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Humberto Blanco
Humberto Blanco
I had found this service quite interesting and was about to start testing their free service recommendations on my simulator. First I looked for evaluations on this website and found none. Then I back-tested their recommendations on SPX and GLD over the last three months. I was amazed to find that market action was almost unanimously opposite to their projections. They would consistently short when the market was about to rebound and recommend investing when the market was about to plummet. I imagine you could make money by taking action opposite to their recommendations, but there is the element of… Read more »

I’ve had luck with these folks. The review by Mr. Blanco reminded me of my experience some years back with Martin Weiss’ Million Dollar Contrarian Portfolio managed by Claus der German guy. I’ve made several big ‘killings’ in the market with their recommendations using their Trade Triangle system to buy/sell stocks using indicators which range from -100 to +100. I’ve used them for eight years now, seven of which I made money for the year with 2008 being the only exception.


Great newsletter 3rd yr now. great for watchlist good fr swing traders..uncanny correct with their triangle buy,make monies.