity exchanges and the sole charter subscriber to Fututres – formerly Commodities.

    17. jfslenes
      Apr 24 2016, 08:44:18 pm

      Be aware that the low price for the service is mostly an intro price. They will make efforts to sell you upgrade program add on’s at a minimum or what I consider to be pricey education. They have a VERY good (for them) sales process with many closing questions that lead you to the buy point. I am using the program but have not been able to self learn it to the point of believing it’s value to the average stock or option buyer. Time will tell.

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